My Journey From $0-$100k Per Month With SMMA: What I Learned

from zero to over one hundred thousand dollars a 
month profit in my marketing agency the affluent   agency guys it has been a journey and some of 
you have been there from the beginning you've   seen the entire process of us growing up to this 
point i've changed so much from the person i was   when i created my first ever youtube video 
and i've learned so much along the way so   today i want to share with you guys some of 
the most valuable lessons that i have learned   from scaling my marketing agency from zero 
to over 100 000 a month let's get into it now firstly i want to say thank you to each and 
every one of you guys who are watching this video   right now who are subscribed to my channel who 
have followed me at any point along my journey and   supported our marketing agency because truly i do 
not believe i would be in the position i am today   if it wasn't for the motivation that you 
guys have given me over the past few years   and i cannot wait to continue delivering 
value to you guys as we now continue to   scale our marketing agency to over one million 
dollars a month so it's exciting times ahead   but over the past couple of years getting to the 
point we are today i've learned a serious amount   i think i've changed an awful lot as a person and 
i want to share those lessons with you guys today   so hopefully you can take something from that 
and maybe elevate yourself above i was when i   first started out because you're gonna know what 
to expect in the future now the first thing i want   to talk about today is money's relationship 
to happiness and how over the past few years   i've grown to understand that money doesn't 
translate to meaningful happiness level okay   now when i first started my agency even before i 
started my agency before i jumped into sales jobs   i was in thousands and thousands of pounds worth 
of debt and i was very depressed at this moment   of time in my life and i knew the only way i 
can get out of that was by getting more money   so i wouldn't have this looming debt over my head 
and so i had a bad relationship with money from   the get-go i also was very materialistic at the 
time i wanted to buy nice things and i thought   the validation from other people of having those 
items will be enough to make me feel happy on the   outside and so i started off on the wrong foot 
i jumped into sales i got myself out of debt   i started buying nice things and then i felt 
vastly unfulfilled in those sales jobs because   i was still working stupid hours and spending all 
my money on one massive holiday at the end of the   year that was over before it was even started 
and so when i launched my agency i thought you   know what maybe i just need to gain this time 
freedom in my life whilst also trying to earn   more money and so i set this goal of ten thousand 
dollars a month that was the amount i wanted to   earn for me to hit my peak of happiness uh within 
my life well you know what happened i've spoke   about it before ten thousand dollars a month came 
along with 10 000 pounds and i was left feeling   unfulfilled it didn't hit me in the way that i 
wanted it to hit me i didn't feel the emotions   that i wanted to feel about earning that amount 
of money because very quickly two weeks after   that once the initial happiness wore off i became 
desensitized to the amount of money i was earning   and i leveled up my lifestyle so actually i 
needed to earn a lot more so i set a new goal and   i reached out and i smashed that and so on and so 
forth and the curse of entrepreneurship comes and   we leave ourselves being vastly unfilled but what 
i learned during this process is that money wasn't   going to get me happy money wasn't going to make 
me feel fulfilled what was was a heightened sense   of purpose was a reason to be doing what i'm doing 
and in the midst of all of that i truly understand   or i truly understood that my passion was helping 
other entrepreneurs be successful that's why on we have a motto a world where all 
aspiring entrepreneurs find success and that's   something that drives me in every day of my 
life i know that in my marketing agency when   i speak to business owners and i help them with 
their ads and i help them increase their revenue   i'm helping another entrepreneur be 
successful somebody who had a bottleneck   in getting them in get in the way from 
reaching the goal that they wanted to   reach right and in the academy i can work with 
people who are aspiring who remind me of myself   at 17 18 19 years old desperate to be successful 
but i didn't have a vehicle or somebody to help   me get there now i am that vehicle and i can help 
those people be successful so i'm driven by the   purpose of my business rather than the amount 
of money it makes me now don't get me wrong   i'm very financially secure i can do what i want 
when i want with whoever i want and i can treat   my friends and my family and that is incredible 
and when you start doing that for the first time   that feels absolutely amazing but don't convince 
yourself that the money itself is what will make   you happy it's the experiences that that gives 
and the opportunities that that brings to your   life and other people around you so we need 
to make sure we have a healthy relationship   with money from the get-go and we understand it's 
not the actual number itself that'll make us happy   it's what that will do for us and the people 
around us we need to use it for good things   because i've got some pretty nice things right 
says the [ __ ] in the burberry shirt but what   you guys aren't seeing is i've got tracky bottoms 
underneath with some socks on with holes in the   bottom okay stay humble the shirt doesn't define 
who i am it's a mid-reception of who i am based on   what you believe i am based on the things that i 
actually have it's all a perception of reality it   doesn't really exist things and items and whatever 
i just want to trick the financial system and have   so much cash that i don't even know what money is 
anymore and i'm not a slave to it so i want you to   think about how happy you are right now do you go 
to bed with a smile on your face are you content   with who you are because to me that's the purest 
form of happiness i am so content within myself   i'm not afraid to tell people that i adore the 
person i am i'm content in myself in my mind in   my body i could spend days and hours by myself 
in my own mind and be content because i'm happy   with the person that i am and you need to be happy 
as a person i always say once you yourself are a   success everything you touch will be successful 
and if the only thing in the way of you being   able to say that is money you need to change your 
relationship with the money why is the money in   the way is it because you can't pay your bills is 
it because you can't actually afford to do things   with your friends you can't afford a normal life 
if yes then fine set that financial goal let that   drive you but don't let the cash drive you let 
the thing the achievement the eradication of any   self-doubt and limiting belief within your life 
drive you so that's what i would say about money   went off on a while for that one but yeah i could 
probably record a whole video on that to be honest   relationships with cash by jordan platten 
book coming soon um okay cool let's move on   the second thing i want to talk about is failure 
and i've grown to love failure for what it is it's   a learning experience every single time failure 
is literally a part of my daily routine if i'm   not failing then i'm not learning and failure is a 
crucial part of continual growth if i didn't fail   then my ego would be so big that i would convince 
myself that i was at the top of my game like   literally yesterday i was on a sales call with a 
really hot potential prospect okay not hot in that   way it wasn't hot as in like they were ready 
to sign and i fluffed it up at the end of the   call and i said something so stupid i was really 
excited enough after the call i was like why did   i say that and so far i haven't had the contract 
returned i'm pretty sure i may have messed   it up and it's okay i learned from it i joked 
about it with joe but we fail all the time we   send emails to the wrong people we hire the wrong 
people based on misjudgments like i literally fail   almost every single day and every time i learn 
from it no matter how big or small i bought an   nft last week for eight thousand dollars i didn't 
do my research and it's now gone down it was two   ethereum which is like 8k right now and it's now 
gone down to 0.2 because i didn't do my research   and i have learned from that i didn't research 
properly and i need to change that next time   around i need to invest a little bit more time 
into it and it's okay it's a learning experience   and every time i fail now i laugh i figure out 
the reason why that went wrong and i don't make   the same mistake twice so i welcome failure with 
open arms and all of you should and i think this   is something that so many new start business 
owners fail like with like fail with ironically   so many people can't take failure and as a 
business owner i'm here to tell you it is not   easy this [ __ ] is not for the faint-hearted 
period right you are going to fail every single   day you're going to mess up when you're starting 
an agent you're going to mess up cold calls you're   going to mess up emails you're going to mess up 
your lead list you're going to mess up the results   for your first couple of clients it is going to 
happen and if you learn to accept that and embrace   that and know you know what i haven't failed in 
a while something's probably going to go wrong   and you just let it happen and you learn from 
it then you're just going to have a much more   enjoyable journey you have to find peace in 
the insanity that is business and so many   people don't understand that we start a business 
because we have watched somebody else on youtube   some other gurus literally just been blowing 
smoke saying hey yeah you can make a hundred   grand in 30 days with my course right [ __ ] just 
doesn't happen okay and you're being set up for   uh with the wrong thing you're being set up 
to believe that there's this straight line   to success when reality the journey is like it's 
it it's it's endless right it's a roller coaster   and so we need to understand that we need to 
learn to embrace that failure is something   that is important and vital to continual growth 
within our company so yeah number three i believe   that everybody needs a greater vision a greater 
purpose something that intimidates the hell out   of them that's going to drive them forward even 
after they've reached their financial goals as i   said to you guys i'm financially free i can pretty 
much buy whatever i want whenever i want i'm not   charging a jet every day because that's stupid 
but once i reached my financial goals i needed   something to propel me forward to keep me working 
for more and strive for more success something   that intimidated me now as i said within the 
start of launch my agencies i realized my passion   was helping other people be successful i realized 
that helping other entrepreneurs or working   towards a world where all aspiring entrepreneurs 
find success is something that really drives me   but i'm already achieving that right every single 
client that we work with and we work with hundreds   now every single client that we work with 
we are helping them to be more successful   every member of the academy that joins i'm 
helping them to be more successful so i'm actually   almost desensitized to helping entrepreneurs find 
success and within the last year or so i really   realized and i grew a love and a passion for 
the environment and the world and i would love   later on in life to work towards launching a 
company which helps the environmental crisis   that helps individual ecosystems within the world 
and specifically i'd love to work on artificial   reef systems and to do that i don't need a couple 
of million right i need hundreds and hundreds of   millions if i want to make a true impact on the 
world and that's something that is driving me   forward right now my greater vision for later on 
in life because i can't do that right now if i   want to make a true impact and so i believe that 
everybody needs to find that greater purpose if   you want to and have the desire to take you way 
beyond just your financial goals and it's okay   by the way if you just want to heat your hits 
your goal and then stay there but i've kind of   found that when you reach your goals you feel 
a bit unfulfilled and you need something else   you're not going to know that right now watching 
this video i don't want you to sit there and   make up and say you know what i want to solve 
this problem that's going to give me purpose   because i don't think you can do that when you 
are clouded by your financial targets but once you   hit those financial targets you start exploring 
within yourself as to who you are and what you   mean and where your place is on earth and that's 
when i think these true purposes and visions   start coming out because you have the 
contentment within your mind and the   clarity to be able to think bigger because you're 
not clouded by initial financial targets so yeah   number four people are everything literally 
everything and i've heard so many people say   this and i never understood it but people will 
make or break your business and that's a fact   okay i have gone through the motions within 
my agency i've hired contractors from other   sides of the world i've hired based on time 
i've hired based on value i've had based on   personality i've hired based on every single 
eventuality i pretty much split tested hiring   every element of my agency and i have learned 
that the most success i have gained from people   in our company is when i've hired through 
personality and not based on skill because   skills can be taught personality cannot you can 
try and mold somebody as much as you want but it's   like it's like foam right you squeeze it down you 
condense it but it still it just comes back out to   its original form so focus on somebody who 
you see as a culture fit for your business   when you're looking to hire an ad specialist 
when you're looking to hire a salesperson you   want to think about okay can you actually or can 
i see myself working with this person on a daily   basis do i agree with them do my ethics align with 
them do i think that they are a good fit for my   brand i literally had this conversation with joe 
a couple of days ago hiring new graphic designer   and we were looking at these guys these guys work 
and we're like okay it's really hard to decipher   who we wanted and the question always is who do 
you think you will enjoy working with the most   and that's who we will decide to work with based 
on that decision so people really will drive your   business forward i was on my own with contractors 
before i started working with joe when i started   working with joe and we we went into partnership 
together everything changed because joe is   spiritually aligned to what i am trying to achieve 
out of my life in every single way through the   vision through the purpose and we connect on a 
level that i haven't connected with anybody else   that i've worked with before and that is what it's 
all about it's building those relationships with   the people in your company so you can all get 
behind the same vision so you can all achieve   the same results when we get on a meeting on a 
monday everybody is hyped everybody is aligned   everybody knows what it is that we need to do to 
reach our goals for the week and the only reason   we can do that is because every single person is 
a cultural fit so think about that when you're   hiring people try and make decisions based on 
what is good for your company long term and   whether their personalities align with you i know 
that's difficult when you're first starting out   because i'll admit it when i first started 
i didn't have a lot of money when i only had   a few clients i needed to outsource a little bit 
you have to go down the outsourcer route you have   to try and find somebody who is cheap who you can 
actually afford but you can still be mindful as to   whether or not that person aligns with your brand 
but ultimately telling you guys the truth you're   never truly going to get that connect until you 
start hiring people full time so yeah people are   everything be mindful of that and you will have 
infinite amounts of success within your company   number five you need to stick to one service 
for one specific kind of person this is the key   to a scalable agency through systems now through 
many points in my company i've tried to diversify   our skill set to offer different services to offer 
landing pages in-house to do email marketing to   offer google ads to work with b2b customers and 
b2c to take on e-commerce and info products to   take on local brick and mortar and the reality of 
it is we have never had more success than when we   decided to get rid of everything apart from one 
service which is paid ads through social media   for b2c business to customer e-commerce companies 
and that is all we do we just offer paid ads to   e-commerce businesses and i understand why people 
want to diversify because it was the same thing as   me when somebody comes to you you jump on a sales 
call and they say hey i need my website redoing   as well hey do you offer email marketing you're 
just seeing cash right you're thinking oh money   money money yeah i'll do that but then every time 
you say yes to offering a new service to a new   type of prospect in a new niche you have to 
learn that all over again you have to go through   the trial and error you have to try and master 
that skill and then you have to compartmentalize   between offering your core service and additional 
services and it gets really really difficult to   systemize and it's very difficult to scale because 
if you sign up 10 20 new clients over the course   of a couple of months you're really trying to dip 
in and out and your team are trying to dip in and   out of a whole bunch of different things and you 
don't need to do that to be able to make money   all you need to do when you speak to somebody who 
needs additional services is find agencies that   you can partner with who you can outsource that 
to i've got a whole bunch of agencies that i work   with that are outsourced any other service than 
paid ads okay i say hey look i've got another one   for you and we take 20 of whatever they're getting 
paid if it's a retainer we get 20 of that it's an   additional revenue source for our business and 
we keep things super simple super clean and mega   scalable now the sixth and final thing i want to 
talk about today is a limiting self belief that i   didn't even realize i had until about six months 
ago i want to tell you that the only difference   between an agency making 10k a month 100k a 
month a million a month 100 million a month is a   limiting self-belief it's this falsified barrier 
we put in our brain that tells us that company has   something that we can't have they know something 
we don't know they've got a secret okay and it's   not true it's literally just a mental barrier if 
you can systemize 10k a month you can predictably   bring in that revenue every single month i teach 
people how to do this in the academy the only   thing that's stopping you then getting to 100k 1 
million 10 million a month is your own limiting   belief factors all you need in an agency to scale 
is somebody who can sell and a system to do that   you need somebody to fulfill whatever service 
you are providing whether that's ads whether   it's websites whatever it is you need somebody 
to fulfill that service and you need somebody   to drive the company forward and be thinking of 
the bigger picture to be thinking of the brand   and that's me right that's all you need so right 
now in our company we know that we have a system   for generating new sales for getting new customers 
for getting reaching out to cold leads we have a   system for getting customers results okay one ad 
specialist can take on about 10 clients okay and   they're pretty big clients they can only work on 
on 10.

So all we need to do to continue growing   the business is increase our sales capacity hire 
new salespeople and make sure that we have enough   ad specialists to actually fulfill the service 
and we have systemized the hiring process we have   systemized the training process so now all we need 
to do is get rid of limiting self beliefs and ramp   the numbers up it is a numbers game and people 
don't understand that about business because   they believe that there is something else in the 
way an external force that they can't control   that is stopping them from getting to the 
goals that they want to reach and that is why   in the agency literally a couple of weeks ago me 
and joe sat down we booked a hotel somewhere and   we sat down for a whole day and we literally 
broke down every single inch of our companies   all three of them and we figured out what is our 
current structure what is the current position in   the company what can we what is our capacity and 
where we are and then we wrote down on a diagram   where we needed to hire what positions we needed 
to fill to actually be making a million a month   which is our new target and now we have a road 
map between each of those two elements where we   are now and where we need to go to and it is just 
numbers it is just replicating exactly what we are   doing right now we have clients who we make over 
five million dollars a month for for one single   client there is nothing in the way of us doing 
that for more clients it is just numbers and   that is our goal right now to scale the business 
as aggressively as we possibly can and to smash   down any limiting self belief that we had within 
our company beforehand and it's so exciting so   guys that's the plan follow the journey along i 
cannot wait to be creating another video in the   future saying 100k to one mil a month and give you 
the lessons in the in the meantime and then from   one mill a month to 100 a month and so on and so 
forth because limiting beliefs are the only thing   in your way and the same goes for you right now 
like if you're making 1k in an agency if you're   making nothing in your agency you've got these 
mental barriers there are resources out there like   the affluent academy that will literally teach you 
in black and white through systems that somebody   else has built through ways like i've literally 
done this and outlined it for everybody that from   anywhere in the world you can literally do this 
right if you put in the work if you're resilient   enough if you take on board all the other lessons 
i've given you in today's video anybody in theory   can go ahead and can start an agency and scale 
it up to 10k if you're not at that point right   now or if you're not working towards that it's 
all limiting self beliefs and you need to figure   that [ __ ] out and eradicate and smash down those 
walls go out for a walk and figure out why is it   why do i think that i am not capable of this 
why do i have imposter syndrome that's the   only thing that's stopping you from getting 
from where you are now to where you want to be it's been a while since i've got head up on these 
videos guys if you've enjoyed this video today um   please do let me know and i'll create more video 
content like this so i'm just kind of talking   rambling to the camera um just kind of letting 
my adhd mind scramble out all of its thoughts   and hopefully this is valuable to you guys so yeah 
if this is the first video i've watched of mine   then make sure you smash the subscribe button with 
your notification bell turned on to get notified   when we bring out new content i look forward to 
speaking to you all very very soon cheers guys

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