Life of TRMS – Amazon Official Video

[Music] we try to make this place this platform the most trusted you know place to transact online so that itself is a very very important customer centric approach and personal eccentric responsibility that we have in answered when it comes to Amazon Amazon is a copper company it is not really how it works here when you're in college you assume that once you get into the corporate world you're going to like get OBC list but your specialty RNs it encourages your individuality you get to be yourself but still when it comes to work you get me see and inside where there is pleasure you learn to enjoy it the best part is your team members the mentors the QA i'ma kill myself right now and the managers the team is everyone they're so helpful there they're like friends on the first day itself you're back I I was a freshman I didn't know that I get so much growth in this company I've got so much support that now I'm a mentor it feels great to mentor somebody it feels great to show my skills and do something for the company for the employees we all go by the principle of work hard have fun and make history which is what we do on a daily basis this is the process where you don't really get bored pickles you are doing something that a lot of people are never loved to do and every day you get to learn something the growth is so fast you are they growing so much we are is new in Bangalore we got that kind of support and encouragement in grms that helped me grow my bathroom Internet and ensure that doing something for the beam as well as for classes of employees and Amazon especially TRL passes really brilliant it's fabulous place for anyone to look for further opportunities because it's all pervading and it's brilliant physical incredible [Music]

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