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My last video went viral on TikTok with
over 1.2 million views and counting in the first four days alone, I talked about how you can make $40 an
hour by doing some simple services from the comfort of your phone. And thus
I turned that into a YouTube video. So make sure you watch that after
you get done watching this video. So you might be asking,
how can I top that? Well, I just had another video go viral
yesterday on TikTok talking about how you could make $400 an hour by just
reading within the first 24 hours. It had over 1.3 million views,
10,000 likes, 10,000 shares, and hundreds of comments asking me to
please do a more detailed video on how to do this and make that money. Well, you
asked for it. So here it is. They tuned. What's going on fam? Justin Houser here And welcome
to the Justin Houser show. Where I go over vital information
in only 5 minutes on how to make you financially smart and rich. Feel free to check the
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So let's get right into how to make
$400 an hour by just reading a book with over 7 billion people on the earth and
50% of them being online or three and a half billion people. It has never been easier to make
money online than in today's society. So today's video is about a website
called audio book creation exchange, or simply abbreviated as ACX.
ACX was launched by audible, which is owned by Amazon, in 2011.
ACX is a marketplace where authors, literary agents, publishers, and other rights holders can
connect with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other producers
capable of producing audio books. Um, I have no idea what you just said,
Justin. Okay. To put in layman's terms, ACX is a website that connects authors
or publishers with people who are capable of reading the book like you and I.
ACX puts you in the driver's seat.

They are directly partner with Amazon
and Apple and thus will make the audio books available on
audible, Amazon and iTunes. I'm now going to go over the 10 easy steps
to get you started making money fast, but first let's go ahead and get
that elephant out of the room. Is it a scam and how can I get paid
at to answer the first one? No, it is not a scam. This is a
company, as I mentioned before, that is owned by Amazon. That alone is proving its
validity and number two, there are two ways that you can get paid, which I will go into
detail later in the video.

The first way is what's called a per
finished hour rate and the second is where you share 50% of the royalty. The Per finished hour rate goes up to
$400 per hour and even sometimes $1,000 per hour. The 50% of royalties is hard to predict
as it could be tens of thousands of dollars or even more. So how could it
really be this much just to read a book, if you remember when I said earlier that
ACX is partner with Apple and Amazon. Well, this partnership creates an audience of
over 150 million Amazon prime members and audible members and 100 million
iTunes or iPhone users. Yes, a total of 250 million customers
at your Beck and call note. ACX created an ACX university that
goes over everything that I'm about to mention in this video,
but in extreme detail, they go over audio book performance
production and marketing featuring instruction from authors, narrators, and studio pros at the
top of the industry. So make sure you check it out after
this video. And now the 10 steps, the first step to get and to make some
money online is to create a profile. Head over to click sign
up now and then create your profile.

This part is the most crucial of the
entire process as you are setting up your profile that the authors or
producers will be searching for. So let's imagine that you just
sign up for an online dating site. How about your information, like your
hobbies, interests, qualities, et cetera? How about if you're applying for a job?
How detailed would you make your resume? How long would you spend making sure
it is perfect in every way possible? This same goes for this
profile. Take your time. So what information should you include
and what makes a profile considered strong? Make it as complete as
possible. Do not leave anything blank.

Choose a professional
headshot or company logo. Provide detailed descriptions of your
acting credits, awards, achievements, and also provide your
website if applicable. The second step to get paid and make
some money online is to upload your samples. So you might be wondering why would I
want to do this and am I required to providing audio samples of your work
demonstrates your range and also could set you above the pack. Are
you required to? Yes, you are required to include at least
one sample that is tagged with an accent and your vocal information. ACX doesn't have a limit of how
many samples that you can upload. So my recommendation is to upload as
many as possible to show the different accents, genre and style.

more audio samples you include, the easier it is for
the authors. Define you. Note that samples are listed
newest to oldest on your profile, so keep this in mind when uploading them. And the third step you get paid and make
some money online is to decide how you want to get paid. As mentioned above, there are a couple of
different ways to get paid. The first one is a per finished hour
rate in the second is where you can share 50% of the royalties. So what does
cost per finished hour actually mean? Audio book producers are paid based on
the length of the completed audio book times the agreed upon rate.

So let's say the agreed upon rate was
$400 per hour and the finished audio book was 10 hours long. You just got paid $4,000 not that
bad of a payday for 10 hours of work. So what does it mean to
choose royalty option? The terms and conditions of
this is long and tedious, so make sure you check out
for the exact details. But in short, you get between 25 to 50% of the world. Royalties made from the sell of the
audio book on all the platforms that I listed above audible, Amazon and iTunes. And the fourth step to get paid and
make some money online is to audition. Once the first three steps are complete, you will go and search for the books
that you're interested in narrating and producing.

You can search
by genre fiction accents, project length, compensation style,
and over four different languages. Once you find a book, you will then
record a few minutes of the manuscript. So now you might be wondering how
long should I record a sample for? You will need to record usually two
to three pages of the manuscript, totaling only about three to five
minutes of you actually reading it. So after you submit the sample you wait. If you happen to be the
right holder's top choice, you'll receive an offer which leads us
into the next step. Quick interlude. If you're getting value so far and you
appreciate all the research that's been done in this video, can you help
me out and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON? So let's hurry up and get
through the final six steps. The fifth step to get paid and make
some money online is to accept the offer when the rights holder and makes you an
offer. You will agree on a few things. The delivery date for the
first 15 minutes of audio, the delivery date for the final audio
book, and also the payment terms.

The six step to get paid and make some
money online is to start recording. This is a really exciting part.
This is when you will record, edit and upload the 15 minute
checkpoint of the audio book. So what does this 15 minute checkpoint? The first 15 minutes can be a
portion of a chapter or a section. This file doesn't need
to be a full 15 minutes, but it should be an accurate
representation of what the
rights holder can expect when they receive the final audio. The file should be fully edited and
engineered to indicate the final quality. Once you receive the rights holder will
approve or provide feedback with the sample when it's approved.

You can then start to record
the remainder of the project. The seventh step to get paid and make
some money online is to work with other studio professionals. This is not necessary but it is a
good idea if you want to broaden your portfolio, increase your chances of getting picked
up for additional audio books and also to get some crucial guidance
from other audio book experts. Note if you do want to do this step ACX
has independent contractor agreements that you can use. The eighth step to get paid and make
some money online is to finish the recording, upload each completed chapter of the
audio book to meet ACX'S audio submission requirements and
production standard terms, so what are these audio
submission requirements? If
you look here on the screen, here are the requirements.

Pause the video if you want to and see
them in detail or just go directly to you're also on the screen are
the production standard terms. Again, pause the video if you want to see them
in detail or just go to note before the rights holder
approves the entire audio book. They do have the right to request
changes if it doesn't meet their exact specifications and the ninth step to get
paid and make some money online is to get paid.

Finally, we made it. This is
the step that we are all waiting for. If you and the rights holder
agreed on a pay for production fee, you will be paid directly
by the rights holder. If you produce the audio
book as a royalty share deal, then you'll be paid 50% of the royalties
on the sales and 50% of the $50 bounty payment. So what are
these bounty payments? You earn a $50 bounty every time your
audio book is the first purchase of a new audible member.

And the 10th and final step to get
paid and make some money online, is to come back for more.
Look, as mentioned previously, ACX currently has over
2,500 titles to choose from, which is also growing on a daily
basis. So keep auditioning. Note, if you're a narrator with at least
25 audio book credits to your name, you can now apply to be an
audible approved producer, which is the cream of the crop. These guys are in a different
category of their own. This is where you should work up
to in order to get the best deals. Most of these producers actually have
to decline requests due to their plate being so full. So there it is, how to
make $400 an hour to just read a book.

Now it's time for question of the day. Which payment method are
you going to choose and why? Please leave your answer below in the
comments as I would love to connect with you and remember, GOD sees you and HE
loves you! See you on the next video..

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