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crews amazing omega 3 product the world's most sophisticated omega product it is here and a brand new essential one formula with or without coq10 it's phenomenal the world's greatest multivitamin we're also featuring choco nouveau the most delicious chocolate you'll ever taste that's also heart healthy because that's a monthly special that's coming up in 59 minutes time but i want to tell you april is customer appreciation month and we are so excited to be sharing all month long the wonderful 1 000 a day that our charities really nominated by you our customers did you know that hsn is actually matching customer donations made through our partners in giving community page to the selected charities for a total match of up to five thousand dollars for each charity today's charity was chosen by kelly b she nominated nick's wish which strives to create moments of joy by granting the wishes of a young adult fighting cancer kelly is a wish maker where she works with the kids to develop their wish she volunteers many hours as a member of the board of directors to assist in annual events she says my son nick was diagnosed with cancer at 17.

When he learned that kids over 17 don't qualify for make a wish it broke his heart the night before he passed he asked me to help other kids since 2012 we've granted almost 200 wishes and created priceless memories for these families thanks to kelly nick's wish will be receiving today's 1 000 from hsn cares visit the hsn cares page on hsn.com to learn more about all of the charities that have been selected this month it is our pleasure to present you hsn cares where we can all make a difference well folks with that in mind that piece of good news um we are really excited to share with you two announcements they're going to be back-to-back the first announcement is right here it was just three short weeks ago that on our sister channel qvc a laptop desk a multifunctional versatile no assembly required easy simple uh platform which works wherever you are might be the chair the sofa the bed the floor the car um it's a way to really make the most of the times that we're in when you've got your laptop where do you put it is it on your knees it gets a little toasty on there this allows us to sit or stand work or play in the most comfortable functional versatile way three weeks ago on our sister channel over 125 000 were sold this was supposed to be a today's special on hsn they cancelled the today's special on hsn you want to know why because we don't have enough instead of doing a today's special they said we're just going to bring it in and we're going to air it right now we're going to do it right now and we'll do it at that same today's special pricing and here it is 29.99 the reviews are already pouring in five stars across the board i have the fabulous charcoal i have rose gold which we think is going to be sold out pretty soon this is the white this is the black this is the teal you're seeing all different styles in which you can use this all different heights we'll show you a million different ways to use it the one thing i do want you to know i told you that on our sister channel qvc we sold 125 000.

I'm not thrilled to tell you i don't have 125 000. i have 8 000 available so this won't last too long our special guest mr chad allen joins us live for the hsn debut the premiere chad so good to see you my friend what an exciting launch it really is i get the pleasure of doing it i'm so thrilled to bring you this versatile easy to use convenient item that is lightweight it's only two pounds and it holds your laptop or your coloring book or your homework or your food make it a food tray if you want whatever fits on the surface you can use and with the adjustable points that you'll get into you can configure this in any way that's convenient for your lifestyle so i pulled my dining table right into this area i pulled a recliner over because i want to show you a few things to give you the ideas to inspire you on how to use it so here's a dining table this is in my house usually there's four chairs around it i've made it a standing desk just by this 30 dollar item putting it on top adjusting the legs to 180 degrees and then a 90 degree angle at the bottom getting that perfect platform on the side right over here i even have an included mouse pad i don't like to use a a digital like a little mouse on the side i have a track pad but that's where i put my coffee that's where i put my soda that's actually sometimes where i just set my phone down right here easy to look at and easy to see but as easy as i'm able to stand and work i can take my laptop maybe it's a monday adam hello maybe it's a monday i'm a little tired and i just want to sit in my favorite recliner and work i don't want to work at my desk i don't want to work in the dining room anymore we're over it you can work on an ottoman sitting on the couch you can work on a couch you can put it on your desk so that your posture your alignment is all there looking forward is the key bringing that screen to your eye level is the key here that's what we're doing turning that kitchen counter into your standing desk into your recipe put a cookbook on it put your kindle on it put your ipad on it now i've taken the standing desk down i want to show you this i'm so so sorry i i i don't like to make a habit of interrupting i guess guys i have 300 left in rose gold i i want to i want you to know that because that is about to be taken away from our studio it's about to sell out rose gold 300 left it's a phenomenon it's a sensation it's obviously very timely those of us at home working from home schooling from home but not even for that just for any time chad you you are midway through showing us right you sat on the chair now you're sad at the table you can use it so many ways i could show you a million ways we don't have time for that or the quantity as adam's pointing out but i want everyone to understand why this makes your life better um so if i was just sitting at the dining table and i wanted to have an office i'd be like this right are you working looking at my screen look at how my neck is look at my hashing chad you slouch look at my shoulder i know my mom is watching she wants to slap me i'm sure right so my my neck is down my shoulders are slouching look at this look what i bring the rose gold i know it's going away but look what i bring the rose gold over and i adjust my posture and look what happens now the screen is directly in front of my eyes it's right here at eye level my shoulders are elevated they're not down and slouching because i'm i'm typing the way i was meant to type the way the keyboard was meant to be used and then when i have my laptop there i want you to see this because i have space underneath so whether it's my phone or my tablet maybe it's a notepad or a calculator it all fits underneath so if you're living in a small space don't worry this is going to work perfect for you but adam here here's the money shot here's the key here's why everybody loves it it's because now watch this watch my legs i don't know if you can see my legs because that counter is just going but look at this i cross my legs and my legs fit under the laptop desk we've all tried those pillows that go on your lap and then you can't cross your legs because you're you know your laptop's right there and look what happens my laptop oh hello laptop no but when i put the laptop desk there by bell and howl it's sturdy it's stable i'm able to type and do what i need to but adam you know bell and hal they've been around over 110 years they've been here at hsn for almost a decade bringing us those problem solving solutions that make our life better but i'm hearing you might need to talk about the colors again chad this is crazy i i don't even know what to tell you for anybody just tuning in just to reiterate the story behind this i always like you to know the story as i am told the story because it always makes it just more interesting our sister channel qvc sold out 125 000 of a very similar product just two or three weeks ago 125 000.

We were supposed to have this from bell howell as a today special they cancelled it because we clearly do not have enough for a today's special we have eight thousand that's all uh we're about to hit a thousand and there's already another thousand people ordering obviously there's the versatility i can be sat i can be stood i can be on the floor it might be a son in the back seat of the car on the way home from school he's doing his homework you might be in bed and you want breakfast in bed you can use this if you want to use this to put food or drink on it absolutely this is for your kindle it's for your laptop it's for the coloring book it's for the ipad it's for any you want to write maybe you're an aspiring writer or you want to create or paint or draw you can do anything with this by the way the quality is fabulous you've got the quality there that metal construction all the different ways in which it can be maneuvered and positioned zero assembly required here's where we are i have 30 left if you want rose gold so final 30 in rose gold i want to show you down here that fabulous charcoal because i think that's a great color option bell and hell have cracked it with the design because it is so lightweight at two pounds this is the classic white uh again the white we're going to show you how to adjust it is so easy i like that side tray as well your phone could go on there it's a mouse mat it can be anything you want it to be this is the classic black which has a matte finish to it on the tray section here notice that you have this ventilated part to it as well that allows if you've got the laptop for example the heat's going to disperse so many clever ideas in the design and then over here is the teal a thousand ordered 1500 people on the phone we are approaching at this stage rose gold has sold out so thank you for all of your calls on rose gold if you want the charcoal that will be the next to go so let me move charcoal over here chad the one thing that i noticed when i was doing my research is that the similar products that i found i found those standing desk things which could be thousands of dollars i also found some other similar things to this but they were four times the price this is only it's 20 i mean for 29 chad it's a great it's a great value not only a great product that's right leave it to bell and howl to do something crazy like this um and and hsn is such a great partner so we we try to buy in value when we can just like when you go to those gigantic warehouse stores and buy all your meat and bulk that's sort of what we do here you know but you were pointing out the construction and that's so important because a lot of the other ones you were looking at adam they probably didn't have that ventilation so if you have that laptop on your lap it's always so hot you no longer have to worry about that because it's good the heat's going to go through the holes and it's going to be ventilated it is all metal so it is very sturdy and easy to use and then look at your side and you might be able to get a better shot but each of the dials has a degree mark around each of the circles and when you push that you're able to adjust the leg wherever you want it there we go so all you're doing is picking an angle and we have a brilliant instruction sheet that points it all out for you and i gotta tell you i keep one on my in the bed i sort of use it as a bed tray so when you get your favorite uh when you get your favorite angle that you know you love you're gonna always probably keep this in the recliner you're probably always gonna keep that one where your standing desk is i say that because you should probably think about getting more than one upstairs downstairs you the hubby you the daughter do you know somebody going back to school in august chad maybe they're going off to college real fast you're more important adam you give you do it take it over charcoal's now sold out thank you for all of your orders on the charcoal next one white and teal are going to be the next to go so white black and teal black is selling like crazy but white is going to be the next to go officially we have about two minutes left chad back to you my friend how exciting i don't even know what to say like honestly but you should probably pick up more than one the mouse pad now it is it coming included i have it on the side of the teal but you'll notice on the white i don't have it there at all because i'm not going to use it on the white in my recliner but using it as a food tray is super simple as well all you're going to do is just push the two little buttons on the side adjust that tray flat and now even if i cross my legs i have my beautiful place where i can put my my plate and my cup on the side if i did have that mouse pad but i i got to tell you the construction the colors the bell and how name everybody's gonna want one or two of these because the ventilation is gonna pull that heat from the laptop out no much no longer are you having the laptop on your lap and then just if you use it as a standing desk alone getting up standing up you're you can work longer get that blood flowing and you can type and you can maneuver and do everything you need to do and then when you take it away and you want to just sit and you actually want to sit down because we all want to sit at some point i know the rose gold is gone i'm sorry to pull that over here but even if i was sitting and you're thinking i'm fine to sit well think about your posture think about your neck ache okay if i didn't have this look what happens my neck i'm looking down my neck is crooked my shoulders are down but when i pull that laptop dust over look what happens i'm super tall my neck is up straight i'm looking straight ahead but adam you can never go wrong with a brand name like bell and howl and a partner like hsn bringing these great innovative items i just hope you're able to get the color that you want or that chelsea wants adam chad my friend i'm so grateful that you gave me the heads up on this brilliant product great to see you stay safe in closing 75 left in white and a hundred left in teal best seller is the black best seller is the black if you don't know which to choose stay right there in the ordering process what a fun start to the show mr andrew lessman is on the way at midnight tonight something that's not scheduled to be presented but is coming to a close is our phenomenal tracfone deal it's the lg reflect if you've not seen this yet we're doing a bundle that is six and a half inch beautiful display it comes with 1500 minutes and texts and great data as well included if you're looking for a smartphone that takes better pictures better video has an octa-core processor this is the way to go pricing is significantly lower than what you would spend in the stores so grab it if you'd like to upgrade your tracfone or you want to just banish the bill with no more phone bills well i said two announcements it's time for my second announcement and it's not a nice one it's a sad one thought it would never end but it has to come to an end this past monday on open house it was officially announced that fixmestick and the offer that they've been able to give hsn customers for nearly a decade is coming to an end in fact it's ending right now i have 999 available of the most advanced computer fixer there is pc or mac this plugs in and we'll do a deep clean it's going to remove all the junk that is stopping your computer running like the way it should the stuff that gets past the virus protection the reason why your computer freezes or crashes the reason why there's all the trojan malware spyware that's logged in there right this product is like taking your computer and dropping it off at the geek store overnight it's a similar concept using amazing technology developed by two very very talented industry pioneers when you buy fix me stick in the stores it's 60 for one computer and it's 60 every year on hsn for nearly a decade fixmestick has done this offer where it's listen you buy it it runs on three computers and it's forever so it's never a renewal fee never a subscription three computers covered forever and ever and ever and ever and ever whenever you need it you use it as a bonus we're going to include the start me stick this is a newer product this is going to go into any computer that you've got that is really old really old that you've not used in a long time what's on there what are you missing what have you lost plug this in it's going to run again that comes with this fix me stick just to be clear will make your computer run like it did on day one the offer the deal ends in the next 10 minutes we're going to count down with everybody and thank the team from fix me stick who are watching tonight um there are as i said about 900 and well now there's 991 i wish we had more but there's not fix me stick is still going to stay on hsn but it will go to um well just not the forever you know forever forever forever no fees subscription this is an amazing deal joe harrison our special guest and expert joe i saw you shed a little tear there all good things as they say and i hate the saying must come to an end and tonight it's fixed mistakes and this is so important adam because viruses they're not going away they're gonna be on your computer for a lifetime you need to have some sort of protection and your antivirus only scans about 10 of your hard drive this scans 100 of your hard drive but both of these items are designed to help you and bring that computer back to life and this one here this is a six-year-old dell that was a today's special they've been fantastic but then all of a sudden the windows operating system gets a little old i turned it on and this was what happens it just tells me i need to reboot i reboot over and over and over again this is a lot of my personal information on it i just don't want to get rid of it so what the fixmestick team has done is they've created something called the start me stick now before this thing gets back to that same message again all i need to do is go ahead and insert that usb stick into the usb port then i turned it on what's going to happen is it's going to run the software that's on the stick because this gray software stick actually has software built inside it's like its own little mini computer this is going to allow you to get back online check your email check your websites get on on facetime if you need to all that fun stuff but i'm going to show you adam this was a six-year-old dell i see it's starting up with six of the starting mistake this is the last gateway i sold and i know a lot of you know me as gateway joe adam i sold this in 2012.

This thing hasn't worked in years but it's working now because start me stick is plugged in adam i'm on hsn.com i'm watching us live streaming on hsn.com if i didn't have start me stick this computer wouldn't turn on at all but now adam it brought it back to life so whether it's my nine-year-old gateway or it's my six-year-old dell that's now turning on you saw just a couple minutes ago it wasn't on at all but i inserted the start me stick and now i can get online again so it's amazing what this product does because adam we have these old computers and we don't want to get rid of them and you get frustrated because you're not sure well it's got my personal information on there i just don't want to let somebody else take it over to start me stick plug it into the usb port and it brings it back to life because it runs off the start me stick operating system so what can you do while you're on there well you can online game you can watch your videos like i was just doing you can check your email doing your banking because you can't download anything to the start mistake you're not downloading viruses you're down downloading trojans you're not downloading anything that could steal your identity or or steal your credit it's just a safer environment so adam let's not get rid of those old computers right all you have to do plug in the start me stick and those old computers will come back to life again guys that start mistake comes with unlimited unlimited use on the computer so bear that in mind i have 400 people ordering there are 400 left after that and there are no extended deliveries we would we will have fix me stick but it will be around 60 for one computer and then every year ongoing sixty dollars if you're one of the final six seven hundred people you're getting it free forever free forever the reason fixmestick did this for hsn is because we launched the product so they gave our customers the best out there so now to the heart and soul of the offer joe the legendary fix me stick the little stick that could there's nothing else on the market quite like it there is an adam and you think about you know today is uh what's taking today saturday today saturday so think about it if you had rain your antivirus yesterday which would have been friday you thought okay my computer's clean but you know the viruses are now smarter they're actually waiting for certain days of the week certain times of the day certain weeks of the year before they turn on so if you ran your software yesterday but the virus was only active on saturday then you missed it now how is this possible it's because your antivirus it only scans the active files which are about ten percent of your entire hard drive so think about it this way imagine you hired a cleaning crew to come to your house but they only clean ten percent of your house the rest of the house is a dump it's horrible this is something different fixmestick scans 100 of the files every document every photo every song every uh spreadsheet everything that somebody sent you via email it all gets scanned and it doesn't get scanned just once it actually gets scanned three times fixed mistake like adam mentioned this was created by two software engineers who used to work in the antivirus industry they knew there had to be a better way because viruses are getting smarter so they put three scans on there so in case the first file goes through and the first scanner sees it it passes along for the next one so it's triple checking to make sure there are no files that are going to harm your system now what happens if it finds it it actually takes that file from your computer keeps it on the stick it doesn't keep the viruses in quarantine on your computer it's physically removing them from your computer the other amazing thing about having this is that it starts to clean out your system it gets rid of these old files that are slowing down your system slowing down the internet slowing down the boot times so you'll start to notice that computer is getting a little bit faster and the other thing is if you have a mac yes you can get a virus on there this is good for pc or mac we used to have two different versions where you had to buy a mac version had to buy a pc version this fixed music it doesn't care it just knows that three computers could be one mac two pcs three macs whatever the configuration is you plug this into your computer and it does that deep clean for you and adam we talk about a deep clean you when you run your antivirus it only takes about 15 minutes to do it when you run fixmestick it's a deep clean it's going to take several hours so adam i always tell people run it overnight that way when you wake up the next morning you get that fast first computer all over again it was funny because when we when we originally launched it there were so many raised eyebrows like people didn't believe it because like when joe says it or i say you know plug this in and it's going to make your computer run like it did on the first day it's like well you've not seen my computer right it stops it freezes it crashes it's got a ton of stuff wrong with it look it's a massive customer pick and all i all i've ever said is what i'll say one last time tonight buy it try it plug it in if it doesn't make your computer run like it did on the first day you know you've got hsn's 30 day return policy so you've got nothing to lose but you should try it after 10 years the hype is it's not about the hype anymore or the gimmick of it something so new and different and original it's the fact that it's a proven winner for so many of us it's a stress it's a pain it's a it's something that holds us back every day if the computer's not working the way it should fix me stick to the rescue joe final words before we call this one sold out the final word is you know adam in 2019 the number one way people had their identity stolen was from a virus that's on your computer it doesn't slow your computer down it doesn't lock it down it takes your information and this is the best way to keep you and your information safe thank you so much mr joe harrison it was good while it lasted my friend stay safe have a great weekend thanks adam you too bye-bye folks don't hang up we are counting you in congratulations if you manage to get it you'll love love love fix me stick all right stay right there so many things still to come including mr andrew lessman at midnight but not forgetting if you are shopping with us a lot why not apply for an hsn credit card get 10 off your first single item purchase when you call us on 1-800-695-1418 still to come in this hour the bose wave music system for 299 and then at midnight mr andrew lessman is here with a double main event that being andrew's omega product and the most sophisticated multivitamin in the world essential one for the first time tonight andrew's offering it with or without the addition of coq10 that's at midnight before we get to our bose wave music system though we've got to talk about this this aired earlier with shopping with colleen and boy was it popular well it's an apple ipad 8th generation latest generation newest generation with something i think you'll love and i don't just mean the additional case and keyboard which are custom made in pink marble blue marble leopard silver or black i mean that for the first time that i recall virtually ever doing we're including the apple pencil that's a hundred dollar value the apple pencil is going to come along with it so whether it's work or play creating designing you are going to love the apple pencil we are including it with the bundle tonight you even get a little holster for your pencil which is really cool and that comes in a coordinating color with the case that you choose obviously with the apple ipad i've got all the colors that you would expect the space gray the silver and the gold so space gray silver and gold brand new and boxed so if you buy an apple ipad as i just throw the pencil box on the floor i apologize it was empty though so i didn't break anything for once if you buy it from apple that's what you get you get it brand new in the box if you buy it from us brand new in the box there's the apple pencil box brand new again not refurbished uh yours delivered free with free shipping and handling there's a 32 gig and there's 128 gigabyte version as well to go along with it if you've always wanted one but you've been waiting for a great deal this is a fabulous value when you take into account hsn's flex pay which brings the price down to 130 a month or 150 a month if you go for the larger capacity and mr bill duggan is our apple expert bill it's been a it's been a while my friend since i've seen us do the apple pencil included i so i've been presenting the ipad for about 10 years i can maybe remember one other time that we did this this is big this is customer appreciation month worthy and really what is exciting by the way these are individually boxed too so if you want to send this to someone for a graduation present or you know maybe break up the gifts you can do that as well the big get is this 8th generation ipad because it is their latest in the standard ipad and i called the standard because there are now different levels of ipads but they go up in price so there's the pro there's the air series this standard ipad it is the most compatible yet it's the most slim and the most affordable ipad out there ever but you also have to realize it is still one of their most powerful so this eighth generation is more capable than ever so you're not sacrificing you're gaining it has that 812 chip it's 40 faster than the prior model the graphics are twice as fast and it's compatible with newer technology like augmented reality the screen size finally over 10 inches which is phenomenal for binge watching and gaming and getting our work done which is important yet it still remains super lightweight whether you get 32 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes and you still have that 10 hour battery life a lot of people upgrade for that reason alone the finger touch id and you'll realize with that apple app store a million apps specifically designed to apple they're going to be it's going to be a more secure environment the next part of that you would probably notice we say the it's compatible with the apple pencil but it's not included well that is not the case tonight it is included so you can really navigate and have a more fluid experience because that's really where this is a game changer so not only getting the ipad not only getting the pencil you get a full year of tech support and you notice how it has this nice little eraser tip type of thing normally if i need to connect or pair it i got to take this little cap off and you know what adam i'm going to lose it but we've given you all these great accessories where you won't lose things where it's really going to be a long time ago bill you can relate it i've been there it's done that but this is where the game changer is to adam that new chip so i want to watch something on youtube so i come over here it's nice and fast let's see oh should we go back to the holidays what was this more importantly can you hear that audio good audio which is great but also i'm going to expand this nice and responsive that's that new chip because if you have a tablet at home maybe it's a little lagging maybe it's buffering a lot you're really going to enjoy a more fluid experience with the ipad but while i'm shopping and watching this holiday special guess what i swipe up from the bottom and maybe i need to take notes i can actually okay we'll go back right over here i'm gonna go back to youtube and i'm gonna be able to watch this swipe up and what do i do i can drag over my notes at the exact same time and because i have the apple pencil i can do two things at once and that's really where it's a more intuitive and fluid and powerful experience so i'm going to watch my movie over here this could be my educational class video because you know this is how we're going to school this is how we're taking our work calls but while i'm doing this i can come over here and i can be taking notes at the exact same time hi adam i can be writing your name doing this backwards and upside down but more importantly what's really cool about the apple pencil not only does it allow me to do chicken scratch it can actually convert my chicken scratch into text it will actually make my signature into type written verbage so i don't have to rewrite my class notes i don't have to rewrite the notes this has been a game changer but as we pointed out normally it's an additional purchase normally you have to pick that up separately we're including all of that and a case and that you know mac you for an entire year plus pandora this is customer appreciation month worthy while we have them and that's really what we're excited about because you're not going to use it one time a year you're not going to use it just for summer time you use your ipad all the time it's just it's it's a worthwhile investment because the quality is there from the moment people touch it you feel it your experience the precision crafts craftsmanship the engineering that you've got uh it's designed to last it really is and the screen is just out of this world so many of us now obviously doing everything on our phones and on our tablets and whether you're watching or playing games this screen it just pops as you can see we're getting geared up for mr andrew lessman on the way at midnight tonight his monthly special chukka nouveau and a double main event today's special andrew's omega-3 and essential one the world's greatest multivitamin if you'd like to order we do have a clear winner and that's the 128 so if you want that larger size and i'll get you know uh certainly bill's input onto why so many people choose the 128 over the 32 obviously we're talking extra capacity which means that you could store more things and obviously when you're ordering as well not only do you get to choose which color ipad you want so gold silver or space great but you can choose which case now this is where hsn goes around and really dodges um i suppose the restrictions that are out there with regards to discounting apple because apple don't discount they don't have to discount so hsn found a way to bundle together some essentials things that we'd all typically want to buy we know we want to protect our ipads or buy a case it's great to have a keyboard because a keyboard is nice having tangible keys if it's a school or for work having the sleeve the keyboard having the year of mac u which we'll talk about in a moment as well these are all great bonuses notwithstanding for every order that comes through right now we are including an apple pencil this is a hundred dollar extra we are including the apple pencil for the first time in a long long time it will be in the package with you so the total value really is spectacular when you're ordering choose which color cover you want so we have our silver there is black we have leopard blue marble and pink marble don't forget the little holster here that's for your apple pencil so you never lose it bill why would i choose and why do so many people uh opt to go for the 128 gig versus the 32 gig what's what's the difference really well it definitely does come down to how much you can contain on your ipad whether it's books whether it's podcasts whether it's photos whether it's movies that i'm downloading but the one thing you have to realize the quality of what apple delivers you're going to have this for years because i love to show this this is a second generation ipad i've had it for 10 years i got it in march of 2011.

It still works but limited memory and if i knew that i would have this for 10 years it would have been worth the investment but more importantly i would have wanted to have gotten more memory and that's where you appreciate it but if you are comfortable with using the cloud and sending things up there 32 gigabytes might be good for you but when you want easy access to all of it you're gonna have it right there and adam i love how you're pointing out the colors because with the other ipads that are even out there because i gotta tell you all the other tablets out there try to be like ipads so if you want the gold or the silver you get that white bezel if you get the space gray you get that black bezel so you can see the difference but i'm going to tell you all those other ipads that are out there the pros and the air that are more expensive they're only coming right now with black bezels so if you are that one who likes that white finish this is the tablet that you want to get it is their eighth generation it's still their latest yet it's more economical and they pride themselves on that because if you go to the apple store and like okay you're getting the 8th generation ipad good for you but because you're saving some money you know you're going to want to get a pencil you're going to want to get a case you're going to want so by the time you leave the store you're adding up a lot of money but more importantly i want everyone to realize if i was to buy all this at apple i have a 14-day return policy hsn has doubled that to give you more time and that's really important because if you're new to apple you want more time if you're an apple user you get it you want to be make sure you can move into it and by the way adam as i'm holding this holster when they presented the bundle to me and they're like it's the eighth generation and it comes with the apple pencil i thought it just came with the holster i didn't realize it was actually coming with the pencil where i can really navigate around and it is a different experience some of us have tried using stylus or our fingers it is more refined it is more intuitive the pairing process even simpler so remember i was talking about that cap if i pop up that cap that's my charging port how do i charge it i just plug it in right here to where i would normally charge my tablet my tablet is now charging the pencil not only that it's pairing it that's the ease of this experience so now once it's already connected fast fuel gauge so it really is quick and easy now i can easily just pop in here and navigate and you mentioned word processing in the keyboard so i'm going to jump over here and do some word processing because you know i'm going to use this for school now because i'm not just using it for entertainment now i have the ability to get more stuff done so i'm coming over here i need to do some typing one thing i want you to know this digital keyboard even though it's a larger screen it's taking up half the screen i can't get work done but because we include this keyboard i turn this one on and what you're gonna notice the digital one disappears i get more workspace i have more desktop and this is right here but by the way this is completely removable if i don't need it because you know we're watching movies in the back seat of the car i don't need to take it with me it's fine but i also like the way this ties in with the pencil so you know i'm proof reading the kids document i'm proofreading something for work have you ever had cursor issues adam where you're like i can't get i just need to make a correction right over here take the pencil and what i can do is i can actually literally just scribble that out it's going to delete it i can actually circle these two words as a highlighter and it's going to make it bold so now i can bold it underline it it is just so refined but normally this is sold separately and actually my niece for christmas guess what she got she got the apple pencil so you can break up the gifts if you'd like because this in and of itself is a huge gift but also by the way this voucher six different apps and services uh the biggest one being mac u for an entire year but then you have pandora the way to learn a language accounting software you name it it's all in there but it really is upgrading to this latest generation because you're going to have it for years to come and the thing is you're going to use it different the day you get it today then two years down the road because you know maybe all of a sudden you're working from home but then maybe you're going to want to take this to work maybe you're going to want to take it on vacation my favorite example is tamara hooks she's a show host at hsn and when she got her first tablet she she got it from her boyfriend that boyfriend is now her husband now he's the father of a kid i mean they got married they had kids they went well then that's just it it worked out perfectly it's better than a ring if you ask me because you don't outgrow it even if it's for the kids you know they they grow up they move on from video games to schoolwork to you know liking this color to that color this will really grow with them apple i get it it's an investment hsn makes it affordable gives you more time to try it out and you're going to really be impressed because if you're an apple user you get it you want to upgrade but if you are new to apple we actually this is what surprised me adam i was told the number one tablet at hsn is not the bargain basement ones it's truly the best in class it is apple because we make it easy for you to get it home and to fall in love with that experience and one of the ways that we make it easy is flex pay right flex pays the hsn advantage uh our sister channel qvc calls it easy pay we call it flex pay it's the best way to pay there's no doubt so we're gonna take a price or in this case two prices we have 649 or 749 depending whether you go for the 32 gig or the 128 and that price is then divided into five so five flex pay on everything at the moment that means the price of the 32 gig is 130 a month for five months and then on the other one 150 a month there's no interest on that there's no fees on that there's no application you don't need to be a member of a club to get that special uh payment plan as it were it means we get what we want when we want without being charged a penalty for it brand new sealed in the box the apple ipad latest generation eighth generation with the apple pencil now we're only honoring the apple pencil as an addition for orders that are placed with this offer so there's no other ipad that we have right now where we're doing this as part of the bundle it's the best value apple ipad bundle that we have for sure because you're going to get the cover the case the keyboard the holster all the things that you'd need to make the most of your new purchase the other thing to tell you about is hsn's vip financing so like most stores do they have their own credit cards right we have our own credit card we don't want to be left out we want to make sure that you're not left out because if you shop a lot with us if you get an hsn credit card there are a lot of perks a lot of benefits the perk in this case is that rather than let's say the five flex pay it's now 12 months it's like a 12 month flex pay there's 12 month vip financing which brings the price down to 54 or 62 dollars respectively and there's no interest on that if the balance is paid in full by the end of the 12 months so great ways to shop great ways to make the most of the offers that you see still to come next our bose wave music system four um from you know the iconic company the sound company that really delivers we have an amazing deal at 299 then mr andrew lessman's going to join us as well at midnight everything is on five flex pay bill you know you talk about price we talk about investment and we talk about getting our money's worth maybe that's what it is with apple you always get your money's worth and that's just it we want our dollar to go further we need it to last the school year we needed to get this to get them through high school and off to college and the thing is i'm over here having fun with technology and this is where you can have fun with technology so i'm using the pencil i'm doodling i've got a screen grab i could you know find something on hsn.com and send it off real quick actually here's a perfect example by the way looking good adam and customer appreciation month but get on here load your email make sure it works with all the work documents because if you know you have excel and pc everything at work this will still work with those but look at this pesky tax document i got to get this set off before i can enjoy my weekend right double tap normally i would have to send this off to the printer if the printer is working fingers crossed it has ink and toner or i can sign it right here on the screen i have my pencil i come down here to my my icons i'm going to do this really sloppy i'm just going to initial it for you bd but more importantly it is such a fluid experience because you have all the tools right here you don't have to piecemeal the whole thing together you're getting that latest generation ipad with that new chip so it's faster and more fluid remember you're gonna have this chip for years to come over a 10 inch size screen you have a new case i know you're like me i'm like oh just reuse the old case you can't because it's a bigger screen so you're getting a new case with a keyboard the pencil included we maybe have done this once before in the 10 years we've done apple and extra accessories and then also even the fact that you know we're including the pencil we're giving you a full year to the mac u which is um online video support and tutorials we all have questions i have questions actually here's a cool call out do you know you realize if you shop at hsn you can still walk into the apple store with this stuff yeah even if you're a flex payment in they don't care they just really want you to be a happy customer and you will be with apple because the biggest difference with this one being 10 years old and still working is that apple ecosystem because as i download different stuff you know to keep the kids occupied in the back seat of the car and then through school and then through summer you know we all try different apps and stuff but as we download stuff we normally get extra running in the background that slows things down you know makes it slower to boot up and all that stuff this remains fast and fluid and because of that this becomes your go-to you don't just use it once a year or travel time or tax time you use it all the time mr bill duggan thank you so much it's great to see you are you having fun with your family i'm having a blast we're out here for a big birthday and it's just getting started well it's great to see you thanks for taking the time to spend time with us have fun be sick we'll see you soon cheers thank you bill the amazing bill duggan our apple expert here on hsn don't forget if ever you buy anything in the world of gadgets or gizmos ask about hsn protection plus with no deductibles if you drop it break it crack it spill something on it you don't have to worry that you have to pay deductible to get it fixed well with that being said we are um just uh about 15 minutes away from mr andrew lessman joining us for a phenomenal double main event today special andrew's omega-3 product and his essential one for the first time being offered with the option of coq10 we're excited about that so that's at midnight tonight but we want to end this hour of customer favorites with an all-time favorite for so many years the music wave system from bose has been a massive customer pick here on hsn qvc and around the country and around the world now in this latest generation it continues to win the hearts of everybody that hears it because gone are the days where you need 10 different speakers to create that full room filling sound this is the beaut at the bus the bose wave 4.

Uh it is smarter than ever before it is sleeker than ever before and this has the patented waveguide technology that really does generate that rich room filling sound over 570 have been spoken for because we just sliced the price down from 499 to 299 from 499 to 299 i have platinum and we have the espresso from the sistine chapel to the nfl trusted by some of the most important institutions in the world and worldwide brands nobody is more respective or respected in the world of sound than bows talking of being respected one of the most respected guests that we have on hsn mr justin smith joins us justin it's great to see you my friend you are the bose expert and at any price justin bose is worth every penny but when you can do it at a discount well now we're talking yeah and do it at a discount for the latest one this is this bose wave music system series four there is no series five on the horizon this isn't an old refurbished unit this is brand new you know and this is the one that you know other one-piece speaker system i always like to point this out what hap my biggest complaint with those is that you're you're losing so much of the detail and the rich textured sound you know the the way that the audio engineers meant for you to heard hear the sound because you're just you're not listening to it on the technology of bose you know this is the icon like you said this is the legend this is the one that you know is trusted by the sistine chapel because it turns the huge sistine chapel into a symphonic orchestra hall it's trusted by madison square garden by the nfl this is the one that turns those stadiums into a rocking concert hall a rocking powerhouse and the that is the same technology that you can bring into your home into your room and turn any space that you have into your own private concert hall because of its ability and it sounds like it should be coming from something 10 times this size you don't need the big four speakers or the 10 speakers like you said and it's as easy to operate as walking into a room and flipping on a light switch to get light now all i have to do is walk into my house touch the top and i can experience that smooth textured sound of bows check this out let's crank it up a little bit come on adam it's not midnight yet and then when the delivery guy's at the door i got to stop this fun before we get too carried away when the delivery guy's at the door the kids are screaming the dogs barking you see that i just touched the top it turns off and then when i'm ready to start experiencing my music again i want you guys to listen to all of those notes and i'm going to take the volume down real low so you can see that the bass is still there all i have to do is just press the top again and then it's going to start playing right where it left off but let's take that volume down because that's very important that you're not going to listen to it up at volume 75 or 100 but did you see when i take it up that high there's no distortion and no crackling i can take it down to this is a more normalized level that we're gonna hear it in our homes daily and listen to that that bass is still there the notes are still there the way the audio engineers meant for the songs that they put hours and weeks of effort into mixing so that you can hear them not so you can hear them on your cell phones and your tablets but that so you can hear them on a system like this from bose that now at that price we have the ability to get into our house and experience all of that rich great robust sound i mean it's fun music is fun when you hear it the way the artist intended and as justin said your favorite tunes the things that you love the most sound even better when it's played through the wave did i say we're at 299 i got to keep saying that because we're we're down from 499 to 299 that's a massive 200 saving platinum silver is the most limited right now so platinum silver the best seller though is the espresso so the espresso is that darker color it's like a very very very very dark brown but it's gorgeous that sleek display obviously this could be on your nightstand it could wake you up on the morning effortlessly cd player dual alarm clock naturally and obviously as well the ability to give you a big room sound so the question is how we talk about the look and the style but really forget what's on the outside as they say it's what's on the inside that counts justin take us inside of a bose wave music system what is the name of this technology and how really is it doing it yeah well not many manufacturers like to rip off the hood and show you how we're able to manufacture that sound how we've engineered it but bose is one of the few that gives you an inside look as you can see right there there are two 26 inch chambers as you can see separated right there and those little um orange and purple and blue rings that's representative of air in motion and what is air in motion that's what sound is that's what sound waves are and the further the sound the air has to to pass through those tubes those chambers if you will the more it expands the more turbo charges and multiplies so that is how it is able to come out and fill any room fill any home fill any concert like sound and give you that big robust sound at home now to show you practically what that looks like i shot a little candle demonstration as i like to call it and we're gonna see what it looks like without uh the bose wave music system and with so here we go i'm gonna play a little music in a second out of those regular three-inch speakers that you would get in any one-piece speaker system and watch what it does to the candles but then i'm gonna go ahead and pair it with the patented bose waveguide chambers and we'll see the difference that that makes so here we go this is the first without bose waveguide right this is how most of us listen to our music these days you see it barely has any effect on those candles but now let's go ahead and pair it with the patented bose waveguide chambers and now watch what the same song does wow yeah i mean listen you said it perfectly it's a three-letter word and wow that is all you can say to that because it's something you feel it's something you experience with other systems you can hear it and you can listen to it but bose is simply the best at allowing us to experience and feel our music unlike anyone else it's about waking up on a morning going into the kitchen making some toast and coffee and turning on the radio right and this sits so beautifully in the kitchen on the counter it's about going to bed on a night time and having this on the nightstand putting your favorite cd in and listening to some relaxing tunes as you fall off to sleep and then in the morning it's about it waking you up it's about having a music system in the living room that is the heart and soul of every event every gathering every moment together as a family it's how new year's eve will be celebrated it's how special occasions will be celebrated by having that background accompaniment that background music now there's so many things that you can do with this you can plug in a bluetooth receiver which means that you can receive all the music from your phone or your tablet your favorite podcasts audible books so you can take your bose wave music system and really do anything you want with it from cds to radio to connecting with a bluetooth receiver so you can play all of your favorite music that's for sure the price is what really sells this you can't walk into a bose store in the mall and say you know i'd like one of these i've heard about them but i'd like you to give me 200 off bows don't typically discount when justin talks about the heritage and the history of bose it really is celebrated i mean justin you know of the of the years that we've been talking about you know all the different iterations of the wave we have calls from people that have had their bows for well over a decade and they love it it's something that's it's a part of the family yeah it's something that's a lifetime product i always tell the story of the one that my old bose wave music system series one that's over 20 years old and the batteries in the old remote still work it's been on moving box after moving box and truck after truck from here to la and back and forth i'm by here i mean florida now and it's still excuse me still works beautifully but what they've done is they haven't changed the footprint because this is a lifetime product it's not like you're gonna get it home and you're gonna you know give it away in a year or two like you would with some other system this is something that people covet this is something that people want because it is a statement piece it is something that takes the place of the big giant floor speakers remember back in the day it was the bigger the better to make all your music sound great well technology has come so far even in just the last decade and bose has continued to you know just to capitalize on that technology and make it easier for you to hear the sounds that you should be hearing in the first place that the audio engineers created and they've done it in such a way that i don't have to adjust my equalizers anymore i don't have to read a 50-page manual all i have to do is have power you see this i've got here let me turn it around and show you guys i'm not fibbing to you here i have one cord plugged in one power cord i'm not this is why i love presenting this i don't have to hook it up to wi-fi or any sort of crazy apps or read any you know long you know instruction manuals you get it home you plug it into power like you said you can stream all of your favorite uh even tv shows if you want or movies or all your favorite playlists from your phones your tablet your computer straight to your bluetooth adapter if you want this is one core plugs right into the back like a pair of headphones as well or you can pop in your cd you can listen to all your favorite radio stations there's 12 presets on here so this really is your band in a box this really becomes now your whole home music system and again it's so easy you should not have to sacrifice any space and you shouldn't need an audio engineering degree to have great sound in your home anymore adam it's abandoned a box i love that justin that's exactly what it is it's a band in a box in a way that it should be something so small yet really so powerful and so mighty incidentally fabulous remote control gives you all the function all the features you could imagine try it for yourself it's the only way to really understand the experience you have a 30-day return policy on hsn we've talked a lot tonight about five flex pay and everything uh andrew lessman is going to be on five flex pay his entire assortment on five flex pay in just five minutes with our two today's specials omega-3 and essential one for the first time being offered with a choice of coq10 but all the sizes are on five flex and this is on five flex as well so we're gonna take our lowest price of 299.99 and spread it out over five months and that means the price comes down to sixty dollars a month um free shipping and handling so we'll send it to you or any address in the continental united states at no additional charge if you were to factor in simply the days weeks months and years of enjoyment and smiles that this will bring it's worth every single penny justin there are so many different music systems that you can buy out there but i i don't really think it's hotly debated as to which is the firm fan favorite it is always regarded as bose best in class well think about it it's a reason we've been trusted by all those billion dollar brands for over a half a century you know for over 55 years and it's because we make you know a couple of our hallmarks as we're ease of use and just the best sound you know bose doesn't make dishwashers and tablets and computers and cell phones all bose makes all we manufacture is top of the line premium grade audio products because we want you to have an experience so right now i'm going to take you to the islands any genre of music sounds fantastic on this whether it's island music let's go ahead and crank this up whether it's rap rock country jazz but i mean listen to this you just close your eyes where are you at right now adam you're not in the studio you're on an island somewhere with your umbrella drink right now i see a dolphin justin i see a dolphin over there can you see it oh look it's flipper it's flipper i see him yeah you know i mean look and and that's the thing is every genre of music sounds great in the bose it's not like um you know it's not like oh you know you gotta play just you know classical or jazz so let me take you maybe you you know you've got a movie score or something like that listen to this i just want you to hear this build and i really want you to take note of how you're listening to this at home because maybe you're listening to it through your tv speakers and it's compressed to the hsn you know airwaves in my skype feed and if it sounds this good here imagine how much more robust and full it's going to sound when you get home [Music] favorite get this man an award i'm saying no more justin my friend we could watch you do interpretive dance all night long they're telling me we have 50 seconds left justin from all of us here thank you so much great presentation stay safe have a great night and a wonderful weekend we'll see you soon thank you adam you as well thank you justin if you'd like to order your bose wave music system we have two choices we have our platinum silver or we have the espresso the espresso is that rich deep brown color also comes with a 30 dollar cd voucher as well that we're excited to share with you there is nothing quite like the bose wave music system with that in mind there is also nothing quite like mr andrew lessman's supplements and vitamins and tonight two amazing today's specials omega-3 and essential one offered for the first time with coke q10 it's about investing in yourself in a healthier you and a healthier family uh with andrew's no compromise products best in the world at what he does so stay with us the night is still young if you missed anything in this show you can go online at hsn.com and search all the things as part of our customer favorites weekend this like everything we've done and everything we're about to do with andrew is all on five flex pay i'm gonna head to studio a and then i'll introduce you to the man himself mr andrew lessman my singular goal is to improve the quality of people's lives everything we do is intended to be unlike any other company of our kind we just make exceptional vitamins so you could have exceptional health it's not important that you get the products i'm offering but it's very important that you get the information i'm sharing because information is the key to being a healthy person worry about one less thing with our protection plus plans at hsn electronics fitness equipment even jewelry can be covered shop smarts and protect your purchase it's easy to add when you're checking out search protection plus at hsn.com for more details as the covet 19 vaccines become available you may have questions and that's normal so for the latest information visit getvaccineanswers.org it's up to you

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