I Make 50k A Year Selling Vintage Clothes | How To Get Rich

i make up to two grand a week on depop and this is how i do it this year i can earn up to 50k i source the best of the best vintage clothes rafi's closet has 183 000 followers making money is really addictive today i'm looking for any vintage gems anything that i can kind of uh rework i've already picked out it's really beautiful i love the pattern another really nice shirt that would look really good with high-waisted jeans maybe yes love it love it the way i would describe depop it's like instagram and ebay brought together you list your item you interact with your followers either you sell it for the full price or you do an offer for them this i'd usually sell for around 22. the jumpers i sell or vests i sell for like 25 or 22. like that's 2.7 kilo so that is 4 pounds 40 quid all right cheers i bought this for 40 um and i'll probably sell it for about 400.

I was starting initially to clear my closet and also to make a little bit of cash on the side i actually realised i could earn a decent amount of money from it i'm really excited about these three pieces it's a brand new style i have a feeling that it will be really popular i think the breakthrough moment was when i was going meeting other sellers who were doing this full-time as a business so i started buying in more stock listing on a regular basis in the second year there was about a thousand followers a week coming in onto the shop this jumper here has the tiniest hole i've got white thread and i can stitch that up on a weekly basis we can make from anything from 70 to 120 sales it's quite addictive if you start making money out of it right now i'm just going to quickly hand stitch this hole you can't really tell at all that it's had a hole in it so that's perfectly fine now love depop dramas i've seen one where can you wear these shoes quite well and i'll give you an extra 60 pounds and i'm like no no so i'm going to turn this jumper into a jumper vest jumper vests are just selling really quickly it's really really simple with pricing rework stuff it totally depends what it is and the labor that's gone into it but if it's a piece that's actually taken a day or a few days it could be anything from 50 to 100.

It totally depends on the actual piece i'll put this jewelry on to wear with the clothes and the photographs and kind of just sell the items and show people how they can style it themselves so i like to spend my earnings either on travel which is really good to be able to explore markets i like to buy vintage designer pieces the experiences um anything that i can do with my mates so what i'll do now is i'll just find a space in the garden with a good backdrop and take some photos [Music] i might take like six eight photos just to make sure i've got the right angle the photography is actually one of the main parts of selling because if it's not photographed well your customers can't really get the value for it get them in the shop it's really exciting it's nice to be able to get them out to people incredible quality um model size 10 height five foot six instant buyers on and then just 22 pounds and then post listing and it will yeah so that's on now that's live with v's closet i'm looking to expand it into getting more independent sellers independent creatives involved and actually giving a platform to people um that want to make and sell just create a store full of vintage and sustainable pieces and then this is the one i reworked so it'll be nice to see how quick that sells i think we're in for a good night because we've already got some good likes coming in when i saw an item i feel excited and happy it's a really good feeling [Music] you

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