Make Money Online Drop Servicing With This FREE Strategy (STEP BY STEP + TEMPLATE)

What's up Drop Servicers! On this channel
I show you how to make money online using strategies and tactics for my real
online Drop Servicing businesses and get results like these
in today's video we're getting into how you can make your first 1 000
online with a Drop Servicing business with a free
method broken down step by step with a killer team play
you can actually go out there and use and we all want to make that first
online sale from the internet but we don't all have the money to spend on a
business that's why in this video i'm going to
give you a killer strategy that will help you get your first sale
fast so if you stay until the end of this video
you're going to be equipped with more knowledge and skills in business than if
you don't super important so let's get into it
[Music] the beautiful thing about Drop Servicing
is even with our first sales we can land high ticket sales in fact
one of my students first ever sales was 5 689 while another's
was 8 738 but what is more amazing is the majority of this is profit the money
they get to keep so in this video I'm going to share with
you the exact strategy Drop Servicers like me and my students use
to get their first sales for free so you can go out there
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the video i heard it's super good for you and stuff also
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in an upcoming q a video now a lot of you are probably new to the channel
watching this in fact about 90 will be so let me cover
a few basics you'll need to understand in order to
implement this strategy so with this make money online strategy
first of all what is Drop Servicing essentially it's
a strategy of starting a service based business 100%
for free with no employees office inventory
or any fixed costs you simply need to find a high quality freelancer to work
with using strategies i discuss on this
channel then you connect their services with high quality clients
using free and paid methods that long term
enable you to build a real online business with your team
and everything and the best part about it is
it gives you the ability to start and get your first sales for free
the reason it works so well is because of course you have the internet
which allows you to communicate with people around the world
and that's what enables you to connect with the freelancers and the clients
and build the big business over the long term so the freelancers
need marketing and sales because they are usually focused on delivering the
services and the clients need you to connect them
to services their business needs because
they have a very long to-do list and don't have the time or the skills to
get everything done in-house now before we get in to the free
step-by-step make money online strategy i want to share with you something else
today i really need to clarify some limiting beliefs
that are not only wrong but not based on reality
and they're also extremely detrimental to your ability to make money online
and achieve anything as a freelancer or in business in general
limiting beliefs are those that will limit you
hold you back now i'm a super practical guy but
we can't deny our mindset directly impacts the actions we take
and the results we get so here are the top messed up mindsets
you need to destroy before you implement the free strategy i'm about to give you
nobody will buy from you it's a super common belief for someone just starting
to learn how to make money online we view making money as the super
difficult thing because before making money online we've usually
been working in a day job for a long time
and we think that it simply isn't possible to make money online
in an easy and fast way and if we tell anyone that's what we're doing
they'll tell us that it's not possible they'll try and pull us down with the
idea that's possible because if it was they could do it too and deep
down that makes them feel uncomfortable we
don't like seeing other people do better than us because it makes us
feel like we could do it too even though we know we want so having
everyone around us saying it's possible doesn't help but on top of that we
simply don't believe in ourselves enough the fact is what one person can do
another can do in most cases right and this is especially true when it comes to
make money online to break this limiting belief you just
need to look at as many examples as you can that it is
possible and that people will buy from you having
other examples will help you believe in yourself
between the period you start and the point that you land at first
sale now i want to do something real quick
think in your mind money is and know what kind of answers you come up with
comment below this video what words come to mind when you think
money is blank for most of us that grew up in a relatively poor environments
like i did you probably come up with things like
hard work scarce evil hit the like button if you came up with
a lot of negative things about money it's pretty messed up but throughout our
upbringing we'll lead to believe that money is bad in many ways
first of all we tell ourselves that it's very scarce and hard to come by but
the fact is it's not you can get a job at mcdonald's and make money pretty
quickly even homeless people being on the street
make a good amount of money it's crazy you can make money the
problem is what you do with the money you make
most people spend their money on pizza netflix and video games
they waste their money on things that don't bring more money and
that's why they stay in the same spot there and now
rich people or those on the path becoming rich reinvest their money
into activities that make them more money that's how they get rich
so we just scratched the surface around what limiting beliefs we might have
about making money so you can see that the mindset side of
things is super important in order to combat these negative
mindsets you need to be constantly focusing on fixing them
by consciously looking at your beliefs and coming up with more empowering new
beliefs that help you as well as absorbing a lot
of positive content from people that have good mindsets about money as
well so that's all you can do to soak up their mindsets and this works
really well in the long run and it's how most people get to the
point that their mindset actually enables them
to get more results so with Drop Servicing and make money online
it's super crucial and today i'm going to share with you
how to make money online job servicing with this free strategy
step by step that will take you from where you are to where you want to be
and as you know in drop servicing we connect
high quality freelancers with high ticket clients and a massive profit
and the beautiful thing about it is there are thousands of niches
service marketing channel combinations to choose from
so today i'm going to share one with you that is super powerful
and could really kick things up a notch if you actually take everything i give
you here and implement it yourself consistently
these steps will give you those first beginner
Drop Servicing sales very quickly so let's cover the exact service niche
and marketing channel combination we're going to be covering today but
before i give away these secrets for free hit the like button to show the
youtube gods that you like free secrets so in the future they send you more of
these okay so the service we're going to be covering
today is video editing now the reason i like video
editing as a service is because it's pretty simple and easy
to find high quality video editing freelancers
it's a recurring service meaning that you get a client
and they enjoy working with you they'll be working with you month after month
over the long term which means you get paid again and again
so you get that consistent and reliable income
so you don't have to be out there searching for new clients 24/7
you can find these freelancers and upwork
online and fiverr as well as a lot of other platforms
and next up is the niche okay so who exactly are we going to be targeting
well i wanted to make it super easy and
simple for you guys to be able to find this niche
and be able to reach out to them and of course it needs to be completely free to
be able to reach out to them so the niche
we're going to be targeting for our video editing offer
is youtubers the great thing about targeting youtubers is it's pretty easy
to calculate how much money they're making from their channel
and it takes a lot of work for them to plan create edit and upload their
content consistently so a bit of automation can go a long way
for them as long as they get to maintain their
quality which at the end of the day usually comes from the content itself
not how it's edited in particular as long as you put in the work to learn
how they like their videos edited you can easily have your video edited to
replicate the way they edit their videos with this method
now some of you might be thinking that youtubers would never give up on their
creative process because they're creatives or whatever
sure some of them might not but again we aren't trying to get a sale
from everyone reach out to it's impossible
you can't be afraid of rejection we're focusing on getting a few clients to hit
that target income rafter now remember as well within the niche of
youtubers there are a lot of sub niches right
gaming makeup vlogs etc.

So I recommend specializing your offer to be specific
towards a specific sub niche of youtubers as you'll get much better
results with the strategy finally the marketing channel we're
going to use here will be cold email because
it's very easy to find youtubers email on their channel pages for the most part
it's pretty easy to reach out that way now of course they probably get a lot of
emails which is why we're going to be really targeted in the offer that we
create and targeting them now also remember
guys you can't just send a few offers and expect 1 000
to show up in your bank account this is a get rich quick mindset
and it's what will keep you poor at the end of the day once we choose a service
niche marketing channel combination we need to consistently make offers in
order to consistently get sales with drop servicing and any online
business anything you want to achieve in life
and the cool thing about cold email is it can be done for free successfully
just with a free email account which is what i use to get my first sales as a
beginner then once you get your first sales you
can start scaling up from there get a professional website social media
accounts which will for sure improve your conversion rates
meaning the percentage of people that turn into paying clients so now that we
know the niche service marketing channel combination
how do we implement this completely for free and get sales well
what you do first of all is you need to hire the video editor right so
post a job on platforms like Upwork and start interviewing potential team
members to work with and remember you're only going to be
paying these people once you actually get money yourself once you get that
first sale so you're going to review their past work
and testimonials and make sure they seem legitimate
next you need to make sure you have an email account to send emails from
finally you need to choose your niche so let's say you're going to target
vloggers you can go in and do some research in
different youtube channels using a calculator like knox influencer
youtube channel calculator to see how much money that channel is
probably making and decide if it's a good one to go after
then you're going to create a google sheet of all the youtubers you think
could be good clients and they can afford your services based
on how much they're making and all you need to do is get the
contact information of these youtubers by going to the youtube channel pages
click on the about tab then view email address most youtubers
have this option turned on then you can easily send out your offer
using an email address it's super simple as a strategy it's
completely free and over time as you get more sales you
can really turn this into a real business
but what exactly do you say to these youtubers to get them to reply
well as i always recommend you want to write test and track as many templates
as possible in order to see which gives you the best
results so you can keep doing more of what works but
today I'm going to give you the first for free
so hit the like button to celebrate free templates
now remember if you want to be a successful business person
you need to start thinking like one so take this template
and use it but also come up with your own ideas and test them in the real
world that's how you find out what works not
by endlessly just taking the same one over and over again
it's not a magic template of destiny after all so
here is the team play subject hey first name
want a channel name to have this email one hi first name
loving what you're doing with channel name and had to ask about how involved
you are in the entire process the quality is
really great compared to other niche channels chairs email too
hey first name this might sound a little random but
channel name is absolutely crushing it i can imagine you're amazingly busy
working on the content 24/7 and i love what you're doing
so much that i had to give you this i'm a massive fan of
channel name and niche channels in general
but i noticed a massive problem all youtube creators face eventually once
you start getting tons of success at a certain
point it's not about making more money right
it's more about automating the system so you spend less
time on it while still keeping the same level of
quality and creativity so i started working on something for
niche creators that saves them time in the
creative process while maximizing the quality levels at
the same time I specialize in video editing and
channel management services for creators like yourself and was
wondering if you've considered working with a team
to take yourself out of the process a little bit more so you can take back
some of your time let me know if you're open to a
discussion would love to talk about how i could help
channel name cheers you see the first message you send
is to get some sort of buy into the conversation we just want them to reply
by complimenting them or anything else that's relevant
and making them feel super smart and amazing by doing that
they're much more likely to apply because you're stroking the ego a bit
we all want to get real legitimate compliments
and acknowledge them when they come so getting that
buy-in and that first reply is really the most important part
so a short relevant question like this can be really helpful in achieving that
once you get that first initial apply from them you can then follow up a bit
more in depth about what exactly your offer is and how
it relates specifically to them as long as you consistently implement
this tactic and take massive action with it you'll be sure to
get results with it if you haven't already check out the
training below this video to get more details on how to implement
drop servicing business like this one it's about three hours long so it goes a
lot more in depth into details and it's completely free so
check out the training there now in case you haven't already done so
don't forget to like the video it's really good luck it will make you feel
great and don't forget to subscribe and hit
notification bell so you don't miss any more strategies and tactics you'll need
for your business journey and comment below any questions at all you have
and i'll answer those questions in an upcoming video and i'll personally
answer them so like i mentioned if you want to learn
more about starting a job servicing business
check out the free three hour training it's completely free in the description
below otherwise hopefully you actually take
the strategy i gave you in this video go out there implement it and get your
first sales for free talk to you soon [Music]

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