HowTo Make Money With YouTube Shorts | Brand New Strategy To Make $9,444/Wk Without Filming

do you want to know how you can make money on a youtube shorts and earn thousands of dollars every day just so with this brand new niche that I'm going to show you in this video look at this 9400 in the last seven days, but it's getting better than that, because I'm the nation I'll show you this person on this video earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and I'm going to show you exactly how you can do this without showing your face without using your own voice or ever a film the videos yourself, you see it's pretty simple you come more than 7-1-4-6 to this site
here with all the resources you need to start making these videos you click on one of these you come here, and you grab a piece of this text here, once you have this text come to this software that does it all for you enter the text in you click on the next one you come to this page and it will create the video for you as soon as you have it done you can start generating subscribers view and from there what i want to do show you how you are going to use these short YouTube videos, then you can start creating longer format videos after earning money with shorts on YouTube, I am going to step by step through everything step on this video, so pay close attention while we now start what's going on, you guys are here again from the smart money tactics channel like me I told you today in the introduction I want to show you a brand new way you can make money with a youtube shorts, so what I have done when I came to YouTube in a youtube shorts and I started looking at the different types of videos that appear immediately on the youtube shorts after get some ideas to really show you simple concept that you can start right after you watched this video, so if you browse here, take a look at some of the videos that may appear immediately and see how many opinions they have had in the last few days you have this channel here example one day ago 420 000 viewed this video here 787 000 views two days here is another here the same channel a day ago 954 000 views if you scroll here here is another channel here two days ago 311 000 views what is all I opened them and I went to this channel watched here is called luke davidson facts he comes here and he talks about facts and if you watch his videos and watch his channel look at how long this channel has been on YouTube you can quickly see that he was just the last time on the platform seven months which is even more insane that this channel gets hundreds of
millions of views and has the potential to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and that's why I want to show you how to create these youtube short videos very very fast without losing your face to show with your own voice or filming these videos and I want to show you where you can get endless amounts of content but it's not the only channel it does the other channel I found was this one here, this channel if you can a sea gets millions of views with their videos exactly the same type of content while watching this video I created for you today guys I'm going to show you videos and channels of people With this you create videos in longer format because that's the ultimate goal and they also earn tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in YouTube advertising revenue and you can see the exact same if you watch this channel guys watch this estimated channel monthly earnings are anything from a hundred thousand to 1.7 million dollars it is a astronomical amount of money guys and 318 million views this is the power of youtube shorts is right and they are equal say that a youtube shorts can possibly take over from YouTube itself in terms of how many views they have get the other channel I found here one here look guys here this channel also started a month ago when i come here and the date is added oldest, let me repeat that this channel started a month ago 318 000 subscribers and if you watch they watch on their channel anything from 12 000 to 190 000 per month now many of you will say that you can not earn money with a YouTube shorts absolutely I can show you how to blow up your channel and then from there create these video formats in longer format what are all these channels good about when you come to YouTube, type in your hashtag shorts plus facts you can browse and you will find all these things channels I just talked about are people that are simply talked about different kinds of facts, so I decided to go search Google or I can find different kinds of sites to make it really easy for you where you can just grab a script and put it in a video editor and get a video on the go so you can start pumping out these different types of short YouTube videos and later once you have the subscribers you can go and you can create this longer format videos to get your viewing hours your channel has made money so I joined
Google and I typed interesting facts sites or sites I looked at and I typed in a few different things, then I came here and I found this side here is called the fact site, I open it I scroll down guys, I have this one found here called fax slide, I scroll down and I also found this here called, so these are the three different sites where I found the facts the site here is called fact slide so you can come here guys scroll down , you find everything you want to talk about for example animal facts and then you can see here what you have these different facts popping up and then you just slide more and more facts and the other website I found this one here is called facts .net you can scroll down and you've got all these interesting facts absolutely like this stuff and I'm going to show you in this video how much it 's looking for every month it's in the hundreds of thousands which means this niche does not saturated is not so if we come here, we are going to use this site as an example of this video today you want to do is you want to come here and you want to find one of these different types of interesting facts you can make video now remember that we create youtube short videos, for example when you find something like these 100 fun food facts you can create about 20 of these different types of videos part one part two part three part four part five because in a youtube short video, you can only have about five put up to ten facts because it should be below a minute long, so let's say we wanted to use this draft review 100 fun food facts well, what you do is if you click when you click on it, it's I bring you to a page that looks like this and then you can come here, and you can grab one of these different kinds of facts we need Right now we need a video editing software to create these videos where in video is dot io your best friend lead it is a wonderful sa gteware that you can literally start using absolutely free if you do not mind with a very small watermark there I have a link in my description that you can still register today, even people use my login code which is smt 25 which gives you a 25 go give
discount if you decide to upgrade if you do not want to upgrade what you do not have You can use it absolutely free you browse here to the best part about nvidia is that once you start creating these short YouTube videos you will this vert should useical format that is once nine at sixteen you make these videos and start when you blow on YouTube, you can start creating the videos in longer format, the exact same way you have to do is select the 16 at 9 format here that is going to create normal size YouTube videos for you and then you can start getting the watch time and start making the YouTube advertising revenue so, what we are going to do this video today we are going to choose this vertical 9×16
the other thing what are you going to do guys, are you going to choose text after video, because what we want to do is we are going to import the text that we are from this section here it is going to import it directly into nvidia so that you want to scroll and what you need from here you have to choose one of these different types of themes what you want to use on this video let's say if you scroll down here we say we want to use this theme here so you can come here, click on that you then choose this template once you have used this template, it is I bring you to ' a page that looks like this now, you need to enter your rate here and then you need To enter some facts, so what we need to do, for example, we come over to this page and we are going to choose any of these different types of facts is the first, as you can see it is called the 100 delicious food facts we can do is that we can copy it copy that appears directly in video and paste it delicious food facts in it then we just have to come here, guys, and start one choose from this, say for example that you do not want us to choose breakfast most ni e important meal of the day so you can copy it that simply comes back to video and you can do something like import
fun fact one and then you can come here and you can paste it now you need you should have fun fact two for example and it is exactly what I did here, guys to save us some time except that I called it interesting food facts and I have fact one to fact five and then all you have to do about this is find just five different nice facts okay guys so you guys can just scroll down and find one of these and the five I found here at these people so interesting food facts and then I found from here what you need leave it on auto suggestion and then you come here and click on to the next as soon as you click on the next arrow here guys it's going to think for a bit and then what's going to happen, it's going to take you to a page that looks like this and it's going to find these different types of
images for you now what happens from here you have the option o m to change some of these images is the first thing that is going to appear is interesting food facts part one that is brilliant we want it because that is the title of our video now if you come here guys, as you can see in the video what I I really like that you have it images and you have videos if you I did not like this image click on the image here, scroll here to search images and type food as an example press the enter button and then you can choose one of these different types one if you sign up for the premium version, you will have a lot more Alternatively guys use just about everything I like the free options that appear here, so I'll swap that if I like videos as a use
for example, I can absolutely just come type food here and then I can choose one of these different types of videos I can pop here you can see that you got three different types of videos and you have paid videos too, I'm going to grab this one here I'm just going to drag it e n I'm going to bring it in because you first submitted these videos here is what you want to do cut off the video to fit the scene because the first scene is only five seconds long, select the cut the video to fit the scene and then click on finish so this is our first one, the second here, as you can see, is a burger it is automatically inserted here, so fact one fast food burger can have meat From 100 different cows you can also come here guys as a example and just type in cows because maybe you want you do not want to take a burger video, maybe you want to know another scene of different cows is ok so you come here let's just let this drop in there guys and again you want to trim the video fit and we will click on it scroll down, we are going to finish this video so this scene is over here is a nice fact 2 breakfast is not the The most important meal of the day comes here, guys, come we go straight to picture and then type breakfast here and we go look for pressure, we go it vo ltooi video then I want to show you how to add the voices are good, come here let's grab the drop inside the next one here fun fact 3 the most expensive pizza, it's very easy guys for whom our video is going to choose this one mix it well and then press enter, we will find a
pizza video here that we can use let's just take, so this thing is 5 seconds along about 550 seconds long so you want to make sure it's longer than it so and there again bring in guys pruning video to suit scene, click here is this fruit flavor snacks shine due to car wash the funny thing are guys we can come here and we can actually in car was good, so press enter what you can put someone in here who was a car that would be pretty funny, so just grab that someone overshadows a car here you can scroll down and find different type of images, let's just grab this one here it comes in and then all you have to do is video cut to fit the scene click on finished and the last ee n here are guys white chocolate is not white chocolate and all we have to do is pick a picture for this and type in white chocolate okay once you have imported white chocolate it will definitely find something there we make a drop perfect in it now we have this whole scene , so what you guys can do, if you have a couple of the options here you have music over here too which you can watch and see what you have, but you can also preview, so let's see an example of what music have us and then I'm going to show you how you can add the voice-over for
this video click so easily on watch all [Music] now guys if you're a preview of this The quality of the preview is sometimes not it's going to be great, but I can guarantee 100, I'll show you once we upload this video or once we download it video it's going to be perfect okay it's just showing an example of what it might look like from here guys you guys want to do, is that you want to scroll to the top and click on advanced editor now if you do not have the premium version you are going to have a very small video watermark here, like I said guys if you do not want To have it, you can just register with the premium version, but what you can do is start just with the free version and then later upgrade the link in me to description so you want to click on this advanced editor here as soon as you click on the advanced editor you can see here, you have some options have a logo here that you can insert what people are going to prevent from
copying your video easily Create your own logo, otherwise you can just remove it, remove it from all scenes now, what do you want to do, guys, you also have this little transition here, which means that you can choose a transition between the videos well, so if it goes from the first scene to the next scene you can make it look really cool, for example, you can choose something like let's choose to just delete left as' an example, while scrolling here and if you play it you will see what I mean ok y, it's just slipping over the other thing you can do if we move it up here, let's choose transition with which you can play around this transition guys and you can choose show time center vertically whatever is so you can just get here and you can just move it well well, you can see it open vertically, so there are a few different transitions you can play with other thing you can do, guys like you can see you have auto-text after
speech, it's absolutely brilliant like this so you can come here guys click on voice over and then choose text to speech now as you can see here you can in this text to speech and you also have someone to choose here well about who you want talk, is ok let's say you roll what you choose this guy joey and the first one here are interesting food facts part one and what we are going to do is we are going to click on this voiceover animated text-to-speech just want to show you how it works and if you can see it automatically becomes interesting food facts wa t we have, you can choose different languages let's just leave it in English clearly and then all guys have to choose the voice you want, and now we can hear it just like that if you click on it to generate a voiceover you will see that it's going to create this voice-over and then you can play it, so let's play it interesting food facts, part one, so it does not sound too bad now what you want you guys do, you want to add voice over to scene so you want click to add voicover to the scene you can see it's the voice-over here, so what we need to do is scroll through what you want to do now, is here you want to edit the music and then want to you go as soon as you click to edit the music you want to go to volume and fade and you want to decrease this volume to about 50 well and then we play it so you can see exactly what it's going to sound like you're coming here and playing interesting and then this is about what you need to do now is when you click on this scene here, guys you want to click on h ierdie click on voice over here and go to automatic text to speech and actually one one fast food burger can have meat of
100 different cows, all you have to do is generate this voice over and always remember to keep using
the same person, then press on play almost one fast food burger can have meat from 100 different cows ok we have it there we are going to add voice to scene and then do everything you need to do, put it here in the middle guys, and while you move it to here let us it plays so you can see exactly what it sounds like in fact one fast food from 100 different accounts, so now get the idea what this video is like now we have to we download this video I can show you exactly what the final product looks like it seems but does not seem to go there because I want to show you how you are going to create it longer format videos, I want to show you exactly how many searches it gets so you know that this nature is not so oversaturated you guys come here to whom you k lik download and share I can download 1080p guys if you do not have the premium version you can only do in 720
so we choose 1080p so I can show you what it looks like and then press export now perform this video after which I go show you exactly what it's going to look like you can come from here download once directly on youtube now you're really done amazing tool you need to get once you create these different types of short youtube videos to make money With youtube shorts you want to come to a platform called, you can also get it for free they previously had a generous free plan you need to upgrade once you start Making money, you can now upgrade what you want to do as soon as you have downloaded it you will be able to come here and enter different types in keywords to see the volume of
searches being done so you can see if you are typing interesting facts and you are browsing through guys, you can see it interesting facts are searched 316 000 times every month now the Tue e competition is high but as I have shown there are channels with YouTube shorts that crush it and it is get hundreds of thousands of views and their channels wave within one month and you can do the same look if you only roll facts only one million three hundred and nine and twenty 000 the other thing you can do is that you are interesting and can remove
you can for example fun facts import press enter, you can see that the nice facts are 118 000 times the other one really sought good thing with this tool guys are that you can use it when you enter your labels within these different types of videos for example when we get to this channel mentioned here facts explicitly look at this channel only found 1116 subscribers now create a slightly longer type of videos it does not a YouTube shorts they do not make videos five minutes seven minutes four minutes you can do exactly the same with the software, but watch it if we click on one of these videos here go on break it down and we roll down, this is the vid iq extension if you come here you can see the different types of labels they use it in their videos for example animal facts facts express facts world did you know flower facts all these different labels they use in a video you can repeat it because you can even see a channel with only 1 here
116 subscribers get 39 000 views what can this channel do now easily they will make money once these channels make money go make very good money with YouTube advertising revenue if this is not the case has already more than likely made money because you can see 39 000 46 000 13
000 11 000 they never show their face they never have a camera use their own voice etc, and they is creating lots of cute thumbnails after creating these thumbnails all you have to do is go to a website called that you can create lots of simple thumbnails when you upload youtube shorts that you do not need to create YouTube clay nkiekies if you start creating then these longer type of videos you will have to start uploading them are different types of thumbnails one channel I wanted to show you guys who absolutely crush it A fax type channel is another channel here we mentioned interesting facts one also creates videos that are longer because the idea is to start with youtube short and then to start creating these types of videos because these here for example interesting facts look at this one day ago 114 302 000 1.4 million create a video one video a week guys and they are getting millions of views, I mean, watch this It's 7.5 million times a month ago insane and this channel for a channel it lets one video a week watch this 217 000 if we scroll down and have a look at how many views they get get 41 million views every single month, so basically what does it mean if you look at one dollar cpm it is 40 000 every single month that ndit is good so it would be somewhere in between these two look at another kana all here is that facts express that I talked about and this mentioned here wonder why this person has a niche and they talk purely about it different kinds of countries and facts about countries is the sky the limit for you can do it with so many different kinds in reality niches to make money with shorts on youtube but the first thing you simply have to do is make sure you come up with website here called video that I do have the link in my description sign up then come to google and take a look at these different types of sites because it's going to be your best friend so you can start creating these short YouTube videos it creates longer format videos and if you're into video guys, all you have to do once you have created these different types of
videos, I'm going to play this video very fast so you can see what finished product looks like as you can see, you have the voice-over it comes up here, it looks really good guys [Music] and like u can see, move you guys this video looks really good and will not look for a place for these different types of youtube short videos but the the most important thing of you once you have done it all you want to start creating the longer format videos which means you want to get back in the video you want to click on this video in large format, you can even mix it make three or four short YouTube videos and then make one or two of these videos because the people who subscribe will be notified for this video I will give you the watch time that you can make money for your channel so you can start making money on YouTube, so it was another great way that you can make money with YouTube shorts if you enjoyed, do not forget to sign up for more great content and hit the like button worth appreciating but go nowhere because if you want another brilliant way earn money with a youtube shorts before Make sure you with your channel make money
now click on this video for a complete step-by-step tutorial nobody teaches you things, click on it video, I see you there until next time you take care of yourself and goodbye

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