I Survived on $0 for an Entire Week in NYC

have you ever gone in seven days in New York without spending any money I'll be impressed if you can pull that off okay you chop that up and put it in your salad and you're good we've gotten free we've gotten free drinks this is going to suck up a smile the way I quit what they say is true living in New York is super expensive now the Internet is riddled with tips and life hacks on how to keep a stringent and smart budget but I want to push it to the extreme I want to see if it's possible to go full seven days in New York without spending any money at all here are the rules for this week obviously I won't spend any money either cash or credit I'm only going to focus on my weekly day-to-day expenses I'm not going to adjust my lifestyle I'm going to live this week as I would any other if I'm going to survive a week with no money I'm going to need a lot of food on hand after doing some research I figured that dumpster diving from restaurants and grocery stores was my best bet to learn the ropes of the New York dumpster diving scene I'm meeting up with jetseal a comedian who makes videos about train hopping getting furniture from the trash and other gnarly ways to live you can eat almost primarily by finding food in the garbage in New York you definitely can but you know you think it's plausible that we could find enough food tonight to feed me for a week it's possible these bags are good because they're cheaper so you can kind of see us in there but whether they're see-through or not you do want to just like feel them so I'm sorry just not to interrupt you but it looks like like right here there's like a whole thing of lettuces lettuce this is your right how's it smell it smells like a bag full of laughs yes that's good look I'll eat this right now good it's good it's perfectly fine so we got turnips turnips cabbage spinach this dude is this ginger ginger look at that also it kind of looks like a deer a dick a carrot oh also looks like a dick leeks leeks a whole walnut cake cinnamon rugelach California roll I'm gonna shut that in my mouth [Music] so we've been dumpster diving for like an hour and a half yeah and we have enough salads like three days worth of salad yeah and then we have six prepackaged items that are totally good basically dessert it might not be the most well-rounded meal yeah but it will be food last question have you ever gone in seven days in New York without spending any money I don't know if I've done that for seven days okay I'll be impressed if you can pull that off okay okay it's better than I expected from food that I got out of the garbage to get around I usually spend $32 on a weekly unlimited MetroCard with that off the table the easiest way to get around is definitely with a bike I don't own one but my friend said that there was an abandoned bike at her house that I could have problem is it's in a bike lock looking for a solution I found examples like this video where people have gotten locks open by spraying the whole can of computer duster upside down on the lock then hitting the out of it grab me a can of computer duster for my office I decided to give it a go this will never work but you can have to get another bike I settled for the next best thing borrowing one my fellow producer willow was nice enough to lend me his for the week she told me that you know Oh I don't want to spend this whole week just being holed up in my house eating food that I find from the actual trash I figured out a way that you can get a workout at this gym completely free I can literally do every workout that I do at the gym that I pay for [Music] Jesus Christ can't do that also I don't need any of you people at the YouTube comments criticizing the way that I work out just let me be it's Thursday night and I'm looking for something to do I'm biking into downtown Manhattan to see if someone on the street asks me to be an audience member for a free comedy show hey is there a stand-up show yeah is it free oh well is it free no it's pretty close to free though uh number two much closer to zero hitting the town was a total bust I was pissed it seems so much easier in that TV show crashing but after one quick search on Eventbrite I was able to find one uptown that was still pretty good with no money I want to see if it's possible to do a full night out in New York with my fellow vice host Sally burtnik first stop is the alligator lounge a bar in Brooklyn that's famous for having a free personal pizza with every drink when you buy a drink you get a ticket and then you exchange the ticket for pizza but sometimes people just want the drink and they leave the pizza tickets just laying around the bar we're going to see if we could sneak a free pizza and not get called out I've been coming here a lot pretty versatile pizza while her trick did work Sally did me a solid and dropped the tip for the pizza guy from the both of us just got free food let's get some free drinks on weekend nights New York is home to many art gallery openings while art is cool and all these openings are famous destinations for getting free booze after finding one in line Sally and I went to it to see how many free drinks we could snag and if anyone would catch on to our crib why number one [Music] I like to look at let's say the planet [Music] so it's Saturday I'm hungry I'm going to try some of the desserts that I got out of the trash I'm really fun I would actually dump your dive to get this in my everyday life eating this it does make me forget about my sad meaningless existence there is the old saying that if you go to a restaurant and you can't pay for the food you'll have to do the dishes so I'm gonna go out of restaurants and see if I get a free meal in exchange for doing the dishes nice are you sorry I'm actually from out of town and I was wondering if you guys have that like an exchange where people can get food we shoot you're doing the dishes is that not a thing okay thank you have a good day that lady like looked at me like I was from Mars one down let's keep looking alright how are you I was wondering if I could get amnion shame for doing the dishes definitely that like isn't being here or the thing I don't know if it's big there was that is there like a way that I could like wash dishes in exchange for food they said they let me do it I get free food this is it sick he's robbed yet there's my brother Matt what's up dude hey will good are you and then Matt will kind of go over everything that's gonna come in the window where it goes how it gets cleaned and like that yeah and then he might even like have you just punched some fries if we get crushed and I really need you we're gonna cut the camera you're gonna jump in and let's get this done done yeah how do I look fresh [Music] watch out alright two hours I'm done I quit it's about nine o'clock at night I just got finished doing my dishwashing shift in exchange I got a really kick-ass burger so even though it was just washing for two hours I say that I was completely worth it so it's the end of me spending seven days in New York City without spending any money and I did it i dead ass did not spend a dollar in seven days from the methods i used i was able to save around two hundred and forty dollars but when i factor in my change of habits like mainly eating dumpster-dive food rejecting the occasional cab for a bike and not going out on the weekend i figured i was able to save around in total $400 I want to be clear here is that I didn't learn what it's like to be a person with no money but New York is notoriously expensive and this is how I was able to go this week without spending any money all you need is just some work and the willingness to try out some unusual things a pretty sure susan sarandon lives in that building this wolf I think so I'm not a hundred percent sure is it exactly yeah she's no no she's not home [Music]

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