Make Money Online Doing Nothing! 200$/Month SAASAG Extra Income???

This is not a fake address, every month I make an average of 200 or 300 dollars Really without doing anything, I mean it and you'll see it in this video welcome everybody I am Hassan from h-educate and today I am very happy to Post this new video before we get started Four little points I want you to know about, number one is that we have new gifts for today worth $100 Cash gifts If you want to join, please listen Carefully, if you want to join, you must watch The full video It's small, it's a short video So please watch it, you will get a lot of value from it And you can join the number two gifts I want to I'll be honest with you as always in every video This is not an online business strategy this is something you can manage with your existing business If you work as a freelancer, if you have a blog, if you are an affiliate marketer whatever you do You can turn this on the side because you You really don't need to do anything with this Strategy and you can make a few hundred dollars per month as an additional income but but At the end of this video, I will also share with you Additional strategy and how to expand this business and turn it into a complete online business, so please Continue, this video is full of values ​​and by the way What I'm going to show here in this video, I don't think anyone else has explained it before to be honest With you I have not done research on this topic but the method Here somehow difficult, somehow new you can do Do a search yourself and see if it exists كان Elsewhere I don't know, but it's something I tested it, I tried it, it worked for me and I want to share it with you today, so let's Stop wasting time and start straight away with our strategyستراتيجي So what is the idea what is saasag It's like the DNA code, it simply stands for SAAS as a service, what do we mean by this? What is SAAS? Just for beginners who don't know what SAAS is Simply SAAS stands for Programming as a Service A simple example to make things easy Netflix is ​​SAAS or SAAS Service So SAAS It is simply a site or an application that you can subscribe to and you will pay on a monthly basis Or on a yearly basis and you'll get the service like Netflix like semrush like ahrefs like a lot From other applications, well, this is SAAS usually we can configure SAS as we explained in In my other videos we can configure SAAS And you can sell it as a membership, monthly membership and so on What's so special about this video? It's the way you're going to sell it, you're going to sell it as a service So the first step you will do is to configure SAAS like you did it with you know My url shortening service I have too H-socialproof This is another SAAS activity, I have H-analytics Another SAAS activity, and now I have published a new service which is bio-url is my profile service for instagram and tiktok, So today I basically have these three services socialproof and H-analytics And if you go to my, you will see here This is here is H-analytics here is H-socialproof Perhaps now you are lost, let's explain this In other words, what exactly are you going to do? and how Will you make money without doing anything? So the move The first is to configure and create an activity SAAS is not With this complexity, you can do it in a matter of 20 or 30 minutes as I explain in my other videos here On my channel for example this service I just went to now go open Browser and here go to php script And search for premium url shortener and you will see That this is the script I bought here for $33 I just bought it and hosted it online and now I have my own service I explained this in detail on my channel in youtube if you go to my youtube channel About how to set up this service or this script, go to my videos here, and you will see this video here Complete step-by-step guide on how to install address shortening ت privileged url, another example h-socialproof if Went again here and searched for socialproof This is the script that I also purchased from Code canyon and hosted I now have another SAAS activity, also h-analytics I bought it online, I will keep With all the links by the way, if you want to check it out So the idea is really rather simple, the first step is get script, get script for SAAS and host it online, you will set up the website like this And you'll be ready, now if you notice here, I have the pricing section and I'm selling this service in advance With a monthly membership I explained this before in detail So the idea is that you can still sell it As a monthly membership but the trick here is not to sell it like this, it is to sell it As a service, so after posting the service if you want this service I have this and this Is publishing as a service now in my case, I sell my services on my site موقع You can see here I posted this service here This service is here and this service is here on my services site.

What you will do is go to Sites like are publishing this service as a service after it's published, from now on You won't really do anything when the customer comes just create an account inside site, it will take maybe 20 seconds or 30 seconds to create the account And send it to the customer, if you go here to My services site display panel and let's filter here link As an example of one of my services you will see here 49, 49, 49, 49 you can see all these Sales here told you that it is not a full-fledged business but an additional source of income for your business, so if You are working as a logger on fiverr, you can add This is as a service if you have a blog, i.e.

What you do Online, you can add this as a new service To sell it as a new additional income source please Now don't worry about technical matters about how to host Step by step, on how to get hosting, how to publish Text how to do everything Don't worry about this Please focus on the topic because next week I will do a full free course, 1 hour free course explain everything in detail about SAAS Examples of a business activity, so now please focus on the topic and understand the idea if you have questions If you need help, comment it below So we can clarify everything and when I publish the full course You will feel that everything is simple, just follow me step by step now you may ask A very important question, what if I am a beginner and I don't have any website, I don't do anything Can I start this strategy from scratch as my own business? Now to be honest with you I didn't test this because I launched this or that business Strategy after I had an audience, after I got to visitors to my site, that's why I can somehow sell it easily and get a few hundred dollars per month easily but if you are starting from zero, you will need to do With more work promoting the service, I also explained this in detail in the full free course But now in short you can go to websites الانتقال Like fiverr which will be promoted in some way Automatically if someone is searching, you can move on To websites called and posted there You can go to websites like and publish the SAAS service here you can Go to and publish your SAAS here These sites will help you get started if you are a beginner It will help you promote your SAAS easily and sell it easily Well to sum up the idea It's just posting a SAAS service and selling accounts, I just mean creating Accounts for your clients that takes about 20 seconds and that's what I mean by doing nothing You just need to publish the service and after that you just create accounts, that's very easy and simple You can see here that I posted these services here when someone asks about these accounts, they will just pay I'll just give him the account and if you don't want to do anything either You can tell your brother to create the account or your friend to create the account for you Then 100% will do nothing, now it's time for gifts as I mentioned after we finished بعد $1,000 cash gifts last month today I have a new little gift of $100 cash for one of you if Want to join you will find a link in the description below Click on the link and join the gifts You will be asked to enter a number, which will now appear on the screen somewhere Copy and paste it into the gifts page and join us Now we have the additional strategy that I mentioned in The beginning of the video, so we finished the first part which is almost making money online Without doing something with SAAS as a service, what can we To do more is to provide the setup as a service if you return To my site, you can see here setting mailwiz marketing system, mautic marketing system setup These are also scripts that we provide as a service, so you can also go here to Fiverr Where is fiverr It will publish a service about SAAS activity publication so you can sell the setup And a lot of people do it on fiverr by the way, if we look up SAAS as an example, search Here you will see “I will create a website design as SAAS”, “I will design and develop custom for SAAS I will build the SAAS platform.

“You can see all these people doing this service so This service can also be provided, and if you want to know how Just check out my videos, I explained it In detail and this video here and in this video here just check them out, watch, learn and get started Providing service by setting up SAAS work which is really very simple which takes 20-30 minutes You can also sell it as a service and you can also sell it as a SAAS activity as I did so, so one Platforms You can sell memberships and you can sell it as a service and you can provide a service to set up SAAS activity, so all these are ideas for you to start an online business, which I do almost Every day which is really simple everyone can do and you can do it please don't forget it Next week I will give a complete free course and show you 8+ ways to promote your SAAS activity If you are still a beginner, and do not have anything online, I will show you in detail How to promote cold mail with paid ads and much more, so stay tuned Subscribe to my channel, turn on notifications, like the video, join To the gifts and see you in the next videos

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