Jobs in den Amazon Logistikzentren

before my time at amazon officer in the armed forces before i worked at amazon i worked as belonging and my children i worked as a butcher shop for 22 years after 40 thought the parents my life hello i am yes i have been working here at amazon for two years initially be a temporary solution but now i have so much fun whether he just stayed longer before I was self-employed now I do have a secure job, however, and that's what makes me happy everyone has opportunities for advancement meanwhile empty not even new employees that is that attracts them goods acceptance my workplace here many trucks bring many parcels these are opened here, scanned in, and sorted for further departments prepared I take it from the front and with the article in hand here in the system and get the box the box continues for true storage not worked while now i have my two children got and raised her old and wanted to start working again i have not heard of amazon because of it here at amazon they get an interview making invitation very happy and now i'm working here and here i am extremely happy we are now here in the big tower at the heart of our warehouse this is the real one that is coming straight out of the receiver from the incoming goods area and our task now is to store the whole thing, that is physically both on the shelf as well as virtually via the scanner that every kicker afterwards the Order collects for customers also knows where the items are located means can read directly from the scanner and then look today have a place where we can get the whole thing in that means enough space for the goods that we have the same goods accordingly, we will immediately check whether the title is who we are on the scanner that means whether everything went correctly in the incoming goods area then we check whether the item is damaged and if everything is OK is and everything is correct, the article will be stored before my time at amazon i have tried a lot i have studied acting directing i have interior decorator upholsterer I learned tattooing for a long time then seen amazon looking for places of large stock and thought something new try out what funds get to know I applied and was direct assumed I was able to secure a one-year contract within one month and have been here for two and a half years now, very beautiful, very much, very much beautiful I'm fix and actually send it to amazon to pick picking means if your customer orders goods then i just take it out and the scanner tells me where the subject is before I worked at amazon when i worked as a museum i earned a lot less and i was actually almost only standing at amazon for which i was essential more and i have a lot of movement that totally makes me feel my name is garrett and me work department of a qr stands for inventory control and quality assurance and i'm just doing the subjects on yours checked for completeness so now I can attach a magnet and I can see how many items all in all in the compartment i come to 4 the scanner tells me that system believes there would be other numbers in it, so either more or less check inside whether there is any article jammed or hiding somewhere I could still find my mistake on four articles before my time at amazon i was an officer in the armed forces am now has been working for amazon since september 2012 and then the actually already undertake that you will be promoted here after performance so after the first few months I was able to get on with the first qualify for special functions and have been looking at things since august 2013 team leader has his own 30 to 40-person team and from now on the take the next hurdle and become a manager next to the articles this article comes out of the big tower make a six strings schick scanner off this article take the appropriate card put the item with the invoice in the box maker put down a distance next to the box too Next to the box, place it on the conveyor belt and send it to the next department i worked as a manager for 22 years and myself declares that I have decided to do something completely new in the Neighborhood offspring was the one who works here at amazon too Have a lot of fun with the thing where I just applied here I was accepted immediately and I was happy about it within I was there in the shortest possible time.

I train my new employees here and have a lot of fun doing this work we are here in screen printing the last area of ​​work here at amazon unions when the parcels are sent and I just really enjoy it here work because this work of the varied choice I have one slide sort these parcels and the next day I'm outside and in front of them Your truck the trained painter painter from then on in the garden worked in the landscape sector at some point i got a job in then you found dry ones here at amazon and I am very satisfied with my work here now you know all areas of work here and maybe you want our new colleague soon

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