Make Money With YouTube TODAY (0 Subscribers & 0 Videos Needed)

did you know that you can actually make money on YouTube without any views without any subscribers and you do not even need an account on the platform itself if you want to learn more stay tuned and the best part of this video is completely easy and beginner friendly to do and you do not need any skills it is completely free to do because you do not have to spend a single penny on get
go with this method and I actually earn a good income with this it is nothing ridiculous and clickbait like hundreds and hundreds and three hundred dollars a day but I mean if you look here, this is my clickbank account just to refresh to show you it is my dashboard that the sales with us were pretty decent as it's just free a free method I was not yet there is no spam involved; there is no copy just paste link link copy paste link it was all a very valuable free method even the one day i made a hundred
and ten dollars using a youtube tool i am going to show you in this video it is really a wonderful tool I used myself and I have the promotion of there is a subsidiary using this exact strategy and the sales have been decent I mean eleven dollars $ 36 32 dollars per day, even one day one hundred and ten dollars it's nothing big, it's not rich not rich money but it's decent money just to earn extra money in your pocket- maybe invest in something more sustainable like Facebook ads like Google ads or Bing ads or to really scale a real online business but if you guys are new to the channel my name is Jay and I am an online entrepreneur software and web developer from South Africa and on this channel I teach you daily methods to make money aanl in Boldin online business building online branding and growing your social media presence, so if you want to learn more about the kind of content I post daily, make sure you subscribe with the ball on so I can send you an amazing message every time I upload an amazing video just like this but I'm very excited to share this value pack video with you and if you guys are ready let us go straight into it and also fast if you guys the wind of $ 10 maybe I do a $ 10 daily give away in every single video on my second podcast channel, so make sure that subscribing to this channel leaves a comment on this video and then in on the next video I put a winner every single video I post will comment on everyone who gives up the $ 10 if you want to do it, do it fast and let's go on, so I'm going to take you every step
when we start like this at Google it's important that you pay attention to me so you can understand Step so you do not ve rdwaal not the way you can essentially be so successful this method and earn the most money online and the first thing we are going to do is that we go to and do not worry that you do not need a channel you do not need subscribers, you do not need views, do not even need an account, okay may need an account to be able to see others videos I'm not sure if you do, but you do not need anything place what we do not have to get an audience or something like that it is something very different and unique and then secondly we go to three other platforms and then later I will show you the
real trick, how are we all going to use these platforms to then make good money online with YouTube without any opinions and subscribers, but these sites are very important, so it is important that you continue to watch with me you can understand how each site works and then how you it can repeat and do it over and over, so its the first thing what we want to do is that we want to come to YouTube on the search bar we just want to type how to grow YouTube and then we can just click on enter and you will see what you are a whole bunch of videos appear on this page mom we are not going to post other people's videos again, or we are going to be doing something completely different and remember a big underlying key success factor for business and making money online to build a brand is be honest be friendly and offer value so we want to find a whole bunch of
people who want to grow their own channels whatever in any niche that their ads we are actually going to enter with this amazing tool and we are going to basically give value to these people and then we get for it and the best money earned and paid for it part is that you not only have to do it with YouTube you can do it Instagram Twitter Facebook but I'm only using YouTube in this video because I already have a chosen tool I'm going to use for the streets gie that you can also use if you also like it I will show you how to access a
bit so, what you want to do is that you want to get to the filter tab and you either want to filter this week today or this month because we want to find people who are recently looking for ways to grow their channel so I would not do it more than this month I am just going to use this week as an example and you will see it will then be filtered by videos on how to grow your youtube channel in the past week that are going absolutely well because these people are of course have recently searched in these videos and you can see here two points from the UK 6.5 K see that they really a lot of views on this particular key search term over the past week, so I'm just going to keep it in this tab right now what I'm going to do is that I'll come back to this just a little bit, so make sure to keep up with me to see so you can see what I'm going to do with this second platform we can get to is and i will do the same thing on facebook i'm just going to grow exactly the same on youtube keyword and then you want to overwhelm here you want to filter by groups and you can see where you want to join each of these groups, so I'm going to share YouTube Growth and you can fill out these forms and you just want to join all these groups some of these groups have hundreds of thousands of followers with many people wanting to grow their pages and their channels and then the same thing I leave it just opened in a tab here for now while i will come back it too, so make sure you keep watching with me so you can understand what we are going to do with all this stuff far beyond the third site you need Cora is calm and the same thing in the search bar in which you just want to type how to grow on youtube and you can see here you can open some
these questions, how to grow further youtube how can i grow on youtube i am going just open the one and Cora is basically one of the largest foreign sites or question and answer sites now in the world with billions of users monthly dealing with each other on different topics so now that we three have platforms I just like it here too we go to which is the number one is affiliate market in the world and for those of you with Clickbank it is not accepted in your country do not worry keep on sticking together because I am going to show you how you can do it without Clickbank and with something else I will do is that I just after the full it market here where I have already found the product I am looking for because so I go to the video marketing blaster which is basically a
tool that helps content creators especially ranked on YouTube on the number one page of Google and YouTube literally the practice video I will open on the landing page the owner of the software did it literally in ten minutes over a search term in the United States it really is an amazing tool what I was using myself it's a big reason why my channel is starting to swell you can see what your three clicks are, you need everything to go on Google and YouTube and you can rank a subsidiary for this product and if you one of you is satisfied Creator myself I will actually link below to my affiliate link but you can discount this product from $ 97 to only $ 27 once wolf really an incredible price so I leave my affiliate link below if you are interested in these kind of products so now that we have our product on Clickbank, I quickly go to google for those who do not have Clickbank or click on Craig in the country and we can just type YouTube growth course is for example a perfect one we can use, I mean you can watch here when I come to you I udemy top you did not take courses and you can see what you actually have there a ton of courses here on how to grow up YouTube and you let me see you what are you doing I come down to the lower corners have an affiliate erde program where you can sign up if affiliates promote these courses and actually get a commission that you can also use for this exact strategy and secondly if you are not happy with the take out courses and you want to promote something like spritzee comm which is a platform which YouTube videos go viral where people can invest like thirty dollars to get a
thousand organic views these guys basically set up all the necessary ads and professional ads for you to get
tons of Ganic accustomed to your videos so you can actually ' an affiliate on this becomes platform at the bottom right and you get 30 percent of how much ever the person spends on this platform the minimum is thirty but there were people who spent thousands of
dollars on this platform and you can get it a great deal of 30 percent from a customer you refer to using this strategy so these are just some cute products for those who are not on Clickbank but since then I am I can exactly crank I will be use the video marketing class the product we have to do now is we just have to grab our Filat link and then we go back to the other one three platforms I showed I am just going to use my username here and then in tracking ID I go just a YT method so I know where these sales are coming from I'm going to copy this my hop link which is my food link, I'm just going to get to it quickly but I'll shorten it Y just to make it look much more professional I'm going click on create can you see well yes my short link is here so i'm going away here for now, then i'm just going to quickly create a very easy landing page with builder rule because some platforms forbid full links and remember we are not going to what you do not get to keep watching with me so you can understand how we are doing it how you can succeed in this because many people fail in this because they do not know exactly how to do it and that is why I am here to help you build so the rule is a tool where we can build sales funnels, it's really a whole online business ball in a box they do have a free package and it has has an amazing a complete Grahame where you can earn a passive income every month so I myself have a four figure per month built up passive business but all builder affiliate program and if you want to join my team; i give you a bunch of free training boulder rule do free package let me leave a link to my bowler role play below my full link in the description but to build our landing page for this method we are going to come over to the cheetah and drag website builder and what you can do is you can create a new website you can type only video marketing in can submit submission hashtag one on YouTube and then we can just click on a template I am not going to fIk too much of this as I have already created a beautiful landing page for the size I do not want to bore you guys with this video and then on the next page you literally have an unlimited million different themes to choose from for a landing page and the one I use but scroll down, it's this here that does not pop up the theme o against vs all that is now a
landing page that looks like this and then you can literally go to the landing page with video marketing programs to copy the same things as you can see you are three press, all you need is rank on YouTube I added the same exercise video and then I just sit down let me now see what's going to my affiliate link that goes after landing page, so that's all you need set it up but already have hosting for me and you just linked my comm domain you can use the free dotnet Boulder all give them they give you a free domain so you do not have to buy a domain but the dot -com domain looks much more professional so you can see here
it has now taken me to the hop link of
this landing page so now that we want to do is now that we have our landing page we can do it here in a new tab keep so we have a link I will come back to YouTube first and I will choose this here, for example, agree YouTube do it but Brian G Johnson so what I am going to do is that I am just going to scroll down and go through the comments and see if there are any other youtubers here for example this is a good one I just want to say thank you Brian for all the hope you support our growing channels: I'm going to open it man in a new tab I use Evernote to create ideas for the guys apparently a content creator I'm going to open his channel who's going to wait it and frettin Co here is another guy who makes videos crazy so all these guys are about these content creators because it's clear they 're looking for how to grow their channel so I'm just going to use these few examples you can actually see if you come to the about page they have an email address so you can email them contact the email address and you see some of them actually have the social so you can also go on Instagram and remember us do not get a spam you want to be kind you want to give value so you can literally see that this guy is an
Instagram if I open it in a new tab you can literally send him a DM and be like hey man, i saw your channel on youtube let's see yeah i got you your channel seen on YouTube I really love your videos is there any way you can post more consistently maybe just to encourage him to give him what you know, hype him up a bit and then you can on one or other way start a little conversation you just want to be a nice kind and organic as possible and so they would surely be like I was browsing coral the other day and I came across this tool and I saw how this guy likes of this number one specific keyword in literally just a few minutes using this tool just caught it costs like 27 dollars off of 90 dollars if you want to go see if you want to use it help your channel and blow up and you just post your link there and remember instagrams that are not going to ban it because we have a landing page why we use the landing page because Instagram and some platforms do banner for small links which is a good way around there so this is something you can do the same do me t this guy here you can see Rob CLTV also
create videos like this music it looks like music you can see got his Instagram and you can say like if you go, I see your two videos on YouTube I really enjoyed it there any way you are going to post it as soon as i really enjoy your content and then slowly but surely sneak in and be organic in this kind as possible the same with this guy here also looks like he is playing guitar it is something great where you can go Instagram DM start a conversation and be like hey man I'm really a big fan of agates I just want to say I love your channel, you can follow me quite a bit now and be just as friendly as possible and sneak it slowly but sure in and that's what you want to do I mean it's just for channels and it's only four channels come back to this video 450 comments on just one video there are literally so many people that you can go and target and you you go not 'spam' if you want to be so kind is not possible and it is the kind of sales that you can start to see that it's not big but it can not grow like I once blew up to $ 110 plus the potential is there but if you want to check out this tool it's actually an amazing tool is it actually insane the kind of views and growth that this tool can give, I leave a link below in the description can you get this free training is it my affiliate link costs only $ 27 one time, so you are not paid any monthly fee and also do not forget to go to my second
channel and take part in that 10 dollar giveaway I mentioned in the
beginning of this video so that I am I will leave a little card or a little element on the screen here where you can go and click to go immediately comment on this video and sign in with the bar on make sure to go and do it then we announce you are the winner in the next video and I do the same thing in the next video in the next video in the next video so it does not go away once it is in every video, so be sure to do so and I will see you in the next video

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