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It's time to learn how to make money from fishing. Welcome back to another video on how to make a bank video, this is episode 17, which will introduce the basics of fishing and how to start making money from fishing. Don't forget to check how other people of mine make banking videos, they will teach you different ways to make money online albion. Therefore, all you need to do is watch these videos, learn how to do it, and then you will see more and more bank tags! Now, before we watch this video , I just want to say that my 15 million silver gift is still live, and you have 1 week to enter, so go check it out, the link is in the video comment, and there is a description. The other thing is that most of the advanced information in this guide comes from exoticism. He is an extreme fishing player. All I saw was stream fishing. Pathos also provides written fishing guides for those who like to read.

So please check out his Twitch and guide, which can be found in the video description and comments section below. For this method, you do not need advanced features, but it is always recommended that you enable advanced features because it can give you additional reputation. This reputation is very useful when improving the professional level of the party . So what is fishing? Fishing is a collecting profession on albion online. It has mini-games , so it is more unique than other collecting professions. Every guild needs fishermen to collect seaweed, chopped fish and rare fish to make enchanted food for thieves and crystal teams. If you are not in the guild, you can sell these items to make a good profit, because the guild and the chef will need them.

Therefore, this is the most important tip I can give you. If it is not the best tip, please do not equip a fishing rod! Put it in your inventory. Equip an escape weapon so that you will run over when you see the red name. Therefore, when you have fishing rods available in your inventory and are near the water, when you hover the mouse over the water, hold down the left mouse button to establish the throwing distance, and release the left mouse button to display, the hook will appear.

Throw your fishing line. If you successfully capture the bob in the water, it will start to rebound, which means you have hooked a fish, click the left mouse button to start the fishing game . The mini game is a simple tug of war. You want Bob to stay in the green area of the interface, and the fish will try to make it reach the red and orange areas of the interface. Holding down the left mouse button will cause the fishing bob to move to the right, and the fish bar at the bottom will start to move up slowly. If you don't press the left mouse button, Bob will automatically start moving to the left. Therefore, you want to make sure to place it in the center, not to the left or right. Once the fish on the bottom blue bar moves to the right, you have successfully caught an item.

It may be a fish or an item on the trash table. You can catch fish on the entire leucorrhea, all you need to do is to have a fishing rod by the water, but there are two types of leucorrhea online, freshwater fish and saltwater fish. All lakes, rivers, pounds, etc. are considered freshwater fish , and any water near the border or edge of the map is considered saltwater fish. If you see fish swimming in the water, this is the so-called school of fish. If you throw the bob near the area, you will get a better bite speed. Sometimes, when you run by the water, you will find boxes in the water. This is called the sunken treasure. When you fish them out of the water, the sunken treasures include luxury goods, weapons, armor, insight and other items. Fishing rods and fishing gear So you now know where and how to fish.

Let's continue to use the fishing equipment, the player must use the fishing rod to catch the fish, and you can only catch the fish to the highest level of the fishing rod, so if you have a 7-layer fishing rod, the largest fish you can catch is t7. You can also equip fishing gear like any other fishing gear to increase fishing output. The quality of the fishing rod also plays an important role in the fishing speed. The following are the rewards for using this type of high-quality fishing rod . Normal = + 81% Good = + 83% Excellent = + 85% Excellent = + 92% Masterpiece = + 105% Make sure that you are also equipped with a fishing backpack, which reduces the weight of the fish backpack according to the grade.

The fourth layer can reduce the weight of fish at t4 or below by 20% , and the eighth layer can reduce the weight of fish at t8 or below by 40% . The other layers in between do the same thing and increase by 5%, so now you know the basics of fishing, how to level it, and the normal method and power leveling method. The usual method is to go fishing like any other gathering profession . However, when you eat a fish, you will also gain experience about the level of fishing.

So you guessed it, you can spend silver, buy a ton of fish, and then eat them like a madman until the level 8 fishing is reached. This is how it works. Basically, each layer of fish can determine the number of fame according to your fishing level. All you have to do is enter the amount of silver for each fish, and it will tell you its cost. As you can see, I have added the number of fish per layer required to reach level 8 fisherman. Therefore, you can easily achieve this in Google Docs or Microsoft Excel Docs. And see if you want to spend silver to enhance your fishing ability so that you can start using it to make money faster. When fishing, you should also bring some other things. Fishing bait can increase the bite speed of fish, and can be used to make bait at any cooking station . The player was discovered by harvesting crops and herbs from the player’s island farm . There are 3 different tiers of bait, the first tier has 10 charges and passes 50% .

The third tier has 10 charges increases the bite speed and by 125% and the fifth tier has 10 charges and is increased by 250 % Method increases bite speed 1 cost 1 to make level 3 spend 5 earth make level 5 spend 25 to make process Don’t forget that your seaweed salad can increase the fishing speed by 10%, lasts 30 minutes, or you can bring it Last pork pie, but this will not increase your fishing speed, but it can carry more fish. Another convenient food is pork omelette. You want to use it when you are under attack. This reduces skills and cooling time, which means you have a better chance to escape. Here are some general tips and tricks from the sad fishing guide. Never stay in an area for too long. The longer you stay in the same area, the greater the possibility of hostility. If you have fished in all available fishing ponds in the area, then the best way is to first Move to another area before someone asks for reinforcements. Using siege camps and black market banks to hide resources and fish will allow you to use your time more efficiently.

Store your belongings in these banks until you have a sufficient quantity and get some deposit to escort you back. You are the delicious sweets of the Ghanaian ship, and the fishermen are one of the simplest targets of the Ghanaian ship, because you can only gather near the waters. If you die, you will lose all your equipment, fish and fishing rods. Can be sold for a penny. When trying to have a high-quality fishing rod and use bait in a school of fish, bite it down as fast as possible.

Sadly, I suggest you use t3 or t5 bait. Use t3 bait for levels 4 to 6, and t5 bait for higher levels. . Now you know almost everything about fishing . This is what all of you have been waiting for. The money-making aspect of this method. Now, to get the most benefit from this method, I strongly recommend that you combine this method with my previous method of making banking videos . If you don't have or want to build your own fisherman's empire, you can sell the complete fisherman's diary at any time for extra profit. It is always recommended that you keep the fisherman's diary in inventory while fishing. Now, once you get fish from fishing, there are several ways to make money. The first method is to sell the fish in the market, but this will minimize the silver you get from this method. The next step is to turn the fish into chopped fish.

The chopped fish can be made from all the layers you catch. Each layer will give you the amount of chopped fish. Keep the rare fishing, and chop up all ordinary fish. The second method is to turn chopped fish into fish sauce. Fish sauce is used to make enchanted food and is always in demand. There are 3 types of fish sauce. Basic fish sauce requires 15 slices of chopped fish + 1 slice of seaweed to make. 1 Food Fancy Fish Sauce requires 45 slices of chopped fish + 3 slices of seaweed, and is used to make .2 Food , Special fish sauce requires 125 pieces of chopped fish + 9 pieces of seaweed to make .3 food. Seaweed is collected when fishing. The last method is to use the fish sauce you make to make enchanted food, and then sell the enchanted food in the market. For the last few methods, it is recommended that you use alternatives, because you want to use focus when designing to get better return resources and better reduce focus costs.

So this is his sorrow while fishing. Equipped with 100/100 size and t8 Avalon sticks, filled t7 books with t3 bait and seaweed salad, and sold with the fish you made in the T7 forest area pool, 2.3-2.7 million silver coins per hour, no ava sticks and seaweed Salad 1.8-2.1 million silver per hour depends on how lucky you are to make t7 rare fish in a t8 swamp with the same gear as the above 2.7-3.6 million silver in the t8 swamp , and you are in the same gear t6-7 In the area, start earning 600k one hour money machine at t7, then use t3/t5 clam boost to improve yourself , then go to t8 urge fish until it reaches t7 Avalon stick is 100% worth at low specifications, because 25% .

He also used the t8 Avalon rod because you have a 25% extra chance of catching 4 rare t7 fish instead of 3. Of course, the extra 25% is always worth it. Now, these figures are contained in the diary, as well as the information on selling/cutting fish. If you follow steps such as making fish sauce and making food in the future, I’m sure that if the rate of reducing the cost of focus is high, you will Can produce more silver. Therefore, since you know almost everything about phishing, you will be in a dilemma next. For any questions about phishing, you can leave a message in the forum or game to be sad, and he will contact you if possible.

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