Instagram Monetization – how to make money on Instagram without high followers on page – 2021

You've been spending a lot of time on Instagram. 
Building an audience, putting out great content,  And getting some great engagement. But is that 
all that you want? Is that all there is to get   out of your Instagram efforts? Or is there a 
way to monetize your Instagram account? If yes,   do you need 10 000 followers for it? Do you need 
a website? I know you have so many questions   and that is exactly why i decided to make 
this video and answer all your questions.   If you watch this video till the end, you will 
learn multiple tested ways to make money from   Instagram and even turn it into a full time 

Trust me, nobody is going to tell you   all this stuff in such detail for free, because 
these are the entrepreneurs' best-kept secrets.   But i'm revealing all these methods for you today for free. Sounds exciting? Then let's go! my name is Puneet Tandon and this is Young Urban 
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about monetizing your Instagram.

And we really   need to normalize this more. Why? Because you're 
putting so much effort, your time, and even money   into your Instagram account, you're doing so 
much to build that community & keep it engaged   and honestly, it doesn't matter what niche you are 
in. It could be fashion or travel or marketing or   food or anything else. If you are serious about 
social media, you need to monetize it and that's   why I'm going to give you five ways to make money from your Instagram account. Make sure you watch   this till the end to see all of them. If you like 
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Let's see the monetization methods. Method number   one: Through Influencer Marketing. An influencer 
is someone who's an expert or an aficionado in a   particular niche whether it's fashion, food, travel, 
digital marketing, or anything else.

An influencer   is someone who has a loyal community that trusts 
their word over the word of any brand. And that   is why big and small brands leverage the power 
of these influencers to talk about their products   in front of the influencers' audience. This 
brings credibility for the brand's products.   If you have a loyal, engaged community, you can get 
paid by these brands to give them shout outs and   promote their products. The best part is you don't 
even need to have millions or tens of thousands of   followers. Today micro and nano influencers have 
become very important for brands too. So even if   you have 1000 or 5000 followers, you can still get 
these influencer gigs. There are a few ways to get   these gigs from the brands. Let me tell you which 
ones. The first one is by approaching brands that   are from your niche yourself. You can email them or 
DM them, or their agencies. Have a nice custom pitch   where you can describe yourself, your audience, and 
how you can help the brand.

Tell them why you are   so passionate about their brand. To do this, you 
can use one of my DM scripts that I've posted on   Instagram. I will link it in the description. The 
second way is when brands start noticing you and   approaching you themselves. This will happen when 
your content is so good that it starts spreading   organically. Brands are always on the lookout for 
new influencers and you might just be one. The   third way is to sign up for an influencer network. 
These platforms or websites are marketplaces that   connect brands to the relevant influencers. If you 
are new to this, you must sign up for one of these   platforms.

Some of them are Plixxo, Indian Influencer 
Network, Upfluence, And there are   a lot more. Just Google "influencer network" and 
you will see the popular ones from your country.   A lot of brands do barter tie-ups with influencers 
and you might just get the products in return for   posting about the brand on your feed and stories. 
But the more you grow, the more tie-ups you will do   and the more you'll start getting paid. I've worked 
with influencers who even charge 30 to 60 thousand   rupees for putting up a single post on Instagram. 
That's pretty cool right? Method number 2:   Affiliate Marketing. If you are very active in a 
niche and can build a loyal following that trusts   your word, Affiliate Marketing is also a good way 
to earn money. Affiliate marketing means when you   recommend a company's product to your audience 
and when your audience buys that product, you get   paid a commission. The best part about this is you 
don't need to create a product or worry about the   shipping or customer service and all that.

You just 
have to make a sale and get paid for it and you   could become an affiliate for any company that has 
an affiliate program. Let me give you an example:   Let's say your niche is "website development" 
and you post tips on how to build websites   and how to manage them you could join an 
affiliate program of a website hosting company   and recommend their hosting to your audience and 
give them a coupon code or a custom link using   which they can buy the hosting the moment they buy 
the hosting using your link the company will know   that the sale has come through you and the company 
will pay you an affiliate commission companies   pay anywhere from one to two percent commission to 
even 80 commission in some cases you can go to the   websites of the companies in your niche and see 
which of them are running their affiliate programs   you can sign up for those programs and just start 
promoting them in the example i just gave most   hosting companies including godaddy run their 
affiliate programs you can check that out if   you are new and want to join a simple affiliate 
program you can join the amazon affiliate program   it doesn't pay high commissions but they have the 
widest range and of the products and vendors you   can sell for and if you can bring in volumes 
you'll be able to make good money through that   so go ahead and try doing some affiliate marketing 
method number three selling digital products   i love this method because this is a great way 
to transform your followers into your customers   digital products are those products that are not 
physical in nature i'm sure you have encountered   or even bought some of these digital products 
these could be ebooks or online courses checklists   website templates apps and many more such things 
these digital products are a great idea because   you don't need to invest in inventory or shipping 
the cost to create digital products is generally   way lesser than the cost for creating 
physical products and because of that   your profit margins are way higher so how do you 
create digital products the first thing to do is   introspect what is it that you are really good at 
what is your expertise and that is what you can   teach people through an online course or an ebook 
then you need to understand what are the pain   points in your niche what is it that people are 
struggling with can you create something that will   help address that pain point for your customers 
and once you have created that product you can   sell it to your existing instagram audience that 
already follows you and considers you as an expert   to scale it up you can also use facebook and 
instagram ads to acquire more customers i know   some of you are already thinking about it so let 
me give you some ideas that you can use to make   your own digital products if you are an instagram 
marketing expert you can create an online course   to show people how to get more followers and 
engagement if you are a food blogger you can   create an ebook with 50 of your best recipes that 
can be made at home if you are a travel influencer   you can create a paid newsletter where you will 
share travel hacks discounted travel opportunities   day offers and many more such things and so what 
you have to understand is that you have to find   a pain point of your audience and solve it 
through your digital products method number four   drop shipping if you have never heard of drop 
shipping before let me tell you what it means   for example there is a supplier that makes 
t-shirts and you as an influencer or a digital   marketer get in touch with this supplier and 
tell them hey man i will sell your products to my   audience the supplier will give you the t-shirts 
at a certain price and you will get the orders   for the t-shirts you can set the final selling 
price after adding your margin to the cost that   the supplier gave you but the supplier will have 
to take care of the fulfillment which is shipping   and customer service you don't need to maintain 
the inventory you don't even have to take care   of shipping and post sale service you just need to 
bring in the orders pass them on to the supplier   and retain the profit to give you a use case you 
can sign up with one of the print on demand drop   shipping t-shirt companies like printrov t-labs 
quick ink print ship even shopify has inbuilt   print-on-demand services these companies allow 
you to just create t-shirts and other merchandise   designs and get orders on those these companies 
will print the t-shirts after the order comes in   and then they ship the t-shirts themselves best 
part they will even put your brand's label on   it so it looks like you are the supplier 
you can actually start selling merchandise   to your instagram audience without investing 
a single dollar in the inventory and finally   let's move on to the last money making method on 
instagram method number five one on one consulting   if you have an engaged audience on instagram that 
is following you and considers you as an expert   in a particular niche you must already be giving 
out some free content to them and that is great i   do that too i put out free content on my instagram 
my podcast my youtube daily which is something i   want to do but sometimes a set of people need a 
little more personalized help and they are happy   to pay for it to get one-on-one guidance and 
advice and that is where you can have another   opportunity to monetize your instagram let's say 
you review bikes and cars on instagram you are   an auto blogger and you put out reviews and tips 
to buy the vehicles all the time and people love   you for that but your free advice is generally a 
blanket advice and might not be one size fits all   so you could actually start a service for people 
who are actively looking to buy a new bike or   a car where you can consult them one-on-one and 
guide them on which vehicle to buy based on their   unique requirements and you can get paid for this 
you can do the same thing as a fashion expert or a   mental health expert or in any other niche to do 
this you must add this in your bio to let people   know that you do take up one-on-one consulting 
give them a link from a service like calendly   so they can just book a paid appointment with you 
this will actually be an easy sell for you because   your audience already perceives you as an expert 
and it will help the set of your audience that is   looking to get a professional personal advice from 
you it's a win-win and those are my five methods   of making money using your instagram account that 
i wanted to share with you i hope that you've got   some nice ideas from this video and you'll be able 
to make the most out of your instagram community   if you like this video please subscribe to my 
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thoughts about these methods that i've mentioned   in the video and you can just comment them 
below my name is puneet tandon this is young   urban project if you have the time do check out 
these other videos on the screen i really think   you would find them relevant i'll see you 
next week with yet another awesome video bye

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