Minecraft: 8 Micro Farms YOU WILL NEED!

[ProleteR – Can't Stop Me Plays] Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and this one. We're going to be doing something incredibly useful. We're going to be building a whole bunch of different micro farms now the idea behind a micro farm Is that it's absolutely tiny so you can fit it pretty much anywhere inside your base area now these things are going to range from Incredibly small all the way up to small, small is going to be the biggest measurement for today's video now for the smallest ones I'm not going to doing a full Block-By-block tutorial I'll just show you the design and sort of explain how to build it on the ones that are slightly bigger I will run right the way through it, but if you want to take a look at all of the designs in this world Then all you have to do is head down to the description and download it.

Now we're going to start things off nice and simple today with the Micro Melon and pumpkin farm and as you can see this thing is absolutely tiny I mean this is a pocket-sized farm if I ever did see one, it's just got a three by four footprint and as you can see if we place down this melon right here, it gets harvested fully automatically Incredibly quickly as well and the best news is is that it doesn't make use of any of the Minecraft 1.11 mechanics like the Observers so if you're playing on Xbox or Minecraft Pocket Edition Then this thing is still going to work in fact the way that it actually functions is Because melons and pumpkins are solid objects you can actually pass a redstone current through them Which means that as soon as one of these things grows it power this redstone dust which powers this piston which instantly breaks that block Pushing it into this hopper which puts the items on the inside of this chest now if you're wondering how to build this thing This is it all you have to do is tilt this soil right here And then place in your melon or your pumpkin seed, which have one you want to harvest Then we're going to have the dirt block right there Which is where your melons and pumpkins are going to be growing We've got a hopper running into a chest right there with a repeater on top of that hopper running straight into that dirt block So whenever something grows then it will power this redstone That you'll place in dots form like this block with this piston facing across no We have to do is power that repeater, and you are good to go That is it that is the full building process I would say you could probably Construct this in under 20 seconds.

The second design of today's video is just a tiny bit bigger at five by three by three But this is a cow farm. Now this has got two different compartments as you can see right here We hit the button on this one, and that will send our cows bobbing up and down So we just hold down the right click button with the wheat and that will create a whole bunch of baby cows Which will be pushed off into this area over here once the water goes away now You can see that this go really is desperately trying to get back over to his parents But it's not going to happen and when he does grow up will be pushed over Into this compartment over here. Now eventually they will grow up But I'm fairly impatient so as you can see we also have a lava killing mechanism If those guys was fully grown, so we set on fire they would die and they would drop their steak down into that hopper right there To build this one you want to get things started with a 5 by 3 area and the first thing we're going to do is Wrap these blocks around like this.

We're then going to place a dispenser facing in this direction and a dispenser facing in that direction With a button on each one of these blocks down the bottom here We're going to have ourselves a chest with a hopper running into the back of that one And then we can pretty much fill in this entire area with blocks, so we need glass going across like that so we're going to fill in all of these blocks.

Just making their way around just Like this and then on that central block right there you want to place ourselves a sign and we're going to place a block on top of that one and then on the inside of this dispenser We're going to have some water and on the inside of this dispenser We're going to have our Lava which is going to be killing off all of the cows. Now on top of this block right here we're going to place a dropper facing in this direction with a hopper running back into it and on the inside of that dropper We need to place any old item then taking output from that hopper We're going to place in a comparator with an observer facing in this direction right here. With redstone dust like that So that redstone dust will power this dispenser which means that we should get two real quick flicks through our dispenser Sweet okay, so that is the dispensing mechanism We also have this dispensing mechanism done as well which means all you have to do now is try your best To get some cows into that hole I can promise you it's a lot easier said than done once you've done that your cow farm is fully constructed We're now going to hop back over to the much simpler side of things with this tiny little circuit right here This is a fully automatic sugar cane farm and the main bulk of all of the circuitry is in a three by one Area just three by one that they absolutely tiny as you can see works absolutely perfectly if we place in these two sugar cane right here They get automatically harvested and they get picked up by this hopper minecart down at the bottom Now the way that this farm works is really quite simple as the sugar cane grows obviously it grows up past this piston, and then it grows in front of the observer which then powers that piston So the piston breaks the sugar cane, the sugar cane Then falls lands on top of this block and because we have this hopper Minecart down at the bottom it will pick up the items Through that block and place them down in this thing right here Now if you did for example once to get the items out from the bottom of this hopper Minecart what you'd have to do is Place this Minecart rail here on total hopper then run it down into a chest or some form of storage system If that's what you fancied But if you do want to recreate this thing for yourself as you can see what we have to do is build a little glass Chamber we've got some dirt or sand down the bottom we've got the sugar cane then the water next to that Just make sure that is hydrated We have our piston, our observer running into this airspace right here with redstone dust at the back and that is pretty much everything I mean really this thing is so easy to build now.

Now i'll be straight with you guys, okay? I will I Might be stretching the definition of micro with this farm right here as you can see it's a bit of a chunky number We've got six blocks going back like this. You've got three blocks wide and it stands at five blocks tall I mean, it's definitely a small farm I don't know if micro farm quite applies But seriously this is the only farm that you really need in Minecraft, the fully automatic chicken farm now What this does is it roasts chickens for you meaning you will never ever run out of food ever again. Now in terms of Redstone It is quite a simple design it may look a little bit daunting at this point in time But I can promise you this thing is incredibly simple, so let's crack on and I will show you how to build it So to get things started you want to have a three by six area and the first thing that we're going to do is knock out that block and place in a chest then we're going to have a hopper Running into the side of that chest just like that.

On top of that hopper We're going to place in a slab and then we're going to have one two three Bits of glass going up like this, with blocks making their way right the way around like this, partly for decoration But also partly for the structural-ness and the fact that you don't want chickens flying out the front of it Then the next thing we're going to do is we're going to place a dispenser on this block right here We're going to have the block right there We're also going to have a dispenser facing in this direction And then we're going to have hoppers running into the top of that dispenser and three hoppers going back like that Then on the back of this dispenser right here we're going to have ourselves a comparator with a block some redstone dust right there a Block with a repeater and then redstone dust running into the side of that comparator So if we place some items on the inside of this dispenser right here you see we now have ourselves toggleable Redstone clock which is fantastic, so we want a block right there Then a repeater a block and then some redstone dust which means that when items go on the inside of this dispenser They will automatically be dispensed out Which is brilliant because the chickens are going to be on top of these hoppers will be laying plenty of eggs, so now what we have to do is place in blocks making their way around like this Which will stop all of the chickens from exploding out everywhere And you want to place blocks going across the top like that and if you want to you can just add in this little section with a Trapdoor right there so you can open it up and fire some more eggs in if you want more chickens up at the top And now we're going to start working on the Lava dispensing mechanism Because you don't want your Lava to be out all the time otherwise There is a chance that the chickens will float upwards and then die inside the Lava and obviously that means that Their chicken will be completely destroyed by it, so what you want to do there is you want to create a daylight sensor We're going to use that as our timer then we're going to take an observer Output from that thing it's going to be facing in that direction with a repeater set to four ticks then once again another observer Facing in this direction, then on top of that dispenser right there.

We just want to play seeing that some redstone dust All right, that's pretty much everything now We can just fill in these box right here and fill in these blocks on the other side as well Place a lava bucket on the inside of our dispenser, and that is everything done, so now what we have to do is grab yourself some eggs I'm going to grab myself some chicken spawn eggs because of course I'm in creative mode and then you can start placing your chickens on The inside of that zone right there, they will lay their eggs They'll go into the hoppers make their way into the dispenser they'll be fired out into there we'll get baby chickens that will grow up into the Lava be burnt up And then we'll get ourselves some lovely roast chicken on the inside of that chest That was not meant to happen.

This one right here is probably one of the easiest ones featured in today's video It doesn't involve any redstone whatsoever Absolutely nothing going on in terms of piston mechanics or anything like that But it is fully automatic which definitely sounds fairly good to me. What we have is we have four cacti that Are in this sort of formation right here then in the gaps between them we have got hoppers running into this chest in the center Now round the outside we have got a whole bunch of blocks and the good thing is is that cacti Can't grow next to blocks or at least when they do they break instantly which means they soft pop off and they land on the ground next to them or Unfortunately occasionally land on top of the cactus and then get broken by the cactus now the efficiency of this farm is probably about as good as you are going to get so Most of the time the cactus will land in the hopper occasionally as I say it will be broken, but it works really well Unfortunately there aren't too many uses for cacti Minecraft just yet, but this could be handy to have somewhere around in your base So this design right here might look just a tiny bit familiar for those of you who have seen my survival bunker video which I will add is Quite a lot of people you may recognize this wheat farm But the thing is is this wheat farm is actually the improved version of that design it has been made considerably smaller and also quite a bit more efficient as well as you can see When we flicked this lever right here it fires into action And all we have to do is hold down the right click button, and we got ourselves tons upon tons of wheat But the good news is because is this also work with carrots and potatoes.

So this is like a three-in-one micro farm! we get wheat carrots and potatoes and something the size of A shoe, so to build this one, you're going to need an absolutely miniscule 4×3 area We're going to have a sticky piston facing upwards with some farmland on top and oh my word I have that in my inventory I had no idea you could pick Farmland up that's completely insane anyway! Moving on from that one you need to place a block up like this with a lever out the back right there And then we're going to have to hoppers running back and forth into one another Where that redstone dust on top of that one just like that.

Then on the inside of that hopper right there You're going to grab any old item and that going to travel back and forth until you think of this lever Next time you want to take a comparator output from this hopper right here And that's going to be running into a sticky piston with a block on its face And you want to place a repeater set to two ticks with a block out like this and a redstone torch out there We should cause that piston to extend Then we're going to place in an observer with redstone dust on top like that then a block right here a Block on top of that redstone right there the redstone dust just like this and now we're going to place in all of our dispensers, so you want one dispenser right there which is going to be filled in that with bonemeal This one is also going to be filled in with bonemeal and then you want to place a dispenser off in This direction as well and finally a dispenser facing downwards which is going to be doing all of the bonemeal dispensing then you just want to grab your redstone dust and place it on top of all of these dispensers Final finishing touch right now you just want to head down the back place a block right there and a block right there then Till this soil and place in some water out the back and that is everything completed So when we flick this lever right here you can see we get the retracting we also get all of the bonemeal dispensing as well And that will create tons upon tons of wheat.

Now this farm works in a similar fashion to the wheat carrots and potatoes farm But this one is for cocoa beans as you can see our log pops back up and down like this we just hold down the right click button and as you can see our cocoa beans get bone mealed they turn into a fully grown cocoa bean and then Generally speaking they drop it into the hopper. But as you can see they can go a little bit all over the place. That being said though this design is incredibly compact.

Like look at this thing! It's absolutely tiny so i'll show you how to build it. For this one you wanna get things started with a 3 by 3 area, the first thing we're going to do is place a block in like this with a lever on it and turn that thing On which will actually switch off our farm then we want to create a toggleable hopper clock Place any old item on the inside thing they should get locked on the inside of that hopper there We want to place a comparator with a block and then some redstone dust out on this side right here We're going to have a sticky piston facing upwards and that right there is Where your jungle log is going to be going so you might want to place that in just like that Then on top of this redstone dust we're going to place in an observer which is going be facing upwards And that's actually what's going to be controlling all of your bonemeal dispensers so you'll want to place a dispenser facing in this direction and a dispenser facing in this direction right here Then we're going to run redstone all the way around like this weird redstone on top of all of those blocks believe it or not, that Is pretty much everything completed.

All we have to do is place a bunch of bonemeal on the inside of these Dispensers and then you can add in the hopper and the chests out the front if you really want to which will be storing up all of your cocoa beans and for the final farmer of today's video We have got the diamond farm now. It might look just a tiny bit strange Because yeah it relies on some pretty sketchy mechanics right here But if we just flick this lever, you can see that it kicks into action we have got Ya a whole bunch of piston stuff going on and everything like that, and if we just throw in some diamonds And then wait a little while as you can see It's duplicating them like crazy that we have Look at that! It's amazing, absolutely amazing.

I cannot wait to build this thing on the hermit craft server if you want to try it yourselves This is exactly how you do it. Just make sure that you get the Lava right, the Lava is extremely extremely important But unfortunately ladies and gentlemen that is all I've got time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please onto that like button, and if you really loved it Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This is Mumbo and I'm out, I'll see you later [ProleteR – April Showers Plays] [Music fades].

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