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i'm going to show you how you can make
money doing affiliate marketing with zero
dollar upfront investment with the strategy that i'm going to show
you you don't even need a website so before i review
everything let me just remind you that my channel is all about making money i
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affiliate marketing with zero money upfront
at the end of this discussion we are going to look at my number one
recommendation to make money online on autopilot so
stay with me what is affiliate marketing selling
other people's products or services full stop you're
just coming in as an immigrant person a middleman you know
someone who needs a product and you know someone
who is producing that product or that service
and then you link the two and then you get paid
a commission right so the good thing about it is that there is no
tech support on your beat on your side there is no
customer service to talk about there is no warehousing of anything
and there is no drop shipping of anything
right and i'm going to show you a strategy
where you don't need to pay anything and you start to make money
and then once you start to make that money then you can invest
into the tools the necessary tools that you need
to scale up your business we need an affiliate
product so where do we get the affiliate products
there's a ton of affiliate networks that you can go to for free and then you
fish out affiliate products from there so that when you generate a visitor or
when you bring in a visitor to these affiliate networks you are known
by your coded link that identifies you so that any person who buys through that
link the computers of these networks will
know exactly who brought the sale or who brought the customer all right
then you get a commission and usually the commissions which you
get from these networks they value of course
right from network to network you're looking at
50 30 percent 40 percent a 50 60 even up to 90 percent
all right right so it just depends on the network which you are dealing with
right on clickbank which is one of the most popular affiliate networks
you find products that can give you up to 90
commissions you've got jvzoo you've got warrior plus
you've got amazon associates amazon associates
is one of the biggest if not the biggest affiliate network in the whole world
okay but the only downside about amazon associates is that
commission rate is very small right you are to pay
maybe one percent two percent three percent up to twelve percent
as you get to twelve percent if you manage to get there
you should be in super affiliate you'd have sold
millions of their units right for them to recognize you
that way right you've got share sale you've got
gear best gearbest gives two percent commissions
share yourself it varies because they're different companies in this
one company right so it's like a network of companies within a company
and they got different products and they got
different commission rates the thing is with amazon associates and share sell
and other ones you need to apply and you need to be
approved and usually you should have a good
social media following or a serious website that is already
running and it's it's got heavy traffic i'm going to
show you my number one recommendation to make money online on autopilot
and i'm going to demonstrate that one with a direct and private company
once we get our product from these affiliate networks
we need to see how we can have eyeballs watching the offer
watching the product we need to have customers coming to
our store so we've got two methods we've got a free method and a paid
method right i'm going to show you both but my
emphasis is going to be on free traffic methods
so the free traffic methods are on facebook you can create a facebook
group or groups depending on the number of
products that you are marketing right you can join other groups in your
niche or in your category like affiliate marketing right
so you join those groups you are not joining those groups
to go and spam your link no you are just going there
to get involved in the discussion so once you are in the discussion right
there you are going to be noticed by other
people by other affiliate marketers so you are giving
value you get involved in the conversations
you are answering questions you are proving to
be followable right with your information
with detailed information that you'll be giving right there
you stand out from the group and people will start to know
they want to know where you are coming from and where you are going
so they'll dig you out on on their search engines
and try to find out whether you've got youtube channel
whether you've got instagram but any other activities that you are doing
when they follow you and they find your blog or
your hub your app is your home on the internet
right so you've got links a wash on your blog on your hub because that's
your home on the internet right that's your address your internet
address people can click those links and you are
creating more value on the blog or on the hub
and people who like you more you are teaching
people step by step and the people who see that this person
is worth following and they follow you and they are
building trust they're building confidence in you
and then they'll click your link and then they will buy
if they need the product that you are selling right
you can go on coral quora is a question and answer site
with half a billion visits every month it could be more now go there and you
look for questions that are asking about
affiliate marketing you answer those questions but you are
not going to spam your link on quora otherwise they will
ban you from the platform right what you need to do is
you go there with a it could be a video that you have
created on youtube and in the description of your youtube
video you've got some links and the people are
going to see your links right there so it has to
be indirect okay you can also use classified ads but
that's not my favorite my favorite way of
driving free traffic is to present your face
on youtube on a video right i can tell you that myself i've been
running around trying to avoid putting my face on
youtube and it didn't help me right create
a youtube channel create your own videos if you want some help you can check on
my channel and the good thing about youtube is that
people will be searching about affiliate marketing
they'll be searching so these people have got
an intention to buy already so once they see your video and you're
doing a good review of a product then they're going to click in your face
they've heard your voice and they can see if they can connect with you right
those who are going to connect with you they're going to click through those who
are not going to like your face or your voice they're going to bounce
off and they're going to go somewhere else
that's fine the internet is huge we've got 4.7 billion people who have
access to the internet as we speak so you don't need to worry
about any rejections or anything like that you
know that youtube is free you don't need to pay any
subscription to youtube you just create a free
channel the best way you can drive traffic
to your offer once you start to have some money from the free methods of
marketing then you can use that money and you can
do some paid methods influencer traffic media you can jump into that
right you hire an influencer to influence
their followers to click your link and you can also tap into the 24-hour
traffic media right there are people with huge lists
and you just tap into their lists you buy a certain chunk of their email list
and then you you send your advert and then the people who see it so in 24
hours you could be getting some commissions
then you can get into display media you can get into ppc
traffic media google ads facebook ads bing ads and so forth if you don't know
anything about what i'm talking about right now
you need some more information and i've got
my own number one recommendations suggest
so i'll leave a link below that can show you how you can drive endless
traffic to your offer that you will not run out of traffic
anymore okay because yes we know that we need to drive
traffic from facebook from all over the internet we need to have a marketing
strategy the strategy that we are going to use is
to build our own list you know that they say
money is in the email list yes that's true
why because an email list is an online asset
it's an asset that belongs to you no one can take it from you and
for any reason if an auto responder company
decides to to shut you down they need to give you your email list it's your own
online property it's your asset right people
are coming from facebook from youtube from being from google from everywhere
and they get to the opt-in page and then they
leave their name and their email address after seeing your advert right there
they'll be persuaded and don't like what you be saying and
then they leave their name you instruct them to leave their name and their email
address and once they do that that name and
their email address will drop into your autoresponder
and then they continue to the bridge page where they are they
might be able to see you right there or they can see the owner of the product
right as a bridge page saying okay thank you
for opting in and this is what you're going to get
right usually you are encouraged to put your own video your pre-framer
you are warming up the prospect this is a new person they've never seen you
before but they need to see your face they need to hear your voice
you talking about the product and they're warming up
a little bit all right and then you tell them to
click the link below and then it takes them to the sales page and in the sales
page right here that's where the owner of the product is
and they'll see the webinar they'll see the
presentation right there and once they are persuaded they go to
the order page and they buy right the conversion rate
on in general of people who see a landing
page and go through the to the sales page is on
average one to two percent right but then you
see the good thing about having these people
in your autoresponder is that you are going to remind them the
following day that you remember you saw the product you see this is this this is
a cool product and this is that right and you remind them probably when
they saw your offer first time they were not in the right frame of
mind they were busy they saw it on their
phone and then now they want to have another
look on their laptop when they are relaxed at
home right and they need to be reminded that
you can see the importance of reminding them right
you can see the importance of follow-up emails
right and eighty percent of revenue online is made after someone has been
followed up with an email oh that's the importance of
following up and usually people have to see an
offer seven times or more for them to make up their mind
so you can see the importance of follow-up emails
this is the strategy right and the other thing which you can do
on here which probably it's too high for you now it might be too
advanced is that there will be pixels right there
retargeting pixels on your landing page retargeting pixels
on your bridge page or preframer right here
right in case maybe someone did not drop their email address
you are not going to waste any customer right you're going to retarget them with
a retargeting pixel right there okay and and wherever they
go online they'll see your offer
until they click it until they leave their name
they drop their name onto your autoresponder
right west a visitor this is the strategy
that we are going to use okay just to give you a summary now
that we need an affiliate product and that product is coming from
an affiliate network and we saw that clickbank is one of them warrior plus
is one of them amazon associates is one of them
and so forth and so forth so once we've got our product
we need to drive the traffic and remember i promised you that i'll show
you my number one recommendation to make money online on autopilot
right yes we are going to use a private and direct company and the company is
called four percent the best way to know whether you have to
deal with a company or not is to do reviews just like you do
reviews for a hotel that you want to book you do
reviews on your products the product that you
want to to buy the best way forward is to just
check what other people are saying about it
right so i would recommend that you
check out and dig out four percent dot com
on trustpilot and see what people are saying how many people
left their reviews right there whether it's a one star
or it's a five star product all right so i know it's a five-star product this
one so that's why i'm so confident about it
that's why i own their products it says transcend
yourself join the number one fastest growing
community for digital entrepreneurs and become a world class entrepreneur
a world-class human and a world-class marketer
right so this is their opt-in page or their squeeze page
right this is their lead magnet right you are going to click here and
download for free mass traffic blueprint the formula
top one percent of marketers follow to generate
and endless traffic leads and sells online without spending a
fortune this is how you're going to get the
traffic you can grab this for free it's a free gift okay i'm already a
member of four percent and i own these products what access to
these products since we're talking about affiliate
marketing this one which is called affiliate marketing
academy this is the mother of all trainings
on affiliate marketing there are 30 sessions
in this particular academy and you are taking by module
each session has got several modules they teach how to build a business from
zero to ten thousand dollars per month doesn't matter your level of
understanding they teach you step by step on what to
do i'm not going to get into detail about that
okay so you can you can check my number one recommendation when you're ready
okay and then the internet traffic academy
this is a to z of web traffic you are taught how to get all the
traffic that you need master the acting the signs of traffic
and conversions advanced and all-inclusive so when
you're ready you can grab these products for yourself
okay take this as an option but you can go to
clickbank you can go to jvzoo you can go to warrior plus
and fish out a product that you can market
so if you found value in this video let me know in the comments
otherwise we'll see each other in the next videos
see you later

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