Make money with Instagram by becoming a brand ambassador

I want to take some time here and talk about Instagram from a real business perspective and really just blow your minds for a second on what's possible when you can become a brand ambassador for other brands promoting other people's posts on your Instagram channel on your social media channel okay I'm gonna focus on Instagram right now but really we're talking about social media altogether here and you gotta understand social media can be currency for you can actually make money for it okay if you've built up your brand to the point where you've got tens of thousands of followers hundreds of thousands of followers people will pay to be in front of your audience especially if they're loyal they're engaged and not paid for you to buy the followers there's people that want to be in front of your targeted audience and they will pay money for it I've heard people that will pay anywhere from five to ten dollars or sorry was it ten to a hundred dollars per thousand followers on hundred dollars for every hundred followers just for a post for one post generating you tons of money why do I know this is true because I have offered other people money to post when I had a new album coming out if there's another band that has a similar follower base as me and I want to get my I have my new album coming out or I have a product I want to sell and I want to get it in front of a specific targeted audience that is loyal that really represents something that I believe in as well too and I just want my music or my art or my product in front of those I'm willing to pay for that and so I remember I we would contact on other people's managers of these bands and say hey how much does it cost to post sometimes most of the time we did favors and we would trade posts and stuff like that why because it's worth something and it moves records it sells products it builds up the brand it gets me in front of a new audience so if I'm going to pay for it of course other people are willing to pay me and I've also had people offer me money for me to post on my Instagram on my social media because it's something and that's where you gotta understand that social media is currency and you spending time on your phone building it up posting really good content it's worth something to work with some of these big ad agencies that connect you as a as a brand ambassador like – Hudson and whatnot most times you have to have a minimum of at least 5,000 followers for some companies it's at least 10,000 and you want to make sure that your photos look good your page looks good it's engaged yeah you know your photo stream is professional and you're you and you have a target market in mind and that's we're kind of coming back to those niche accounts and that feature account where it's very specific the more specific and the more niche you are the more you'll find the money you know the more you'll find people want to work with you because you're more targeted because you see if I'm just posting all kinds of different things in my audience is super widespread it's not as narrowed down because you can understand some people are selling very specific items very specific products that they want in front of very targeted audience so the more targeted you are and niche down you are saying okay this is what I'm about this is what my page is about and I know I'm focused very much on music on this course but if you're about fitness or you're about sports or you're about fishing or you're about you know music gear or tech stuff or fashion or just something or I should say men's fashion or women's fashion or kids fashion like the more you can narrow down your niche the better because then people want to be in front of that product so I'm gonna start thinking and setting some goals for yourself so to call 5,000 followers you know if you don't even have a thousand set a goal of 1000 followers and then then go bigger and then go bigger and look at what these other brands are doing and see how you can do your own thing like do your own twist on it but how you can learn from then and continue to grow your Instagram account and all your social media why because it's worth something the fact that I got over 160,000 likes on Facebook I think it's hundred sixty-five now you know that's worth something you know my friends that have over a million likes on Facebook I heard once you've hit the million mark you start get on every young publicist like you get invites to all these different things and whatnot because you're an influencer you're an influencer and that's what you need to start thinking you are an influencer and that's why and how you can become a brand ambassador for fashion companies that pay you or give you free stuff like how often have I gotten free stuff man like ever since I was a skateboarder that was a thing to get to get sponsored and get free stuff and so maybe that's where you'll start where people will just pay you to wear something or to talk about it and then you go from getting tons of free stuff which is awesome by the way to getting paid to post which is even awesome and I remember I got paid by company to go on tour to wear their stuff because I'm on stage and I'm in front of eyeballs same type of thing but on line really exciting stuff I love this stuff it's just so awesome so that's what excites me that about that because I like getting free stuff clothes and stuff especially when it's something I like and then obviously getting paid is even better and then you can just you know do whatever you want with the money so hope that inspires you guys keep working keep creating and just to have fun with what you're doing in your business hey what's up guys thanks so much for watching this video I hope you found it valuable make sure you hit the subscribe button below so you get notified up the weekly new updates we always put out also if you're struggling artist and you're just trying to figure out what to do next in this crazy 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