Make Money Online 2021 (Full Guide For Beginners)

In this video, I will share with you the top five methods to make money online today, to build a successful online business. I will share with you these strategies and how i do use them My secret formulas, my secret sources, how I connect things together to build my successful online business and I will share with you everything. My analytics, my earnings everything you will see on this screen. So, this video is really so exciting full, full of valuable information.

Stay tuned and don't miss any second. Before I continue, I just want to tell you that this video is sponsored by my daughter, she wants to say hi say hi, say hi say bye here say bye bye bye [Music] Hi everyone, I'm Hassan from H-educate and today I'm more than happy to be with you in this new video and share with you some really valuable information that may change your life, that may change the way you think about online business and making money online. Please, if this is the first time here on my channel, if you like to watch more videos like this one about digital marketing, online business, making money online, Subscribe now to my channel, turn on notifications to get every new update, almost every day.

So, you know me I don't like wasting time so let's start with the five strategies and how they work today Number one is content creation, number two is affiliate marketing, three freelancing SAAS services and online stores. These are the main five strategies, methods that almost 99.99% of people working online use to build their online business. What you have to know that in this video, I will not just tell you go and publish an online store and make money. No, I'm not here to waste your time and tell you just titles and topics. I will go over each of these strategies, each of these methods and tell you how to start, where to start, and how to be successful in and I will show you how I do this in my own business in each of these strategies and then I will show you how to connect together to build a strong online business today and then how to turn 80% of the income into passive income.

So, you can go and sleep oh! you can go and sleep at night and make money while you are in bed. You can take like 10 days off, like one month off and you will have your income in your bank account at the end of the month. You will not worry about anything. This is how to work smart online and how to be successful online. To turn your income into passive income So, the five strategies online are again: content creation, affiliate marketing, freelancing, SAAS services and online stores.

So, let's start with number one content creation. What is content creation? Simply, is creating content. Wow, content creation simply is to create any piece of content, like blog posts like YouTube videos, like social media posts like eBooks courses whatever Webinars, podcast, any type of content. So, creating content is publishing your stuff online. How this helps? now, if we go and take a look on these big companies worldwide, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft whatever IBM, Dell. All these big companies or maybe SEMrush, Netflix all these companies will have a lot of content published online you will see they have blog posts, they have a YouTube channel, they have eBooks, courses, they have Webinars, podcasts they have a lot of content online, why? Because content reflects your business, reflects your knowledge, reflects what you want to give and help people with. So, people will know you with your content. So, it's a must to publish content online so people can know you with. If you are thinking about the long term success, about passive income, you need to publish valuable content online talking about your business.

Let's stop talking and talking and go directly to see some examples, to see how i publish content online and how do i grow online with my content. So, this is the first example my main website, I want to give you three simple tips for your website home page. Simplicity testimonials and your newsletter. These are my three tips for you if you want to take the most out of your landing or your home page.

You can see it's so simple. This is my title, slash one tag digital marketing and online business education. These are some reviews that grabs attention yeah four five stars reviews and if anyone can sign up to my newsletter. So, this is my main website and this is the main navigation menu where it takes you to my blog, to my services, to my courses to everything I have. So, if you click on the blog here, It will take you to my blog here is my blog by the way it's a wordpress blog If you want to know anything about my theme, how I built and so on, you can ask me any question in the comment below.

I will be more than happy to answer anything you want. So, you can see here I post my articles, my post, my blog post and my educational articles and I always ensure to give real value. As an example, let's check this one how to Land Your Emails and Inbox The Ultimate Guide" Let's open this article and you can see I write full guides, full articles about what I teach, what I provide and so on. The third example is my YouTube channel today I have our 24000 subscribers. YouTube is one of the best sources to drive traffic to your website, to get more customers and to grow online and to let people know you online. Then I have my courses, if you go here to Udemy, you see I create online courses and I also create free courses on Udemy so I can get a lot of students on a daily basis and grow online with this and promote my premium courses.

Also, now I'm publishing two new books. I'm creating two new books, this is the first one and I'm creating a second book let's see where is this book, here we are I'm now creating two books. The first one is "The Power Of Emails" about email marketing and my second eBook is about "Make Money Online The Ultimate Guide" the two books are totally free and by the way, two days ago I posted on my Facebook group that I will be publishing a free email marketing book. This book and they asked about suggestions about the topics, about the design and so on So, please also if you have any suggestions about the book design, about the logo, about the colors maybe about the content.

If you feel there's an idea or a topic I need to mention in this free eBook please also comment it below or contact me, I'll be more than happy to hear from you so this is five examples about creating content online. Okay great, we created content. But, the video is about making money online. So, the main question now is how to make money from content creation? This is our main goal here. Simply, we have three strategies to make money online with content creation. The first one and I think it's the most important is growing online, is getting traffic, is let people know about your other premium services. So, I call this the "Traffic Funnel", the "Content Funnel" someone see your YouTube video Wow, he likes it then he will like to know more about your content, he will like to know more about your services. Someone reads your article, say wow this is really valuable I want to see his premium course. In this way you grab attention, you let people know about your premium services. In my blog, let's see this I have an ad on my website, on my blog that's promoting my premium course so if someone is reading this post, he will see this ad.

We can go down again and see my social accounts, he can go to my YouTube channel we can see another offer to my other course here if you go down here, another ad about my other service. You can see how things work and we have this valuable info inside we have some ads, we have links. So this article or this blog is one of my main sources of traffic to my premium services. So, this is how you can make money online from your content created with the first strategy, is by getting traffic to your services. If you go here to my YouTube channel, it's the same process.

Go to my videos and I think a lot of you knew about my courses from my videos if you open any video any video let's go open this one. If you go down here, you will see I am promoting my courses so and in the video I mentioned to check my description. So, they will go and check my premium courses. You can see, even in my eBooks I'm creating now, if you go here you will see I am linking to my let's go down here it's a link to my YouTube channel.

Let's maximize, you can see to my YouTube channel and somewhere else I'm linking to my website and so on. If you go to my courses, open any of my free courses like this one, you will see also that I'm linking to my premium courses in the bonus lecture. just wait a little bit You can see I am promoting almost all my stuff in this free course. So, this is how things work. The second method to make money online from content creation is simply by monetizing with ads, by publishing ads on your website. Like using Google AdSense, maybe, maybe you can publish your own ads manually and
sell ad spaces, maybe you can use websites like buy and sell ads and so on.

So, the second method is publishing ads on your website. Also, I applied this method in one of my sites which is at If you don't know H-supertools, it's a free platform that contains free SEO and digital marketing tools. If you open any tool like this one, the "YouTube Keyword Tool" You will see I'm publishing ads, these are AdSense ads. You can see one, two some advertisements and you can see here this ad and this one here are published manually, so I sell also ad spaces on my website, on this site Don't worry, I will show you all the analytics and the earnings in this video in a little bit. I'm now talking about how things work first then i will talk about my own analytics and my own earnings to show you in detail how things work So, this is the second method which is monetizing your blog or your website with advertisements.

The third method is promoting affiliate products and services. Wait a little bit, I told you affiliate marketing is the second strategy of making money online. Now I'm mentioning it as an option in the first strategy how this works? This is the power of connecting strategies. You will see now when I finish this video, how I connected all these together to build a strong successful business. Yes, content creation is one of the most powerful techniques to promote affiliate products as i will explain in a little bit in the affiliate marketing strategy Also, I applied this on my website. If you go to my blog and let's open as an example this guide "How To Install Mail With Email Marketing System" let's open it, in my article here you can see this statement MailWizz is blah blah blah If you want to buy it, click here. So, when someone clicks on this link, it will open a website called "Code Canyon" to buy this application and this is an affiliate link. So, also I use my content to promote affiliate service and products. You can see I'm showing you everything How I apply it to get every idea that may help you grow your online business.

I will share with you everything. So, these are the three methods on how to make money online from content creation. To sum up, monetize with ads, promote your services and affiliate marketing. Now, we will move the second strategy which is affiliate marketing and you know I like to give you some giveaways almost every week. So, in this video the giveaway is 100$ cash. To enter the giveaway, just comment below, like the video and don't forget to subscribe and the only condition is to watch this video.

I know it's somehow long but really it's so valuable and as a gift for you, you will enter the giveaway 400$ cash. So, let's start together Affiliate marketing is one of the best options if you want to start working online, why? Simply because it is promoting products for other people and services. So, you will not worry about creating your own services or publishing your own products. You will only promote so it's only marketing.

Anyone who buys a product, subscribes to a service using your own referral link, you will earn a commission. This is affiliate marketing simply. Now, I will not waste a lot of time on affiliate and explain the concept simply because I have a video here on my channel explaining affiliate marketing and showing you how i made five hundred dollars from the first three months only. So, you can refer to that video if you want But, what I want to mention in this video here about affiliate is simply two main things which sums up the affiliate marketing process. Number one is selecting the correct product to promote.

As you know now, affiliate is promoting a product, a service for someone else and you will earn a commission. When you select the correct product, you will be able to promote it better and earn more money How? I will give you now a simple example it's a very good practice to select a product that is related to your niche. Let's go directly to my case scenario. Here on my blog as i showed you before i publish content about email marketing, about online business and related stuff so in this guide here I am showing how to install an email marketing application. So, anyone opens and read this guide is someone who is interested in email marketing and interested in this application in mailwhiz so in this guide i am promoting this affiliate product if you click here to buy this application, it will open Code Canyon with my affiliate link So, Code Canyon is one or in to market is one of the best choices to start affiliate and this is a great choice if you want to start affiliate marketing today You can promote WordPress themes templates, videos, applications, PHP scripts it has a lot of options to promote.

So, this is a direct example on promoting an affiliate offer so it's important to choose the right product to promote and you can see here i'm using content creation my blog to promote my affiliate offer. Another type of products you must think about when going with affiliate marketing is products that offer you recurring payments. One of the best choices is Click Funnels So, Click Funnels which offers you a platform to create sales funnels and so on is a great platform if you're working in marketing, you can go with this option and it will give you the opportunity to go with recurring monthly payments so you can generate a stable revenue, a fixed monthly revenue with affiliate marketing using Click Funnels Another great options I am subscribed to is SEMrush also SEMrush which is an SEO company allows you to promote their service with a recurring monthly payment.

You can go here down to affiliate towards affiliate, affiliate program and it's called BeRush you can register, sign up and promote. You see BeRush you can sign up and join this affiliate program and promote SEMrush So, think about a product that is related to your content, so you can promote inside your content and think about a service like Click Funnels or SEMrush that gives you recurring payment.

Another good option also is TubeBuddy affiliate program you can sign up for it. TubeBuddy is a YouTube extension that help YouTubers, so also you can promote TubeBuddy we have a lot of affiliate programs. In my case, I am using BeRush I am working with Envato and I promote some web hosting services like Contabo and Digital Ocean. So, this is what i do with affiliate marketing. As I told you, please go and watch my video and how I started with Envato in a real case study and from the first month i earned around i think 300 dollars, the second month 400 dollars and third month around 500 dollars. So, it's a very interesting case study to start with if you want to work with affiliate marketing. So, this is the first step is choosing the correct product to promote and then we will go the second step which is the core concept of affiliate marketing which is marketing, which is promoting How to promote affiliate products? Here we have two choices: one is free and the other is paid. The free method simply is what i showed you now is content creation is creating blog posts, YouTube videos, free courses.

You can go to Udemy and create a free course and mention it inside your free course so you can get some clicks. Imagine this scenario, simply you can create a YouTube video on your channel about Click Funnels, about SEMrush a really valuable info and refer people to this service. Anyone who subscribes to this service using your link, you will get a recurring payment. This is really awesome also you can create a free course on udemy give some value and mention these services so there's a way to promote affiliate offers for free free courses youtube videos blog posts and so on the paid methods is simply using paid ads like maybe native advertising or Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads and so on.

It's now out of a scope of this course you can check my other video about promoting to promote any service anyway. So, this is the concept of affiliate marketing is to choose a product, promoted and then see the awesome revenue in a monthly basis. Now, after we explained the first two strategies: content creation and affiliate marketing you must ask a very important question. Okay, we created a blog, we created a YouTube channel, maybe we create a whatever and we have an affiliate offer and we published everything online but the main problem, no one knows about you, you have zero traffic, you don't have any traffic on your website, on your blog, on your YouTube channel so you can get and grow online.

This is the main problem that faces everyone. This is the same problem i faced about three years ago i published my website. Wow, I said I create a huge website a lot of content but, no one is getting to my website. So, what is the solution? Now, in this video i will not go in detail on how to get traffic because because in the video description below you will find a video on my channel here on how to get traffic fast and free. I mentioned seven methods to get free traffic and fast so from the first day, you will notice you have new visitors, thousands of new visitors to your websites.

Please check the video description below. The other problem is about YouTube growth now you have a YouTube channel with zero subscribers, zero views. How to start and where to start? Now, I will tell you the exact strategy that i follow to see results like this. If you go now to my YouTube channel here, YouTube studio, you will see these are my analytics let's wait a little bit, analytics If you go here, you will see this my channel growth. I have around 170,000 views the last month. I have around 3000 subscribers this month. You can see around 1 500$ revenue the last 28 days. So, if you wanna know how exactly i did this, simply three main factors or three main strategies: number one is video SEO, is ranking your videos on top of YouTube.

If you go here to YouTube now, open YouTube and let's search for this keyword "amazon SCS" or whatever you can see my videos on top of youtube for this keyword. If you search for let's say "IIS" another one keyword you will see my videos on top of YouTube. I rank my videos on like maybe 20 or 30 keywords for now on YouTube, I get a lot of views and new subscribers following this strategy. The second strategy is using Quora and forums to promote my YouTube channel Reddit and Quora is one of the best places to go now and get more views and subscribers. You can go now to my profile on Quora, let's go here to Quora just to show you this.

If you go now to my stats, you can see the last 30 days, 25 000 views. If you go last seven days, I have 13 000 views on my answers. Every day I have 1 800, 2 000 maybe 2 700 views and if you go here like to any of these answers on my let's say this answer here, if you go here down you'll see I'm linking to my YouTube channel here you see So, let's say you got 1 000 views every day, let's say only 200 or 300 clicks on your channel so are getting more views directly from Quora, this is really very important and I explained it in detail in two videos here on my channel, please check the description below. The third strategy is YouTube suggestions, where you can suggest your videos on top of other YouTube videos, so you can see here the suggested videos here these videos are ranking on top of this video. There is also a method or some tips, it helps you get your videos adjusted here on this side beside other videos and let YouTube automatically promote your video. So, these are the three strategies that I follow and I think 99% of successful YouTubers follow to grow their YouTube channels and by the way, I explained this in detail here on my channel please check my YouTube growth playlist, you see everything i tell you is explained on my channel here, so you don't need to go anywhere else.

Everything is in the description below check them and i promise you, you will be successful online. So, this is about affiliate marketing, content creation and how to grow online and how to get traffic. Let's now move the third strategy in making money online which is freelancing. So, what is freelancing? Simply, it's providing your skills as a service. What do you mean by this? Let's say you know how to write, you are a writer. You can do voice overs. Let's say you are a programmer let's say you can, you are a digital marketer anything any skill you have you can provide online as a service, you can publish this skill on a website like Fiverr, Freelancer Upwork and then someone will contact you and
ask for your service, you will do the service and you will earn money So, I think this is one of the best options to start especially for beginners who can't invest in other type of businesses.

So, this requires zero dollars and almost zero time You just need to publish your profile and your services and wait for our client. Now i know the first time you publish you may not get any new clients, we need to follow some marketing strategies to promote our gigs and services and this is what i'm going to explain in detail in a full series. I hope by next month I start with which is promoting your freelancing services and especially on Fiverr.

So, don't forget to subscribe to get every new update. Now, to go back to our topic, so freelancing is one of the best options to start with especially for beginners and what i want to mention here is mainly two tips for all freelancers Always give a great service just deliver what you promised for the clients, be honest and the second, just ensure to get good reviews because this is the only way you will grow on platforms like fiverr and freelancer and so on reviews are very important and you get reviews when you provide a good service.

Now, when you build your audience and you have some follower base, like in my case i'm running now my own services website so i don't need to publish my services and gigs on Fiverr on any or any other platform. I have my own website where I sell my services on service So, this is the next level of freelancing where you can provide services without any third-party broker like Freelancer or any other company. You can have your own audience that you build with content creation or with marketing in general and then you have your own audience to promote the services to. So, this is a second level of freelancing.

Now, as a beginner someone may ask hey hasta i don't know that professional skill Is there any way I can start freelancing with no knowledge, with zero skills? The short answer is yes. How? Simply you can provide some services that really require no skills and not everyone knows about and this will explain in detail in my video about five Fiverr gigs to start with no skills, with zero knowledge. You can check the description below So, this is about freelancing. I think it's a good idea for beginners to start with i will try my best to publish next month a full series on how to start from scratch on Fiverr and promote your gigs and services.

Let's move on now to number four to strategy number four in making money online i think it's one of the best options to start a real online business. Strategy number four is simply SAAS services or providing software as a service now you may tell me hey i'm not a programmer i don't know how to develop applications and so on. Don't worry I'll explain this now. You don't need to be a developer in order to provide a SAAS service How? let's see together.

Today I run two services. I run a premium URL shortener which I didn't develop. I will tell you now how i created this and the other service is H-super tools which i developed from scratch as you know. I'm a computer science student, I'm a programmer in the first place. So I developed this service and today I have around 24 000 subscribers or users using this service with around 6 000 views every day on this service. This service H-supertools is totally free, it provides free digital marketing tools How i make money from this service? Simply, by two things. Whenever someone registers to this service, he will become a lead i can promote anything from him, this number one of course with his choice to select here in the settings he can select if you want to receive image or not. You can see i want to receive updates and so on.

So, this is number one and number two is by monetizing with ads. Do you remember in the content creation i told you i monetized this website with Google AdSense. So, this is my first service. The second one which is a premium service. I you go to pricing, I provide the service for the silver plan 6.99$ and the gold is 8.99$ and by the way this is really a cheap price compared to any other premium URL shortening. If you go into my services i also provide thIS service with a one-time plan for 89$ here. If you open this you can see I'm comparing with other services like Bitly which is 35 dollars per month Rebrandly 499 dollars so is one of the cheapest services that will offer almost the same options and features like any other URL shortener.

Anyway, now so i provide these two SAAS services. But, you didn't tell me what is a SAAS simply a SAAS service is providing a membership website where people will pay you a monthly fee in order to use the service. Like as an example, this service like Netflix Netflix you pay monthly to watch movies like maybe SEMrush you pay them to use the SEO tools and so on in the same way this service people pays me to use this URL premium shortener.

So, so simple this is a SAAS service. Now to go to the main idea on how to launch a service like this without coding or developing it, simply like this one i got it, i bought it from Code Canyon I bought it, it's a script that I bought from here. Go to PHP scripts here and search for SAAS an example you will find a lot of servers like this that you can just buy for sixty dollars forty dollars thirty dollars and so on. let's search for the premium URL shortener, URL shortener, let's see where is this You can see this is the script, it's around 33 dollars only So, I bought the script and I provided now as a service and at the end of this video i will show you my earnings from all my services and you will see the power of my online business system when it's connected together.

Anyway now, so this is how you can get a SAAS service. You can buy it from here publish it, and this will explain indeed in a full video. I showed you my earnings, how i got the service, how i started and so on and you can publish it and start making money online, recurring payment with the simple calculations. Let's say here i am providing this for 6.99$ if you have like 200 users you just multiply the numbers and you can see and imagine how much money you can make on a monthly basis. Now today i have around 350 users i think in this service i will show you all the details in a little bit. So, this is about providing a SAAS service.

Now the main problem here is like any other business is not publishing the service and the application you can just buy it for 30 dollars and host it as i explained in my hosting technical videos, you can host it in like 10 minutes or maybe 15 minutes and you can start the business right now. But, the problem is in promoting it is in getting clients for this service. Now in order to help you i created a full video on how to promote a service with no follower base, you can find the value also in the description below. You can see I'm trying my best to create videos about every detailed topic to help you grow online so this strategy number four providing sas services and by the way it's not mandatory or obligatory to use an online system you can maybe develop an application if you are a programmer develop an application local application and you can sell it and earn per user and so on or per year as a license and so on it's up to you it's up to your scenario in your mind just think about an idea and launch it today and start your online business.

So this number four let's move on to the last strategy which is online stores Online store simply is publishing a store Now to be honest with you, I don't have an online store today But I'm planning for by January 2021 i will launch my digital store. What do you buy digital store? simply an online store can sell products physical products like in Amazon as an example or whatever or you can sell digital products like applications courses, downloads, pdfs and so on So I am now preparing to launch my digital store by 2021 and what you have to know online store that you have multiple options. You can just buy a product and sell it in your online store so you can you will do everything like the shipping you need to buy by yourself and sell by yourself online i mean but you have other options like using amazon fba or using drop shipping which you can buy products from Aliexpress online as an example and sell on Amazon so everything will be online and you will not worry about anything and by the way next month i will create a full case study about drop shipping and i will show you step by step as a beginner how to start drop shipping and how to be successful in dropshipping in a live case study so please don't forget subscribe and turn notifications on to get every new update when i release videos almost every day.

So, these are the five strategies to work online today and start a successful online business i hope you got some benefit now it's the time to show you real numbers and share with you my experience, my source, my secret formulas and how i mix things together and what is my monthly revenue from all these strategies. So, let's start with my main website here, you can see as i showed you before, i have the main navigation bar which takes to all my other services. So, my main website is like the gateway for all my other services. You can see my courses my free courses my premium courses by the way i publish my free courses here on my website simply because i can improve my SEO because when someone watches a course on a website he will say a long time and this is a good factor for Google ranking or website ranking so as you can see these are my courses, my blog, my services my forum, my other websites, my downloads my applications and so on.

So, it's the gateway of all my other services and as i showed you in my main page i have this opt-in form. Thanks to this opt-in form, I get every day around 40 maybe 50 or some days 200 new subscribers to my email list by the way here i'm using my own email marketing system which is built with Mautic So, this is my main website and by the way i have on my website around let's see the analytics i have around 10 000 users per month visiting my website and you can see here around 44% referral link from YouTube, Quora and my other traffic sources which explained in detail in the video i mentioned in the description below. Please watch this video it's very important, if you want to get traffic today to your website.

Also, I have organic traffic from SEO and so on so this is my main website then i have my blog, I showed you before where i promote my other services. So my main website is linked to my blog and my blog is linked to my Udemy courses and to my other servers like H-supertools which is here so you can see I connect things together my blog to my main website to H-supertools all connected together, all promote each other. So, in my blog also i have around let's see how much visitors per month i have around maybe five thousand i think five thousand five point seven this month which is also awesome so here i have ten thousand visitors here i have five thousand visitors so these are my websites then i have my Udemy earnings you can see here in Udemy i have around four thousand five thousand six thousand this is my average monthly revenue on Udemy it's around five thousand dollars then i have my premium URL shortner service, the SAAS service.

Let's log in and see my monthly earnings i will log in to my admin account go to admin here and you can see i have around 350 users with 800 monthly revenue which is awesome also and then i have H-supertools which is monetized with ads and i have my YouTube channel. if you go to my analytics here again you will see i'm making around 1 400 dollars from YouTube and if you go to my ads account you see that H-supertools is making around 200 to 300 dollars per month so it's about 1 800 from AdSense from Google AdSense, Google advertising so it's like seven thousand dollars till now well i provide my own services here if you go to my admin dashboard you see i have some orders i make around maybe three five hundred dollars per month because my services cost is somehow high like 90 dollars so if i get one or two servers per week i make like 800 dollars per month so these are my services also i work with affiliate marketing i show this in detail one of my videos and i make around 500 to 1 000 so my monthly earnings ranges between eight and ten thousand dollars each month using this online business system as i showed you i connect everything together my courses is connected to my blog my blog connected to my main website connected to super tools to my YouTube channel and my youtube channel in each video i promote my all services if you go up in here any video and you go to the description you will see my courses my other videos my blog and so on so I link YouTube with my blog with my main website, with my email marketing system with my services website, with Udemy all connected together to form this strong system that makes me around eight or ten thousand dollars per month today and my productions is at least fifteen to twenty thousand dollars by next year by January I hope so stay tuned and don't forget subscribe and i will keep you updated with the latest strategies that i follow and share with you to help you grow online of course i'm not showing you these numbers to tell you hey i make ten thousand dollars per month no it's not like this it's a kind of motivation i'm telling you if you do this you can be successful also online, you can work from home and live happily with your family i hope you enjoyed this course maybe this video it's somehow long but it's really very helpful if you followed it carefully and listen to every information it's full of useful information of valuable tips so please concentrate well watch this video if you want multiple times implement your own business online and i wish you the best if you have any questions anything you want just comment below and they will be with you almost daily to apply to your comments.

Don't forget to join the giveaway for 100 cash on PayPal or Payoneer or whatever and comment below and i will announce the winner in five days. Thank you for following, don't forget to read the book on books and modal to blog to boost your knowledge and change your life see you later! [Music] .

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