WHAT IS UP NINJAS so welcome to another exciting video today we are going to talk about the easiest way to make money in 2018 when you have zero money to start it's so easy it's like making money up here alright guys so in this video if you understand the three things on this gigantic piece of paper right here then you are going to be able to make money fast with no money to start just from what is up here right because what we're going to talk about in this video is not only how to get paying customers right to pay you thousands of dollars just for what's contained in your brain we're also going to talk about where to find them right because the hardest part about all of this is actually finding the customers right if you know how to do things that's part one part two is getting people to actually pay you for your skills right so really quickly guys we're going to talk about these three things and we're going to jump into my computer screen I'm going to share my screen and I'm going to show you guys exactly the number one strategy that I teach my students and I teach thousands of people about how to find wildly profitable paying customers to pay you just for what is up here right so the pixel the Facebook pixel all big advertising companies in the world have some sort of pixel google has Google Analytics right the global site tag Facebook has the Facebook pixel Yahoo has the dot Cora Microsoft Bing everyone has their own version of this basically at the end of the day what it is guys is a small snippet of code that Facebook provides you that you put on the back end of your website whether it's clickfunnels or WordPress or Shopify right you put your Facebook pixel code on the back end of your website there's tutorials on how to set it up no matter what you're using right if you're using WordPress if using click funnels just Google search how to install Facebook pixel click funnels WordPress right Wix it does not matter there is a tutorial so what the Facebook pixel is is a little piece of code that allows you to retarget exact people who come to your site and what I mean by that is let's say that I own a camping site a camping website right and let's say that John my friend John comes to the camping website if John comes to the camping website he might be taking a look at you know a new camping backpack if he's looking at a camping backpack on my website and I have the Facebook pixel properly installed then I can immediately show John an advertisement for that exact backpack that he was just viewing on my website I can show him an ad for that same backpack on Facebook right it's called retarget and it's how you make a ton of money with Facebook ads and with marketing in general guys and remember the more you learn the more you earn so when you know the definitions and you're able to speak the marketing language you can impress clients and you can get them to actually trust in you to allow you to run ads for them and more importantly to pay you to run ads for them a CA or a custom audience guys is one of if not the most important part of Facebook advertising of creating a Facebook ad agency what it means is it allows you to create an audience of people that have performed a certain action right so you can create a custom audience of everyone who's come to your website for example you can create a custom audience of a list of emails of your past customers you can create a custom audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook page and then you can show ads to that exact specific custom audience guys and if you understand how to create custom audiences the right way then you can seriously take your advertising to the next level for example one of the most profitable custom audiences that I personally use is we target people who have seen the order page of my products right of my Shopify store and we target people who have not seen the Thank You page or the confirmation page or the purchase page and what that means guys is we're only showing our advertisement to people who have expressed serious interest in our product by coming to the order page but were but have not yet purchased right so we're only talking to people who have viewed the order page but have not viewed the confirmation page or purchase basis right because if they had purchased they would have seen the purchase page so what we're doing is targeting ultra targeted people who have looked at our products but have not yet bought that's just one example custom audiences are incredible I suggest you guys learn more and if you want to take a look at last week's video that we did we actually gave away a completely free mini course on Facebook ads that has everything you need to know to bind your first customer and create wildly profitable ads a complete introduction right a mini course in last week's video we gave it away to the first hundred people but we had such a huge response to it that we decided to open up a few more spots so if you haven't guys after this video is over right make sure you watch this or you're going to miss out but after this video is over make sure you check out last week's video where gave away a completely free Facebook Ads mini-course right so the last thing is an ll a what an ll a is is a look-alike audience a look-alike audience was one of the most revolutionary things that Facebook ever introduced what it allows you to do is create a huge audience from what's called a source audience so let's say that a hundred people have come to your website right you create a custom audience of those exact 100 people but if you're showing ads to a hundred people right they're going to get bored of those ads very quickly a hundred people make seem like a lot but when you're advertising it's not that much of what a look-alike audience allows you to do is say okay from that hundred people that viewed your website let's create a look-alike audience of two million people who share as many common attributes as possible with the custom audience so they might say okay well your custom audience is 75 percent men who are aged 25 through 34 right who live in the United States let's go find 2 million other you know 25 to 34 year old men who live in the United States who like certain things right so it's a genius way that Facebook uses their incredibly complicated algorithms and systems and code to find you a ton of other people who are also ultra interested in what you have to say so let's jump into my computer right now guys and I'm going to show you how I teach my students to find their first customers to actually pay them thousands and thousands of dollars to run ads for their business so what we're going to do guys is we're going to go into the place where people gather and what I mean by that is when you want to find people to actually pay you to do something that you're good at you go to where the people need help and you help them for free right I know that might sound like a strange concept but that is just how it works guys you go to the place where people gather and you help them for free that's how I started when I started helping people with Amazon that's how I started when I started helping people with Shopify that's how I started when I started helping people with Facebook and you know now I'm lucky enough to have the biggest groups or some of the biggest groups in the entire world for those three things but when I first started out what I did was go I went to the place where people were making money right because people have to have money to pay you money and I went and I started answering their questions so if you've taken the Facebook Ads ninja master class mini course or if you've joined the real program that should the big program right the the full program you're going to have an unbelievable amount of data and skills if you are part of the full Facebook Ads ninja master class shameless plug link in the description you will be the top 1% of people in the entire world at Facebook ads if you take in the mini course right you'll be one you'll be well on your way to a very good introduction of Facebook ads but again if you've taken the full course you're going to be in the top 1% in the entire world so feel confident that you're able to help these people so what I do is come in and click funnels the group for example there's a hundred and eighty-four thousand people in this group but I'm going to go to search this group and I'm gonna type in Facebook ads right and what I'm going to do is sort by most recent who is growing their Facebook business page right you could give your opinion on that and saying you know Facebook ads helped me grow my facebook business page from zero to a hundred thousand likes in a month right like if you have any more questions feel free to shoot me a message has anyone experienced Facebook Ads performing worse over a period of time you could say something like yeah well like Facebook ads you know the point of Facebook ads is for the long term whether or not it performs like well for a day or two is not what's important right what's important is actually perfect creating long-term ads that perform well over a period of time like a week or a month or even longer than that right and so or you can talk about you know ad fatigue that you know maybe your audience is saturated that you need to create try different custom audiences or create different look-alike audiences and the beautiful thing guys well here we go this is so perfect I'm not even playing this right now hello I'm looking for a Facebook Ads expert I'm currently spending 10k a month on ads every month and business is growing fast we are an e-commerce business I need help with setting up and improving existing ads a big plus if you're good with many chat right the Facebook Ads ninja master class the full course unfortunately this is not part of the mini course the introduction the full course has an entire section on many chat right messenger BOTS which are another huge way that thousands of businesses right now are looking for people to implement many chat and help them set up their messenger BOTS right many chat is a messenger bot service this person is literally four hours ago asking to pay for someone I like this couldn't be more perfect guys I'm like I'm literally I swear to God I did not plan this this person is literally asking to hire someone and they're saying they're spending ten thousand dollars a month on Facebook so they would easily pay you a thousand dollars a month if you know what you're right and so the people out there who are joining the Facebook Ads ninja master class right shameless plug link in the description are becoming the best in the world at Facebook ads and then they're using those skills to go out there and find people to pay them thousands of dollars a month per month every month right to set up their Facebook ads and just set up their mini chat it's a beautiful beautiful thing right what's the best way to get traffic to your new funnel you could say Facebook Ads is the best way to get traffic to your new funnel like you know our favorite ways to do that are setting up custom audiences of website viewers or looking at the top 25 percent of people up via time spent on your website and then targeting them or creating look-alike audiences of your email list right there's so many things you can talk about and if you're saying yourself I don't know what to talk about right it's because you haven't learned it yet I have a completely free hour-long Plus video on Facebook Ads that has almost a million views right if you joined our Facebook Ads ninja master class even the mini course right the mini course is a great introduction if you join the full course then you are an expert if you're actually going through it and you can help these people desperate in need from help from this community here one of my best friends Instagram accounts has been hacked right so not everything is going to be directly applicable but I'm in need of a digital marketing manager right it's beautiful there's so much opportunity every single day if you know how to look for it right that's just one option you can go into some of this is the group I own right 58 thousand people in here people are talking constantly about Facebook as strategies I create ads for a construction industry right all right guys it's time to roast or boast please be gentle talking about a store you know smart people who join the course right here 11 minutes ago this is awesome why the hell are Facebook Ads saying that I'm selling weapons right so you can put your opinion on here tell people you know how that your suggestions offer value for free and when you offer value for free people are going to want to continue the conversation right take it to direct messages and then tell them you know yes I do offer these services if you're interested right I'd be happy to you know show you some results for free or if you already have some clients say that you charge you know a thousand two thousand five thousand dollars a month depending on your skill set and depending on how you know many different clients you have because the more clients you get the more valuable your time that comes and the more you're able to actually charge for that time guys and I'm not even going to show it like there's other groups like this where people are constantly and questions two hours ago 29 minutes ago right and you can just go into these groups find people that need help use the skill what is up here in your brain right don't be like everyone else don't be like those greedy people who say well I need to charge for my time immediately right giveaway value for free people will respect that they'll see you as an expert and then there'll be much more willing and much more likely to hire you at $1,000 per month per client and once you start to have for clients guys that's four thousand dollars a month five clients five thousand dollars a month all of a sudden you're making 60 grand a year profit just from what is contained up here right there's no cost of inventory there's no traditional expenses it's a real thing of beauty guys and so all I want you to do right I don't have a call to action in this video I'm not trying to give you anything all I recommend you do guys is just do something take action be the 1% of people watching this video that actually takes action actually watches you know last week's video which will be the number one link right here in the description I'm going to link to the playlist on how to make more money right you will find that video where I gave away a completely free introductory course for the Facebook Ads a ninja master class or if you're ready and you're ready to invest in yourself and your future and you're ready to join the thousands of other students who are absolutely killing it right now in the Facebook Ads a ninja master class the full course we will have that link right here and we're hooking you guys up with a very special discount so take advantage of that if you want to guys and I can't wait to see all of you guys crush it join the Facebook Ads in ninja master class the mini course or the full course if you're ready to absolutely kill it and until next time guys happy hustling

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