Make Money Online: How I Make 100k A MONTH [ ACTUAL METHODS; NOT HYPE ]

seven ways to make money online that has generated
me $100,000 a month now this plaque right here that I have in my hand right
now is an award given to people in the clickfunnels community that has
generated over 10 million dollars in sales and one of the things I like to
share with you today is how this is actually divided into many different
streams of income and I'm gonna break it down to you the ones that's worked
really really well for me so that you can see and start getting ideas on which
one resonates the most of you to decide which action steps to take are you ready
let's begin with number one number one is really about low ticket information
products that's number one that's literally how I got started in the
online mode when I first started out in the online world one of the first things
that ever sold was a $7 digital product now when I first started out in the
gaming market which is World of Warcraft I didn't really think I had a strength
so I didn't really believe in my product I didn't really think anybody would buy
my product so I just put up for just $7 and it took me seven months to make my
first sale I remember it was about 6:00 in the morning I was getting ready to go
to work and I was checking my email I'm still living my parents and I saw this
email from PayPal and it said notification of payment received and I
was so excited I actually went over my mom's room as a mom wake up take a look
at this and then she was like really groggy she took a look at this and said
mom take a look at this I just made my first sale and she was like it says here
you made $7 and I said yeah that's my first sale and she said it took you
seven months to make $7 go and go back to sleep so even though was not a
life-changing amount it was life-changing moment for me because I
knew that if I could do it once all I need to do then is to do it again and
again and again and that's what I did I took a seven dollar product I eventually
sold it at 37 dollars that was like the sweet spot many digital marketers and
information product owners would sell their products at which is what I did in
the world of warcraft' market and since then I scaled it into other markets into
marketing and social media and chuckles I have you follow me
you've seen all my different information products today but that's your first
option how can you take what it is that you know and document it in the form of
an information product that actually helps other people within that niche and
that brings us to number two number two is subscription creating something that
is recurring in nature so that people if they want to continue being a part of
the community if they want to continue getting the resources if they want to
continue getting that support every single month the second option is to
create a low ticket recurring I'm sorry things that created in the past is very
low ticket to me seven dollars thirty seven dollars a month up right after
about ninety seven dollars a month in order to create a long-term sustainable
income online I believe that recurring is one of the
best ways to do so and the way to do it is many different angles approach this
but think about the pain of disconnect I believe that this one most powerful
things when it comes to creating recurring now understand that not all
markets will lend itself to continuity there are some markets where it's more
of a quick fix rather than a long-term thing example would be a new problem
they don't want to spend ninety seven dollars every month they want to have
something a face you know I want to get it fixed however what are markets that
lend itself to great continuity the best way is to go to a local bookstore and
see the magazines that's being sold in Newsted so things like I'll get six pack
abs every single month it's like the same thing it's always like how to look
sexy for the summer and get six-pack ABS right photograph II traveled golf to get
great ideas on what are great markets for subscription just take a look at
what is being sold in the bookstores on magazine stands to give yourself an idea
on how do you create a subscription model and that's number two let's move
on to number three number three is affiliate marketing promoting somebody
else's product and getting paid commissions in return I think what many
people may not realize is that the biggest platforms in the world they have
all this thing known as an affiliate program whether it's Amazon for physical
products whether it's Clickbank for digital products all these different
market I will even give you a commission every
time you referred a sale to them these medals and awards right here literally
is for winning this thing called a dream car contest that clickfunnels and this
marketer russell brunson my friend and literally I came in at number one for
one of the biggest launches for in the internet marketing space for this book
called expert secrets and literally I made six figures and winning
back-to-back the dream car winner contest by promoting something that I
didn't even come up with that's number three the question is what are other
products out there that your audiences are going to buy anyway and how can you
place a product a service something that genuinely helps them so that you can get
paid commissions in return that brings us to number four number four is books
that's right how can you take what it is that you know and put it in pieces of
paper I truly believe that books are really like a magic code or like a cheat
code rather in business and marketing books somehow when you place and
position your thoughts on two pieces of paper
suddenly the market sees you differently suddenly you're seen as an expert as an
authority in your marketplace because the truth is not many people actually do
it and sometimes it is not the sale of the book that makes you a lot of money
but rather what happens around the book that has made you learn money what if
books can actually help you with branding and positioning and lead
generation what if books and actually help you get
on radio TV newspaper think about this way let's say you are a real estate
agent rather than going out there giving up your name card what if you came off a
book instead and your book title is called five common mistakes people make
when buying property Ronna give you a name card which we all know nobody keeps
name cards anymore and you said we got some whether you buy a property to me or
not I just wanted you to know the five common mistakes people normally make
when it comes to buying property now think about this way the next time this
person ever wants to buy property who do you think this person will think about
chances are it's gonna be you what if books can enable you to
large amounts of income not necessarily from the sale of the book but rather
what happens around it books has been something that I served me really really
well which is something you definitely want to consider as well that brings us
to the next point number five are workshops or seminars now I know that
this step here might not be for everybody let me just tell you if you
are somebody that's shy or introverted or if you have the fear of speaking that
was me ten years ago ten years ago I would have never thought that I would be
doing what I'm doing right now shooting videos doing events speaking for
thousands of people traveling while doing this why because the truth is I am
an introvert trying to play an extroverted game but if there's part of
you that has this message that you know will help others they can serve others
in a much deeper level know that this is a learnable trainable skill and what if
you could serve your audience and not just have a deeper impact but also have
that income because the truth is the perceived value and how much in help an
audience to a live event versus and ebook is a completely different
experience ask yourself this have you ever read a book where you felt like
this thing was life changing completely transform your life chances are they
were good books that you read but to have something that was like literally
transformed your life it would have probably been through a process and a
life event what if that could be you for somebody else what if you could play a
bigger game and serve somebody at a much deeper level and a much more meaningful
level and actually change lives you see when you'll tell me that for
fear of speaking I say this what if you could charge somebody a thousand dollars
this beginner that a thousand dollars for your entire life's work do you
believe that everything you know your life experience your knowledge could
help somebody become better off in terms of maybe making more money having more
time becoming happier healthier more confident better a certain skill and
what if you can take that life experience and condense it down to two
days so that somebody else does not have to go through what it is that you went
through in life if you could package and position that do you think that might be
worth $5 $1,000 so let's say yet a fear of speaking do you think you could
handle five people speaking from three people or five people
you could get three people in front of you to come to your event for two days
and charge them a thousand dollars that would be a $3,000 weekend that is what
some people get paid upon and after doing a couple of times do you think
perhaps you would have got the confidence to maybe serve 10 people and
then 20 maybe you could now charge a thousand two thousand dollars 20 people
times two thousand dollars that's a $40,000 weekend that's what
some people get paid a year workshops and seminars is something that I thought
I could never do because the reason an excuse I always had within me is because
I was a shy introverted person today I have spoken in front of events in
stadiums a thousand five thousand people but it all began small you can question
what it is that you want but never question what is that you're worth that
brings us to number six number six is coaching what if you could work with the
people it's actually serious from the masses then now they want to have the
private time with you or in terms of a group setting where you meet up with
them once every week every two weeks to keep them accountable so that you can
help them on their journey to hold them by their hand show them step by step
move on move on what it is that they need to be doing because the truth is a
good coach will always make their students do the moves that they
otherwise would not have done why is it that people like Michael Jordan Tiger
Woods the people it's only the number one in the game in the world why is it
that they still have a coach even though they are in the Wonderworld
it is because we can't see the picture if we are inside the frame and number
six is what if you could do that Skype call zoom call in a group setting so
that you can scale it and work with clients just like how my clients they
pay me ten thousand dollars a year in that group setting which by the way is
highly scalable I could put two thousand five thousand people and program and I
would still have a life why because coaching doesn't need to be one-on-one
the biggest myth that people have is people are paying me for my time they
want me they want my time people are paying you not because they want your
time but they want the result think about this way if let's say you wanted
to generate a million dollars online and I told
you have two different options option number one is you meet up with me every
single day I give you advice for 10 minutes and after that you go do it or I
can magically touch your forehead straight away instantly you'd have the
result that you want which would you rather have option 1 or 2 pretty obvious
right so in other words why does somebody pay you money
sonication magnificus didn't want your type they want the result that you're
able to help them generate and coaching is a great way to help serious clients
generate the result that you want but at the same time do it in a way that is
highly scalable and that finally brings us to number 7 and finally number 7 will
be home study courses what if you could take what it is that you know you're the
entire life experience and package and bundle it into a form of course that
helps people and charge them $500 a thousand two thousand dollars for it and
what if you could create a sales process my favorite one to sell courses like
that would be to a webinar funnel like literally in this webinar funnel this
could be a live webinar this could be an automated webinar that runs every hour
on the hour and what if you could create that once or if it's new to you in my
needs of practice so you do it a couple of times but create a whole study course
that helps your audience generate the result that they want now this could be
myth here too high price this could be about my favorite price point for
webinar funnels are about 500 to 2,000 dollars again highly scalable why
because you could have 5,000 people sign up tomorrow 300 people found tomorrow it
makes no difference and you take a look at what our educational system is doing
is that it conditions people think that time equals money that we have to give
our time in knowledge generate wealth and that's how most people are paid most
people are paid based on your time now what if you could create that course
that helps your audience that doesn't kill yourself because you're not selling
a service so they can help reach a whole lot more people so that you can have a
bigger following so that you can leverage to the technology is available
today through webinars by selling your home study course these are the seven
methods and one of the things I'd love to be able to hear from you is
let me know below I don't expect you to do all seven but I would like to hear
which method resonated most with you let me know in the comments below which one
you intend to really get serious on I'd love to hear what it is hopefully keep
you accountable as well and as always click on the subscribe button for more
videos like this this ping Jun here I hope this video has given you value and
I'll see you in the next one

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