[Music] hi guys and stop brokers today we are going to talk about how to make money on instagram and you know that's the second part and last video we talked about what's instagram how can i open instagram account how can i open professional account and humor pages if you want to know something about those parts you can check my last video this video i will talk about sales pages and i will explain all of this look at first of all i want to introduce sales pages salvage pages are the pages that are established with the luggage of promoting and selling a product how to make money from sell specs and now i will explain how to earn money from sales pages first of all you have to get professional business accounts because if you don't do this your pages cannot grow fastly so you have to get professional account i explained in my last video and if you wonder how to get professional account you can check my video okay now you have professional account but hope to sell something firstly you have to grow because if you don't have big page people don't buy anything in your page if you want to grow your page you have to know some tactics first follow each other this is very basic tactics but it's very efficient when you do this you can grow fastly but that's not enough you have to grow faster than now second advertising if you want to grow your page too fast you have to advertise big pages yes you lose money but believe me it's quite good tactic ok now you have a lot of followers but how to sell product 2 product introduction product promotion is one of the most important points if you want to promote your product in a beautiful way you need to photograph them professionally and write a description that will grab people's attention also if you add the prominent point of your product for example if the price of your product is suitable you can make a more efficient sell over its price if your product is made of high quality materials you can sell over its contents of the product yeah you can make a more efficient sale okay you promote your product and people want to buy your products however when people buy products they want to trust the other party you have to show people that you are reliable three reliability most people don't trust you when you tell people you are trustworthy because they want to they want you to pro it if you want to show people that you are trustworthy you have to explain this by showing them with pictures i mean by the pictures talk to the people you are selling on the internet and ask if the product has arrived and if it is whether they are satisfied take a screenshot of your conversation with people who respond positively and share them under the name of customer satisfaction on instagram this will make your page a more reliable one 4 other platforms yes you have a good sales right now everything is going well your page has grown your orders have increased it and people's trust in you has increased it but something is missing you realize that this is the lack of needing to show your presence on other platforms on other other platforms now four other platforms as as your page grows your name will start to be heard more if you are smart and share your page on other platforms your growth rate will increase exponentially in this respect it is very important to work on other platforms that's all i have to say for today if you want more content related to instagram you can tell me in the comments section you can also search my me by clicking the instagram button on my channel for you add offers and suggestions also if you subscribe my subscribe to my channel leave comments like and share my video you will make me very happy that's all i have to say for now i wish you all a good day [Music] you

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