Instagram: Get More Followers And Make Money (Step By Step Instagram Growth Guide!)

(foreign language) this is Max Berger here and in this video I'm gonna be talking about Instagram. Getting more followers on Instagram and making money on Instagram. I'm literally going to
show you a couple things that I've been doing over
the last couple of years that made me a couple
million from Instagram alone as well as help me build, a very cult like following on Instagram so we'll be talking about what exactly to post in order to build a brand and then also how to get more followers, how to niche them, how to get them bought in and most importantly how to
monetize your Instagram account.

Now who is this for? This is number one for any sort of expert, coach or trainer
who's kinda starting out and who's not sure about Instagram yet, any sort of business that is starting out and most importantly also for somebody who is already using Instagram just to kinda review a couple
things that are very basic but they can get you huge results, just to make sure that
you're actually doing those. If you're none of those if you're just a regular person, still watch this because it will help you build a personal brand and it will give you some
very valuable insights on online marketing and brand building that being said let's crack right into it. Have you ever wondered
whether there's more to life than a boring dead end nine to five job? If you ever dreamed
about breaking free and traveling the world, making good money and just enjoying life? My name is Max Berger and I've obtained that freedom.

No more office dress code, no morning commute, no boss. This channel is for you so here's to your freedom. (electronic music) The question that arises here first is why Instagram? And the answer is very simple, look at what people are doing. Look at the average person at work and the mall, in a
restaurant, in a nightclub, they're all scrolling
through Instagram nowadays.

Instagram right now is huge and it is right now what Facebook used to be which means very under valued. Most businesses, most
personal brands are not aware of the power of Instagram yet so if you jump on the bandwagon now doing a couple things right, which we're talking
about here in this video then you can actually create
huge upside potential for you.

On top of that I personally
use Instagram more as some sort of business card nowadays, back in the days people
would have a business card like I'm a coach for the thing. Nowadays it almost all
done over Instagram, people are almost weirded out if you're not on Instagram yet, especially again if you're
positioning yourself as some sort of expert okay and we'll talk more about this later and most obviously Instagram is very easy to create
compelling content on there. It's easy for you to get in touch with potential clients,
with your followers.

It's easy to create really
good picture content because all you need is a phone. This smart phones nowadays
have incredible power when it comes to taking pictures if you do a couple things right, you can create very easily,
ah very compelling content. Now let's talk about what to post in order to build a following, engage with your followers and then also later on make money. For that to actually, we're gonna head into my main office. So let's go. (electronic music) (electronic music) The first thing you need
to know all the time is what is your niche? Okay you want to know what
exactly your niche is. What kind of thing are you offering to what kind of audience? And then you gotta take
that idea even further and say who is your exact client avatar, what do I mean by that? Look most people think the broader I go, the more people I reach.

So if I'm a general expert
in fitness for example that'll reach the most people and more people means more money. Not quite okay. Number one it means more competition. Number two it means you're gonna reach a to wide of an audience and it's more difficult to target them and thus post certain things that
make them identify with you. Instead niche it down as much as you can. For an example, I'm gonna
give you an example. One of my very good friends has built a huge business with fitness. Now "Oh my god another fitness instructor, "there are so many out there, "the next six pack ab hack guy." Here's the thing what he did was smart, he says you know what I'm
not gonna teach fitness to everybody I'm gonna teach fitness to a very small niche audience and he said I'm gonna teach fitness to only busy entrepreneurs okay.

People that travel a lot, people that don't have a lot of time but they want to get the best out of the time that they have
and become very fit so he said not a general
audience but a tiny niche. Guess what? This guy doesn't have a lot of tens of thousand of
Instagram followers but he can make a lot of money
with a niche following. Okay so niche it down and then again create an ideal client avatar. You can tell by how good
somebody who owns a business, understand his own business
by how well he understands his usual client okay, the usual suspects.

So the idea behind a client avatar is you take your entire
target audience and you merge them together until it becomes this one ideal person
that you can serve okay and then you'll have his or her exact age range, where they live, what keeps them up awake at night, what are their dreams, their fears what are their results and what keeps them from
reaching their dreams? Okay that is your client avatar. Once you figure that out, you can then say "Okay I'm
targeting every single post, "every Instagram story,
everything on my new feed "to that exact client avatar." The better you know your niche and your client avatar the
better you can serve them and the better you can
build a relationship to them and then later on the
more money they will be willing and happy to pay you.

(electronic music) (electronic music) Okay so let's say you
figured out your niche and you know who you wanna
serve via a client avatar and now what you gotta do
is you gotta figure out, I would say between two and three things your brand stands for and then your gonna evolve
every single post around either one of these things. I'm gonna give you an example if you go to my Instagram which is probably how you know me if somebody would ask you, "Oh what does that guy
Max Berger stand for?" you can probably say something like, "Well freedom, money making,
doing cool fun things such as snowboarding or
traveling and girls." Right it's very clear, it's very simple. Why am I choosing to post these things because I know my target audience.

I know my target audience
wants to make money, wants to live freely and
wants to have enough time to hang out with beautiful people. Now let's say for example Tai Lopez, what are the first things that pop into your head when you hear his name? Probably lambo, books, knowledge. Let's take Elliot Hulse for example, bioenergetics, being
present in the moment, lifting heavily. Like these are very clear
well established brands and that's what you need to do. Again to many people
are all over the place, they say well if I post
something like this, I attract all these people and then all this and I
attract all those people as broad as possible. No, niche it down. Know your target audience, know your ideal client avatar and then deliver between two and three things, over and over again.

Every post should revolve around at least one of these things okay? Now the thing is people say like okay, I understand and now I know what to post. What about quality over quantity? Should I post a lot to
you know to stay relevant to keep popping up on people's new feed or should I post less
but then high quality so I really get a lot of likes and that in turn favors the
algorithm ex cetera, ex cetera. Well the answer is unfortunately not so spectacular it's both.

Create as much high quality content as you possibly can. There is a light at the
end of the tunnel though because authenticity trumps everything. You don't need to be the perfect absolute expert in everything that you're doing all you have to do is instead of trying to show that you're the
perfect person for that show that you're a real person, show that you're authentic. It's totally fine that you
post the lonely hustle moments in between the amazing parties that you're flying it is totally fine.

Let's say you're a fitness coach that you're posting that uh you've been slacking
off eating pizza today and the next day you're
training it back off. It's totally fine to show that you're having a bad day at the gym. Again authenticity trumps everything. People are following people on Instagram because they want to connect with them not because they want to
impress by how perfect that person is and I've realized that too. While I was building my brand, the first year I always tried to be the perfect
unattainable perfect coach and I realized people, first of all it would
put pressure on me and it would not make me excited
about posting on a daily basis. Secondly people would not even like to buy from me because
they wouldn't be able to associate themselves with me.

Instead I said you know what, I'm gonna be open about my flaws, I'm gonna show both sides of it. I'm not only gonna show the
travel lifestyle with girls but I'm also gonna show
me sitting there lonely at my computer putting
in the hours of work and all of the sudden my
DM's started blowing up, people said "I can resonate with you." My sales would go up because people would literally say "The only reason
why I bought this program "is because I feel like
you're a normal person so I can obtain that too." So again authenticity
is much more important than being an expert. Instead of trying to
create the perfect post over and over again, try to show a little
bit of your human side and then again have high quality content that either inspires people, that makes people connect with you, that gives people actual content value in terms of does this
here's a bunch of tips and then post it as regularly as you can, hitting again you're
two to three points that your target audience can
identify themselves with.

Okay so let's talk about how to get more followers on Instagram. Well first of all this whole thing about "How many followers do I have?" It's completely ridiculous okay. What you need is you need
to niche yourself down. When it comes to making money and creating a real impact on people, the amount of followers
you have does not matter. I've seen people making
tens of thousands of dollars each month with only
2,000 followers on Instagram. On the other side I've
also seen people with a million followers barely making a living so it is not all about numbers and mass instead again niche, niche trumps the numbers
of followers at all time.

If you have a really good connection and you're really really well
positioned in a niche, you can monetize that way better than somebody whose just like generally, attracting a bunch of million people. Okay just saying that. Now one of the simplest
and most consistent ways to grow your audience on
Instagram is actually hashtags. Now everybody says that right? "Just use some hashtags." But nobody talks about actual how to.

Here's the thing with hashtags, I'm gonna tell you exactly what you do. First off you pick hashtags
that are in your niche, okay that's why you gotta
figure out what your niche is and what your target
audience is ex cetera. So for example if you're
a motivational speaker you will use hashtags that
revolve around motivation, motivational speech, inspiration, inspirational speaker
ex cetera, ex cetera.

And what you do though is You gotta pick exactly 30 hashtags, there's a little bit
mathematically there's 30 hashtags, out of these 30 hashtags, 20 hashtags have about ten times the posts that you have followers okay? So for example if you
have 70 thousand followers on you're Instagram, you're gonna use 20 hashtags
that have around 700,000 posts. Okay? Ten times the amount of
followers that you have. If you have a thousand followers, find hashtags that have around
ten thousand posts in them that still revolve in your niche okay? Now you have those 20, you're gonna take five
additional hashtags that have more then ten times the amount posts that you have followers and then you're gonna pick five hashtags that have less than that so again all in all 30 hashtags. I'm gonna give you an example
to make it even clearer. Again let's say you have 70,000 followers, and I wrote it down here just
to not confuse the number, you have 70,000 followers you're gonna pick 20 hashtags that have 700,000 posts of them, roughly 700,000 could be
800,000 could be 600,000 okay. Now on top of that you're
gonna pick five hashtags that have above that, okay they have a million,
two million, five million and then you're gonna
pick five hashtags that have below that could be
200,000, 400,000 ex cetera.

Hope that makes sense now. And what you do now is, you're gonna post these hashtags in every single post that you're posting. You can either post them right at the bottom of your post, make sure they're not all over the place, make sure they're like
lower down on the post so people don't get confused
by all the hashtags in it or what I always do is you post it in the first comment underneath you're post. It has to be the first comment, if it is the second comment
someone posts in between it won't work the Instagram
algorithm won't like it. Okay so again post it either in the post or in the first comment and that is it.

That is how you use hashtags
to grow your audience. What's gonna happen is somebody
will go on the Instagram and be will be like "Well I'm
interested in motivation." So they go to type in motivation and then they look at tags and
then they see all the tags and then people can follow these tags so every time you post something they will "Oh my god, that's interesting
there's this new post "by this new motivational speaker, "let me check out his other stuff." Follow right? People will find you
through that, very simple. On top of that obviously, Engage, engage, engage! I love it when people think they are, I'm with a rock star I
should not even engage, here is the post you peasants. No engage as much as you can. If you have less than 50,000 followers there is absolutely no excuse to not reply to every single
comment that you have. Maybe not every single DM with 50,000 it gets a little difficult but anything below that you can
reply to every single comment.

That ranks your engagement higher, it favors the Instagram algorithm and it's easier for you to be discovered. Plus all the people who are
following you feel valued they feel great and what happens to a guy that receives a reply comment from you after he commented, he's gonna reply again right? He's gonna comment again next time, he's gonna be like "Oh
wow there's always great "back and forth with my
favorite Instagram influencer "so I'm gonna reply." Right? So engage with your followers
they're your oxygen, they're what makes your brand breath and do not underestimate
the power of word of mouth.

If you help somebody
in the comments section if you even if it's just a thumbs up, a thank you something simple as that people are much more likely to talk about you to their friends okay? The word of mouth power is huge. People tend to underestimate that and in the digital world
nowadays and all that. On top of the people are like, "Well I just use a bot." "How about I use an auto
liker, auto follow, a bot?" Do not do that.

It is the worst thing you can do because there are bots out there that you can use for your Instagram and then they give you automatic followers, they automatically follow other people, comment something random on them and then that person see's like "Oh
somebody commented on that." "Who is that?" Right bots do that or even worse buying followers. Don't do that. Why? Because first of all almost
every buying follower service doesn't give you real followers, there's no hack okay there's no magic pill it will always be a
bunch of fake accounts, the engagement will suffer. Everybody whose done a little bit of research will see okay this person has 100,000 followers but only
gets 2,000 likes on average that's a bunch of fake
likes that they got okay.

That's not good. On top of that it makes
you rank much lower in the Instagram algorithm, if Instagram notices that your using a bot and or fake followers and the top of that most importantly if you ever want to be
verified on Instagram as a business, as a
brand, as a personal brand you can never get
verified if at some point you've bought fake
followers or used a bot. Don't do that. Again it doesn't matter how
many followers you have. What you need to so is find a niche and serve your niche as much as you can and then connect with these people. Well talk about monetization in a second. So don't use bots, connect with people on Instagram that use similar hashtags
and or similar locations, so if you're somebody who works locally, find people in your vicinity, you can literally search by location.

Look at people's Instagram accounts, look at oh this guy lives in my town, he's into fitness, he uploads a bunch of
pictures of him running, Okay I'm a fitness coach, let me comment on their last picture. "Great, keep it up." What are people gonna do when they see a stranger commenting? "Oh who's that?" Clicking on the profile. It is a little bit of a ground work, it's a little bit of a little hustle. grinding work that you gotta do but at the end of the day it pays off. What are you gonna when you're stuck, when you're in the elevator, when you're waiting on the bus, when you're literally in the bathroom. Sit down and comment on a
bunch of people's profiles. These small minutes
that you have each day, they can stack up. While you're chilling there
watching the news on TV, go reply to some people. Connect with people that
have similar hashtags and or similar localities. And last but not least, Don't underestimate real life networking.

Attend parties, attend networking, attended any sort of event
that fits into your niche and connect with people
there via Instagram account. Like I said Instagram or any social media for that matter nowadays
is like a business card. So instead of giving
business card be like, let's exchange Instagram because the person that
you're exchanging Instagram with at a networking party or an event now they're gonna see your stuff
popping up on their feed. What happens to the person that you give your business card to? "Nice, thanks for the business cards." Now it's in the pocket
never to be seen again but if you're on their Instagram, all the time you will show up it's much easier to connect and at the end of the
day a potential client that might be a little on the verge, "I'm not sure I wanna buy from that guy.

"Oh he knows my friend Johnny
hmm that's interesting, "all right you know what I'll buy." Again and you cannot
underestimate the power of real life networking. Now that is how to
build a bigger following that is how you engage with your following that is how you create
a great relationship and give your following
what they want to see via the three things that you've decided your brand stands for. Let's talk about monetization. There's exactly two ways you can use your Instagram account to make money. Number one you go on the mass route and build a huge following and then companies reach out to you and give you money and say hey okay here's some money, no advertise our program, our product or you go on the other route and you don't care to much about followers and say okay I'm gonna build a service that I can offer to my niche and I will use Instagram
as some sort of proof that I'm real and proof
that my teachings work okay.

Both are totally doable and both are absolutely okay to do okay. The thing is in my personal experience with my clients and with myself is that option two is much easier. You offer a high ticket program, a high ticket coaching,
consulting training program with high costs but at
least the costumer or the client gets some real good
one on one contact with you and therefore you only use your Instagram as some sort of proof that you're genuine, proof that you're clients
are getting results, proof that you're not a
scammer basically okay it's almost like a landing page that shows some results, some testimonials, some of you as a person. So for example on a
sales call with a person, their not sure about you say oh, go check out my Instagram account and there they see you hustling, they see you working with your clients, they see the testimonials
of your existing clients that your pulsing on their like oh okay this person is real here's my money okay.

So again I highly recommend your going down the high ticket route if you offer one on one mentoring in a highly specific niche because you know exactly what your target audience is struggling with, what their dreams and their goals are you can know exactly how you can help them and then you say okay, one on one coaching for 2,500 dollars, one on one coaching for 5,000 dollars it doesn't matter as long as you know, your exact target audience
you can Instagram then as some sort of backdrop to so that you're real and that your
stuff actually works.

If you say I'm not really an expert yet, okay that's totally fine. You don't need to be an absolute expert, all you need to do is be one to two steps ahead than the
average person in that field. If you say okay coaching,
consulting, training that's great, high ticket, understand not my thing. Then there's still the possibility, just building a huge brand and then have companies reach out to you and say yo we see you have a
bunch of followers okay, you have 10,000 followers,
you have 15,000 followers I've seen people pull that off with five thousand followers as well. We are a big fitness brand, we see you're in fitness, how about we send you some free stuff? Here's some free protein, here's our new weight
belt entirely for free, show it to your audience, tell them how much you
like our weight belt and when people sell
with your "coupon code" you get 10% from that all right.

That's absolutely cool
it is a little less money but obviously it's also
a little less work, plus you get free stuff
it's also very great. You can actually do both you can do high ticket stuff and be an influencer that other companies reach out to you that is no problem, as long as you do it right but that's kinda topic for
an extra video actually because there's a lot of nuances to that and yeah again, the thing is to when your
building a big audience and then you want companies
to reach out to you there's a couple of things
that you can actually do. Number one it doesn't need
to be a personal account, there's thousands of meme pages out there that have a couple million followers as long as there's real people looking at what your posting
companies will be happy to reach out to you and say
hey we have this product it kinda fits in to
what you're posting here how about we send it to you for free? How about we give you a coupon code? How about we give you 10% of
every sale that your making? That is totally cool.

Many models, influencers,
fitness models ex cetera do that and the thing here is you can even reach out
to companies yourself, you don't need to wait until your brand has enough equity for some big company to just kinda notice you. You can literally reach
out to these companies. You can reach out to
them via DM or via email. Do some digging you'll always find some representative that you can message and be like this is my Instagram account, my niche is your niche send me some stuff, we'd be happy to promote that.

You don't even need to
say "Send me some stuff "and some money I'd be
happy to promote that." Many times as simple as valuing giving, makes these companies
extremely interested in you. You can literally reach out and write the following: Hey my name is XYZ, this
is my Instagram account. I love what you're doing
specifically product, program XYZ. Would love to promote that to my audience. What do you guys think? Nine out of ten times if they reply, they will say stuff
like you know what cool, here's some free stuff promote it. Now you happily promote it for free, guess what they're doing? "Oh now we're getting some
sales from that person." How about we actually
work on a brand deal? How about we make that
person brand ambassador? It's all about giving value first and it's showing that
your audience is bought in and they're happy to buy from you and then these companies are super happy to actually get you in
some sort of brand deal but you have to put in the hustle, you have to message these people it's not like it's automatically coming.

And again you don't need hundreds of thousands of followers okay, especially when you do high ticket stuff, a couple hundred
followers absolutely okay. If you want to have other
brands reach out to you, I've seen people pull it off with 5,000 if they have a very well represented niche if their very, if the very high bought in
audience it's possible too. (breathing) Whew. That being said, that is how you post the
right things on Instagram, find the right people, find your niche, find your target audience, post stuff that engages with them, grow more use hashtags for that and how to monetize on Instagram. I hope you liked this it was a little bit of a longer video but I thought upon popular request because so many people
said "How to build?" "How to make money." I hope it makes you happy now okay.

Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate that. This channel has been blowing up, we're almost cracking
10,000 followers very soon, very grateful for that. If you haven't yet, watch another video and subscribe
to this channel right now because I ain't stopping. I will keep delivering high value content on making money and obtaining freedom. Thank you so much, Max Berger out. (electronic music).

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