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What's up you too Christopher Ramirez Here and I'm Coming back to you with that Puppy Page of Case Study, We want to go Ahead and Build a puppy Page? We're Gonna do it we're also starting going to go Into Q4 Which is the Fourth Quarter of the year? Meaning A Lot of Eecom Sales are Gonna start Taking Off in Bang and it's like A trend it's A trend in Sales so we're Gonna See how, Many uh Affiliate Are Referred, We're Gonna See how Many Refer to affiliate sales, We can get with the puppy Page as We build the Group List and Share What everything so Let me go Ahead and we're Gonna go straight to the puppy Page I Might have to do this and um Incognito Because for some Reason it don't want to Work as good in Now, we're Just Gonna Fight and run With it okay, We got A, we go cool pups cute Puppies We Already have all in One? Link They Can Navigate Through and Purchase Anything Through Doing for you to get About Four Percent Commission That's About more Than Average Is out – yeah, it's not a lot then but it Can, Add up Especially in Q4 so We're Gonna See how much cute for commission's When you coming Into Amazon associates Program, okay? And i Already had the first Post right here it's Pretty it's One of The one of our Posts that's us Showing Promise I've got, About nine Hundred Thirty Three views When you click Shop now it's let's See, it's going uh It's going straight to Stuff over a Hundred Dollars Because one Hundred Dollars at four Percent is Fair Enough for me that's like That Seems like the sweet spot so Yeah so we Already got Off One Link Those all because they Can Navigate Anywhere on the Page They Can go Into Fucking Adult Toys Once They hit The Affiliate Link so they Purchased Within the first 24 Hours of hitting the affiliate link Or if They Add to cart To a specific Product and They Purchased was 290 Days on the Amazon associates affiliate Link Okay so i want to Make that Clear to you Guys Alright? So let's go Ahead and find a product so we could drive back to that isn't that Specific affiliate Link Okay so another Product Huh A Viral Video That's what i mean to Say okay so let's find something right Quick in the Facebook realm We're Gonna go Say Cute We need We need Aughh We need dog Puppies puppy Videos Because I had Actually Compiled A big Weenie dog List so we're Gonna See, we're Gonna find Those People and drive Traffic back to the dog Products on Amazon associates Program Let's See, I see, we got Videos to see, we Could find? We're Gonna Just do this right Quick okay? Videos We're Three Minutes in Alright and we're Gonna See Look at the Timestamp Which is Loading more Videos October 31st but that was in 2004 it's not Showing A view count and Looking for view Count you know end of results let's do Puppy Videos, we're Just Gonna Be more Broad will do puppy Videos about that, We go more Broad we'll have more results come Back All Right These Machines To Breathe Something Here you Know that was August 25th Dogfighting Needs to stop Morning, no I don't want to do that because I have a bunch of People Wait hold on This is Play-Fighting re hold on that's it's it's a clip it's a clickbait Title it's a Clip a title So let's See, if it's a really cute Video Instead let it Wrong Minute Should Elude Any Minute see, oh that's Adorable A secret you know, oh? That's Cute Now, that's cute, okay, so i'm Gonna use this Video that's Adorable so Obviously you know Lad They They Did A Clickbait They're Gonna Clickbait Title Okay, and it's no harm being Done Here So what we're Gonna do and I was Make Sure There's no Unilateral it's doesn't is player it's Obviously Their Content Alright so what We gonna do Is We go Ahead and I'm Gonna Say Zoom Cuz I'm Headed to Video and Click on the So you click on the Time Stamp which Is right Here And have to click on the Time Stamp it's Gonna give you the the raw source of Where it's Coming From in The Plug-in if You Installed it Correctly and We'll go ahead and Reiterate The Plug-in for the Chrome Browser it's right Here I'm Gonna Say Zoom so that I know It'll let you know What it is me Turn this Down my quick? Really Whimpers Are Kind of Loud Alright and Yeah that's Where You get it's Called Facebook Down Yeah Facebook Down Dotnet Video Downloader it's and you put that in it's a Chrome Extension for the Chrome Browser Okay alright so, we're Gonna go Ahead and get it so I'll click Download the Hd Version Alright and then what, we're Going to do next is click download your Video Pause it so have a bunch of Bunch of Loops Playing Because uh, they like the loop Videos All Right and then when you click on it You right Click and it Says save Video Ads After that you go Ahead and Click save Video has put a Desktop This is going to be We're Gonna Say Puppy Puppies Play-Fighting Puppies Play-Fighting so cute Share And what I normally do After I fill out what I'm Gonna Say I normally go Ahead and Highlight it Copy it Copy it and We Already got on the Desktop so we're Gonna Say? Let's See the Video Videos Being Saved and Alright and while we're in This Tab right here, We go ahead and go back to Facebook Because it Opens a, new Tab so, we're Working out of two tabs Like that Post Because She's about to have A baby Lexi wings Congrats Okay um and then, We go to Ads Manager okay? Notice that We Copied the Title of what We saved it as okay I'm Gonna Show you why? All Right it's Gonna Look, like This on your end to set up to learn how to set up all this Stuff Just go Ahead and get on the email List that link will be in The Description and I'll go ahead hook you guys up Okay Alright next We got let's See um? I'm gonna use my Business Account Though Yeah, Cuz This There's other Little dis Gaps in This Video that will Be Filled in Once You get on A Newsletter and Like i said go Ahead and put your Name and Email on that Link in the Description so I Can Help you guys out I got a lot of free Value to give you guys K Alright Puppy Fanpage We're Just Gonna Keep it Moving Because this Video is Already O'clock and it's Already Almost ten minutes in and it's more Likely gonna be Thirty Minute of Video So Make sure you got your Pen and Pad out wow I'm Still ranked for you to find out what this Says yeah? Bass Be Sure to Share This stuff Too I Forgot to Say that in The Front Front Call-To-Action I'll be sure to add that So that Y'all get Yellow do what i asked and So i Can Provide You with Additional Value that There's gonna be a Bonus at the end okay So stay tuned Stay on this Video to o it to end all right so we're Gonna This could be our Third Headset I've Already posted two two Into this Puppy Page so We're Gonna Keep Filling it with Content while we're in Queue for and start getting These Q4 Sales Related Around the puppy next okay? All Right Now Remember like I said We Copied that name hmm? Copy and Basically With That Copied Name before We save the file it's gonna Come to play right here Because? We want everything to be Easy To find say if We want to Switch out links and run Heads? To Different Things I don't suggest running Hands With Facebook to YouTube Associates like They Don't like That They'd Rather be Organic free Traffic I mean you can do Paid Ads With Certain Platforms but Facebook and What I heard an Article that I've Read? They for Some Reason that They, don't like Promoted Posts Driving back to Amazon I don't know why I don't know if it's true and i i just don't recommend doing it at all i mean I got Paid Already From Amazon Twice Already so it does Work okay, they, Didn't Take my money um but yeah, let's get To it all right Puppy Puppies Play-Fighting so cute Share That's Pretty Straightforward then when you just skip all it is because, we're Just Leveraging the Layout, we're not uh, we're Not Actually running an Ad Just Leveraging the layout We're Gonna do a Boot but, we're Gonna do a boost Post on Top of the the group Poster all that good stuff and Yeah it's gonna be fine yeah, so what we do is We find now we're on this Page you find the associated Page We were using so we want Cro? Bub's cute Puppies it's the Page, we are Building for this case Study this is A Might Be Video Three or four I didn't Lost track Anyhow I'ma tie it to the first Video as We're Building this Page for my audience to See this from start to Finish okay and uh Y'all Just do the Same and then reinvest that Money Back I already reinvested Back Into Bitcoin, so i'm super excited They Had that Money Make More Money that's all you can, do okay? Alright We'll go to single Video From Single Video go Ahead to Upload Video And We find the cute Puppy Says Puppies Play-Fighting so cute Share so go Ahead and Click on that? Let that Upload And while it's Uploading, we Already Had that? Remember When We Copied and Pasted the Name what? We're Gonna do One more Time in the headline Where it Says headline I scrolled Down some Clicking The Headline Pasted that in Now, we're Done With all that Okay, well we're Done was Actually Having that Copy and Paste of that One Thing that's that Way? We could Just Knock it out two more steps with the Same Title I'm Saying okay Puppies? And i'm going to leave it like that on the Headline All Right Now We need to fill out all this other Information right Here Okay, so what We do start right here Which Says links you want to get our Affiliate links so let's go Ahead Open Another Tab Up go, back to Facebook Go back to the fan Page the Puppy fan Page I Don't have it in A favorites so I have to wait for it to load up some Click right Here Right here We're Just Gonna go ahead get the link right Quick I Remember last Time I did a Video it Didn't it Didn't Print Correctly the link, so we're Gonna go Ahead and Go to the last Video Post it just click on that Link and this this link Up here is the actual Affiliate Id Code The Entire Link has got your your Tag in for the Amazon associates, okay? If You don't email List if You're wanting to know how to set all this Up for Amazon Associates I'm I have Those Videos Shootin As, well um it's it's so simple Imma Show you Guys How Simple it is okay, so be Sure to set up your Amazon affiliates Associates Amazon Associates Account so you Can link to any Page on the site it doesn't Matter they Could they just Gotta Buy Off The site Period it doesn't Matter what Product they Buy so long they hit They Stay Within the criteria of Time of Purchase Okay for you to get that four Percent Commission Okay, and we've got this link so we're Gonna go back to Ads Manager and we're Going to put in That Link I copied Click Rate Down You know, you're Gonna See more attributes Start Filling in on the Video Alright and in The Title I'm Just Gonna go Ahead and Borrow it you know Dad did but I'm Gonna Change it up change It up Alright so that's Already a tried and True but you want to always change it up so in the Text So I'll copy from what Unilateralis Said Paste it in Dogs Fighting Needs to stop Warning this is Graphic and I'm gonna said uh I'm gonna Just Say yeah right I'm gonna put all caps yeah right yeah right Yeah Right and then! Watch to See the Outcome or something like that I'm going to Say Watch do Till the Animus add like Till and And do like a wild Face Actually I might just no not that it's the eyes and Miles A big Oh I'm gonna Make so out stop I'm Gonna stick the yeah right out Watch Till the end And i'm Just Explanations All right and then, We'll Call to Action we Already got our Affiliate links so we want to be Shopping now? Now Christmas Is in the air so we're Gonna hit em With a christmas Keyword okay Christmas Christmas Christmas get Them? Gifts Get Them, gifts With Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Q4 Baby, let's get it Alright so in the way it Says hide advanced Options if it's not Showing you just click on the Hide Advanced type Permalink Which me Saying that means you sell at Google for my Peers when you hover over it Yeah that's what I mean and then go Ahead and put Got your gifts got your Christmas Is Coming I'm gonna put Note Because you want to Make to where you Can See Christmas Christmas Is Coming Coming Coming See, me fred Let me Spell it Cuz.

I suck at. Spelling Coming Christmas Is Coming and I'Mma leave it at that like Christmas Is Coming Shop now Amazon Or, no i'm Gonna Say Ready for Christmas Question Mark let's go Ready Or I'm gonna Say xmas xmas xmas Cuz I wanted to see the message Ready for xmas Question Mark And i'm gonna use this all the way Till Christmas They Just get this cute Full sales to come Through you know I'm Saying Cuz Amazon Amazon sells Itself it Just does it Will convert for you it's Converted for me I was able to take my earnings and put it Into my bitcoin Investment and Put it Into more Training I've Learned A lot I'm Actually Building my list Around the Internet Marketing in Space I'm loving it blast them every day I got so much Value to share with you Guys but We're Gonna start here Just get you on the Stepping-Stone get you making some Money Okay, Ready for xmas that's A good start Display link is gonna be Obviously okay and Leave all that alone do not track it okay, so we're Gonna go Ahead and Confirm if Everything looks good Dogfighting Needs to be Stopped Morning This is Graphic Watch Till the end Wild Phase Puppies Play Fighting so cute Share Puppy Puppies Play Fighting so cute Share Now See This is Gonna Stop off There to Click-Through rate But uh I'm just Gonna leave it alone Just to raise Controversy okay I'm gonna Say Puppies Fighting because I want to be Congruent and then and Then Be like They're not Fighting They're Playing That'll be the engagement rate that'll be the engagement Reel Fuller for them to start Engaging All right so We're Gonna out of the headline I'm gonna Take out the play and Let them Figure out that They're Just They Really Play Fighting Okay, so it's Gonna reload the what it's gonna Look like When, we share it in The Groups in The Congruent Groups okay? We got a, puppy list A compiled okay, so let's See, We got it Looks good looks Good I'm Gonna go Ahead and Can Confirm and Police Order Or Whatever So, we confirm Better thing to do it's thing? Alright Approved Alright Then What I'll do from this Page I'll go Ahead hit Backspace and Then Wait for it to Backspace and Then I'll Refresh the Page so I can see the ad so i can cut it off okay because We're Just Leveraging the layout that's all the the Call to Action Click Through and the link Click Through Layout okay and it Clicks Through it Does Okay, we're Gonna boost Post and to get it to Where it's More like More Visible in These Big Groups so they Can See and Start Catching on to the Content okay now? We're Here go ahead cut it off Alright and then what, We want to do is go to Edit? From that deal Right There Then on this Part and Say what to do next you want to do this Once a day Okay Once a day and you i'm Gonna Tell you i'm Gonna give you the rundown on how Many Groups uh? You Should Post in a day and how slow to move with the tool I use I use a software tool Okay, Now, I will go ahead and recommend that Software tool the link will be in The Description okay and Once you Once you do that You go Ahead and Click on add The One, eggs, you Show you, what you got a leverage to Get this public the Layout Public okay Alright Dogfighting Mister you stop Warning this is Graphic What's Till the end okay I'm Gonna go Ahead and Say Zoom so you know what to do next okay then? What you want to do Is click on this? go to Facebook posts with Comments Okay Once You're on this Page i like to do I'm gonna do the wild face to go to be congruent to the actual wild face Up top will do while Face And then the link up the link above are Copy it then what you do with that link You go to your actual fan Page so i'm gonna go and Click on the Fan Page and go to it After Copying it All right and what we're Gonna do is Which Says write something, we're Gonna go ahead? Write it in Paste It's Gonna Fetch the Preview and then, we're Gonna Change it up, we're Gonna Change it up what it Says okay, we're Gonna Say I'm gonna Say no they don't no they don't don't I'm gonna do the heart But Would i take the Mystery out of it I probably Shouldn't do that I mean mmm I? Think a little ah I must say do they so so they Say so they Say And and We'll leave it at.

That so they Say Puppies Fighting so cute so cute Share so they say i'm Gonna leave it at That for Time Reasons This Video okay and you'll See that um When you hit Publish Sometimes It'll Say Something like This? If it doesn't then that means We're Good to go boom it Didn't sometimes It'll tell you the you cannot Share it's an error the ad the Ad isn't active but. No you don't have to even, worry about all that so we're Gonna go ahead and We're Gonna go Ahead and do A wow Face All right wild face, oh All right that's cute all right know what I'll do next now that We got all This See all this posted? Sometimes It'll Say Error and all that when that happens you? Gotta Wait for The Ad To Approve then you post it but after you post your, ad just what you do next, okay I'm Gonna go Ahead and Load up the software tool I use Facebook Group Poster I use Version Two there is a Version Three those links will be in the Description okay so good pick up your Copy This Tool has Worked Wonders for me so I use it direct my YouTube Videos and Everything so It Takes it Takes A lot of Heavy lifting out of manual Labor of Posting Into Groups okay so I have A List I have A several lists for true Knowledge Profile we're Gonna Use so go ahead load that Up and we're Gonna Blow These lists Up see, where we're Standing? I'Ve got A few dog lists and go and Make Sure I had to refresh this Computer When I did it So let me go, Make sure I got the dog List Here Puppy Poster Broad, Keywords That's not a puppy Poster Is one of them next that Out I Add it more to the group Let me go Ahead and Pause this it Let me Pause the video right quick and We're Gonna get all get right back on Track what, We got to do next okay? Okay so I got it situated okay so i'll load it that my Group okay Um if You want to know what's going on with all of the this and the training to how to use the software get on The Email List links in his Description in the Description All right so now that I look at the thing I'll go Ahead Post the Groups and we're Gonna See how Many Groups this is because I just it's Mainly got some Pitbull Groups in There and and Some Random Puppy Groups but it looks Like I got a nice Little Size of Room so we're Gonna go Ahead and find puppy Poster It's called Puppy Poster Here We go puppy Poster and we're Gonna Basically hit start to See how, Many how Many Groups in There We have 90 Groups okay so the rule of Thumb Is to post to a Hundred Groups? A, day, imma Let this Post to those 90 Groups and We're Gonna Let that run and I will go ahead Render his Videos Down but Let's go Ahead and get This Started so you know what's going On now do We know, we got 90 Groups I'm Gonna go Ahead and put in 90 in the Programming and i want to Make ten posts ten Posts Time To Wait between I'm gonna do two to three Minutes and You want to wait 20 Minutes in Between Posts okay so the link, we're Gonna Use two on this Part and We go ahead and Clicked on this Box A post Url only no Photo then, We got no Photo and I always Click Approve New Group Members Actually I do Approve New Group Members in the Make Money online niche Which Is very very very Profitable but Profitable niche by the way so you know um Let's see, we're Gonna go Ahead and go back to the Page and What we're Gonna do Is is go Ahead and Copy Which us so they Say? Back to the Software and I'm gonna put it in here, oh Wrong Button Paste it in Here and for this Particular Software it'd be like You Gotta like Put A few Periods but Sometimes it Cuts off Words and I want them to see the entire Message and I'm Gonna Say Share Keep it simple okay and the link, we're Gonna Promote Which Says Url to promote so We go back to the puppy Page and I'll click on the Timestamp, okay? Right Here Excuse Me In it from the Timestamp I go ahead and get this Link Just Above that's the link, We want to Promote on the Software? okay Post it in Here Paste and We're Good to go I'm Gonna go Ahead and save it alright Just Name to recall it's gonna be like mmm Actually it's Gonna be Different every Single Time so i'm not Gonna save it This is Ready this, Is right so we've got.

Puppy Poster Ready to go so all you simply do is Press start that's A wrap and it's Gonna Start Loading in but Let You See it post to A few blips first I Believe for This Profile I, did Add the I did Request These Groups it's been A few it's been About four or five Days been a while I Got back on the Puppy Page but I gave it enough Time for some Groups to kampala so we're Gonna See how Many Groups We Can Pile Up today too and I'm gonna Let This run its Course and then I'm Gonna Let it run one More Course to the bump Post so that it's more Visible in the Groups okay but, we're Gonna go Ahead and See if We're Good to go in This Group if not, we're Gonna I'm Gonna Probably go Ahead and use the other Profile I'm gonna Let post to one Group and then post to Another Group and This Group I'm not joined go ahead Okay, it's gonna go at skip to the next Groups.

Cuz I'll See, i'm not Joined That's one I might just let it run and then Let it run it Into its Thing alright so Says Loading Group so let's See. If it's a living Group, Hopefully I didn't disrupt it Start Maybe I, don't get it going again I'm going to Pause it It Just going All Right There Go, it's uh it's uh loading up the Groups But I could have swore I Added some of These Groups so we're Just Gonna go Down Along and as it skips I'm Gonna go Ahead and Just Join groups, oh It's asking me Questions Alright I'm Gonna leave it alone I'm Gonna Let It run because I do have some Groups in the mix we Won't Let it roam Ago Pause the Video? Okay, so it's Actually running and Posting Into Groups I Knew I had some Groups Compiled – Some of the Group's Didn't Add me yet I could have swore Was in On this profile but Yeah you See the Software in Action i'm Gonna let It run and uh But This was Moderator They Probably my gonna let it go Through Because it's not public what it's all good I ain't Trippin But Yeah i mean it's gonna Post it will post to groups it will get Through Just cut Through all of them Groups I got enough Groups to Work With someone Just let It run and Yeah i pick up the Software go Ahead and Click in the Link Click The Link in The Description and Just Watch These vah Watch These Tried-And-True Viral very Viral Videos Be Shared and Stretch it Stretch out some reaches of Many, Many People that love These dogs All Kinds of Different Breeds of Pups and Dogs and Just you just Watch Watch the The Shares Bringing Back Bring Back in The Clicks it's Pretty cool Stuff and your your Page Just Automatically Builds on its Own People Just Like and Follow The Page Automatically it's Really Magical and Let Me go ahead and Show you some Proof as to how and why Okay, I Had Actually built up a cat Page so let's go to that and I want to show you that it does Work Okay and I in this Camp Page is Still Generating me Revenue it's not it's not all like Life-Changing Amounts of Revenue but the way I see it since I invest and I am not scared to Invest Back Into Myself I Take Those Those Earnings and I vest it up Into other other Things that generate more Money okay Like I'm List Building right now you know for the Internet marketing niche I love the idea of Building a, humongous List and Email blasts That listen Segmenting Down the list to really See, who are your most engaging Prospects okay and There's A lot of People that are Always Typing in Make Money online Search Or how to Make Money online all that good Stuff and This is gonna be ranked for a little bit On that on my main Channel and I'm Gonna go Ahead and Just Let Things roll as, they Should, okay? Yeah so yeah get on the email List Clicks the link to click the links in the Description Subscribe to the YouTube Channel When I help you guys out, oh yeah I'm on my cat Page it kind Of Didn't get to the point We Bought the Bus 10,000 followers okay? and We just we Still Get in Traffic Twinkling in From this okay so it's it's it's great and now We're doing it with a puppy Page and it's gonna it's gonna be something else Really Gonna be cool okay so with that Said Peace Guys Let's let's get this Money and I'm Gonna Help you build your Business get on the Email List links in the Description Pick Up a copy of your software your Facebook group Poster that link will be in The Description as Well and all I can Say is i love you guys I'm here to Help you Guys Stay True to your Passion you can Live You Can Prosper what's your Passion, okay you Can Cash in With your Passion you just got to have your why Be strong enough what is your why? Okay, I have so much so much to give so much to share get on the email List Y'all have a blessed day Peace

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