How You Can Make Money With Instagram 2016 | Make Money On Instagram Post

hello guys and welcome to this week's video I'm very very excited to see you guys here again and I just want to give a big thumbs up to my new viewers they're going to be watching this video and map subscribers out here and keep on pushing me forward as you guys can see on this week's video we're going to be talking about how can you make money with Instagram Instagram is a very great platform where you can actually make decent money with it there's so many companies out of that want to let the world know what to do and by them wanting that they're going to want to use your Instagram to spread themselves so a company will contact you you know to actually a can you post a picture about this this item that I have for sales or your so your followers can buy these things you know so this is how to make money I'm going to be showing you guys the different ways you can check on how much you can charge this companies and where to find this companies that will pay you for you to post pictures for them alright let's get into that alright so first thing we're going to do is we're going to go to Safari and what you want to type in if you want to type in social Bluebook alright social Bluebook okay and we're going to go he's going to bring it to this page alright social Bluebook is a very it lets you know how much account as well you know how much you're going to charge a company a company for whatever product they want you to promote for them okay so this will just give you an extra mate of how much you can charge them dependent on the amount of followers and an amount of communication or interaction your your your your your Instagram gets or receive okay so I'm going to log in right now okay it looks something like this but first what you're going to do is you're going to have to first of all create an account okay when you create an account and you're done you're going to come to a page just like this you see it actually showed you how much you can actually charge also on YouTube vine and Instagram Twitter and Facebook as well and have new ones coming such a snapchat at and blogs and all this other social media is that it shows you how much you can charge this sponsors this does this this companies to promote their business or to promote items that the one your your subscribers or your followers to purchase from them all right I'm gonna go ahead and go into my Instagram which already have connected hold up and this is going to show me how much I charge you see it shows right here suggested price this is how much I will charge a company $119 for posts for one post and that is 24 hour posts for a day this how much I'll charge an individual or a company that wants me to promote a picture or an item on my Instagram for them so this gives me just estimate the highest it says if the highest is 124 and the lowest is 113 it shows you right here and it shows you the amount of followers I have I have 20,000 followers at this time you know and it shows that it shows actually I'm at a B+ right now my Instagram is at a B+ you know it shows you to comment it shows you the amount of likes you get the post during the total amount of likes and comments you receive on your pictures so it does every calculation and lets you know how much you can charge these companies with the next one the next one is going to be gonna be looking at fan bit the end bit I fan bit is where you actually find the sponsors if you want to find responses to sponsors not sponsors the company that you want to promote your business you see in fan but you have companies like such as this ones that you know bring our pictures of this edges the items that they want you to promote for them and they're willing to pay you let me see they're willing to pay you 500 to a thousand dollars for you just to promote and this is for actually it's for YouTube it's for YouTube he has a YouTube logo at the bottom you see yeah for example this one here right here focus see this one a right has the Instagram sign and it says Facebook so disc and you can actually promote this Instagram and you can get paid 100 to 200 to 250 you know just for day just to promote them for a day alright and you can actually write them you can you can write them and ask them a I like your product and my followers this and that and I would like you know to promote this picture or advertise this product for you guys and I will charge you this amount of money okay so this is the two to ones that for now I will show you guys which are very good ones you know I've gotten sponsorships from this you know once in a while I don't really do them that much but I should get more in doing it because you know you just side money you know $250 is a good amount of money you know 500 sometimes they even charge them higher than what is written right here because it depends of how I feel when I want is your Instagram you can charge them as much as you as you want if they accept that fine if they don't the cancer the deal that's just what it is this business right hopefully you guys learn a one or two things about this you know so I just hopefully you guys learned one or two things about Instagram and how you can make money with Instagram there's many other different ways out there that you can actually make money with Instagram if and if you guys have some ideas about that please please please post it underneath in the comments that is very very very helpful all right make sure you guys always subscribe you know as my new viewers you know please subscribe and improve the channel I'll be posting more information and more good stuff like this every week so you guys make sure you subscribe again and make sure you comment and whatever you have to do to make the channel grow do it alright thank you guys very much and have a great day we're talking about how you can watch free movies that just came out from the theaters on your iPhone and your iPad you know this is actually an app that you can actually download from the

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