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All right, what's going on YouTube this is video? Two of the case study and I am feelings Who went to the Gym like two Days ago after like? two weeks I'm not going I hit it really good as I'm really really really sorry now it feels great feeling hurts so good feeling if If you're not like a fitness buff like I am I could I could be doing better, but my diet is whack right now But anyhow let's get to the video Sorry about that I'm just trying to be completely real with you guys. This is who I am I'm just this regular dude that cuts youtube videos that's been studying this For a long time now okay, and I'm really passionate about it, and I want to help you guys out, so let's go I was looking at my YouTube channel and when you can look on your Youtube channel and actually see the analytics this used to be my autopilot Beach channel, I just kept a banner to saying because It's it's it's brand awareness and now I did leave a paper trail with that.

It was fun while asked it, but You know the turn one thing turned into another you know so I changed the name to Christopher Ramirez on this YouTube channel particularly But I would test and stuff on his channel with multiple videos targeting locations and What I mean by that is like if I go here to the fatalities videos all of the same They're actually different in length. This is one-third. This is a minute thirty seconds. It's a minute 27 seconds This is a minute 25 seconds long. This is a minute and 22 seconds long They all differ in length of time, but they're the same video, but I have a little something extra in Front of it, but I could be doing this better.

That's why today. I made some new notes looks a little letter both See you see it's a little blitter book. It's my speakers on oh Yah, hear that now stops playing in the background That we do have to come back to Facebook the less want to show you this Today on my agenda because I have it written on my notes You can't really see really as a pencil like a white pencil thing, but this is the main goal for today Night you know setting goals set some goals take some notes, and there's my long telling me go for work And I'm already starting work early three o'clock yeah, sorry so Shut the fuck up All right, let's get right to it my good people people of u2's that crave the knowledge legit it was a dated little gig, so Today, I'm going to do this method again, but this time I'm going to make sure that Everything's Employees correctly like the button that they can press in the video on their mobile device It that they actually can touch their screen And it brings them outside of youtube like have it set up because it's the last 20 seconds of the video That you can add the annotation Okay that you can add the annotation at the end of the video youtube did something really cool they updated something and I've been knew this was going to happen at some point where if the Traffic button can display on a mobile device and annotations what I mean by annotations you know how like they have like at the end of the videos it'll show like a Click here or show a video of say watch this video.

If you missed it those who used to be annotations now What youtube did they took that ability? I where the where the now the user has to only Do that at the last 20 seconds of the video in a displaced during their platform instead of them haven't it into the video Okay, so I don't hopefully I didn't lose you guys That's why it's video, baby because you can rewind fast-forward. It's a good stuff. Let's get to the good stuff I'm going to share this YouTube method with you guys I just need a more effective video these videos were weak as hell, so and I'm gonna do it on a different YouTube channel so I'm going to go ahead and get to it alright, so We are doing it. I don't know I thought it was gonna pause. I'm only four minutes, then we're doing a puppy page this is page, two um I know I left off on the other video uh What happened is I left off on the other video and when I rendered it down that tutorial I? Lost that footage so this is the new footage, and I'm just going to go ahead and recap so almost I'm not even tell myself on the key points to zoom so I mizune right here So zoom you got to get to your ads manager if you can't see We as managers is usually on the left side you do not see it I believe the other option you would have to go within this browser is over here So I'm I'm telling myself.

Well, you know when I look at the playback to Move over and zoom over to this part. I have a drop-down menu and click on the drop-down menu if the thing will even load Come on. Don't not work. I mean not in a tutorial something I got to make sure my uh That my wi-Fi is connected okay? I'm just I just woke up so we can we'll put you guys That's odd. Do not know why it's not Why it's doing that? Let's see if it'll it'll work broken Alright, let's see. Let's try again alright.

See hot drop-down box Usually you could find it in here where it's where you just look for it if you can't find it. This there's another way I'm sure you got the youtube it, but you can find it here on that drop-down box and Right whistles create Ads and Manage Ads you just click on the manage ads It will bring it to ads manager on your account it should Bring you to your hedge manager on your account and it'll be your name right here, and You see how it kind of highlights like that. I just click on your name, and that's the account that You would have to tie your payment information to okay So let me go ahead and now and show you where to navigate for your payment information Alright So the page is loading up, it'll on your end. It will be nothing here I'll see all these little switches look like they're own you'll have nothing here because you have no campaigns up yet that's why there's a create campaign button right here, uh What you want to do is you click on? We're not the Facebook icon just right here and Where it says billing and Payment methods you go to billing and Payment methods? and then you have to add your You have to add your account information, okay? Of course that's probably some sensitive data.

I probably shouldn't know I'm have to cut that out on the cut back it up It'll let me there we go there. It goes okay All right, and so yeah, so you would do that All right, um let's see Just looking traffic from the other pages to so understand for the video. This is really pertain to eight minutes um she's uh getting traffic on a page that I had a shoulder to Build and I Just want to let that person know if they're viewing this so I'm getting into traffic from other pages to the more active ones is the the Gap tron rustling one and the and the Discovery and the cat one in the cat page if those those are disarmed complete autopilot Now D Because it's growing on its own. It's slowly growing on its own, but it's still growing on its own At some point it will slow up even more, but I'm just not focused on that right now I want to help you guys figure this Every eight minutes and non minutes and assemblies and all this time Okay, so yeah um We're gonna leave it where we left off so over here Alright remember on the other video We had to fur we created the the campaign puppies fanpage so and I make sure to turn it off always turn the campaign off Okay, this is what I shared in like five groups and they got responses okay, so yeah I also like to turn this one off too, so I'm going to turn that one off and Then and we'll go ahead and Click edit right here Mm-Hmm Bring up there.

Oh Let's cuz it's the only one within the campaign it's right, so I'm used to having a bunch It's a long story. Let's not waste time Cuz I will Talk your ear off, and I don't want to talk yell you're off You kill the goods Give you the good stuff Okay, here. You're above cute puppies thinking on this icon well, go ahead and say tell myself to zooming so zoom right here and You click right here? You get Facebook posts with comments, and that's where we left off remember.

I said to go ahead and Copy that link just above so it's what we did. We copy the link and you can see there's two shares from here I shared it and someone else had shared it because it got to got some response it's showing other shares So if we got this person that shared it Something like people engaged on this one. So we know that happy dogs cats animals. This was an engaging group So you like you can look you could look through the shares and see what groups are engaging and narrow them down Okay, just so you know. It's another world loss strategy narrow down your group.

So you're not wasting Posts and get put in Facebook gap, but just gave you a nugget therefore paid attention will wind it if you missed that nugget, okay? All right um so yeah, and then what I did is I after we had copied that link that was highlighted right here I went over here. I'm go ahead and say zoom so I know to zoom and you can see precisely what I'm doing then I? click right here And then we've seen the page we built up the page And basically what I did was this Populated it But see I already did it I'm just showing you like how like you post it install it populates it So it's got the call to action button. You can even click on it while it's not posted but look already had it right here and So far, it's got 155 views but the engagement are let's see we got three followers Okay, three followers, so that's a good start and I Just did this a few not not even 24 hours ago I got this page running, and yeah, I want to leave this picture.

I already posted this Alright, and what we're going to do is No, x page to me uh go back and secret Okay Alright starting to good alright 12 O clock and alright alright, so I'm going to show you the post There's the post Okay, now we have more groups come through so now we got to share the post alright, so I'm going to go ahead and see That's 13 minutes, and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to save this video So don't crash like I did last time and I'm up to do this in bite-sized chunks, okay? So we're going to share this video to some more groups okay? That's going to be our next step and follow along with me Pause the video as often as possible if you got to rewind the video Follow along, but I'm a more.

I'm gonna be more so like telling you stop Pause the video do the tasks Resume the video. I'm Gonna tell you in that order, okay, alright So I'll see y'all in the third video my friends y'all have a blessed day peace.

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