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[Music] welcome to power king i'm daniel a software engineer at microsoft ex-software engineer at amazon and ebay and also a software engineering mentor at two educational startups it's been exactly three weeks since the release of the video a day in the life of software engineer working from home and some of the most frequently asked questions since its release is is the couch set up for real do you really work like that do i have a back problem or something well what do you think do you think it was just a one-time gig or do you think there's actually something right there well let's find out [Music] welcome to my productivity couch setup this is as you see it this is how i work join a meeting order a pizza still don't believe me well how about this this is how i played games in the year 2007.

This is how i play games in the year 2014 and this is how i worked in the beginning of year 2021. you see i have a good history of doing stuff while lying down then i guess the next question is why do you work lying down well let me ask you a question back why do you work at your desk we've all done it before right oops i mean sorry we're all doing it right now right whether you're an employee working whether you're a student studying you'll go to your desk sit on your chair stare at your monitor for eight hours a day and how is it is sedentary lifestyle really the ultimate answer is it really the best posture for working or for anything aren't you still standing up every hour or so stretching from time to time i don't know about you but my neck gets stiff if i sit for a long time let's check out an article together [Music] according to it sitting for long periods can lead weakening and wasting away of large leg and gluteal muscles just like your legs and gluteals your hips and back will not support you as well if you sit for long periods setting causes your hip flexor muscles to shorten which can lead to problems with your hip joint the hip pain is actually closer to the problem i have sitting for long periods can cause problems with your back especially if you consistently sit with poor posture or don't use an ergonomically designed chair or workstation and we all know how expensive these ergonomic are so again how is your sedentary lifestyle do you not have any issues working eight hours straight or have you experienced any of the problems that i just mentioned i'm no doctor so i can't give you any health medical devices and say lying down is objectively better than sitting i'll also admit that doing your work while lying down is not flawless and it does have its downsides to it but hey at least i no longer have any pain or stiffness from sitting for a long time and even if you're okay now i know in fact that sitting at your desk for more than eight hours a day for five days a week will get you something if you continue it for several years so what do you say do you at least want to give it a try and see whether this works for you then you're in the right place because i'm going to tell you each of the gadgets you need to replicate my productivity couch [Music] links to the products in the description below they are amazon associate affiliate links in case you'd like to support me the very first thing you need is a monitor arm and a windowsill or a strong shelf nearby to support it obviously this is the core to my productivity couch setup and a must-have to face your monitor vertically while comfortably resting your neck on a pillow you can get one for a little over 30 on amazon the next thing you need is a wireless bluetooth trackball mouse this one's also a little over 30 dollars and it needs to be wireless because you don't want wires all over your body it needs to be a trackable mouse because it's ergonomic by design it's to protect your wrist and because you can have it stationary you won't need an extra stool space to move it around and a traditional mouse can also strain your wrist in this setup so be careful you can also consider adding a wrist rush too for the maximum comfort the last thing you need is a wireless bluetooth keyboard again you need everything wireless for this setup to make sense i've been using this logitech wireless keyboard for years now it's a little over 35 and it's one of the best keyboards that i've ever used in my life it has a keypad volume buttons built-in wrist rests pretty much everything you need for this setup now for the keyboard an add-on that is optional for ladies but pretty much essential for guys is this neck pillow so i'll try to show you what i mean without having to explain in detail so you see when you place your keyboard and where is the most comfortable for your hands it'll probably be around this area so when you place the keyboard on top it's not a great experience so i tried placing a pillow like this on top and it's still [Music] better but again it's not the greatest then i found this magic pillow so you see i place it on me this way place the keyboard on top [Music] perfect other than those you obviously need a couch after all this is a productivity couch setup small tables or stools are similar to put your peripherals and rest your hand on the other side a second monitor for an extra screen real estate lastly but most importantly a permission from whoever you live with if you do whether that be your spouse your partner roommates or even your mom for me my wife said okay to the setup because she has a bedroom for herself but i don't after kovitz truck i had no option but to work in the living room now these are the needs the essentials of a productivity couch setup what about once though what about the nice to haves remember this part alexa leave your own one yes the first nice to have is a virtual assistant in fact it's not just for the productivity couch setup it's for anything i have an alexa device installed in each and major part of my house and trust me it's a major productivity quality of life boost if you know how to use it well the start my day and the expectation part of the video is also real i actually start my day with a briefing from alexa every day mine's an old one but the newest generation alexa devices are usually from 40 to 50 bucks and do check out often as deals come out quite frequently another nice to have in combination with alexa is a smart plug my favorites are the ones from casa these are smart home wi-fi outlets that work well with any major virtual assistants including alexa and google home you can get one of these for just under 10 bucks or 4 as a bundle for just under 30 and with that you can plug them into an electric device and turn them on or off without having to move a finger alexa living room on here we come down to the last final and ultimate nice to have in a productivity couch setup and it's not a virtual assistant but a personal assistant like my wife honey can you bring me some coffee no okay now let's talk about some pros and cons of this setup let's start with the pros one you can say goodbye to all the pains from sitting for a long time that includes your back pain neck pain hip pelvis pain etc two it's so comfortable once you get used to it it takes a while to get used to this new lifestyle but to me it's definitely worth it three i'm more productive why because i no longer feel any pain it allows me to focus and concentrate a hundred percent on my work with no discomfort hindering in between four there's actually so many things you can do while lying down with the boosted companies for example remember how i worked order the pizza play games watched youtube and select through the meetings apart from that you can do online shopping watching movies and even read kindles five you can sleep whenever you want so those are the pros what about the cons one you get sleepy easily two you get lazy honey can you bring some coffee three you have to lie down even for small tasks for lying down for a long time without moving at all is bad for your blood circulation so i do strongly recommend that you stand up from time to time if you are planning on replicating the setup five it's not exactly pretty but i guess doesn't need to be all right so you were privileged enough to have the first look at my productivity couch setup what do you guys think about now that you've seen it closer with your own eyes not so bad huh some people ask me whether i play games like that in my bedroom well the answer is yes and no yes in a sense that i honestly used to like you've already seen from my past pictures and it's by far the single greatest gaming experience in my life but not anymore because again i don't have any room for myself i know it's sad anyways here are the key takeaways from this video whether you decide to continue to work at your desk or try working from your couch don't forget to move around often and exercise regularly to improve your health and quality of life the worst thing you can do to your body is keeping that same posture or any posture for a long time without moving no posture is perfect neither sitting nor lying down you have to get yourself moving in order to be healthy lastly but most importantly don't be afraid to explore new ideas or in this case new postures that are best for you i even went this far to look for these kinds of chairs at amazon after all how does productivity matter if you are constantly annoyed by the discomfort sitting for a long time brings we should all work comfortably to me that's the best productivity and just a quick side note if you have any software engineering related questions check out my new discord channel link in the description below i've created one for a two minute purposes and thank you all for the love and support 49 days and 9 videos since the channel's lunch we hit a thousand subscribers yay thank you again i'll return to love by making more awesome informative and insightful videos and lastly but not least don't forget to subscribe if you want to explore the creativities in my brain thanks for watching i'll see you next one bye [Music]

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