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in this video i demonstrate how to get faith to watch videos a new method for earning free paypal money for viewing videos online in 2021 how could it be done well we'll find out soon enough in this video i will show you a full step-by-step tutorial on how to set up this amazing income stream so make sure to pay attention to every second of this video because i will be dropping some hidden tips and tricks that you can use with this method to maximize your earnings like most of the videos that i upload this method is 100 free and you will not be needing any credit cards or online banking info this method also works worldwide so no matter where you are from watching you will be able to use this method to generate an online income imagine this what if you could press a button watch a brief video and earn four dollars in less than 30 seconds that's exactly what i'm gonna be showing you in this video because i'll show you how to watch a short and simple video like this and start earning free paypal money in a moment this method has already paid out a total of 4.5 million dollars in total and you can have a piece of that massive pie if you start today you only need a smartphone or a computer to get started so this technique is completely free like i said before and it's also worldwide but first hello and welcome to earn pal where we teach you how to make money online every single day make sure to subscribe to the channel and don't forget to hit the notification bell so that you can be notified whenever we upload a new video on how to make money online in 2021 please give this video a big thumbs up and leave us a comment down below we reply to every one of our viewers now let's get back to the video in just a moment i will be showing you how to sign up for a free account and which video will pay you the most money in addition towards the end of this video i'll show you actual proofs and extra bonus tips that will help you earn five times more money than everyone else so make sure you stick until the end of the video now before we continue on with the video i'm curious as to which country you guys are watching from right now leave a comment down below saying which country you're watching from so that i know where my viewers are coming from let's get this party started first and foremost i'd like you to go to this website called twitch is a video streaming service that is very popular and that focuses on video game broadcasting so people are playing video games while going live it also provides music broadcasts artistic materials and a lot more as you can see there are a variety of videos from various channels that you may all view for free and as you may have guessed the majority of these videos are gaming related so we're going to be using these videos to make a lot of money now i want you to click on the browse button at the top of the page and it will take you to this page where you can select different categories of different videos to view on this website now i want you to concentrate on this specific category called fortnite this is currently one of the most popular video games so please go ahead and click on this category and that will take you to the fortnite area this particular segment has nearly over 73 million followers a large number of people are interested in watching these kinds of videos and if you scroll down you'll find even more videos that you can watch and earn money from moving on to the next step i'd want you to visit this website called okey e dot io so basically this is how it works first you must create a free account on the website once you've created an account you'll be able to use the site to shorten a long url link assume that i want to shorten the url link to this video from to do so i must first copy the url link for this video and then go back to and put the full url link right here all i have to do now is click this button to shorten this link this is the abbreviated link or shortened link offered by the website as you can see this is where the magic takes place when people click on this shortened link right here you will be paid per click over and over again it is also determined by who clicks on your link so for example if someone from germany clicks on your link you will receive four dollars and you'll get 4.10 if individuals are from the united states and they click on your link as a result the compensation rate will fluctuate based on the country from where the person who clicked on your shortened link arrived that is the same method through which all of these folks from all around the world are able to make money online now take a look at this has already paid the total of 4.5 million dollars and has over 500 000 registered members who are all actively using this website and making money on a daily basis the great thing is that this website accepts a variety of payment methods including paypal payza skrill web money bitcoin and bank transfer but wait before we get any further i'd like to remind you that we have more videos on this channel earn pal on how to make money online the goal of our channel is to teach you how to generate an online passive income stream so you can actually reach financial freedom which is something that everyone dreams about i put a lot of time and effort into making these videos to ensure that each one of these methods work so i would appreciate your support guys if you subscribe hit the notification bell and also share this video with your friends like and comment down below now let's get back to the video let me explain to you how you can create a free account on this website so all you have to do is click the sign up button at the top of the page and it will take you to this website where you can sign up for free membership simply enter your username your email address followed by your password to do so then click i'm not a robot and finally click submit when you're through making your account this is what your dashboard will look like where you can see how many people clicked on your link and how much money you have earned so far because this is a new account and we haven't shortened any links yet you can see that this is zero dollars so i'm going to show you how to do it right now so firstly i want you to go back to the first website that we've covered in this method and you must find three videos in the fortnite genre so for example let's assume you choose this one right here for you debut video all you have to do now is watch the video and then click on the share button after that go ahead and copy the url link now we'll go back to okie the i o on our dashboard and then we'll pass the long url link we copied previously right here in the box then i'd like you to press the shortened button and as you can see the url will be automatically shortened by this website so next i'd like you to press the copy button now what you want to do now is start making a quick fortnight article which you can copy from the internet and then use it on your google docs this is my fortnite article template which you can just copy and paste and use to start making money right away this is how i structured my template so basically i'll offer a brief description of the game first followed by something similar to this click the buttons below to see more fortnite videos right now and here's where we'll paste the shortened links to the three videos you will earn money whenever people click on your links as a result of this let's say that for video number one i'm going to paste the first link that we've shortened right here this is my first url link as you can see so anytime people click on your links you'll earn different amounts of money based on whatever country they're from for example if individuals in norway click on your links you will earn three dollars all you have to do now is repeat the previous steps so for the second video we must return to click on the share button and copy this long url link and then we'll return to okie.i o on our dashboard then right here in the box we'll paste the full url link to the second video and then we must select shorten and once again the website will shorten the link for you so all you have to do now is click copy and paste it right into the template or the article about the fortnite one that we made then simply copy and paste the second link right here for video number two so for video number three simply follow the same steps as we did before for number one and number two and that's all there is to it now as i promised you guys here is the bonus tip i'd like you to visit this forum which is called this is a well-known gaming community where people debate various gaming topics including fortnite videos this forum is one of my favorites because it is completely free and accessible from anywhere around the world there are numerous active debates going on and people discuss various gaming subjects on a daily basis and as you can see there are a lot of engagements and postings in the general gaming section of the pc discussions with over 700 topics and over 29 000 messages if we click on general gaming we will be taken to this website where we may find many posts many people are writing very short and easy messages on this forum and they are receiving a lot of attention and there are plenty of chances available right here on this website when we search for fortnite we can see there are a lot of people talking about it this particular video game category is now in high demand and as you can see on fortnite has over 73 million followers which is incredible so pcgamer's forum on the other hand is a great place to share this template so whenever someone clicks on one of your shortened links you will earn money in the same manner that all of these folks are able to make enormous money online and that's all there is to it that is exactly how you are compensated for watching videos online and that brings us to the end of the video before we go subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell be sure to also share the video with your friends like and comment down below and i'll see you guys tomorrow take care

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