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Hello, welcome. In today's video we will look at another way
how to make money on the internet It's totally free and without investment. This is TSU. It's a social network, similar to Facebook. But the difference is that here we get a reward
once a day for our activity. So if we post any photo, video, text on a
wall. For every like, comment or sharing we receive
a reward from TSU. Tsu launched first alpha version two months
ago. Here in the menu we see how much I earn per
day for my activity. it's not much yet but I'm just testing it
now. Every day I earned something from this original
social network.

Minimum for withdrawal is 15 dollars For now is available just Paypal On your profile, we see how many friends and
followers I've already gained. More is better. because if more people see your posts, the
more likes, comments and sharing you get. That means more money in your pocket. If anyone is interested, I can show you how
to get from 100 to 1000 followers in a short time Just send me message after login to TSU. In invite your friends, we can invite people
to the app and build our network of people. We increase earnings by 10% in this way. I haven't invited anyone yet, I wonder how this will affect our daily rewards.

Here we see a wall of your friends and people
which you follow on TSU. Here we can find a lot of interesting photos,
videos or posts and give out likes, comments and shares. Or here at Support me, we're going to support
that person by looking at his 30s ad and making him some money. Maybe he'll do the same for you too. The top right is an overview of activities
on your profile, posts, messages, who started following you or new friends. TSU has an interesting idea, there is about
20,000 users so far. If you would like to try it, you find invitation
to TSU in the description below the video. If you have any question, ask in the comments. I'll make another video of my payout, when
I make 15 dollars. Well, that's all for now.

Thanks and have a good day..

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