Make Money With Youtube Shorts Without Making Videos | Youtube Shorts Monetization 2021

How to make money with youtube shorts without
making videos. Do you want to earn 140 dollars or more per
hour with re-uploading videos on youtube without showing your face? Step 1: find a profitable niche. Step 2: copy & paste viral videos. Step 3: promote highly profitable products
via your youtube shorts for free. Step 4: shorten your promotion links with
one click. Step 5: upload your videos on your youtube
channel. Step 6: enjoy your money. The method I am going to breakdown for you,
guys, is still very underground, so don't waste any time, don't wait too long, but start
earning money with it today from scratch. Because if you hesitate now, others will fill
that spot for you very soon, people will start copying this method and thus it will become
ineffective sooner or later.

Make sure you watch this short tutorial till
the end, guys, because I am going to show you step by step how to monetize youtube shorts,
easy and for free, with just a few clicks. This is literally the easiest way how to make
money on youtube I have ever seen, guys, so pay close attention, leave a like and enjoy. This is Passive Income Revolution with another
easy and free to use make money online method for you. If you want to learn more strategies on how
to make money on youtube without making videos, with youtube shorts or with cash cow channels,
subscribe to my channel and check out my other tutorials. Alright guys, before I breakdown for you in
6 simple and actionable steps how to make money with youtube shorts the easiest and
fastest way in 2021, let me first give you an idea of what youtube shorts are.

Youtube shorts are short, up to 60 seconds
long, vertical video clips, that pop up like mushrooms recently on youtube. Youtube itself introduced this new format
a few months ago and, as I am going to show you in a few moments, people have already
achieved incredible results with shorts on youtube reaching millions and millions of
viewers in a very short period of time. Let's take for example this one here….3.8
million views in 1 day…this is absolutely breath-taking….Or this one here….83 million
views in 1 week…incredible…And let me show you something in detail.

Take a look at this guy here….he has gathered
almost 200k views in 12 hours and if we go over to and check out his
channel appearance there, we can see, what massive impact shorts can have on your channel
growth and channel overall performance. This guy had been having …what… somehow
around 18k, 14k, 12k weekly views on his channel on average till he started to upload shorts. As soon as he started with youtube shorts….look…BOOM!!…his
videos absolutely took off…here…111 million….137 million…120 million…His channel literally
blew up….take a look at his subscriber count and how it changed as soon as he started doing
youtube shorts…here…january 31st….he even lost 1000 subscribers in one week…then
he uploaded his first shorts on youtube….BOOM…323k new subscribers in ONE WEEK.

In ONE WEEK, guys. Most youtubers and content creators need years
to reach that level of subscriber count. This is absolutely amazing, guys. So guys, now as I have shown you the immense
viral power of youtube shorts, you're probably asking yourselves "that's great news and all,
but how am I supposed to actually make money with shorts?" And yes, you would be right asking that question. As you probably know, as for now earning money
from AdRevenue with shorts is not possible for most content creators, but don't worry. I am here to help you out. If you want to learn how to make money with
and how to monetize youtube shorts with another cool method using the power of clickbank for
instance, check out my other tutorial about that.

You will find the link to it in the description
box of this video. So now guys, let me show you the easiest way
how to make money with youtube shorts in 2021 without showing your face and without making
videos. Before we start though, don't forget to smash
that like button, to subscribe and to tell me in the comments down below, what would
be the first thing you would like to spend your money on, if you became a millionaire. Ok here we go, guys. Step number 1: find a profitable niche. Alright, before you upload your youtube short
on your channel and start monetizing it, you will first need to pick a suitable niche.

I would recommend you to upload shorts in
one of the following profitable niches: traveling, finance, cryptocurrencies, business, luxury,
fitness or weight loss. If you watch this tutorial till the end, you
will understand why the choice of the niche is so important for this method to work, guys. Let's stick, for the sake of this tutorial,
to the weight loss or fitness niche. Step number 2: find a potentially viral video. Now, let's say you want to make a weight loss
video like that and upload it on youtube as a short.

Well, to do that, just go over to a website
called "". You can sign up there for free with just a
few clicks. So if you haven't done it yet, guys, now it's
the time to do that. Once you're registered on canva, login and
click on "tiktok video" format here. Alternatively you can also choose "instagram
story" format, it's up to you, guys. Just remember to choose a format with a resolution
of 1080×1920, because that's the appropriate resolution for youtube shorts. Now you are being directed to the editing
module of canva.

What I want you to do next, is to find a video
for your short. To do that, choose "videos" here on the left
bar and search for a fitness-related video. You can also search for other terms suggested
by Canva for this niche such as "workout", "crossfit", "exercise", "healthy food"….and
so on and so forth….let's take a cool one….with a hot girl for instance….here that one looks
nice…. drag and drop it on the editing page….a girl doing squats…let's check this out…yea…looks
nice…and it's free to use as you can see…You can use most of canva's clips for free, but
there are also some paid clips with a pro license….you can use them as well, if you're
willing to spend 10 bucks a month for a pro account on canva.

I have got one, but for the sake of this tutorial
I am going to show you how to use this method 100% for free from scratch. And if you think, the video you have chosen,
has got not the best quality, don't worry too much about that, because we are replicating
tiktok style videos here, we're transforming them into youtube shorts and as I have said
in the beginning of this tutorial, youtube shorts are no longer than 60 seconds and most
of them are pretty easy, uncomplicated and you know…I don't want to call them "unprofessionally-made"….but
you know what I mean….they don't need to have hollywood-like quality.

Just simple, genuine, human made videos. There is one thing, though, you should consider
when choosing a video for your viral short. Try to use video clips, that look authentic
and genuine. Clips that somehow have that…you know…tiktok
style…with people doing funny stuff in real life….This one here is perfect…it looks
authentic and real. Not artificial like a clip from an Ad or something
like that, you know what I mean, guys? In general: do everything you can to make
your youtube short look as appealing, entertaining and funny as possible, because the higher
the quality or, let's better say, entertaining value of your short for your audience, the
higher the chances, that your clip will sooner or later go viral.

Which is crucial for this method to work and
in the end also to make more money with it. So make sure you watch this tutorial till
the end, guys, because in the final part of this video I will tell you, what you can exactly
do in order to increase your chances of making one or more of your youtube shorts go viral
– for free and with a few simple SEO tricks. Now, make always sure, that the video you
want to use for your youtube short, is not longer than 60 seconds. But if that's the case, you can always go
over to the trimming tool here, click on the scissor icon there and trim the clip as you
like. And, that's optional guys, but if you want
to, you can also add a second clip to your first one….make some space for your second
clip…let's take for instance….this one here…the second clip with the same girl…drag
and drop it next to your first clip….adjust the size a bit…play around as much as you
like…just do everything you can to make it look cool and to make your short stand
out against your competition.

This is important, if you want to make this
method work. Ok, but for the sake of this tutorial let's
just stick to the first clip….adjust the size of the video…and once you're content
with the alignment and everything, it is time to add a nice call to action to your short. I would recommend you to not spam your video
with too much text. Let people enjoy your clip, just make sure,
your call to action is visible, but not…

You know…"pushy" or too persuasive…Go
over to the text tool box here on the left bar, pick a nice, cool looking font…best
would a font, that suits your niche or the group you want to target or adress with your
call to action…let's take this free font here…it looks appealing, so…drag and drop
the text on your clip…for example here…adjust the size a bit…click on the text to change
it…and add a nice call to action…something niche-related….for instance…"how to lose
belly fat"…change the alignment…add a second text…choose the font with the thinner
letters and write something like…"check link in description"…position it under your
first text….change the colour…adjust size and alignment…and yea….that's it…watch
the preview of the video to check, if you're content with everything…you could also place
your affiliate link here instead of your call to action, but I personally find links placed
directly IN a video …not very appealing…it is likely, that people will click off, if
they see an affiliate link right at the start off a video popping up…even if the link
has been shortened with a link shortening service, but that's up to you, guys.

You can do it both ways, of course. Once you're finished with editing your video,
click on "download" here and you are ready to go over to the next step, which will be
to get your referral link, that will earn money for you. Alright, in step number 3 you will have to
find a suitable product, you will be promoting via your youtube short, you have edited in
the previous step.

Now, there are many different affiliate marketplaces
offering high profitable products, you can promote….such as, for instance…amazon
associates, warriorplus, jvzoo, walmart and I personally like to use a website called Just go over to, login or, if
you haven't done it yet, signup there for free. The registration process on clickbank is very
simple …so once you're registered, login and click on this building icon here on the
left in your account menu. Pick the niche you prefer…let's stick for
the sake of this tutorial to the health and fitness niche…

You can choose between many different subniches
in the health / fitness niche…let's take a closer look…I don't know…let's say…"diets
& weight loss" sounds nice, don't it?…Now, you can promote any product you like from
this niche, guys…for example this one here…granting you a commission of 22 dollars per each sale
you make whenever somebody buys that product via your referral link….or this one granting
you a commission of 110 dollars per each sale…it's really up to you…I personally would choose
a product with not only a high commission, but also one with a high gravity score. Like this one here….or that one…a high
gravity score usually, but not always necessarily, means, that the product has been sold many
times, which is a good indicator for you. So my guess would be to check out this one
here….open the sales page to read more about the product….and yea, as you can see…people
can buy not only one bottle of this tonic, but also 3 or even six at the same time…meaning
you can earn even more commissions per each sale – depending on the amount of bottles
somebody purchases via your affiliate link.

So I guess, let's pick this product here to
promote it in your viral short. To do that, go back and click on "promote"
here, enter your Clickbank account nickname here and click on "generate hoplink" there…Now,
since I already have generated a hoplink for this specific product on this account of mine,
I can't generate another one….that would be nonsense, but you got the idea…it's just
one click and it's 100% free. Step number 4: shorten your referral link
with a link shortening service for free. Well, guys, once you have your clickbank hoplink
generated, it is time to shorten it, because if you add your link unshortened to your shorts…like
this one here…it is going to look awful to your audience and people will most likely
NOT click on it, if they see an ugly link like that.

So to solve that problem, go over to a link
shortening service of your choice…I personally like to use…copy paste your referral
link here…click on "shorten" and let bitly do the magic for you…Now let me show you
an easy trick how you can boost the chances of making your audience click more on your
shortened link easy and for free….Just log in into your bitly account (it's 100% free
and you can sign up there with a few clicks)…and once you're logged in, you can customize your
shortened link to make it look even more appealing to your viewers by clicking on "create" here
and by copy pasting your link there…now you can customize the back end of the link
and make it sound and look more appealing…name it, for instance…"EASY-WEIGHT-LOSS"…or
something similar…click on "save" here. Step number 5: upload your short on your youtube
channel. Simply login into your youtube account, click
on "upload video" here…select the video, you have downloaded from and let
youtube upload it on your channel.

While uploading you can edit the title and
the description. Give it a nice niche-related title with strong
longtail keywords…for instance something like…"How I Lost Belly Fat Easy In 2 Months
| Best Weight Loss Workout 2021"…or something similar. Now, and that's crucial, guys, don't forget
to add also the hashtag "shorts" to your video, otherwise youtube will not list your video
in the shorts section and as a result you will lose probably thousands or even millions
of viewers and potential customers.

Next go over to the description and add a
nice call to action saying something like "How I Lost Belly Fat EASY & FAST"…in capital
letters…add a nice icon…for example a hand pointing at your link…add your shortened
referral link to that and that's pretty much it, guys. Add also a few sentences to your description
filled with as many strong niche-related longtail keywords as you can….for example something
like…"In this short I want to show you how I do squats. Watch this short fitness workout with me,
practice at home and get in shape for the summer.

If you want to know more about how I lost
50 pounds of belly fat"….ok that sounds unrealistic if we take a look at this hot
girl in this video, but still…"if you want to know how I lost 50 pounds of belly fat
in two months, check out the link I left for you in the description box"…or something
like that, guys. Add also some tags…niche related of course…and
strong with a high search volume naturally…and yea…adjust and setup everything the way
you like to finalize the upload process and publish your youtube short on your channel… Now let's see how my short looks like in reality….Nice
I must say…Alright guys….you can replicate this method as much as you like…just remember
to be a bit more creative and to not copy cat other people's content, because …

that's not gonna work anyway. If it goes for the viral potential of your
youtube shorts, guys, let me give you an advice. Don't expect your first youtube shorts to
go viral. You will need a few attempts, before one or
more of your videos starts to get grip and reach more people on youtube. They can go viral at the first try, yes, definitely
they can, but the key to make your videos go viral in a long term perspective, is consistency.

You need to upload consistently, guys. And you need to consider a few more other
factors as well, if you want your videos to get millions of views. If you want to learn how to get more views
on your youtube video, check out my step by step tutorial about that. I left the link to it in the description box
of this video. Alright guys, to motivate you, let's do a
bit of math, to see how much money you can expect to potentially make with this method. Let's say your short gathers an amount of
approximately 22 thousand views in one week like this one here…which is absolutely not
even close to what most viral shorts can achieve even in a short period of time as we have
seen in the beginning of this video…So if you manage to have a conversion rate of 1%
for your referral link….you can expect 22, no sorry…220 people to click on your referral
link via your video.

And from those 220 people actually 10%…only
10% decide to investigate further, read more about the product you promote and eventually
purchase it via your shortened link…you can expect to make…let me do the math here
for you…10% of 220 is 22…and 22 multiplied by the average commission you get for each
sale of this product …which is somehow around 136 dollars…you can expect to make almost
3000 dollars from commissions in one week alone with just a simple short 30 seconds
long video and a few clicks of editing….Doesn't that sound incredible, guys? So now it's up to you, to get it done and
to potentially make huge amounts of money with youtube shorts without making videos
and without showing your face, guys. If you want to learn more strategies how to
make money on youtube without showing your face or making videos, check out my other
tutorials and cash cow niche recommendations for 2021 on this channel, subscribe and make
sure you hit the notification bell, so that you dont miss any of my future uploads here.

Leave a like and tell me in the comments down
below, what experiences you have made so far with making money with youtube shorts and
how this specific method here has worked out for you. Stay tuned and see you next time..

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