Make BIG Money On YouTube Without Making Videos (Complete Step by Step Tutorial)

This is one of the best ways you can earn money On YouTube without showing your face In camera and without shooting videos yourself. And in this video, I'll explain to you how you can create a This worked in less than 15 minutes By following the simple six steps process. So I designed this video as a mini training course Step by step people usually charge $ 300 for it. But I am giving it to you completely free of charge In this video.

So if you appreciate it, just appeal to the like button. Just leave a thumbs up below. Now the fact that people are making a lot of money On YouTube is not a secret frankly. We all know there's a lot of money out there To be earned on this platform. But despite this, people still choose not to. Why? Well, some of the reasons are quite pricey As complicated as cameras, and photograph yourself And put your face there on the internet forever, Do countless remakes, shoot for hours, And being charismatic and having a good character on camera, Then expensive equipment such as microphones Lights, complex video editing software and more. But what if you could escape this difficult and expensive part And make money on YouTube Without shooting the videos yourself? Well this is something I personally do for a living. I run three different YouTube channels Faceless as I have never filmed any of the videos myself, But I make money every day Through various revenue sources including That includes advertising revenue, affiliate marketing, and the business deal.

So today I want to show you one of the ways that you can Do this by following the simple six step process. Now, first of all, you only need to understand One simple thing. And this is even though you can run This anonymous YouTube business is anywhere you like it Be it games, fitness or lifestyle Or anything you want, It won't be as profitable as if you focus On a more serious standing Like business, finance and money. The reason is CPM. CPM is the cost per 1,000 views. And while you are in the fitness field, You get paid about $ 2 per 1000 views, In finance, you can get Up to 50 or $ 70 per 1,000 views Which is a big difference.

So, if you were to focus on the fitness field, for example You will need 1 million views To earn the same amount of money As if you had 100,000 views in business. Now, don't worry, you don't need any experience In any of these you will not You create these videos by yourself. And here I found this funding channel, According to Social Blade, You get 11 million views per month. 11 million views every month in finance. According to Social Blade, With an average CPM of $ 2 to $ 4, It generates up to $ 43,000 in advertising revenue only. But they are using the regular CPM entertainment cost Which, as I said, is $ 2 to $ 4 maybe. But if you take average CPMs for your funding Which is around $ 20 USD and hitting 11 Million Views At $ 20 CPM, that's more than Only $ 200,000 in advertising revenue. $ 200,000 a month in ads alone every 30 days. How do I know that the CPM for funding is really high? Well this is one of the videos that I made really well In the field of finance.

That wasn't quite a finance business But you can see that the CPM was around $ 10 per 1000 views. So you can see that for 1.7 million views, It earned $ 15,000 in advertising revenue. So the CPM is really high In the field of finance and business. Now, that's another financial channel I found They get close to From 2.2 million views every month. You see, in the last 30 days They got 2.2 million views That's roughly $ 44,000 in advertising revenue Every month only ads alone. That's more than $ 1,000 in profit every day. The channel in question is "Satoshi Stacker." Who publishes related videos With business, finance, and cryptocurrencies.

None of their videos include their faces. If you open any of their videos, For example this video that was posted a minute ago And got nearly 1000 views, You will be able to see that every video clip It is just the result of screen recording And different stock shots. So they won't shoot any of these videos And they will never show their faces. Now I want to explain to you how you can do this Step by step starting from the first step. The first step is to get the video idea Even if you don't know anything about business Finance and cryptocurrencies.

Now, there are two different methods With them, you can complete the first step. You can complete it yourself And find a video idea on your own. Or you can hire someone in Fiverr very cheaply For five or 10 dollars, you get the idea for the video. If you want to do it manually, then all you have to do is Open a few different YouTube channels Found in finance, business and cryptocurrency. For example, this is Queen Burao. Or with that you want to read this. Then you also have "Cooper Academy" and so forth and so forth. Look for different YouTube channels Which prides itself on this type of content, And open some of her videos that get Huge amount of views, which get you more views Than others which means it is trending And just watch what they're talking about inside these videos.

For example, if you opened this video from Cooper Academy, So we'll be able to say that this is a 10-minute video. And a bunch of different stock shots And just an audio comment in the background. And this person, too, wins Hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue alone. So you can only see what other people are talking about In their videos And you don't necessarily need to copy and paste What they do exactly And what exactly are they talking. Obviously, you want to create something unique For your own channel. So you can get ideas From different channels in your specialty. You only need to find many different channels In the field of finance, cryptocurrencies and the commercial space And browse their popular videos, And browse their videos well.

I honestly prefer to pay someone five dollars To find a video idea for me And do all the work for me. But it is up to you whether you are You want to invest some money in this or not. The second step is to get the video script. Now, writing scripts is also my personal preference Outsourcing from various freelance websites Such as Fiverr, Freelancer, AutoWork, People Bear Ur And so on Because I can get it for five to 10 dollars. But then again, if you want to start for free And you don't want to invest any money, You can simply open some videos That you want to copy. Here's a simple trick you can use. You can just click on these three dots and open the text. It will show you the full text And every word a person said Inside this video.

But you don't want to just copy and paste it And use the entire text for yourself Because that's not how we do it. This is not the way to go. So you will need to rewrite it in your own words And to provide some unique value. So what you can simply do is, here's another simple trick, You can only copy some parts of the text And you can go to Quilbot. That's the word, So in Quilbot, you can just paste your script here. Click here to reformat on the right side You will rewrite it in different words.

So it becomes a unique text. You can see the original video says, "Have you ever bought the wrong bitcoin by mistake?" And my text says, "Have you ever erred Did you buy the wrong bitcoin? '' So just paraphrase these words. Now, that's enough of a start But on a longer scale, I highly recommend you Either by typing the entire text yourself Or hire someone for five to 10 dollars To do all the work for you And they will do it professionally. The next step is making the video. Now that you have the text, let's create the actual video. So first of all, you'll need to start off by commenting Vocal There are three different approaches you can follow to achieve this. You can either hire someone On various freelance websites.

Once you search for the sound, You can find a lot of different services Which is often very expensive. Like this is the most expensive part When it comes to outsourcing work. So you can also do it yourself. If you don't want to pay anyone Versus creating a voice for you and wanting to start Totally free, you can only register Your voice at the start. And once you start making some money, You can use this cash flow to reinvest Then pay someone else to create a voice.

So all we have to do Text is read into the microphone. Or, you can also only use the accompanying video ads. This is Envideo Dot ie or indeed And this video is not sponsored in any way And I don't have any affiliate links in the description. I am just showing you how you can benefit from Invideo To accomplish these videos Without reading the text yourself, Even without anyone hiring To create those audio comments for you. Because these guys have an advantage It will convert your text Into a professional voice. So it will not be automatic. It will actually look very natural. You can also create the entire video Using Invideo in less than five minutes. So here's how you can do it. They also have a lot of different pre-made templates With which you can only select, drag and drop To create professional-looking videos. Or you can go to the text to video section here And it will allow you to do that as well By choosing one of these templates.

For this example, I'll be using this. I will choose it. I will use this form And I'll just need to add my script here. So we'll add the title Which will be just a sample text And I'll paste the rest of the text here. So, it is that simple. Now I can just hit the next. I'll wait for the video to create the video for me. It only takes two minutes. Of course, you can customize everything with Invideo. Here on the left side, You can add different stock shots, stock photos. And I think most of them are completely free. So if you look at the videos, It will save you too Various free stock of picks. Some of it is paid. As you can see when this icon is located here At the bottom of the video, it means you will need To pay for these stock shots.

But most of them are also completely free. So, if you want to use this video here, You will only need to drag and drop it onto the timeline. And it's all completely free and very simple. So, just play with this video editing tool, And you will be able to create Some really great videos. You have the sound in the background, You have nice music and nice background music, Nice copyright free background music. And you have all these different pictures That appeared on the screen.

So it is very easy to create professional looking videos With Invideo, all are cloud-based Which means you will not possess To download anything to your computer. You can only log in to this site. Go to the website, log into your account, Start editing your video and just download it To your computer by clicking this button here. Now to create voice text to speech using Invideo, You will move on to the advanced editor here, Click on Voice, and select AutoText to Speech.

Now you can even select the sound. So whether you want to be male or female, You can only choose the sound You can also select the tone of the voice. And just click Create Audio. It is very simple. I can also change fonts and change colors And literally everything is customized. If you want this to be a different font, For example, this, I can change that.

It's really easy to customize anything with Invideo. But again, this video is not sponsored And I don't have any affiliate links. I just love how it works. So you can craft a complete video In less than 10 minutes, quite literally. I mean, first of all, in the beginning, You will need to play around to see exactly How all features work And to know all the features. But once you learn how it all works, It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes To create and download the entire video only On your computer so you can share it to YouTube. The fourth step, now you need to download And optimize your video properly. So all you have to do is go to your YouTube channel, Click select files, and download video That you created earlier. Give him a nice title. Personally, I prefer defining my surname In two different parts.

So the first part of the title will be a long tail keyword Which attracts people's attention. So this will catch their attention. But then the second part of the title The keyword will be short-tailed Which will help me arrange. So in this case, this would be like how to buy bitcoin That will attract their attention. So they will see this first Then this will support me in the ranking. So I am trying to classify the cryptocurrency And I try to attract interested people In cryptocurrency in this case. Then for the description, And the description title I will write something This is related to the video that will be too Help me arrange It will also help me attract more people. And the appropriate improvement of the video is nothing Which we discuss in great detail In my new free class on SilkShire It is called "Grow on YouTube and Beat Algorithm". This will be the first link In the description below.

And remember this video It was also not sponsored by Silkshire. This video is not sponsored at all. Finally, you just need to post your video And get views because views are worth money. But keep in mind that for approval In the YouTube Partnership Program, You will need to have 1000 subscribers And 4000 hours of watch time. So if you want to learn how to do it Grow your YouTube channel and how to actually develop it Get views for your videos, Then just check out my free class in SilkShire Which will be linked in the description below. You can only sign up for a 14-day free trial Cancel at any time. But even if you don't cancel, It'll be under $ 10 a month If you want to keep it longer. If not, you can cancel at any time as I said. Besides that, you will also get unlimited access For all seasons on SilkShire Available there. Plus, you'll be able to see all of the content I will post it there in the future. And in this category it is called "Grow on YouTube and beat the algorithm", We are discussing what makes a video go viral, How to make your videos viral, How to get Views and much more.

You can also submit your own channels In the projects section so that I can review it in person We provide feedback and advice on how to improve And get better results on YouTube. Thanks a lot for watching. If you get some value from this video, Don't forget to drop his admiration for him. Leave a thumbs up and do yourself a favor By clicking on this direct subscribe button With notifications..

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