Instagram Stories Templates: How To Make Money On Instagram ($1-2 K / Day) – Easy Way

hey what's up this is Luke Cooper from
the profit boosters and in this short video my friend Luke McGuire will show
you how to create professional eye catching Facebook and Instagram stories
using very easy to use Instagram story app it contains Instagram stories templates animations mock-ups effects collage
templates and it takes just around 2 minutes to create a high converting
Instagram story thanks to this it will grow and monetize your audience faster
and more efficiently if you are here for the first time and you want to learn how
to make money online or just boost your current business start now by clicking
the subscribe button and hit the bell notification icon now so you don't miss
anything in the future now let's take a look at this online software called
story mate what is happening everyone Luke McGuire here and as always I like
to get straight to the point and show you how story make the world's first and
only Instagram and Facebook stories tool is going to send thousands of targeted
users to your brand's to your offers in to your services for free how it's going
to ensure that your offer is seen at the top of the Facebook and Instagram apps
every single time your users open these apps and finally how it's going to send
your social platforms viral and your bank accounts as well for free now as
usual I like to put my money where my mouth is and rather than tell you how
amazing story made is talk about how stories have an average of 15 a 25
percent click-through rates to any link which is unheard of and tell you how
stories are engaged 15 times more than any form of update and most importantly
how story mate is going to automate this entire process I'd rather show you it
live in action right now so in saying that guys that's going to 60 second
journey showing you how story mate came about show you it live in action and
most importantly show you how it's going to start making you a killing starting
today story mate is the only tool you'll need to generate beautiful stories that
convert it's that simple over the past couple of years I've created some of the
world's top marketing tools that have solved problems that no other products
have been able to solve and with a number one goal of getting
students results these tools range from the world's first tool that brings
Instagram scheduling to your desktop the world's first Facebook live syndication
tool the world's first group poster in the world's number one tool used to
deliver viral content on Facebook automatically most importantly these
tools have changed thousands of people's lives now why the hell does this matter
to you and how is it going to make you money right now there has never been a
better time or opportunity to make a killing on social media with Facebook
and Instagram stories I have to be extremely fortunate of being able to
travel the world the past few years speaking of events all over the world
working personally with tens of thousands of my customers and other
industry professionals I found there was a handful of key differences between
those making five to six figures a month to those struggling to make their first
dollar online the number one thing I found that differentiated these people
with those that were using things that work right now versus things that you
used to work Facebook and Instagram store is a post that share what your
brand is doing right now and more importantly let you send them outside of
these social networks for free they are the first being users see when they log
into Facebook or Instagram they last 24 hours
and when uploaded they jump straight to the top of your followers newsfeed every
single time this is what works right now and until now there's been no tool in
existence that allows you to create beautiful stories from a library full of
templates that are proven to convert but not only that also allow you to post
them directly to Facebook or Instagram to your storyboard every single day
resulting in conversions every single time as I said earlier rather than
telling you about story mate and the problems that it solves let me show it
to you in action right now now while it's great to see the end
result of what story mode does let me show you in real life some examples of
how easy this is to do and most importantly how you can make Bank with
it in many different industries creating beautifully proven converting stories
that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to have a video rendering expert
create take for example if you have a local business trying to gain new
customers like a local coffee shop or gym or if you run your own e-commerce
business online and you're wanting more online sales or if you work from home as
an affiliate marketer or if you want to offer social media services through a
social media agency to local businesses in your area which I must remind you is
the number one looks for skilled in 2019 all you have to do is select your
template in story mode add your own content or use from our library of
millions of images edit your template to give your message select where you want
to send it and hit post it's that simple guys
you can now sit back and what your customers come flooding in with the
highest click-through rate of any other form of social media marketing and you
can do this for free with story mode now let's jump back to the studio but I'll
share with you how double your money back if story make does not get you
results that you don't see many other marketers offering that alright guys so
we're back in the studio now and I'm sure you can see why people don't do
this manually firstly 99 percent of us are not video rendering experts know how
to even create some of these top-quality stories for any niche followed by the
time it would take for someone to do this manually along with having to
figure out how to even get your content from your computer onto your phone onto
your Instagram story and then hope it converts it would literally take days
and thousands of dollars to create even one of the stories we just created in
the past 60 seconds but lucky for you though there has never been an easier
way to automate this entire process and also be one of the first in the world to
do so with store email as I mentioned before success is about being ahead of
what everyone else is doing and there is no other tool in the world that does
what story mode does for you now before I talk about your money-back guarantee I
want you to stop and think for us if you look back at the opportunities
from the past from the dot-com boom to SEO to when Facebook ads launch to
Facebook live to email marketing the same goal was always there to engage
with customers on a personal level all of the above methods though became
harder and harder to build trust with people and more importantly convert them
to customers Facebook Ads look like advertisements emails are now not being
read as personal letters but rather as broadcasts people don't like clicking on
links inside a Facebook post that sends you outside of these social networks and
if you do post a link in a post you will get limited reach however with stories
you not only can send users from Facebook and Instagram outside of these
platforms for free your Reach is actually increased by posting stories
and people are conditioned to buy from them so now you know the average
click-through rate through stories is 15 or 25 percent which is unheard of you
know 300 million of the 500 million users on Instagram interact with stories
every single day story posting is grown by 15 times faster than newsfeed posting
and I'm sure you can see if you're not doing stories right now then you're
missing out on traffic sales and the best opportunity to kill it in 2019
story mate is not only going to be a huge asset for your business but a huge
game-changer to your life in general this is the opportunity you've been
waiting for and I'll double your money back if it doesn't get your results but
more about that in one minute you are literally one of the first people ever
to be able to do what I just showed you and because you're seeing this video
right here you are in the best position to jump on this today and start getting
results today and this is why to say thank you for picking this up right now
in launch week I wanted to give you access to story mate without 25 template
library 50 renders a month and full agency rights to allow you to sell and
use these templates any way you want for a one-time small investment of a dinner
out on top of that during launch week I'm going to be throwing in a bunch of
launch bonuses but again these are for launch week only and then will be
removed forever the first bonus we're going to be providing you is our 1
million plus royalty free image library that you can use to
create your own stories if you don't want to take any photo content yourself
now you can create stories without even using your camera secondly for launch
week only I'm going to provide you with both iPhone and Android story mate apps
that go along with our cloud-based software this enables you to sync your
stories with one click to your phone and then one-click sync them to Facebook and
Instagram to your stories this makes it 100% within the Facebook Terms &
Conditions and saves you a lot of time for having an email things across
airdrop things across it's just a great little bonus for you here now again
these apps are going to be an upsell after launch week but if you buy right
now you get them for free next you'll get full agency rights allowing you to
sell your stories to local businesses and use them however you want if you
want to go in five hour or Elance or any outsourcing site and want to sell them
for any price whatsoever go for it this again is a launch we only offer and will
be exclusive to you guys in launch after launch I'm removing it and it's going to
be an expensive upsell I'm also going to give you access to my four week story
mode specific VIP training webinars where I'll be taking you through
everything from start to finish showing you real case studies on how I use story
mode to make serious money alive the fifth bonus I'm giving you is my face
book font change up this is a tool I've created that allows you to change your
font on Facebook and Instagram most people don't even know this exists but
as you can see it here it stops people in their tracks and it makes you really
stand out now if that isn't enough for launch week members you're going to get
access to my story mate with VIP group those who know me know how valuable my
groups are I use them as a primary way to hold you accountable for the long run
and ensure you get results so guys to get complete unrestricted access the
story mate along with all the bonuses above for a one-time small investment
you need to act right now as after launch week story mate will be moving
into a monthly fee the bonus is above it all going to be
moved all these upsells are going to be put into place and you are going to
simply miss out on huge value right now I'm gonna make it a no-brainer for you
to be a part of story mode though when I talked about your refund guarantee and
your double back money-back guarantee now as I mentioned earlier I'm a super
skeptical person and I'm sure you are all so it's natural especially in the
internet marketing world this is why I'm removing all of the risk for you to grab
story mate right now I am so sure that this is going to work for you I'm gonna
bet in hire home money on it if this is not the easiest most simple best social
software for stories you have ever used I do not want your money
that is why within 14 days of your initial purchase and you do not want to
be a part of story mode anymore for whatever reason it could be my shirt my
hair my Australian accent doesn't matter or you just want the money back to go
buy yourself a dinner out let me know and I'll personally refund you 100% of
your money no questions asked now to make this a risk for you not to pick up
right now if you work with myself and my team for 60 days and still get zero
results I will personally double your money back that's how sure I am that
story mate is going to deliver your results give you the biggest advantage
in 2019 and make you a leader in your field and the only risk you have right
now is not to grab it because of my double your money back guarantee so go
through this sales page see the live testimonials see the results see the
demos then hit the Buy button now to secure your copy of story mate and start
getting results within the hour don't go back to wasting money and time and tools
that simply don't work and please don't go back to trial and error with tools
and systems that don't work and start getting results right now by joining
story mode hit the Buy button now get ready to watch a business go viral
your social pages be engaged more your email list being built and more
importantly you making more sales that's dying today again my name is Luke
McGuire and on behalf of myself and my entire team I thank you and I'm very
excited to meet you inside the members area in just a couple of minutes as you can see it's a very powerful
Instagram story template app if you get the story made using our special link
placed below this video in the description it will also get very cool
additional bonuses for free I'll list them below this video as well so click
the link below this video in the description and secure a copy now before
the price goes up I'll see in the next video
Cheers Instagram Story Templates: How To Make Money On Instagram

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