Make $500 Per Day Online In About An Hour (Way #2) (Make Money Online)

make money online in about an hour each day way number two the first step is to download the list of the largest u.s cities like we explained in way number one of this series the link is in the description if you haven't seen it yet the next step is to go to and search for landscaping near one of the cities from the list then you're going to copy their names one at a time and paste them into google to see if they have their own website some of the companies will but some of them won't since they rely on yelp or facebook to advertise them anytime you find one that doesn't have their own website then just call or text the phone number listed and let them know that you can build them a website you want to build urgencies you could say something like we build websites for small businesses like yours and i was browsing online and i noticed that all of your competition has their own website but it doesn't look like you do is this correct once they say yes then just tell them the reason i was calling was because we have a web designer here without a project to work on right now and we normally charge fifteen hundred dollars to twenty five hundred dollars to build a website but since we have this opening right now we can actually build you a complete professional website for only 250 and it'll be done within a few days deals of a lifetime like this don't come along too often to get started all i need is your email address so i can send you all the information once they give you their email address just send them an email saying that you charge 250 for the website and it's 30 dollars per month after that to keep everything active and up to date verify the company's details like name address phone number and things like that and then let them know that you require payment through paypal to get started but you offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if they aren't happy for any reason once you receive payment from them then just go to and click on website builder and start building the website even if you don't have any experience doing it it only takes about an hour or so because the tool is very easy to use we recommend paying for the basic website plan through godaddy it's only seven dollars per month and will give you everything that you need you'll also need to buy a website address for them so just see what's available on godaddy and then email them a few choices and see what they pick out that'll cost another 12 dollars per year once you're done with the website just email them the link to it so they can verify everything and if they give the okay then let them know that you'll be sending them an invoice through paypal for the first thirty dollar monthly charge and the website will launch once that's paid after that you're done and you just made a lot of money you'll take in thirty dollars per month which equals three hundred and sixty dollars per year plus the original 250 dollars gives you 610 dollars in the first year coming in from each customer and your only expenses are seven dollars per month for the website which equals eighty four dollars per year and you paid twelve dollars for the website address up front so you'll only have 96 dollars each year in expenses that equals a profit of 514 for each customer in the first year sign up one a day and you'll make 3 500 per week working from your computer at home but we have many more ways to make money online so watch our next video to learn more

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