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in this video today I want to give you a show strategy I used and many of people I know to do as as much as two hundred and fifty dollars in one per hour is this strategy absolutely free and it is worldwide and I will show you everything in this video step-by-step on how to get there start where you are going to get all these things information you need how to go will generate this income and how you will pay if you want start earning money and serious money during this shutdown in the period we make sure you keep an eye on the whole video because it's a fantastic strategy and you have to help people keep looking her walk it's all here again from the smart money tactics channel where i post reliable content every day until learn how to make money online if this is the first time you're coming to me channel goes to the bottom of the hit subscribe button and switch the whole to notifications so you do not miss I will post a brand new video at any time just like this and you will be notified immediately I ask you to do it hit the similar rating button and go below and comment I know what you thought of this video before you start before we get on this strategy guys i want to let you know that if you want to know how make a consistent $ 500 to $ 1,000 regular basis possible every single person day check out this link from here to my description, click on this call it and see if you have it any questions leave them at the bottom of the description I will be more than happy help you this is something i am do to make money with it is said, let me show you how you are will make money online with this strategy by helping people in this current climate, so what I want to do I like from time to time Google Trends and I Want to Find Out what is currently trending and what potential is out there and I went and of course with the current pandemic it so happened that i went and watched to see how the n95 masks crack and as you can see if I go to the going global statistics are N95 masks of the Judge guys looking for these people for these masks all over the world in order how can you help this people get these masks and make some money on the go, but more importantly you help people and something else I decided to see if I could also look at twelve papers look at disinfectant look at gloves I personally looked protective equipment there are so many opportunity at the moment and you can help these people because as you can suppose we may not we do not leave homes, so how can you benefit and helping people and making money along the way online which is now the most important we all know how efficient affiliates are marketing can be and how profitable it is can be, so I'm going to show you exactly how to earn online with affiliate marketing with a lot easy way to do it absolutely free it also so the site i want show you here, guys are called offer voltcom now it's a site where you can go look for a whole range of different types of products you can promote potential and sell now a number of ways you can promote these products many people regularly do not have to buy something they can go in a drawer and possibly win masks they can win this toilet paper etc all they have to do is to provide details is the first way the second ways they can buy these things and I'm going to show you how to do both strategies so you can make money online with affiliate marketing and doubles the most important as I want to emphasize that you continue to help people who really need these things if you come here what you want do you have this search bar here and what I did was the first thing I did I was looking for n95 masks and what I found was even more exciting for me because I thought to myself wow it's excellent and there are so many opportunity in this you can really make some good money online with this strategy and what I found I was found this mask here what it is called the children mask is good and this mask you can sell in different countries you can see that this mask costs $ 25, but it's a mask for a child i can tell you as a parent if you want to take child in his pandemic and you want to protect them is $ 25 absolute nothing to spend to protect you children, so what I did was that I came here I clicked here and it takes you to a page that looks like this now, as you can see here, categories for guys retail and model leader is $ 25 it's for good buy lands Australia United Kingdom Israel Canada your news and the United States now well, we all know the United Kingdom and the United States at the moment can really use these masks and many people would may be interested in buying it's okay for their kids, so everyone should you deal with this particular to do fees you need to get to you and you must click on this offer as soon as you click to bid, it offers what going to do, is it going to allow you to sign up for these affiliates dot-com company that allows you to cut becomes a subsidiary for them so you can promote it as soon as you do it gives you a link you can use and this is the link you are is anyone going to provide people now who clicks on the link that goes to happen is that they are going to see it page here and this page here is the page advertising the product this is the link when they click on it call this is what they are going to see they are now going to click to shop and they can potentially buy these masks for children they can protect of course against what on happens right now, so it's a great way to make money online but think about it it costs $ 25 for one of these masks which is nothing if you have one or two children right and these masks last easy to make 10 to 2230 sales at the moment because they sell out and everyone's looking for the Mackay guys and i will show you where you can come this free traffic for this type masks, this is the first way you can make money online with this strategy the second way you can make money online with this strategy must guys type toilet paper and our toilet paper at the moment for some reason a many people buy toilet paper but the problem people have is proportionate although the curve with the came down number of people going out and buying these things that many people are not allowed to leave their homes like this If you help get these things well you can help them by going in then their email address and go to a download to get free toilet paper for you must also remember that many people have lost their jobs, so how can you help these people all you need you come here and as you can see there are all these different promotions here and there you will be paid every single lead when someone signs up to this to get the free toilet paper you're going to pay two dollars fifty per lead they do not have to buy anything they're just going to pull to win it, but what happens is when these people sign in and they provide their email address company will send proof in future they email for other things they can buy, and this is how it is for them worth paying you two dollars fifty per lead, what you want to do is you want to come here and you can click on any of these things if possible see some pay up to two dollars fifty per dollar fifty dollars fifty two and all these things differ countries guys, so you want just click on one of these one here pays a dollar fifty two so if we click below here is someone signing up for this and send their email from the United States Kingdom you are going to pay one dollar and fifty-two cents and all you need do is to continue to provide these links and someone who clicks on it, it goes continue to earn this money online and someone who does it draws a draw where they can potentially win for free toilet you lost your job and you can not get out to get it for free roll of toilet paper is a fantastic way and that I have to do a lot of everything they need to do is to enter everything you need to click on the network as soon as you click to join the network it will take you to a page that looks like this you come here and join this network and then you can start promoting any offers these guys say are a great way for you to make money with affiliate marketing, but how about you going to get this traffic where are you If I did it right, I did little little research and I found two ways on the moment where the traffic is very hot and you can get started these guys and everything you need to do as soon as you join different affiliate programs are just the link for this okay so the first place I found is where I came from Facebook and I started searching things like toilet paper I came here and I started looking for things like n95 masks and I really wanted to see how you can possibly provide it to people get targeted traffic so you can make money online and I go too to show you a traffic source again this about how you are going to make make money online with this strategy use affiliate marketing to help you do not want to miss it so much what happens is if you go to you and I are looking for toilet paper can come here and you can find groups that are happening now are people created these groups so that you can go here and tell people where they are can find toilet paper how they can get it where they can go it for free where they can get it discount and what I found was that many of these groups you can post different links there because you there to help people in other ways it and to really scale it, it is to create your own Facebook group because so many people come here the moment and they are looking for this stuff that I want to go out so you can provide your link and you can say it you can possibly get toilet paper Enter for free and go on our draw you can imagine how many people would sign up for free toilet paper and then buy some in the average time so this is one way you can do it if you come here for groups and you can do it elsewhere you can do this of course with the market in order as you enter marketplaces or you could possibly go here and advertise your different types of toilet paper you all have also your N95 masks, so it works both strategies that work for this toilet paper and it works also your masks are $ 25 so all you have to do is come across these different marketplaces here okay so you come to you to market you type in toilet paper what you are going to do you can browse here and you simply click home sales for example when you are on home sales are going to take it over to a page that looks like this and it is where you can click to sell something and this is where you can go sell it's okay so what you do is you would come to here and you will look for toilet paper well, now the problem is this you want to do is to advertise your toilet paper fur is really like that person advertises it for free and it can be the draw a lot similar to the start-up strategy and then they just need them enter details now what happened when you advertise it for free, probably go to the top of the point search field because there are so many people click on so many people active with this link so you can see that's why this is free here and you can find so much of this thing you can come here and do it exactly the same thing now all you need to do from here is to repeat this process you can bring in toilet paper that you can place in hand disinfectants you can n95 masks protective equipment and you come click here to sell think if you click once to see something it gives you the option here to add your listing above, you can add a photo and then all you have to do put all the information in it and then people will start buying it of you and you will start making money online I guarantee you especially the masks for children live because you can imagine that people are looking for these things they can not go out and buy these are specific masks for these types of situations now I told you that there was another way I found you can potentially make money online with affiliate marketing using this strategy and what i did was i just went to search on different social media sites and then I was one Twitter okay and the reason I went to Twitter it is because I to check here what I did, I was typed where can i find n95 masks and what it's going to do, it's going to show me each and every one what it is use this search term Twitter so you can go to Explorer on your On Twitter page you go to the latest post here and you type in where can i find n95 masks and when i started when I scroll down I start to see people arrive here and literally put in comments where can i find specific n95 masks or surgical masks needed in Canada for example, so that you scroll down and let us now look that we have found that we were looking for this particular product that Canada was one of those countries where your potential can be see this must if you come to see it out, so it was a childproof mask and it's Canada in order now these masks can work on everyone but specifically in children, and this is where you can find people to promote these different kinds of the offers of sweets we browse here these are the youngest guys we're talking about it's not like old, it's via five hours ago 15 hours ago 16 hours ago etc and there are people looking for this every single minute of every day and all you have to do is go there and send them a link showing where they can come this or what they need to do is to to click buy it and you will make twenty five dollars over and over and probably tell them to share it connects with their friends with their family and everyone who clicks on it you will continue to make money online with affiliate marketing, but more what you do is you to help people in this time of need and you make money along the way a win-win situation and you can start directly watched this video so this was my video for today guys and how you can earn $ 250 an hour with affiliate marketing in this current climate guys, i hope you enjoyed it video if you did as I said: like button in appreciation and as I always have a few more videos featured here different ways to level more money online guys until tomorrow you stay safe and goodbye

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