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[Music] in this video today I want to show you how to make more than 400 in one day with zero dollars to start I did it, look at this results these are continuous sales I made over and over, but not just me going to show you how to make it constant sales and get everything up to 4 000 but I'm going to show you a bonus strategy you can use with this to make even more money online than you a beginner and you want to start make sure you upload this video to the watch ends because you do not intend to want miss the bonus and how easy this strategy is, let's get in it hello everyone here again from the smart money tactics channel where i post reliable content every day to give you the tactics and the tricks what you should earn online if this is the first time you're coming to me channel goes down press the subscribe button enable all the notifications so you get it informed every time I post a brand new video way we can make money online together and if you want to know another great way to get started to generate income online it's something i use look at the first link in my description here of another fantastic way you can start to make money online but today I'm going to show you a strategy you can use to make four hundred dollars in one day it's exactly what i did and i'm going to show you how to do it this with zero money guys absolutely no money do you need a few here and there sites we are going to use today one of them is this here where it is called free plr download dot com and another one mentioned here also these are two fantastic sites to cut back on to become free e-books and I will show you how to can promote these e-books to make money online with zero dollars to start and you will not believe how fantastic is this strategy i've been doing these guys for a very long time when I first started and I had grown up days and I had sluggish days but it can definitely work for you, but the first thing you need to do should you think about what kind books you want to use and the way I used to do it I used to go to a site like it is called cb this is a website where you can go to see what affiliate products do really good on clickbank if you do not have a bank available your country you can create a website called digistore24 use and all you have to do is sign up this platform and then you can create a find very similar product what you will find on cb engine so what does it involve so you come here and what you can do is on the left here you can look at new products you can also look at top gravity products and what they basically mean is products that are currently really doing well really good at clickbank products that are actually conversion and that is subsidiaries with a good result with as good as you can see here I left it on the greatest gravity and if you come here you can see this product is mentioned here research the godzilla of offers okay so what you can do is that you can come here and you can click on the product here Once you have clicked on this product, you can scroll down and it will show you which category this product is in so now that we know that in the health niche you want to do do you want to and you want to sign up now like i said if you do not have click bank available, just go to digistor24 and if the product is not available appearance for a similar health product, what you want to do do you want to come here click bank once you have joined do you want to come here on the on the left you want to unroll and you want to undergo health and fitness niche once you get on the health and fitness niche it's going to come out here and like You can see here this product is over here it is immediately called research the godzilla of offers now ok is not a health and fitness niche it is natural for people who looking to lose weight, etc., what you want to do if you can come here you can click look at this product familiarize yourself with it, see the type of product it is then from there what you want to do can see how well it goes scroll down and read let's jump from here, now you can they also came here affiliate page if you have a want to see but just what we want to do do we want to come here and want to click on this promotional button Once we click on the promotion button, we will want this affiliate link so we click on it to generate hop links because we know we copied it once someone who clicks on this and buy this product we stand a very good chance of as many as a hundred and five dollars for one buy guys this is some very good money in a niche that always does well it always blows up and if you want make affiliate sales then this is one of the issues you want to go so you can copy the link so how are you going to use it different books here about this free plr download what you can use then to make money with it then let me show you what you want to do do you want to come here now you want to do when you come here and you type weight loss for example good, so if we enter weight loss what you want to do is watch free plr books that you can use now I'm going to show you on this site, but the same applies this site here okay guys so what you guys are doing do you come here and click on free products go free for example ebooks and just looking for free weight loss books okay, let's tell you come back here what we typed weight loss we want to do want us to find a free private label real book what we want to use that will help people lose weight so if we roll back here here guys, I saw this one here it is called 100 weight loss okay free plr ebook so what do you want to do, do you want to click on it now you can also search for fitness and any health tips you want you come down what you want to do do you want to roll all the way up to here and you want to come here and you want to click to download it once Click to download you can see what's going to happen here that it's going to download here only now on our computer download what you want to do is you just want to click on it as soon as it's done and you want to click open when you're done, so I want to click on it and we now want to open it from there what you want to do is you want to open it up and you want to pull it out this file is fine anywhere else on your computer so you can easily get it right or what you can do you can come here and up click this source here you can double click on it and what do it if you want to open this document as soon as you open this document here in word I just let it open now for us as you can see it is now open what you want to do is that you want to come here you want to join editing and what we want to do with it ebook account you can see that if we roll down, we can see it is the complete e-book we have the private label rights we have ability to customize this book changes it and then passes it on someone else going buy it possible so you can make money online what you want to do, guys you want to do scroll back to top and i'm going to show you where you can promote it okay and earn money the promotion of the book plus earn money on this affiliate sale so what do you want to do you want to come here and what we want to do is we watch to add the affiliate link for this product we know do really good and if people read it e-book and then click on this link buy to make money online and this is a passive form of income with traffic source that will surprise you so much keep looking so you come here and just type something like click here [Music] for the best weight loss product on the market so you guys come here guys and then what if you highlight it right-click and see where it stands click here link and as soon as it appears here Right-click here for the address and click ok, you can also highlight it's okay and just click on bold and if possible look now here it's going to stand out therefore someone who gets this e-book click on it goes directly to take that product and what you want to do do you want to come here what you want to copy it and you want to paste it a few times within this e-book so that you can here enter enter paste it into the scroll down and you want to do it a few times within this e-book then from there what you want to do is save this file okay as pdf because what we're going to do now am i going to show you exactly where you can promote it and how others are do it to make money online, but a many people do not what i show you so i go gives you a bonus strategy to make money online with this so you can come here you click on file as soon as you click on it file guys what you want to do is you want to click to save as as soon as you click to save as you wish save it as a pdf document and you want to choose a source where you want to save it inside your computer and it's up to you where you want to do it so from now on you want to do it need to find out where you're going promote this e-book account and the way I use to do this have I been to ebay before and I used to sell it as an e-book and just to show you people do it if you come here and type affiliate marketing for example if you come and go here affiliate marketing or if you type affiliate marketing ebook my apology so you come over and type in e-book you can see that there are many people which promotes and sells affiliates marketing books look at this discuss here associated marketing to success now guarantee if we come here and we tap affiliate marketing on here [Music] and we hit Enter and we scroll down go find these e-books for affiliate marketing take a watch this as we begin to roll there you go it's a free book that people sell email when you come here again look at this it's exactly the same e-book now everyone must do is when you have these different open files like this here if I'm going back here, you have the also cover for this if you graphics if you click on one of these one, it is are you going to give it coverage e-book and then you can use that coverage to upload it directly to ebay let me show you when you come back for you look at this see how many of these different types of e-books that people are download above on ebay to make money online as we return here we look of course do it in the weight loss niche if we remove it, we'll come here enter weight loss ebook okay, and we have our offer inside people are going to come here and look at these guys and what you want to do is what you want sell this ebook for as little as I mean, look at this person sells it for eight cents this is a digital e-book they are going for to receive immediately and as soon as they go through it and read it e-book if they are on one of click those links here are the book guys we just have downloaded there are people doing it over and over and you have the the ability to access this site here you have the ability to to get this side from here do everything in each niche do weight loss affiliate marketing make money do relationships online whatever you do wants to get over to cb engine because cb engine goes tell what the rankings were then what's going really well with associated marketing and you can start making money over and over it does not work do you have anything upload it on ebay to get started sell and until you sell it it costs you nothing and you can start it from anywhere in the world and as you can see guys people do it every day but the difference is they want to make money online with just selling this e-book what you want to do is add your affiliate link below so that you can start making money, it's super simply but super efficient and you can get started do it right after you watch it video so this was my video for today guys and how you are going to make 400 in one day with zero money to get started with affiliate marketing and these ebooks you can get absolutely free if you enjoy the video hit the similar button in appreciation go downstairs leave me a comment let me know what you thought of this video and do not forget to watch this video here if you want another fantastic way to make money online until tomorrow I am alan out of smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye

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