Instagram Marketing: How to Make Money on Instagram

hi everyone its Venetia here from Oberlo I'm here with Karolis one of our standout store owners and today
we're going to pick his brains about some of the strategies he used to build
his business this video is going to be full of specific tips and advice that
you can implement into your store today so keep watching so careless has just
returned home after an 8-month adventure around the world with his wife where he
visited something like 13 countries so how did you make that happen well I got
a text from my wife that we need to talk and you know I thought that's gonna not
gonna end well yeah and so we talked she actually told
me that she wants to travel and I loved traveling for all my life and but we
haven't had a trip as big as this one and so we needed to prepare for it both
mentally and financially and so I was like twisting my head on what could I do
to help myself to provide for us during our trip yeah and so I tried a lot of
things and one of them was drop shipping okay so how did you actually hear about
drop shipping in the first place as a concept actually well I've seen people
sell things online before but I haven't didn't know that it was done via drop
shipping and I saw a friend just talk actually about uber law and that it's a
Lithuanian company since I'm Iranian and and I don't know I started digging in
all the information I could and yeah so what did you end up selling well I you
know I read a lot that people suggest you should be selling something that
sells well you should do a lot of research on the niche but what I thought
is I wanted to make it fun for me and I wanted to do something that I really
know a lot about and since I'm an avid runner I I think I do know a lot about
running gear running clothing and so yeah so that's the niche I took on okay
very cool I – I do talk to a lot of merchants actually who find that
focusing on a niche for them that they are really interested in kind of helps
them stay motivated and pushes through and also it helps them know the target
audience they're working with more exactly that's
absolutely right because it was very hard to concentrate on other like
endeavors I was trying because they were not a thing I'd love to be doing and
since my background is in marketing and my hobby background is in running yeah
so I kind of combined these two things together and so it wasn't that much of a
work and it was easy to take on on weekends and on the evenings and even on
lunch breaks because it was fun yeah that's a great approach so when it came
to marketing strategies what did you choose to focus on the most focused
mostly on Instagram because that's a social media platform that I knew well
and I actually even started doing Instagram marketing kind of building a
community way before I launched the store so I used it well build a
community and validate some of the products so how did you go about
actually validating your products when the Instagram okay so I did that with
the product pictures which I took from the supplier so what was kind of
problematic is that I had no control of of the picture quality and some pictures
were good some were not as good and I had to use use them both and so I wasn't
sure if the product sometimes were good or if it's offer if the engagement with
the pictures was good because of the quality of the pictures so what I would
would do differently now is I would ship the products to myself and make the
content on my end and so that I could know that every picture is kind of in
the same line yeah has the same color scheme is done in a similar way and/or I
could be sending them to someone I would find on or up work where you
can outsource the work to people who know how to do that job probably better
than I would and who could make the contact yeah I think that's a great
approach as well because not everyone has the ability to kind of have the
equipment that you need to produce high quality photos so apart from the product
photos that you're posting on your Instagram what other kinds of content we
posting well so obviously I did not have the money to invest into
photoshoots and models and so on so I was doing two things apart from the
products I was using like legitimate stock images and I was using pictures of
other runners which I found on Instagram itself what I learned afterwards is that
it's not really a thing you could be doing without asking people for their
permission for the pictures so I would do it differently now I would ask for
the pictures there is a way to ask for for the images like in a legitimate way
so because those pictures were a user-generated content works very well
for engagement it does not necessarily have to be with the products you are
selling because you want to build a community so you could be talking about
other people's experiences with running I don't know their thoughts their
preparations for marathons or 10ks or whatever and build a community not just
about your products but about the niche that you're talking yep okay so I want
to hear a little bit more about when it went wrong what happened when the
reposting went wrong it didn't well fortunately it didn't when go wrong but
I heard stories from other people who did repost other people's content and
got like cease and desist letters or yeah okay sure and so if you were to go
about reposting it and asking permission what would you do in that situation so
there is this template I don't know maybe you could share it with with your
deep below in the comments there is a template you can use which you can plant
in your website and when you want to use someone's picture from your store's
Instagram profile you can make a comment on that picture like we'd like to use
your shot it's an amazing shot and if you agree with these terms post the link
just add a hashtag yes I do agree thank you something like that and if the
person agrees and posts the hashtag it's actually a legitimate way to use the
picture without any possible consequences yeah great advice so you're
all in the clear then as well yeah so don't worry guys we're gonna
leave all of the links that Carol is talking about in the description below
so when it comes to kind of trying to make your profile feel like it's coming
from a brand what tips do you have for doing that building a brand on the
Instagram really okay so if you're doing your own content that's gonna be pretty
easy if you're doing the shots yourself you're gonna do them in a similar kind
of way but if you want to keep if you want to keep them looking similar
without doing the pictures themselves you could think of for example filters
you can apply filters that the pictures would look kind of the same and so your
feed would look neat and tidy but don't overthink it too much because I've seen
a lot of brands put a lot of effort so that their feed would look good they
even do these grid lines you know where they they take a picture and they slice
it out it's really nice yeah but think of it from someone who's already
following perspective so they're getting these like irrelevant images of a small
little section of an image in the newsfeed exactly so just think of single
images like every every post should be good yeah and and that's it that's the
most important part you don't have to think about all the post how are they
gonna relate to each other think of a few communication lines but that should
be only in your head yeah because people are not gonna care that you have a
communication line for like I don't know inspirational line then your product
line and then user generated content line yeah one's gonna care because
they're gonna see separate posts maybe they're not gonna see some of them
they're gonna see more of I don't know inspirational posts and
they're gonna think that your page is all inspirational post so don't
overthink it think about a post a post per day and so I wanted to ask you as
well about kind of you must see a lot of people who are trying to use Instagram
to build their business what is something that business owner story that
drives you crazy that you just know that they're not doing it the right way I've
seen pages actually of some Shopify stores
just I don't know how they do it but they seem to have scraped all the images
from their store all the products and they just post the products and that's
it so you could do these like you could be doing only sale products like only
showing your products not user generated content not something that inspires
people just the product but if you're doing it in a pushy way it's like look
at me look at me I have this I have that yeah I don't think it's gonna work you
should be doing and once again honest way show and try to engage people and I
don't know start a conversation about the product like be honest one of the
tactics I did with with my page Instagram page I actually just asked
people new followers I thank thank them for being new
followers and asked them like what do you think about the store what do you
think about for a week I'd be asking what do you think about this product
yeah and I just gather reviews from people
and this actually turned out to be not only beneficial to me so that I knew
what the products what people thought about the product yes but when people
engage with your store they can go in they check out they tell you the review
they're much more likely to use the promo code you are giving them for the
help afterwards so you would approach them and ask them for their review and
they weren't a customer yet but they would go to the website and then you
would offer them a promo code to say thanks for the review exactly I think at
some time you just even give like a coupon that's when a one thing I tried
kind of risked I'd given them a coupon for say 15 or even 20 dollars to spend
on the store yeah and you could expect they would buy something for twenty
dollars and just leave but what happened is they I don't know why maybe it's
because they already engaged with the store but usually they spent way more
than what I gave them yep and so it was well profitable yep
that's a really smart strategy as well once people have kind of already started
to learn that they like the products and look into it a little bit more I think
they're much more likely to your kids right in the end
okay and so it's really hard for a lot of merchants to kind of build their
following when they're starting from zero it can take a really long time
especially to get to that first 1000 and 5000
followers what strategies did you have for building your followers
well what everyone talks about is content and content is king as it has
been always so well first of all you have to get the streamline of content
going and you got a concentrate on that and producing quite a lot of it so I
would recommend doing at least a post a day sure if you're able to and don't
just stop there think of your profile as your business
profile as as yours you know for example on Facebook you can go around with your
page liking and commenting on other people's posts but on Instagram you can
so what I did especially at first I was walking my dog and I used this time to
walk through other runners pages okay and just look at the pictures and engage
them in a meaningful way sometimes just liking sometimes commenting on what the
activity was on the picture and rarely actually talking about the product
itself just maybe congratulating someone or giving a tip or commenting on on
their questions day they were having in their post so don't forget to engage yep
so it's about giving back to people as well not just asking them to bring stuff
to your profile exactly yeah yeah think of like what would you want to see in
the profile and not what you want to tell with the profile yeah I don't
forget that on Instagram you can actually send messages to people yeah so
if you get new followers why not thank them for that
give them I don't know a promo code not necessarily instantly maybe strike a
conversation there's a lot of tactics you can use a lot of things you can talk
about yeah and that's a great approach and as well as for kind of establishing
a relationship with people if you want to use them as an influencer down the
line exactly yeah and we'll touch on some my influences stuff a little bit
later on cuz I know you have some experience with that ok and so I wanted
to ask you a bit of a controversial question what do you think about buying
followers to grow your profile oh that's terrible but why well you know
I could probably think of one or two reasons in the whole world why you would
want to do that but they're kind of shady reasons so you know you're gonna
buy people who are not gonna engage with you at anyway so the only thing you're
gaining is the amount the big number okay and that's not gonna help you with
selling and it actually damages the reach and I've seen examples of that
with some of my Instagram clients that I'm managing for right now yeah is that
when they bought followers a long time ago they're still feeling the
consequences of that which affect the reach in a tremendous way so don't do
that so when we're talking about content on
Instagram that is kind of I guess less polished one of the things that comes to
mind these Instagram stories and that's a really big thing that's exploding on
the platform at the moment did you use Instagram stories much in your strategy
when growing your business to be honest at the time no I didn't but I'm I was
using it with my Instagram clients that I had so it's a very good tool and what
surprises me to this day is that a lot of people think that well you know
stories they disappear in 24 hours they're not gonna work for you on the
long run or something like that but I'm noticing that a video and a story post
have like very uncompetitive ideo on your profile and get work for example a
thousand views yeah and the same story would usually get two to five thousand
views right so it's usually even more it's even better to post in stories well
at this time yeah is there a different kind of content that you post on stories
first in your feed yep you know like everyone's a little bit more relaxed on
stories you don't have to be so strict don't have to think that much about your
content you can you know there are like drawing tools and then tags and
something like that and and and people don't expect that much from you so that
might be enticing to try this out and for example with some influencers they
were not very comfortable on doing posts with the products because
well they felt that might they might be a little bit like sellouts or something
like that because a lot of micro influencers when you approach them you
are maybe the first one who have approached them yeah and they're very
weary of like how it's gonna affect their audience so what they choose to do
is they do story posts with your product okay and that is sometimes even better
because with stories they put like not just one story they put three four five
they tell tell a story through the stories yeah and so that might even be
more effective and if they have more than 10,000 followers they can add a
link when you can swipe up the story yeah and the link could be directing to
the product in your Shopify store so that they could introduce the product
tell their experience with it and tell you where to get it and it's very easy
and people can do it through the app without leaving it it's that kind of a
magic number of the amount of stories you should be posting per day per day
well the nice thing is with stories you know with a feed you can flood people so
there was a point where I was doing up to 810 posts per day right and I was
starting to get comments like your brand's feed is like very nice but I'm
getting just too much content and it's a little bit overwhelming yeah because if
people engage they get shown more of your content right okay so the hardcore
fans are sometimes getting even too much so but with stories you can post as many
as you want and you know if someone sees that you
have a lot of stories posted they just swipe left and see someone else's story
so you're not flooding anyone okay so when it came to hashtags did you have a
hashtag strategy I didn't at start I did afterwards and there is a lot to learn
about hashtags at first I thought that hashtags are just like I don't know you
use look at the picture and you just write anything you can see in the
picture or anything that's related to the picture but there are also things
you could be doing maximize your reach and to actually help
Instagram index your picture like I'm pretty sure Instagram has a good AI
technology and can understand that you're posting someone that is running
or a dog but if you help Instagram up with with the hashtags to index your
picture if if it gets viral it's gonna be more viral because of your good
hashtags and and also there's this strategy which I read about a lot on the
internet and I found it kind of works is that if you have and most of the
merchants probably do have less than 5,000 followers yeah you should be doing
one third of your hashtags that were used up to 50,000 times one third up to
a hundred thousand and one third that were that are above 100,000 uses so this
kind of maximizes your chances of ranking at those hashtags but also you
shouldn't be using very broad hashtags because think of how people would be
interacting with them so you can now follow hashtags on Instagram yeah and I
have this example I like to I like to tell people for example me and my wife
while we were traveling we were at an island and we loved it
we loved it and we want to see more of it but there's no one talking about the
island so there's no one we could follow so we follow the islands hashtag so
think of it this way like are there types of activities that people in your
niche a in your niche are engaged with and if they would like to follow that
type of hashtag so strategy strategy is important so tell me more about using
hashtags to help Instagram understand what kind of content you're posting I
think of it in a way like metadata for the pictures so if you're posting a dog
Instagram I think probably knows that it's a dog it can distinguish between a
dog and something else but it might not know what breed it is what time of the
day it is what location it is and you can help out with hashtags so if they
decide if the algorithm decides to rank your picture better yeah
hashtags are gonna help I mean I know that there are some hashtags that are
kind of a little bit strange and a mash-up of different words as well or is
there any way that you kind of went away about finding out these nature Sh tags
that weren't just descriptors over the image yeah actually there's a you could
do it by hand there's a lot of browsing to be done
yeah and seeing what other people use as hashtags there's also this tool I think
it's daily purposes calm okay you can check it out it helps you out with the
hashtags so you put in a broad type of hashtag like for example I don't know
Australian Shepherd as a dog breed and it provides you with similar hashtags
that people use and it also ranks them by users and by engagement with posts
that have that hashtag okay so you started talking about influences as well
and I want to go down deep onto this topic with you because it's something
that's really important to a lot of merchants helps them get a lot of sales
and it can be something that's really cost effective as well right so when you
decided you want to start working with influences how did you first go about
approaching them or finding them even okay so first of all you kind of have to
you don't have to but you could decide on what scale are you gonna go for so
there are micro influencers that have kind of a small following and there are
the regular influencers with large following the regular ones are used to
getting offers from brands and there get they probably get dozens of them every
week yeah so they know their price then they are gonna ask for money usually so
I took the route of micro influencers what would you classify micro influencer
as there are different classifications online ID for me it was up to ten
maximum 15k followers and since my target audience was in the US and
Australia they do have a lot of people with hundreds of thousands millions even
followers so I don't know I'm micro influencer in Europe might be up to five
thousands if 5,000 followers in the US okay it's maybe more oh yeah
I went with the smaller ones and how did you go about finding these people first
of all I looked actually through followers hand by hand I looked through
every follower I had and I thought maybe I'm gonna have someone who's already
engaging with my brand okay and it would be easier to approach them and I found a
few and it was actually pretty easy to strike a conversation with them because
they've seen content posted already yep and they were a little bit familiar with
a brand so that was my first step sure so then you private message them or
how did you go about maintaining like setting up that contact yeah you just
message them usually you know with with the micro influencers they don't
necessarily have an email on their profile the larger ones they they ask
for you to do the conversation through email yeah but the smaller ones they
just use direct messages so I would go with my page and talk to them so would
you go to them first with an offer or would you ask them whether they were
willing to work with you first what was your could you describe their
typical interaction with them okay so I tried a few methods there was a method
where I just asked straight up like how can we work together what's your price
and how can you help me and how can I help you and that was not the best thing
I've done what worked for me was trying to make a conversation that was like you
know two people talking I would say that your content is very good
I saw you participated in a half marathon a week ago how's the recovery
and just like talk to them yeah and when you start talking some of them tell you
like go straight to the point what you want from me
yeah and some actually talk to you as a friend and it's much easier to ask for
something afterwards when you have a like sincere conversation with them yep
okay and so when it comes to influences did you go the shout out route or did
you send them product I sent them products I tried shout outs
didn't work very well and usually when people do shoutouts they just ask for
money and I wanted to send products because well the perceived value of the
products is higher because there's a markup which I have on Shopify so if
something costs more and people think that it costs more they get the item for
like I don't know $60 something like that yeah and it costs way less for me
and and they feel better and it works better because I usually ask them to
make content when they receive the item okay so yeah so they may mean it when
they're unboxing it or something like that yeah I usually I didn't ask for
specifics like just do anything you want because there are a few routes you could
go to there's this that this route that you provide the content and ask them
well it's like a shout-out sure ask them to post it or you send the product and
trust them with their creativity and with them knowing their audience what
their audience likes okay and asking them to do something they feel
comfortable with and that was usually when it worked and what would you do
with the content was that they had produced it I asked them if I could
repost it sometimes they said yeah okay sometimes they said no but well what
matters is what they make and what how their audience engages can you talk
about any of your experiences with the influences that went extremely well
the tip I'd give is don't think so in a shallow way like at first I thought okay
so I'm selling running clothing and what I should be targeting is running
influencers yeah and I was talking to them and they are used to having
sponsors like big sponsors even though they were micro influencers and so they
were not very keen on talking to me and the ones that did did not perform that
well so I went ahead and contacted like for example there was one occasion where
I had a partnership with a mother she was just a mother just living her life
and talking about her lifestyle and she was where she would sometimes post
pictures of herself after a run so I knew that she had an audience of
probably other mothers who might be interested in living a fit life or just
taking care of themselves more so that was a good partnership with her and so
you talked a little bit about sometimes the influences it didn't work out
when did it not work out there are some examples of that usually it didn't work
out when I felt that afterwards I got a feeling like what's gonna work and
what's not gonna work and the feeling came from how you speak talk to the
person like in the diems if the conversation is like I don't know warm
and they are into your products and they want to do something with you usually
that's gonna be the case when it works when it was very businesslike yeah you
know yes send me that's the address okay and that's all usually these are the
ones that did not work very well because the influencers did not put their heart
into making the content but they just did it because they got something for
free yep and probably the audience feels that and what I'm seeing on Instagram
lately is that honesty is trending actually so even large brands that
produce very high quality content that could produce very high quality content
with expensive photo shoots they're opting in for I don't know pictures
taken with phones selfies and something like that and I think because people are
starting to get a bit tired of this you know influencer ish pictures with
with a lot of filters very I don't know polished images polished videos okay so
when it comes to choosing a good influencer do you look at high following
rate or do you look at high engagement how do you go about determining if
they're a good one to work with okay so follow rate kind of indicates could
indicate the reach you're gonna get yeah so expect anywhere from like if someone
asks 10,000 followers they could have four
I don't know a few thousand – even more than ten thousand reach proposed right
okay but it differs between a niche and between a followers so that's that's
something you can have to ask for a screenshot from but everyone's very
concerned about engagement rate and that's a good thing and you should be
too there is actually a very good tool to
check the engagement rate which you're probably going to link yeah yeah we'll
put that into the description below as well so yeah that's an easy way to just
put in the name and check the engagement rate yeah and usually what I opted in
for so the instagramers that have five to twenty thousand followers they
usually have a high engagement rate which go could be over ten percent even
so but that's not the only thing you should be looking at you should before
starting to work with an influencer open up at least one post and go through the
comments okay and there's a big difference on one type of engagement and
the other so sometimes the engagement is comments like cool good nice good
picture yeah and sometimes the engagement is like these detailed
questions and and people are starting to talk in the in the comments and there's
a discussion maybe even less people commenting but the engagement is like a
better quality sure and you should also check who is liking the pictures you can
do it manually or you can do it with the deep social tool I mentioned okay and
just to see what type of people are being reached with the posts maybe
they're doing very well with hashtags for example and they're reaching like
kind of pretty random audiences with every post or maybe they have consistent
likes from like similar people and just open up people's profiles and just do a
very quick manual check okay to get the feel you're gonna know which profile is
good yeah sure are you kind of looking for fake followers as well is that an
issue that might be an issue yeah if you open up it sometimes occurred to me so
so I looked at at an image and the likes from
for that image and I saw a lot of people with a lot of numbers in their names no
profile pictures and that's a big red flag for the influencer because as you
mentioned like buying followers there's also a thing of buying likes and some
people are actually subscribed to likes so they get it like 2,000 likes per
picture no matter what they post and you have to be careful about this
and so what explained to me is what is the issue of choosing an influencer that
doesn't have that like real following as well what would happen you just get like
very small-scale results I've seen pages I've seen like I mentioned clients that
I now have with Instagram that have like over 10,000 followers and they post a
story and it gets 50 views yeah so that's an indicator that something was
not done well in the past and if for example the influencer does not provide
you with the screenshots of statistics that's also kind of a red flag to check
it maybe something's wrong maybe he's hiding something so when it comes to
kind of finding influences and negotiating contracts and anything like
that did you use any platforms for it or any tools at first no and you can go
about without it so it's not that hard actually to look for them a very easy
way is to find an influencer and see what an influencer that's very good for
your niche yeah and see what they're following because they're gonna usually
follow not that many people as they have followers they're gonna follow a few
hundred maybe yeah and it's easy to go through and sometimes even see that some
are brands and when there's just a person you open up the profile and and a
lot of times they're also kind of micro influencers in the same kind of mission
yeah but if you want to be methodical about
it there's a very good tool which is called deep social okay so you kind of
buy tokens and you can use them to find influencers based on a lot of criteria
for example you can find influencers that have a
type of audience who and the audience likes for example arts or sports yeah
so you could you could use that thing yeah okay that's a really good tip
actually so after the end of it once you've finished working with them and
they posted your content and everything and it's all been really nice how do you
actually determine whether it worked for you okay so for for small-scale
merchants it's probably the only thing you're gonna be doing yeah so you know
that if the traffic is coming it's coming from only one I don't know one
influencer right one channel if it's Instagram what you usually do is if
you're doing some kind of a promo you give the influencer for example
affiliate link or or a promo code that's specific to them so you can you can
probably not track all the visits from from what he posted but you can track
the sales okay so you know which promo codes work best and you tie them today
influencer yeah and you see which one's the best performer you can track
actually a traffic and there's a method for that so you build in UTM link which
you can do with a google tool and then you shorten the link with I don't know
bitly or tiny URL yeah and make a nice nice link for it and provide that link
with the influencer and so you can track the traffic so when it comes to working
with influences is there any way that you can kind of get a hold of their
analytics to tell if it's working either in their posts or in their stories okay
so you you have two options you can either ask for their login credentials
which you're not gonna get usually so you can see it for yourself and usually
what people ask for is just screenshots of how well the content did right okay
so that's what you were doing in yours yeah you just asked for screenshots and
like most of the reach has already happened in 12 to 16 hours so even if
it's a story post they post it and the next day they give you the statistics
with a screenshot and that's usually sufficient
okay it's a lot of manual work to track this but that's how you got to do when
it came comes to using your Instagram analytics did you use it very often
there's the thing you know when I started the biz distinct the business
profile was not that old not that established so and I what I read online
is that when you switch to business profile it kind of a little bit affects
the reach and the engagement right so I was very slow to adapt it to a business
profile and when you have a personal profile you don't have the analytics
yeah but you should I'm not sure if if everyone needs the analytics actually I
was doing pretty fine without them for most of the time so did you end up
switching to a business profile and did you notice any change in your age that
was actually just before the say buffet before the sale and so I didn't act on
that information because I just sold it yeah sure so when it comes to Instagram
analytics and businesses using it to kind of determine what is working and
what isn't working what are the most important things to look at in your
analytics so I think the most fun part is that you can see your audience like
the demographics of your audience yeah and sometimes you could be surprised
like you thought you are doing content and communicating with one type of
audience and when you look at the analytics it's a totally different
audience see yeah so just take notes of that and maybe switch up your content
and see what works and how to do that apart from just checking the engagement
is the reach of every single post so that's how you can validate the content
for example you do three types of posts one is with your product one is a good
picture of someone else with your product and an image I don't know you
took from Shutterstock or something like that and you can see by the reach of
that image how well it has performed and maybe draw some conclusions so do you
think reaches more important than likes and comments
it really depends on on what your goal is for example my goal was engagement
yeah because I knew that if there is a community there it's gonna be easier to
sell at some point in the future when I build up the community but if you want
awareness if you want reach which is a very logical thing to want in the
beginning yeah that's what you should be aiming for until you grow to significant
amounts probably okay so Instagram shopping is a thing that's come out just
quite recently as well so what do you think about it do you think it's useful
for e-commerce owners it is very useful because it's kind of like a shop inside
your Instagram if you tagged enough pictures with products a button called
shop appears on your profile okay and so you can direct people to go through that
button which opens up all the posts that have products tagged but I'm not sure
yet if it works well like I've been seeing other brands that started tagging
products big big brands and they stopped doing that after some time so I think it
still needs some testing to do and everyone should try their own thing okay
do you think maybe users aren't used to it yet or something maybe yeah maybe I
don't know maybe the reach is falling when you tag products maybe something
like that is going on but it's been kind of a recent thing in most countries so
there's not enough data and a B tests to prove it thinking about the future of
Instagram what are the features or the elements of it that you think are going
to be the most important for the rest of this year and maybe into next year so I
think you should be trying to to use as many new features as you can instagram
has repeatedly kind of said that they don't promote posts or stories that use
new features but people interact with them in a very kind of like exploratory
way for example when shoppable posts appeared for a lot of countries on the
first days when I tagged the products on the stars like a lot of people click
because no one's accustomed to this kind of thing yeah and they're just
interested like what's happening so whenever a new thing comes out doesn't
matter if it's like voting tool on stories or a filter and like 3d types of
painting filters are coming sometime this year
just try the new things and try your old tactics with the new tools and that's
usually working yeah that's kind of the fun of social media it's always new and
it's fun to interact with yeah there's always something new coming up and you
can just well since you're doing it for yourself not a client you don't have to
get approval so just go wild if you could distill all of your huge Instagram
knowledge into one single tip for new entrepreneurs what would it be
make it fun yep it's maybe an I don't know unusual tip but whenever it's fun
for you you're very in you get very into it so it was a big like it was my
leisure activity I I was doing Instagram marketing at weekends and in the evening
every time I could like like I mentioned like walking the dog and stuff so it's
just because I liked it and now I have some things I have to do which I don't
like that much and I keep stalling and the ones that you love you're going to
spend a lot of time doing a lot of time researching so yeah find tactic maybe
even them not social media that you like and just go all in yep
that's great advice thanks very much for being here with me today careless that
was great thanks for inviting me there was so much great advice and tips in
there from careless but now I want to hear from you guys what is the one tip
that you learned today that you're going to use into your store leave it in a
comment for me below and don't forget to subscribe as well and turn on the
notification belt we'll have lots more great videos coming up until next time
happy dropshipping

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