Making Money with Amway – How to Be Your Own Boss | Amway

Making Money WITH AMWAY There Are 3 Ways TO MAKE MONEY WITH AMWAY AMWAY INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS CAN MAKE MONEY BY: 1. Selling Products at Retail Margin 2. Earning Monthly Performance Bonuses on Product Sales 3. Discretionary Cash Awards for Reaching Monthly and Annual Performance Levels See How It Works WITH SOPHIA Sophia Sells HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS LIKE: Nutrilite Vitamins & Supplements Artistry Skincare & Cosmetics XS Sports Nutrition & Energy Drinks And many other brands and products Sophia Sets The PRICE SHE CHARGES FOR HER PRODUCTS When She Sells Products TO CUSTOMERS ABOVE HER COST SHE KEEPS THE DIFFERENCE, That’s Her Retail Margin Customer Cost-Sophia’s Cost= Retail Margin IT’S THE 1ST WAY SHE EARNS INCOME Sophia’s Friends Tony & Brooke, ARE ALSO HER CUSTOMERS After A Few Months OF BUYING FROM SOPHIA They’re Interested In BUILDING THEIR OWN AMWAY BUSINESS SOPHIA BRINGS THEM INTO THE BUSINESS Now Tony & Brooke Are INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS They Also Earn Money FOR SELLING PRODUCTS Sophia MENTORS AND SUPPORTS Them Along The Way Sophia Also Earns Points, ON EACH PRODUCT SOLD And She Earns Points FOR PRODUCT SALES By Tony, Brooke, & Others In her Group The More They All Sell THE MORE THEY ALL CAN EARN These Points Can Earn MONTHLY BONUSES Sophia’s Points + Group Points= Monthly Bonuses THIS IS THE 2ND WAY SOPHIA EARNS INCOME Sophia Works Hard Over A Few Years AND SHE KEEPS EARNING MONTHLY POINTS So She Gets Rewarded With ADDITIONAL CASH AWARDS And She Earns Invitations TO ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIPS And She Earns Invitations AT FUN DESTINATIONS 7500 Points (For 6+ Months) = Additional Cash Bonuses + Trips THIS IS THE 3RD WAY SOPHIA EARNS INCOME & AWARDS Millions Of People HAVE STARTED AMWAY BUSINESSES More Than $58.6 BILLION IN BONUSES Have Been Paid Out Worldwide Since Amway Began THAT’S A LOT OF OPPORTUNITY FOR SOPHIA & MANY OTHERS AMWAY PROMISE Low-risk, Start Up Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee START YOUR OWN AMWAY BUSINESS TODAY Talk to an Independent Business Owner Visit

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