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$300 or a lot more actually in one hour automatically once you set this up you
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let's dive into this opportunity on how you can make $300 or even more in one
hour automatically let's go alright guys so basically we all know the
circumstances that we live in right now so how can we take advantage of it well
I just came up with the idea by see what people are actually having on their
daily life and what are people worrying these days they're wearing safe masks
right okay so I did a research and I just want to offer a vault here and I
typed safe masks okay so look at this we have actually two offers
we have safe masks this is an econ product and this is international so the
first one pays 35 and the second one pays 30 now we can see here that these
are from Max bounty this is an affiliate Network and this is Express revenue I&C
so basically I did my research here and I found out that this is the exact same
mask but max bounty they pay you $35 and this company here expressed revenue I&C
they pay you $30 so what you're going to do is you're going to have to apply to
both the networks to see which one is going to approve you so I'm going to
assume that we go for the lowest bet because otherwise I've got to say that
you can easily make three hundred and fifty dollars or even more but the
potential here is so big you're going to see here on exactly on how we can take
advantage of this so a lot of people research for buying safe masks okay and
if I go here and open this one you can see that this is how it looks the face
mask that is the best protection against viruses and air pollution made with
nanotechnology to filter the air you breathe and so under so you can have a
look at the details for yourself actually if you come to the site here
now how are we going to take advantage of this and earn Commission's by selling
the safe masks well the number one opportunity is actually YouTube itself
because look at this I just type safe mask here and well it says here that it
is 81 searches per month it is not true because look at this 4.6 million views
two weeks ago okay do you realize that this is a potential to take advantage of
right now so how are we going to take advantage of it well basically we need
vdq or two body both are great tools are used both I use paid versions actually
but you can get started with the free versions so let's go here with two body
okay let's check it out and see what it says safe mask okay it's a fair keyword
which means that it is 38 of the hundred but
we have some opportunities here to have a closer look at okay other keywords
actually so let's see here safe mask shop review for example it's a fair
keyword let's go back again and see what was the other keywords that we have here
safe mask at home let's see what this is whoops bingo there you go you see here
that this is a very good keyword to target okay so if I do this right here
let's see what the results are and look at this
definitely a good keyword to focus on okay dIY homemade surgical face mask
okay five hundred and forty eight thousand views this is amazing look at
this 4.4 billion views and this was just two weeks ago okay one month ago 2.9
million views so you can get tons of traffic by taking advantage of this now
how do you do videos now if you are afraid of showing yourself in the camera
well all you have to do is actually you can just start talking like I do now and
share your screen about the safe mask or if you have purchased the safe mask for
yourself you can do a review about it okay you can get started to talk about
this site how to purchase people wants to know how to purchase with it just
show them that you have to click on this for example there is so many ways that
you can go around with this and you have the alternative actually to download a
free screen recorder one would be OBS the open broadcaster software it's
totally free to get started to download this or you can go to alternatively
screencast-o-matic now I use Camtasia it is a paid one but there is a 14-day
trial if you want to get started with that as well so basically if I go back
here and show you a safe mask at home okay now you do need of course to record
the video and the next thing when you have done it you will render the video
and of course you will need to upload it so how do you upload and take advantage
of getting the most out of your video here well basically we need to do a good
title to get started with and you can see here I just opened up one of my
older videos here just to show you so basically we want to take advantage of
safe mask at home we let's go and look and see the most popular videos here so
how can we take advantage of it well we need to actually take have a look at
what is a good catchy title or how can we make a good catchy title but we still
want to use the safe mask at home so it could be for example I don't know I
haven't anything planned or prepared here so I'm just going to improvise a
little bit basically do you need to have a safe mask at home for example okay
this could be one title for your keyword and if I just go here let's go back and
see how does this look here and this looks really good because I don't see
anyone that is using this so this could be a great title okay now the next thing
that we need to do is of course we want to get approved and we need to have our
link there in the description and you can see it is exactly as you see my
videos here the first thing that we need to do is take advantage of this and use
it right in the beginning of the description again now next thing we need
to do is you can see I have my number one recommendation but you can actually
have this that grab your face mask here or now for example okay
and then you want to use your affiliate link if it is a long ugly link you can
use a link shortener bitly would be for example my number one go-to
recommendation it will look something like this
and let's go back here again and continue the next thing that we need to
do is actually put in a description and use your imagination here
you're putting some copy use also becky word this is super important to use your
keyword in the description here talk about the safe mask why they need a safe
mask no matter if they are at home do they really need it while they're at
home ooh do they need it only when they are out and so under do your research
about this and focus on it use the keywords don't stuff the keywords there
okay the next thing we want to take advantage of his hash tags this is also
something that has become very popular so it could be for example face mask
okay and then you are more or less done another thing to keep in mind that it is
important use also an affiliate disclaimer here okay this is super
important tip to keep in mind to stay on the safe side I would actually use an
affiliate disclaimer I use it on all my videos so make sure you stay safe there
and then you are ready to go just upload the video and all you have to do is in
the beginning when you have published the video you need to promote it promote
it so you can get some views and likes and comments and feedback and then it
will start to rank the next thing that you can do is actually more or less you
record the exact same video but you use other titles and other keywords there
are pretty similar okay so I mean if I go back here again and have a look at
the safe mask for example let's see if we go back here there you go
you could see earlier that we had other alternatives and even if they are more
competitive it is definitely a great way to take advantage of it okay so you can
see here you can play with a safe mask test for example I don't know this was a
bad idea but I think you get the point here okay safe mask for kovat 19 for
example I'm not sure I don't know really okay oh look at this this is a good
keyword okay a safe mask
to use okay let's go here for coffee 19 for example okay this was a fair keeper
so I have to go back again but I think you get the point here you don't need to
experiment and don't limit yourself but this is a great keyword tool that will
help you actually to see it you can also use Vedic you as I said they are pretty
similar you're going to get a few different results so basically you can
take advantage of both okay and you can say your corona virus outbreak for
example gives us a high this is number 70 this is a high popular keyboard for
example so you can use that also now a great way to actually use tags here the
next thing we need to do is if I go down a little bit of course you need to have
a compelling a good catchy thumbnail but this is also super important okay we
need to have tags because that is what tells to YouTube that this video is
related to these keywords here these tags and we want to take advantage of it
you can see here that these are the keywords for the first video that we can
see here so what our video a border I'm sorry what our tags and keywords that
are all related to what we're going to upload well safe mask at home you can
see here look at this DIY face mask for example how to face math tutorial this
could be another tag okay so we are telling YouTube that this is related to
these tags and keywords and then it's going to actually recommend every time
someone sees this video they might also recommend your video as
a suggested video so this is a great way to take advantage of it right now guys
because you can see here here are more keywords just copy this okay you can
open it up actually like this and I believe you hold if I just go down here
look at this okay you can see here you can copy it to
clipboard and you can have your tags and keywords there so you can just paste
them okay make sure they are related as I said to the video this is super
important and of course then you are ready to upload the video as I said and
start to drive traffic to it alright so there you have it
as you probably can realize right now the potential of making money with this
right now is super hot and you can definitely make much more than just 300
dollars now as I said in the beginning if you are interested in focusing on
building a real long term sustainable online business make a full time passive
income online I do have my number one recommendation right here below that I
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video recommendation at the end screen here thank you very much for watching
and I'll see you in the next one

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