I STOPPED posting on Instagram for 30 days… (WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ACCOUNT!?) 😱

what are the conclusions that we can draw from this experience of me not posting or being active on social media for 30 days and what you can see is i'm still getting steady 20 000 per month during that month that i was not posting anything what's up everyone welcome back to my channel the best place for new coaches content creators and entrepreneurs in today's video i want to share with you some of the learnings that i picked up during a time period where i didn't post a single piece of new content on instagram for basically 30 days from february 1st all the way until the end of february i haven't posted a single thing and throughout this period i actually caught a lot of trends and patterns and how i found these trends and patterns is the fact that in my business we have a spreadsheet that basically tracks a lot of the kpis key performance indicators in different departments of our business we track our social media metrics our sales metrics our customer support metrics and so much more and as i was tracking these metrics week after week i noticed a lot of key learnings and patterns based off of my post inactivity and so in this video i'm going to break down three things number one my learnings what i observe through not posting for 30 days number two what i would recommend as a final conclusion based off of this experience and number three how this experience actually compares to my other experience on different social media platforms like podcast and youtube let's say and so if you're interested in diving deep with me then keep watching all right so learning number one and that is i lost a lot of followers and not posting consistently on the feed actually really stunted my growth so as you can see from this scorecard i stopped posting around early february and you can see a dramatic drop when it comes to new instagram followers on my account and when i actually look at my analytics i see a lot of unfollows and i'm seeing a pattern that it relates to the time period where i stopped posting on my instagram account whereas if you look at the previous weeks where i have been relatively consistent posting constantly on instagram feed you'll notice that the numbers are much higher and there isn't a huge significant drop with some outliers here and there but the moment that i stopped posting as much or not at all this is where we start to see a huge decrease look at this month right here this is my all-time low when it comes to new follower growth the second observation that i have is less posts equals less reach as you can see when it comes to reach the moment that i stop posting any content on my instagram account you'll also notice a major decrease in reach versus the other times where i've been posting on my instagram consistently you can see that my reach hits the six figures and even multiple six figures in accounts that my account has been able to reach through content but in particular during this time period is also when i experimented a lot with instagram reels specifically so if you head over to my account not only was i posting a lot of shareable content like this but i was also posting a lot of instagram reels which allowed me to get even more reach but as you can see with my weekly social media tracking you'll notice that during that time period when i was doing a lot of instagram reels you'll see a huge uptick when it comes to accounts reached now even though so far i've shown you how posts actually relate to lower reach and even lower growth for your instagram account the interesting trend that i saw is that even though i didn't post on my feed whenever i posted on my stories i actually got more views than i usually do and i have a little bit of a theory around this maybe the fact that i haven't been posting on my feed when my followers actually see me post something even if it's on my stories they are more inclined to click on it and watch it and so that's an interesting trend that i saw throughout the 30 days is that my instagram story views actually increased during that time period where i wasn't posting a lot on my feed now moving on to the second part of this video which is what are the conclusions that we can draw from this experience of me not posting or being active on social media for 30 days the first one is is if you are driving traffic to a paid offer let's say you're a business owner and your sole platform that you rely to get leads on is instagram then consistency matters and i know that i've preached this a lot be consistent even if it's posting once a week be consistent or even any other social media expert will tell you the same however i do hope that this video really paints the picture data wise of how not posting consistently can actually affect the growth of your account and also the reach that you're potentially getting now this isn't to say that you can't just rely on instagram because i know that for a beginner who's just starting out maybe being on more than one platform can be a huge headache and you want to stick to instagram at minimum what i'm saying is just be consistent and actually in my pay program the boss gram academy we've had tons of our own clients sign their own clients using instagram alone and if you want to learn how i personally went from creating free content online to suddenly building a six and seven figure business make sure you check out this free training that i have right here inside i share the entire process of how i went from free content creation to monetizing my audience to now having a six and seven figure business i also throw in three free trainings on content creation niching scaling up and also building your first social media funnel on instagram alone so check the link in the description box or in the comment section below to check out this free training now moving on to my second conclusion and that is the more you post the more reach you get this is very different from the first conclusion that i had just mentioned because the first conclusion that i had was more about consistency so as a baseline you should at least be posting once a week minimum if you want to actually see a little bit of traction on your account but my second conclusion right now where i talk about the more you post the more reach you get what i'm specifically saying and what i learned from this experience is that i should actually be posting more often on instagram alone because what i noticed when i was looking at my spreadsheet is there was a week where i was posting maybe four times a week instead of one time a week or two times a week which is what i was kind of doing before and i noticed that i got way more reach than i usually do and so what i'm saying here is that if you have capacity to try to post more content now if your goal is to just be consistent and that is your main goal once a week is fine because you want to build the habit of posting consistently but if you want to accelerate the reach and the eyeballs that you're getting on your instagram account you're going to want to post a little bit more often than just once a week for instance three times a week or even four times a week or more if that's something that you can do because if you really think about it the more posts that you do the more chances that that one post could go viral or that one post could really hit home for a group of people and is reshared all around and so more volume equals more chances of shareability and virality it's very similar to youtube as well the more videos that you post on this platform the more chances that the youtube algorithm may pick it up and so i want to apply the same concept to instagram because based on the data that i've been seeing it seems to trend that way now let's say you're someone who is ready and has capacity to add one more platform to your social media or business strategy well this leads into my third conclusion and that is having a more evergreen friendly or seo friendly platform to support your instagram strategy can really lessen the blow for those times or moments in your business where you can't be consistent when i'm talking about seo friendly platforms or evergreen friendly platforms i'm talking about platforms like blog writing with pinterest attached to it so that you get pinterest traffic on evergreen almost or even podcasting or youtubing these are all different platforms that can afford you more slack on the days that you don't feel like being consistent now what i mean by seeing the positive effects of having a platform that allows you to be more searchable and also have a more evergreen strategy is even though i had a huge decrease in follower growth and also a huge decrease in profile visits as well as a huge decrease in accounts reached when it comes to my youtube channel during that 30-day time period i also wasn't posting any content on youtube however the decreases aren't as bad so for example my subscriber rate is still pretty steady now of course it's still lower than usual however the amount of new subscribers that i get on youtube during the 30 days is almost no different during the time period between december all the way until now and so the subscriber growth has been more steady versus on instagram the same philosophy applies to my view count now again it's still a little bit lower than i would like however it's still pretty steady and the decreases aren't as drastic versus on instagram another really interesting thing too is i also track the amount of downloads that my podcast gets and i have not been posting any content whatsoever on my podcast for a really long time i think the last time that i posted content was back in july of 2020 but you'll notice that i'm still getting steady downloads of course when i compare the data from last year when i first launched my podcast and also when i was consistent with my podcast i had about anywhere between 3 000 to 5 000 to even 7 000 downloads per month and so as you can see there is a huge decrease in downloads for podcast but i am still really surprised that people are still listening to this podcast despite me putting it on pause since last year now if you are someone who is a podcast listener of mine don't worry we are relaunching the podcast this year so i can expect these numbers to be higher but i want to show you guys how important it is or how awesome it is to have a platform that is a little bit more searchable that allows you to get traffic without you needing to post all the time so what i mean by this is let's take youtube as an example if someone searches instagram content ideas a video that i posted nine months ago will show up in search and will still help me get more subscribers and get more views the same thing goes for podcast if someone is searching for a particular topic there is a chance that my podcast episode might show up in search as well whereas for a platform like instagram instagram requires a little bit more consistency because the search capabilities aren't as refined as more rich media platforms like youtube or podcast another social media strategy that has been bringing me passive traffic even though i didn't post for 30 days are my blog posts and my pinterest so over on my website i have blogs that i wrote last year as you'll see the last blog that i wrote was in july of 2020 and now we're in 2021 but what's really interesting is for each of these blog posts i attach a pinterest pin to it and i have all of the information in this blog post that's also seo optimized so that if someone searches for this on google they might be able to find this but what's really cool is over on my instagram i have all these pins that i've put on pinterest and even though this is a strategy that i also put on pause due to capacity i still get 8.6 k monthly views and when people click on this pin they'll land on my website which leads to increased website traffic and what you'll notice from so far our data shows that we have anywhere between 2 000 to 20 000 views per week on our website now if you compare this to last year's stats when we actually had a consistent pinterest strategy and a consistent blogging strategy you'll see that every week we were actually getting about 20 000 web visits every single week so imagine what it would look like if i was actually consistent with this strategy however the main point that i want to tell you guys is that even though i wasn't creating any content on any platform for a whole month as you'll notice my business was still bringing in sales and what you can see is i'm still getting steady twenty thousand dollars per month during that month that i was not posting anything so it was still a six-figure month for us now i do feel like instagram is still a really important platform because there's no other platform like instagram that allows you to direct sell via dm whether that's voice note hopping on a call or whatever else and also multimedia with the integration of ig reels stories feed posts and all these things i still believe instagram still has a place in business however what i am saying is that if you're a business owner or you're someone who's ready or and has the time to dive into other platforms then based on this experience alone i noticed that it helped my business tremendously the fact that i was on youtube and that i'm also on podcast and even though my youtube and podcasts have been inactive it still didn't have as negative of effects than my instagram did when i'm inactive anyways guys i hope you found this video informative and helpful and insightful based off of my experience of being inactive on instagram for the last 30 days and how it compares to other platforms like youtube and podcast now at the end of the day i think that your personal care and mental health is above all else which is why i even took 30 days off of creating content because i needed to rest and recalibrate however i do also hope that this video does show you the potential downsides of not being inactive so that we can be more proactive when it comes to batching content and just thinking a few steps ahead especially if you can anticipate yourself burning out in this content creation journey now one of the best parts about my business that i appreciate so much is that even though i was inactive for 30 days on instagram and on youtube my business was still able to produce six figures in sales so if you're interested in learning how you can go from just being a content creator to being a business owner and actually having a service or product to sell make sure you visit this training that i have right here at www.followerstoclients.com the link is in the description box and in the comment section below now while you wait for next week's video i post a lot of videos on marketing social media and entrepreneurship so make sure you check out these two videos that i have right here as well i promise they won't disappoint as always guys i appreciate you i hope you guys have a great day a great week and a great life and i will see you in the next video bye guys

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