Make Money From Home With A Disability [CC]

I'm exhausted and I think I'm going to take
a nap. So how do you make money when you're chronically
ill and you're not fit enough t go to work every day? In this video I'm going to tell you how I
make my money and you'll get some tips. Hi my name is Natalie and I'm the founder
of The Unchargeables chronic illness support group. That support group also has a shop attached,
with stuff like the shirt that I'm wearing right now. Which explains very well how I'm feeling,
because I'm exhausted I didn't really sleep a lot last night.

And that's one of the ways in which I make
money. So I make money in 3 different ways basically. Number 1 is the shop that I told you about,
numer 2 is: I also have a shop on Amazon, and number 3 is that I'm a freelance translator. That is some work that Ican do from home. I've not always been a translator, it's something
I have been doing the past year. Uhm, but before that I did like consultancy
work, and there's a whole bunch of different things you can do when you work from home. So like I said on a day like today, I've not
slept well because I couldn't sleep until 3 in the morning. And then at 6.30 my daughter woke me up and
we had to get ready for school. So I haven't slept since, and I'm exhausted. If I would have a regular job, I would not
be able to go into work and like do my job properly. This is one of the reasons why Iwas never
able to hold a normal job because I always got fired, because they tought that I was
sick too much.

Because I didn't like the work of because
I was stressed. They just didn't understand chronic illness. So that's why about seven years ago I srated
marketing online. I did different things, I did affiliate marketing
that's where you will promote someone else's product for a commission. I did advertising, so I had an advertisement
company, where I helped small businesses advertise online. About 4 years ago is when I started with the
community, and making the T-shirts and the products. And doing the work that I really LOVE. Unfortunately right now at the time of recording
this video, that doesn't pay my bills yet completely.

So I have to do other jobs on the side, for
example like the translating work. But I really love what I do and I hope to
build it into something big where as that can be my full time income. So like I said on a day like today I've been
uploading a lot of new products into the shop. I have scheduled out a sale, I have scheduled
out all of these messages because in a couple of weeks I'm gonna be moving.

And I need to be able to take some time off
while I'm still making money basically. And that is why I just have to work really
hard right now, wile my body still let's me, even though I'm exhausted. And uhm, yeah make sure that I can take the
time off for my move. And then after the move take time off to recover. Because Iknow it's gonna be really hard on
my body to move house. I know a lot of you with a chronic illness
are not able to get disability, me myself included, I have to make my own money. I'm not getting any government support, we
just have to find a way to be able to do that. So in my years of making money from home working
from home on the internet, I have some tips that you can use now 2019, to try and make
either a side income or a full time income. And which in my opinion will be the best ways
to start.One of those things is called Merch on Amazon.

It's I will link in the description
below. You can apply on merch, then you make a design
for example like this. You don't have to design it yourself, you
can like pay a designer to make the design and you put the design on a shirt. So they will handle the shipping, they will
handle the payment, they will handle the customer service, they will handle everything.

There are some very good YouTube channels
you can follow about merch by Amazon, and there are some Facebook groups that kinda
just give you everything you need to know. So that's my tip number one to go and sell
products on Merch. Tip number two would be affiliate marketing. It's a big thing, you can not just get started. I can recommend something that's called ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a software that you can use
for your online business. For example I use it for the giveaway. Like every month I give away a 100-dollar
gift certificate to the shop, and there's this whole system where you can put your email
in and you are automatically gonna get emails from me.

And that is all set up in ClickFunnels. You can also become a member to the shop for
example, and then get a product sent to you every month. This is all automatically, the sales page
is made on CickFunnels, the payment processor is all on ClickFunnels. I even made like a members area where you
can log in and do all the things that only members can do and that is all made in ClickFunnels.

Now they have an amazing Facebook group, and
YouTube channel where they will tell you all about the different programs they have to
teach you how to do affiliate marketing and promote their software. Those are my two tips of the things that I
think are easiest to get started with and work the best now in 2019. I hope this video was helpful, it's a little
bit all over the place and it's a little bit short because my brain really is not working
today. My T-shirt says it all, I'm retired, I was
tired yesterday and I'm tired again today. I'm exhausted and I think I'm going to take
a nap. If you like video's like these please subscribe
and hit the bell notification.

And if you wanna sign up to the giveaway I
was talking about earlier in the video go down below in the description, cause there
is the link. And I will see you in the next video. But I can… Sigh.

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