Instagram Conversion Rate – How to Make Money on Instagram 2020.

Hi do you want to grow your Instagram following   very very quickly stay tuned because i'm 
going to be telling you why you shouldn't now i know this is a little bit counterintuitive 
but today i'm going to be talking about why you   shouldn't grow your Instagram following quickly 
especially if you are a business owner that sells   a product or a service now let's differentiate 
two completely different things influencers and   businesses who have presence online if you are an 
influencer and your whole point is maybe vlogging   or maybe showing your life and your content 
is for everybody it's never for everybody   but for everybody then you might want to put your 
content in front of as many eyeballs as possible   because you just want people to like you for you 
but if you're watching our videos there's a big   chance that you're a small or medium business 
that wants to grow presents online to grow your   business now why is it a bad strategy to 
actually focus on growing a huge following   this is not important point number one why 
this is not important high following does not   guarantee high conversion rate so just because 
you have 20-30 000 followers it doesn't mean   that you are gonna sell more of your product or 
more of your service if you have people following   you who will never buy your service what is 
the point of growing your instagram for your   business if your business is on instagram let's 
say or on even the other social media platforms   you want to build your brand to build your 
business not to build only your presence online   so that's why you're going to want to have 
a little bit more authentic engagement that   i talked about in my previous videos and you're 
gonna want a smaller but more engaged audience   point number two if you are a business you are 
gonna want more engaged audience so if you have   a little community that is very interested in your 
subject and they that starts a conversation about   the subject you're talking about whether it is the 
product whether it's a service whether there are   people that are interested in your lifestyle that 
maybe your products promoting anything like that   there's more chances that those people interacting 
with each other and creating real community   are gonna buy your product because also when you 
have smaller audience you are gonna have bigger   chance to interact with them and create proper 
authentic community and if people like you there's   more chance that they're gonna buy from you and 
this is not a trick this is just you nourishing   the relationships now think about it people say 
that you can actually have only 300 real friends   that you will ever have actual connection with on 
social media now probably it is a little bit more   but you will not be able to engage with a million 
followers all the time on one on one basis but   if your following is quite small but very very 
engaged and those 300 people will buy your product   is better than to have 10 million people out 
of which zero people require that product so   make sure that you have good good relationships 
with the small amount of your community   and why am i talking about small community as well 
especially if you offer something like service or   quite luxurious product you probably do not need 
a mass following to actually sell that product   now think about it if you offer something that 
costs one euro one dollar or anything like that   you are gonna have to sell a million of those 
things to make some money off it right so you   will need a large following however if you're 
selling something that costs a thousand euros   or a thousand dollars you're just going to 
need few people to actually sell to to be able   to have your business successfully and for those 
people who are actually in maybe service business   or maybe are selling high quality expensive 
products big following is not necessary of course   eventually you're following with organically grow 
with more and more clients being satisfied with   your service and or your products but this is not 
the most important thing for you for you if you   have 200 viewers and 10 of them is gonna buy your 
high value product it is enough but again coming   back to the point that i said before those people 
will probably buy from you if you are going to be   authentic engaging trustworthy person more than 
just someone that is banging out things constantly   now you think about it it's about fast fashion 
versus high fashion it depends what kind of   client you're catering for if your business 
they're selling services or exclusive items   you are gonna probably want to cater to a little 
bit smaller niche but then again you don't need   as many people if you're someone who wants to 
cater to everybody you're gonna have to work hard   but you can put yourself in front of everybody 
so make sure you niche down you are being very   authentic and you focus on conversion not 
on the amount of followers you have so   that is it those are the reasons why you don't 
need a lot of followers if you're a small   business on social media and why you should 
focus on authentic engagement and conversion   rate if you liked that video make sure you like 
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