MAKE MONEY BLOGGING – How I Made $650 From One Blog Post

three ways that I personally make money blogging what's happening guys this is Greg Kononenko the Caffeinated Blogger and today in this video i'm going to be showing you three ways that I personally use blogging to make money from several blogs of mine this is going to be the first video in a whole series of videos dedicated to making money blogging so if you'd like to follow this series and you'd like to stay up to date with the content that I put out then make sure that you subscribe to my channel just below this video click the subscribe button and then also take the notification belt icon so that you are notified as soon as I upload my new video in the series as well as my other videos in the future if you like making money blogging if you like traffic and various other methods of making money online then give me a quick like on this video and also drop me a comment in the comment section below and let me know what other videos you'd like me to make in the future also make sure to check out all of the links in the description I've got a whole ton of resources there for you including my free making money blogging course alright that's it so now let's get into the details alright I'm going to show you a few ways that you can make money blogging but before I do that I wanted to explain something very important that a lot of people do not understand and that is how your blog actually works and what is the mechanics of how you can make money blogging so here is a very simple scheme it's probably going to look a little bit ugly once I'm done with it but I'm gonna have a go at it anyway here is your blog alright and your blog the way that I like to think about your blog is your blog is a machine and a machine has a process and it's got inputs and it's got outputs and I want to talk you through so that you've got a very clear understanding of exactly why blogs are so so powerful so the weather blog works for you is I'm gonna start with the output side okay and on the output side what you have is that it can help you make Commission's that's affiliate commissions of course okay and that comes from content okay so Commission from links that are embedded in your content that's a very powerful way to make money blogging second way to make money blogging is to build an email list and after you've built an email list to have commissions and sales from that as well okay so when I say commissions by the way I mean both your affiliate commissions as well as CPA commissions and selling your own products you can kinda I don't want to create separate entries for that but you understand it's selling your own or selling other people's products for a commission okay so that that's gonna be the outputs you're gonna get commissions you're going to build your list and make commissions from your list as well and make commissions from the content now there are probably a few others I'm going to get back to that in a second but what I want to go into now is the inputs the inputs into your blog traffic okay that'll be one of the inputs and the traffic will come from a variety of different sources the traffic to your blog can come from YouTube videos just like this one that you're watching now that drives traffic to my blog the other inputs into your blog will be SEO or Google traffic okay the other inputs will be things like Pinterest traffic so all of those things like all of that traffic is going into your blog and it's generating in the output which is all of those commissions and sell that we've just talked about the other inputs into your blog will be in things like links okay so that will to grow your authority and to get you more rankings to get you more traffic and so on and the cool thing about this is that your blog will only grow over time your blog will generally not go backwards unless you do something stupid like create thousands of spammy links okay so once you've got this machine set up and it's got content and it's building the list for you on autopilot all we can then need to do is just work on your inputs and if you're working on your inputs your machine will get bigger and bigger and bigger so what's gonna happen is that one month from now your blog is going to be this size and then you know a year from now your blog might be this size that is the power of blogging it will just grow over time let me just get rid of this because you know that's a bit ugly a bit you understand what I'm saying right every month it's going to increase and you just need to tweak the inputs and tweak the outputs but the blog is going to be passively working for you virtually 24/7 once you've got all of the inputs and all of the outputs fine-tuned now other things that you can make money is you know your list will be will have automated follow-ups okay and in those automated follow-ups this is where you can you can promote affiliate products sell your own etc okay so you can create those automated sort of selling machine so guys I hope this is making sense because a lot of people don't understand how a blog can actually make money they think you know I put up a blog and then it's kind of like a black box it's very unclear as to how you can actually make money from your blog but this is how I think about it this is how I've built several of my blogs and this is how I like to think about it of course other ways that you can make money there is Adsense and content okay so that's like monetized ads I'm going to show you those things in just a moment but I wanted to start out with this big picture so that you have a very good clear bird's I sort of view of how your blog actually can make you make money so now let's move on to way number one that I make money with blogging and that is affiliate commissions all right so case in point and way to make my new blogging number one affiliate commissions so you can see this is one of the posts on my blog that's hustle calm and the blog post is called why I switched to site ground now site ground of course is a hosting company that I use and that I highly recommend by the way check out the link in the description below if you want to see this exact blog post on my site so I made this blog post a while ago and it just talks about the reasons why I really enjoy site ground host hosting this is one of many many many blog posts that I've gone on various blogs of mine I just want to use this one as an example and when someone reads these blog posts they will then will be able to click on any of these links and if they click on the link that will take them to site ground sales page and if they sign up I'm gonna get a commission now here is proof that this actually works sigh grounder fee net sell generated I don't promote this anywhere except for my blog so that all of these have been generated just via that one post ok you can see I mean you know obviously they didn't make me rich but this is one of many many affiliate products that I recommend on many similar pages on my blog so you can see there's tons of sales here there's over 10 probably 15 sales or so that I've generated each one of them is $50 so it's quite nice for one simple post now going back to this diagram okay so this is content and it's creating the Commission's so this is where we're at we're at content that is creating the Commission's the way that I drive traffic to this is from two different sources the first way that I drive traffic to this page with my site ground hosting affiliate links is through Pinterest you can see one of the pins that I share my Pinterest profile is this pin called 8 reasons why I switched my blog hosting to site ground it's the same image that you can see here right this image here I pin that on Pinterest in a variety of different ways I share this pin to group boards and I also share this pin and we share it with my followers as well as we do cross pin exchange by tailwind if you want to learn more about the way that I drive traffic to my sites with Pinterest you can check out links in the description below this video you'll be able to get my free course on that where I cover the full strategy on how I get traffic from Pinterest now the second way that I drive traffic to that page is through my email list right like I told you guys here at least automated follow ups we can promote various things now I've got various opt-ins and various places you know on YouTube as well as on my blog and if someone leaves their email address here for example in the sidebar on my blog they will get added to my automated follow-up sequence and here is an example of what I do so this is one of the emails that people would get if they join my email list and you can see that I recommend SiteGround so I say some other cool stuff you might want to check out why sad ground is the best hosting Emma and if someone clicks on that link once again they'll get taken to their blog post and a lot of people will buy based on that actually just recently I made the sale two or three days ago you know just just from this follow up for site growing on the feeleth hosting program so this is the first way that you can make money blogging now we're going to move on to the second way and just in case if you're wondering if affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money over the long term it certainly can here are my earnings from just some of the affiliate networks that I'm part of these monies from jvzoo if I'm going to choose here how much I've made on jvzoo from all time you'll be able to see that it's just refreshing now I've made over 140,000 just from jvzoo then another network that I'm part of is warrior Plus and you can see here if I go to quick view and choose all time all right you will be able to see that I made 76 thousand dollars or more plus that's what roughly two hundred and thirteen thousand dollars or so just from these two networks I'm also part of several other networks so definitely feel net marketing is a very effective way of monetizing your blog so now let's move on to the next way that you can make money blogging the second way for you to make money blogging is by having sponsored posts also called guest posts what's going to happen over time is that your blog is going to gain popularity and it's going to grow in what's called DA domain Authority and you might already know that the way for people to rank their search results or their blog pages in Google is one of the critical factors for that is having high authority and a large number of high authority backlinks pointing to their pages so basically all of the bloggers including myself will always chase what's called backlinks links from other sites to our blog and people will actually naturally start coming to you and they will start inquiring whether they can put a guest post with a do folder link back to their blog so that they can gain that valuable backlink the way that this is going to happen and that that it's been happening for me is people come to my blog they find it by a variety of different ways search results Google etc and they come to this page contact and then they will get in touch and they will say listen I'm wondering if I can put guest post on your site I'm willing to pay you XYZ for it and you can negotiate with them you can even create a separate page when your blogs do that saying interested in advertising or sponsored posts things like that and actually just put the prices up there you'll probably even increase your results with that it's not a primary method of earning with my blog for me but you can certainly do that right and you will start getting inquiries I'm going to show you in just a moment of what has been happening for me actually I might as well just jump there now so I'm gonna have to blur out some details here here is a recent inquiry that I've got literally just a week or so ago and someone actually inquired and they said can I publish an article and you can see here I said hi yes we accept guest contributions there is a $30 USD fee to publish a ready-made article we leave all links as to follow please let me know alright and the person as you can see replied hi sounds good if you don't like the topic I'll send over more and then basically they went ahead and we published that post that was as easy as that that's one of the simplest ways that you can possibly make money with your blog you know you don't need to sell anything to anybody people will actually start coming to I get these inquiries very regularly so and it's not just only that's how the blog you know it happens on a variety of other blogs that I run as well now this sort of second part to it is that you can also proactively list your blog or you know that service of providing a guest post here on five hour five hours a marketplace that's very popular I'm sure that you've heard about it anyone can register on Fiverr and anyone can start posting what's called gigs right and your gig can be that you will published someone else's guest post on your blog and you can charge a lot of money for it I mean here is one that I saw I will guest post on my da 55 tech news blog with to follow and they want the 36 trillion dollars for that that's probably 30 or 25 dollars u.s.

There are lots more you can find on here and you can list your blog on here as well a lot of people want just one single link from a high authority website or from a you know just a site that has at least some authority many people do not want these 60 ppm backlinks because that can be picked up by Google as a spammy sort of link okay so this high demand for this kind of guest post as you can see they've got 156 reviews and only one in like ten people leaves an actual review right so they I think they probably would have sold at least a thousand of these just on Fiverr so you can certainly link the least your blog on here as well and that should bring you in some consistent sales and that's one of the simplest ways that you can make money blogging alright so hopefully you guys are finding this interesting let's move on to the third way the third way that I personally make money blogging and you can as well if you start your own blog is through Adsense Adsense is one of the most popular ways that anyone can monetize their blog it's extremely simple it's 100% newbie friendly because everything that needs to happen is basically for someone get to your blog to a page like this this is one of my blogs travel crock and as they're looking at your content they'll see ads similar to this like this is a net here sales enablement tool this is a net here at the top saying limited time coupon for Namecheap and there's one more add here bulk nutrient supplements and all that they visitor has to do in order for you to make money is click that ad if they click that up then you will make money you don't need to sell anything you don't need to build a list as long as you keep driving traffic to one of your pages or you know to your blog you can basically make money from this this is extremely extremely simple and very effective you can use Adsense in any there are a lot of people who make tens of thousands or you know five figures a month from just from adsense alone I personally have actually cut back a bit on that sense because I found better ways to monetize my blog's but on travel croc I still use Adsense now just to show you that I'm walking the talk here is an example of the money that I've made we've had sense when I first started travel chrome okay I started this site in October 2016 so it's been online for about two years now and I launched it at the start of October as you can see my Adsense earning or basically zero okay as soon as I launched the site using my Pinterest traffic strategy if you guys want to learn more about this Pinterest traffic strategy check the links in the description below I've got a free course as well as a premium course explaining that now as soon as the site went live you can see that I started making Adsense earnings you can see that I've had $10 day then another $9 day you know I've been making basically something every day as soon as the site went live that's how quickly as long as you drive the traffic to the site that's how quickly you can make money with Adsense from your blog okay so you can see it's very fast you don't need to kind of like work for years in order to see any kind of returns now I'm gonna have to blur out some of the details here because it's against Google Adsense terms for me to reveal those details so you're just going to be able to see the earnings but not any of the other stats like pageviews and impressions and so on that's just for me in order for me to comply with Google Adsense terms alright so that's the third way that you can make money blogging that's it guys these are the three ways to make money blogging in the next few videos we're going to be getting into the detail about exactly how you can set up your own profitable blog and how you can make money from it if you'd like to get notified about those videos once they come out then make sure that you subscribe to me using this icon in the top left of your screen also make sure that you grab my free course which is in the bottom left part of your screen it will show you everything that you need to know about setting up a profitable blog and driving traffic to it thank you so much for watching my video I really appreciate you and I'll see in the next video

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