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so you browse through YouTube you are looking for different ways how to make money online you clicked on video now there are three options what you have after clicking on it video option number one, you probably are going to click this video within the first 60 seconds and you never know what this strategy is and you will never make money online use this very simple step to second strategy is that you are likely to watch this video, but you will never take action but let me show you someone who took option three they watched my videos and they departed thence, and took action watch this month here has a nine dollar become investment in fifteen thousand dollars a month use of affiliate marketing and some of the videos he watched on me channel so today guys you have the option to watch this video and I'm going to show how to change a very simple idea like a book in thousands of dollars every single month so if you want to learn how to make money online make sure you watch this whole video because i will walk you through everything step by step we come to it today guys in this video, I want to show you how to take a simple book idea and turn it into passive income so you can earn money even while you sleep well, it is a strategy that worked a lot people and I want to show you today how you can do exactly the same but I want to show you step by step and how to get some great ideas the first thing you want to do is you want to came just wanted to interrupt very quickly this video to let you know that I am going to have a 25 PayPal gift on this video, all you are must go down now, guys crush that like button in appreciation and just leave me a comment and tell me why you want to make money online and I choose the winner let's continue with the next video the video now if you're on Amazon here what you want to do is you want click on this little drop box here where it says everything you want to browse down here guys and you want to go light e-readers and e-books if you now click on what you want to do is to scroll down to here and you want click on kindle ebooks i go to show you today is how people find variety ignite different ideas with others books they let some of it be published they do not even write it themselves they do not even get it illustrated themselves I'm going to show you where you can do all this for a few dollars guys and get a strategy for passive income that will take place in 2021 but you can do it yourself and I will shows you exactly how to do it, but the first thing you need to do with this strategy guys are needed find a niche and if you come here to light e-books when browsing here guys you can see here that you can do it with any category okay there are many different niches that you can do it in anything interest you and if you overcome here you can see here you have art you have biographies you have business you have children's books hot tip guys this is something that you know at the moment take off and everyone is there are many people which children's e-books at the do moment but if you come here you have computer technology engineering and fitness you have law, you have a lot of hope of different things like parenting and relationships so you get the idea you can do it in so many different things niches now what you want to do when you are on kindle e-books if you decide which niche you want to go to after or if you are looking at a problem you want to enter what you want to do is when you come over to light here and scroll down you can see here that you have this a best seller department so you can come here and see what books do really well at the moment when you are struggling for different ideas or you are struggling what niche to go into and then you can come here and watch exactly what other people are doing you can look at the cover of your can see what genre they have in what type of you know they do in and then if it's something that inspires you that you can definitely get started with this so you can go to top sellers you can overcome and look at offered by Amazon, you can also get a also check out new versions so you can come here and look and you see who what these types of books are about and how to get started let's say you come here and you look and you find yourself a niche where you want to go in, let's say you come here and you want to go in the children's e-book section so you come here you click on e-books for children and what's going to happen, it's going to happen takes you to a page that looks like this and like I said guys the first thing it will show you here are the best sellers if you scroll down below where you're going see new versions to watch the different types graphics they use books too then you go look here you will find a lot rated, I highly recommend it if you come here, do your research and you look what books are it's going really well, it's the biggest mistake people make they think they can write a book but really what you want to do is that you want to see what works and what working really well at the moment I am going to show you how much money can you make with this and how much money do some of these people have make now the second tip i have for you let us say you come here, this is what you can see here they have a rating here and as soon as you click on this rating, click it one ear he has four and a half stars rating now you can go here and you can read the good reviews, but a good tip is to read also the bad reviews and the reason because these reviews are so bad reviews are going to tell you what people do not like this book and then when you write your book what you can do is that you can come very easily from here and from there you can make your book much better okay so it is how you are going to be your book notification this is how you go to get your book there when it comes to make money online with this strategy and everything you need to do guys come here click on the one star two star three star for example if you click on this to start here, not many people gave this book a very low score but you can get here very easily and very easy read these different types of reviews and see how you can make booking much better, some people say that you like the story etc okay so from here you want do guys and I want to show you something it's super powerful okay i want to show you how much money are these books actually do so if you come here and up click this book here as an example what you are going to find here is that there are a few ways they can sell it book okay they sell on kindle for 12.99 give Kindle these guys sell a rating okay and i want to show you here when you browse to below I want to show you what number rating is this book is and what it means for the person it now sells this book if you come here you can see here best seller running is number 83 what it means guys I went there and I googled it and you can see here that they have a seller rating on amazon okay if you sell has a seller rating of fifty thousand two hundred thousand this means you sell one book a day this person has a seller rating of eighty three so if you come here they are sit here in this position section here so they sell between 300 and 1000 books now every day when you come here we saw that this book here 12.99 was like that if you grabbed a calculator here and you do 12.99 and you reverse it at 300 which the is minimum that this person sells with his notebooks it's now 3897 with this strategy guys Amazon takes 30, so you get 70 percent of this commission, so if you stop it with 0.7 okay you can see that this person makes thousands of dollars now i do not say it every day you are going to make this money online but I say it's possible and you can repeat exactly the same strategy, so how about will get your book published how are you you are going to get any children's book or any book on Amazon here for you to sell it first thing you need to do you must come to this side here is kdp amazon which is published directly and look at this look how cool is that is you can make money with this strategy guys, even if you're in the United States Canada United Kingdom Germany India France Italy Spain brazil mexico australia and many more countries and the crazy thing about this is that your book will be there the best sellers once you put it on, it takes less than five minutes to publish it here guys it will be absolutely worldwide and it will be there within 24 to 48 hours very easy to log in everything you need to do is to come here and sign up to light the publication, so you must first come here and you sign it is where you can upload your book so you can get it on Amazon, but the thing you have to do is of course you have to create a book now there are some options you has option number one is that you can of course go and you can create your own book can write your own book if you do not know how to write your own book guys there are different places that you can do it on the first place you can do it it is clear that you can come to fiverr and you can be a ghostwriter for find children's books now you will be amazed with how many people will write it different types of books for a real small amount does not actually apply cost so much and if you scroll down here can see that there are people the sixty dollars two hundred charged dollars and so on forty-one dollars but what are you specifically looking for are you looking for children ghostwriter if you come here take a look at this I will write ghost stories for children or bedtime stories for six dollars and 88 sent here's another one here that will do it for six dollars and 88 cents so for less than seven dollars you can get a book written and click here you can see how many words this book is will now be written in this with this, as you can see, it is 800 words for six dollars and 88 cents and these are perfect guys because a children's book must be anything from 250 words to 750 words and how do i know it simple i went over and I googled it and like you can guys see anything from 250 to 700 words for a children's book, so it is perfect, you can come here and get someone to write this book as you want more words as you can see go to food much more money but for 800 words guys it's absolutely perfect and they can do this for you once your book has been written down and as soon as your book is ready what you have to do then is you of course need an illustrator in other words what you need to do is to make your book looks like you must give it a little color, give it a good title too is really very important but that title must stand out on the cover of this book and to do it guys all you have to do again you can overcome very easily to fiver and pay such a person illustration children's books good if you browse below you can find someone who is it going to do it for you too for as little as twenty dollars guys as you can see all these people here and many of them have orders here do it and load as as many as twenty dollars are there now other ways you can of course do what you can find programs that will do this for you if you wanted to do it but it is a passive income where you can make money like I say even when you sleep, because as soon as these books put on amazon guys you will continue to make really good money online and if you scroll down here you can find someone who is going to do it now for as little as $ 20 as soon as your book is up and running here on Amazon it does not stop there I strong recommend from there that you do is that you are starting to promote this book and there are so many different ways that you can do these guys what you can do it by quora can you do it via facebook you can do this twitter and what would i recommend what you do is go search groups on facebook, you know where there are mother groups and people who are looking for books etc and you you promote your book as much as you can Amazon will also allow you to wanted to come here and you can advertise your book and what I mean, make ads for the book as well and it is very profitable strategy that many people do and this is an option you have yourself, but I reckon self-promotion is the key to this and you can earn some serious money with this strategy guys this is a very fast video but very powerful strategy I want give you the steps what you can take and possibly get it done for you so you can earn money online in 2021.

So this was my video for today guys and another great way you can make money online even while you sleep now if you have those 25 want to enter PayPal gift make sure you go down the bottom button button like leave me a comment and just say I want to make money because and I choose a winner on the next video now goes nowhere guys I have another fantastic video here it's going to show you another great strategy of how to get started online earn a lot of money, make sure you are now clicking on this video and I'll catch you on the next video you guys take care of yourself and goodbye

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