How to use New Keepa Data for Amazon to Amazon flips with OAXRAY

Hey guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
I'm going to go over some new Keepa features that can make you a lot of money
doing Amazon-to-Amazon flips. Ok I'm really excited here because today I
got on to Keepa and I saw that they had a lot of new features. Just new ways for you to find inventory that
you can flip Amazon-to-Amazon. Want to go over a few real quick. All you have to do is go to and
then click on deals. The item I found was actually in the automotive
department. If you see here we can select the percentage
range. So what I did was I put 60 to 100% price drop. I also put the interval to a day that means
the price dropped today.

And you can also set a minimum and maximum
sales rank. So I really think that they might have actually,
well maybe they had some sellers in mind – I don't really know. We can look at the keepa graph and we can
see the average price of this item seems to be at about $80 to actually $90 to $100. We see this price drop right here – $8.67. We can see the same similar price drop right
here. It only stays down there for a day. That means the items sold really really quickly. So I'm going to go over to Amazon. Hopefully this item is still here. I looked a few minutes ago and it was. And here we go. So! Right here we see that Amazon warehouse deals
are selling this item in very good condition. Minor cosmetic imperfections but all of the
pieces for this should be here according to the Amazon guidelines. So what that means is if you find an item
like this, no specifically we're looking for used But if you are available in the used category,
if you're able to sell in the used category, this is pretty much a perfect item to flip.

You have 80 customer reviews that's for $8.67. The lowest used -let me see. The lowest used is in like new condition and
selling for $99.91. This could be even an e-Bay flip right here. So you have this Bushwhacker Chevrolet bedrail
cab $8. Pretty pretty standard there and the lowest
price is about $100. Even if you look at Amazon carrying it new
it's $95. If you wanted to you could cut this price
in half and you could say well I’ll sell it for $50, since Amazon has it new for $95
just to get some interest and you could sell the item and make some money I mean more than
double your money.

But make sure you are available to sell in
the category before you actually you know go out and spend that money especially in
the automotive department. I'm approved in automotive but I know a lot
of people aren't. One thing that we can also gather from this
graph right here is that this item has been sold for $8 before and when it sold for that
low price it sold out really quickly. So when we look at here it's probably between. It was this price for…you can actually look
at the hours which is pretty awesome. So Tuesday July 4th at 10:16 it dropped down
in this price. And by July 5th it went back up.

So boom within one day it sold. So if you find an item like this where the
sales rank is pretty good actually look at sales rank I believe it's 20.000 in automotive. But you can get it pretty cheap. Cool thing about this graph also is I don't
know if this has always been there but I didn't notice the e-bay before. So let's say you don't want to sell this item
on Amazon. That one click boom! Now I'm already eBay. I'm looking on eBay; this item goes for a
$100 all day on eBay. So if I want to actually sell this I can flip
this item on eBay put it is very good condition just like it is on Amazon. And now I'm able to make probably wouldn't
sell it for this expensive. Maybe go down to $80 on eBay and see what
happens. But this is just kind of one of those awesome
flips where you're like I found this thing for $8 and I'm possibly going to make $50
to $80 on it.

Now you can select the condition you want
first. So if you want to do only new- to-new flips
or use flips just select the one you want then you can come down here change the percentage
drops you want to see. So I went up to 70 from 60. So clearly it's going to reduce the number
of items that I see right here. Here we see what the average price is what
the price is now. This item was seen one hour ago went from
$48.95 to $15. But on this item I see here and the reason
I probably wouldn't even look any further is because I see a used item stayed in stock
at about $17 bucks for months and you know they lowered the price, lower the price. So this item is used to being at that low
price so I wouldn't even mess with that at that point. But you're just able to go category to category,
you're able to ….since books have so many.

Like I'm looking at books and there's 2000
items over here. So what I can do is I can do price drop. Let's see. I'm going to do a price drop of at least $40
see if anything comes up. Ok. So let's look at this book. Oh yeah that's nothing. It's just one. Sometimes you'll notice a price drops but
it only drops because someone raised price ridiculously high. So like on this one. The price is almost always there, I’ve been
looking at the graphs; I've looked at a lot of these graphs so sometimes I can take a
quick glance. Ooh this looks like a pretty good one. I don't know if this is going to be a good
one. I haven't actually clicked on it bee what

Oh darn! Ok. Not really sure what happened. Ok. So I think we got to this one a little bit
late. So when someone caught this before we did. So I'm going to tell you why I was so excited
to see this one. What we have is we have a standard price about
$250. As you can see it's gone down to as low as
$180. And I don't know if a re-pricer caught this
this or what happened but there was a seller at $192 and it looks like at August 22nd which
is today at approximately 8:00 p.m.

The price dropped down from almost $200 to $19.99. This could have been a re-pricer that cought this. So it's possible that this item was selling
for this price right here $192, re-pricer just tanked it down to not $19.99 but that's
just my theory. If we would have gotten there earlier than
we could have had kind of a better idea of what actually happened. That would have been a good one to catch live. See. Looking for….. No I’ve seen that. So whenever I'm looking at some of these graphs
I'll tell you what I'm looking for. So here we go see the items at $54 and then
it jumps up. See this is $2000 clearly that's a fake price. So whenever it drops back down it's not such
a big deal because that price was not a real price drop. It was just artificial. Must be like a re-pricer made it go all the
way up and then it made it come our way back down. So I just scroll down here I see this item
right here looks like a pretty good flip. I'm coming here the lowest price that we've
seen since June is $57.55.

But here we see this price right here $8.48
which looks like an awesome item. We can look at the sales rank here. Looks like it's been all the way up to six
million but recently there's been 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; it looks like it's selling every few
days. So here's what I'm going to say I’m going
to go over to Amazon see what it's selling for and here we go. So this item is actually still in stock so
it's actually a pretty good item to do video about because it is pretty cool. So here we see the lowest sellers at $105. But college textbook technologies just hopped
on this listing for $8.48. So this is an item that would be a candidate
for a flip because if everybody else is selling it for $100 and this guy came in at $8.48
it could be that a re-pricer cought this thing or something happened but we can see from
the price history that this item has just never been that low at least according to

I'm not going to say keepa data is 100% accurate
but you can generally kind of go with it. And yeah! So this actually looks like a couple hours
ago at 2:00 p.m. someone listed this item at $8.48. I don't know why they came in at $8.48. Whenever we can see here that it's clearly
selling. Here's our first sale in a while, jumps up
then you get another sale a week later, another sale a week later, another sale, another sale. So this item is clearly selling a few every
week probably because we're in textbook season. But for $8.48 on $189 a book that looks like
it has been selling recently. That's just a steal. So we'll go back and we can see the sales
aren't going up and down but that had a decent sales rank. So I'm going to go, I’m going to look for
one more find just while we're here. So I kept looking and I don't see anything
that quite meets these criteria. So we can actually change things a little
bit if we want to.

We can search by the buy box, how much the
buy box has changed. But I notice whenever we search for our buy
box that's going to fluctuate because sometimes other items will not have the buy a box. I don't see anything there. You can also do the same searches by new. So if you want to see price drops on books
or things that are new you can also have a look at the new instead of used. But I just wanted to kind of quickly go over
how this kind of changes the game because here we can do just so many things with this
data. We can see if we want to buy and flip we can
use it in that way.

But what we're also able to do is if we're
just looking for something to purchase we can say okay what in the toy category has
gone down by at least 90%?And we can have a look at some items and see if they're actually
worth buying. You’re actually going to be catching a lot
of these deals that may just be a re-pricer gone haywire or you may catch someone who
just wants to sell out of their inventory before it gets hit with long term storage

But this is just an awesome way for you to
go through various different categories, find items that are just ridiculous deals. But here you're going to find a lot of items
that maybe they went up in price and then they came back down today. So there is some filtering they are going
to have to do Thank you guys very much, have a great day and make some money using OAXRAY..

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