Is Amazon Work From Home Legit?

Can you really make money with Amazon?
You know, is the Amazon work at home program legit? I'm going to go over how.
There are some legitimate ways to make money with Amazon in this video. But how
most of them are scams. Is the Amazon work from home money program a scam? Are
you going to get ripped off? Now, my guess is you've been to some of these websites
like the ones my editors are showing up here.

And I don't know, there's somewhere
around me. But there are a lot of sites out there that make otherworldly
promises of being able to work from home. For the richest man of the world, Jeff
Bezos and make a ton of money. Now, the fact of the matter is that there
actually are quite a number of ways to make money working at home for Amazon.
And I'm going to go over those on my computer in just a little bit here.

what you also must understand is just like most the sites I flash, if they are
charging you money, if they're saying you have to first pay money to work from
home, then it's a scam, okay? Charging you money for a job is very different from
charging money for education. You know, just give you an idea. I am an
online educator. You know, my business is teaching. And I teach people about a
different area of business. Affiliate marketing, I'm not going to talk about
that. But what I talk about is or what, Amazon. Now, if you see somewhere on the
internet that it costs you money to work from home for Amazon, that is a scam. It
doesn't cost. Amazon is not going to charge you to work with them, okay? That being
said, there are many people out there like myself who are teachers. And there's
a lot of educational programs that teach people how to start their businesses
with Amazon.

I don't teach Amazon. I teach segment called affiliate marketing. If
you want to learn more about that, you can find a link in the description. But
I'm going to show you in this video how
you can work from home with Amazon. There's actually 3 distinct
different ways. So, the first way to make money working at home with Amazon is
taking surveys. It's really basic. You can't make too much money per hour.

can only make about 5 to 10 dollars per hour max. Now, the first way to make
money working at home with Amazon is called Amazon Mechanical Turk. Amazon
will pay you to do basic tasks with them. They're called H-I-Ts or Human
Intelligence Tasks. Now, if you search Amazon Mechanical Turk, go to MTurk. com,
you'll find it. But as you see on the site, you know you can get paid not a lot
of money to be honest. You know, the most you can make is like 10 bucks an hour.
But you can be paid to do stuff like classify kitchen appliances. Or you can
be paid to collect data from a website. Or you can be paid to you know do a
market research survey. Just a whole host of little things you'll get paid anywhere from, you know… Look at these jobs. They're like 1
cent to 10 cents to…

You know, 5 cents. 50! Here's a job for 50 cents. You
don't get paid a lot of money for each little task. But it is real money and it
is a real way of working at home with Amazon. The second way you can earn money
working at home with Amazon is called Amazon Associates. And it's their
affiliate program. So I said I teach affiliate marketing but I don't teach it
with Amazon. But you can make a lot of money with Amazon too.
Amazon will pay you up to 10% commissions for any product if you
recommend a product and somebody buys it.

They'll pay you 5 to 10
percent commissions. Generally speaking, the commission is
about 5%. And I'll just do a quick example to show you how easy it is
to sell a… You know, to find and market product on Amazon. So, let's say
for instance I was on Amazon and I found a book I liked. You know, let's use William Hurtling. William Hurtling is kind of like an underground
self-published science fiction author. Really big fan of this guy. Really big
fan of sci-fi in general. Sorry, I'm a little sick. And this book I recently
read and it's amazing. And it's kind of like 50 Shades of
Grey meet science fiction. I mean there's like… I'd never read a book that has all
these weird kind of very taboo sexual kind of like B-D-S-M subject matter in it.
But it's really… I always thought it was just like freaks that did it or
something. But it was really interesting kind of hearing the justifications or
you know that and the reasoning behind people in the B-D-S-M community. It's a
whole different subject. But let's say I wanted to promote this book, right? I'll
go here.

When you sign up for Amazon Associates, you get this thing called
site stripe up here in the top right okay? And what I would do is I'd click
get link, okay? Then I click get link right there if you
see on my screen. And what pops up is my own unique link. And I could look at the
full link here. What this is is this is what's called an affiliate link. And
there's a little tracking indicator in there that… This link has only
been given to me. So, if anybody clicks this link and ends up buying something
on Amazon, I will get a commission for that. Now, if a lot of people do that on a
daily basis, I can make a lot of money. So, I'm going to take this link and I'll click
copy and I could go to Facebook for instance.

And what I would simply do is I
could write a post. I could put up the affiliate link and if anybody goes… See,
there's my affiliate link. And if anybody goes to visits my affiliate link and
ends up purchasing that book or something else in the same session, I get
the credit and I make the money. Now, once again, you saw this… This is a you know
this book isn't… This book is only… The Kindle is only 2 dollars so
if I got 5%. I would only make 10 cents. So once again, I'm not making a lot of
money if I recommend this particular book. But
you know, 5% can add up if you are recommending people buy like a certain
type of generator, right? Generators costs like a thousand bucks.

So, if you're… Or
camera equipment. So, if I'm recommending camera equipment, there's a lot of
YouTube vloggers do. You know somebody's going to spend $1,000 in the session. And as an affiliate for Amazon, you'd get paid 50 bucks. You know, so
that's a good amount of money. Now, the third way of making money with
Amazon is actually selling products on Amazon, okay? So, actually taking a product…
You know, like my tea mug right here and listing it on Amazon.

Let's say I buy
this tea mug for 5 bucks, I listed on Amazon and then I sell it for $10.
There's a lot of people doing that and that's probably the biggest way to make
money with Amazon. and you can make millions and even tens of millions of
dollars per year selling products on Amazon. it's very lucrative and there are
a lot of successful people I've met that sell products on Amazon. this is what you
want to do if you want to sell products on Amazon. But again,
the only person you should be paying is they do charge a $39 a month listing fee,
okay? So that is something they charge. And generally speaking, Amazon will take
about 10 to 20 percent of anything you sell.

So, if I sell this mug for $10,
amazon's making 2, okay? And that you know, let's say I bought it for 5, Amazon
takes 2. You know, I'm making maybe $3 each mug I sell. So, this is part of the
reason why Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world.
You know Amazon always gets their cut. So, that would be the place that you'd want
to make money with Amazon. Now, there are lots of… You know, to sell on Amazon is a
complex process to get make sure your products are showing up higher than
other people's products.

That's called you know… A lot of people will talk about
working the algorithm. And the algorithm is having your products show up the
highest. And the other thing about amazon is product selection. How to select
products that will be the most profitable and sell the most. So, those
are really kind of the 2 big things is like how to work the algorithm and how
to select the best products in order to really sell on Amazon. I don't really
know that stuff. But they're places online I'm sure you could find how to
you know, more information on that. If you're looking for more information on
what I do and how I've made this big stack of money right here. You can go to
the link in the description, I have a free training showing you exactly how to
do that. Now, if you found any part of this video helpful, let me know. Type it
in the comments and let me know if the surveys or maybe it was the affiliate
program. Or maybe it was just about selling all the Amazon we're helpful to

Type that in. And make sure you like the video and subscribe to my channel if
you like more tips on how to earn money online is an internet entrepreneur..

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