How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel and Make Money on YouTube!

if you're looking to start a successful 
youtube channel and you want to make money   then you're in the right place welcome back 
and if you're new to the channel my name   is alex and i help creators and entrepreneurs 
just like you grow their youtube channels and   make money so if you're ready let's get right to 
it when i started making youtube videos i watched   all my favorite youtubers i'm talking about 
casey neistat mr beast vanessa lau peter mckinnon   caleb box you name it there are so many great 
youtubers out there comment and let me know   who's your favorite youtuber but what do these 
youtubers have in common with people like you and   me they started from zero believed in their work 
and took their potential to places they probably   never dreamed of in the landscape of the digital 
world i believe that people like you and me can   move mountains as long as you stay consistent 
define why you're doing this have patience and   commit yourself to apply everything you learned in 
this video you are gonna make great things happen   i'm gonna guide you through four easy steps to 
get you started right away and i'll link each step   in the description so that you can come back for 
reference let's dive right in starting with number   four create a brand identity the most crucial 
step in creating a successful youtube channel   is defining your brand's identity and knowing the 
types of videos that you will be uploading what   i'm talking about is your niche for example your 
favorite youtubers are really good at what they do   it could be cooking vlogging tech reviews drop 
shipping tick tock you name it remember that   riches are in the niches so the more niche town 
you are the faster your youtube channel will grow   as opposed to trying to help everyone if you're 
still trying to figure this out my suggestion is   to go to your youtube history find out what is 
it that you're mostly interested in what do you   watch the most what do you enjoy talking about 
whatever it is think about who your audience   is what kind of value do you want to give them 
and how are you going to help them step number   three create a channel it's a no-brainer but if 
you haven't started yet create a google account   and then create a youtube channel once you do that 
give your channel a name that resonates with the   types of videos that you will be posting then 
you'll have access to upload your channel art   and that includes your banner your watermark and 
your channel thumbnail and you can create your   channel art for free with canva i put a link 
for you in the description keep in mind that   first impressions are important so make it look as 
good as possible and if you already defined your   brand identity creating your channel arts will 
be really easy to do and keep in mind that your   channel art will change over time don't worry too 
much about making it perfect now let's move on to   step number two making videos making videos can be 
an easy process if you know the essentials of what   to include in your video only then it gets easier 
and i'm gonna break it down in detail shortly but   here's my simple recipe in the exact order every 
video should have a hook an intro the meat and an   outro the hook should captivate your audience from 
the start keep in mind that if you can capture the   attention of your audience in the first 15 seconds 
they're more likely to stay until the end of the   video start with a question a bold statement 
say something controversial and get creative   because this is an essential skill to succeed 
on youtube you want to follow that up with an   intro that lets the viewer know exactly what the 
video is about then you want to give the viewer   the meat the how-to the solution to the problem 
whatever it is that they came for and in the end   with your outro including call to action what is 
it that you want the viewer to do after watching   your video and that could be letting them know 
about watching a different video or about an   upcoming video asking them to subscribe telling 
them to leave a comment or asking them to follow   you on other social media platforms and that's a 
simple recipe on how you can start creating videos   to accumulate watch time and start growing and 
if you're wondering what kind of equipment and   software you should be using here's the simple 
truth your camera doesn't matter as much as your   audio you probably would watch a bad video with 
good sound but you most likely wouldn't watch   a good video with horrible sound you can get a 
lavalier mic and shoot with your iphone or if you   have a point-and-shoot or a dslr just start with 
that but get a good mic as far as video editing   software you can use davinci resolve for a mac you 
can use imovie and there's lots of tutorials that   you can learn from on youtube so start with that 
and just learn the basics like trimming your video   adding music adding text just start with that your 
quality will improve over time so in the beginning   don't focus too much on perfection because that's 
where most people get stuck and either they never   upload or they quit so if you want to break 
through and build a successful youtube channel   be the one percent that's willing to push through 
and find the answers when they get stuck if you   want to know what equipment i'm using today i'll 
put the link for you right in the description now   let's talk about the last step making money on 
youtube now i know you're excited so i decided   to break it down into three ways that you can 
start working towards making money with youtube   work towards becoming a youtube partner in order 
to become part of the youtube partner program   you need 1 000 subscribers and 4 000 watch time 
hours of course this doesn't happen overnight but   in this channel i'm going to bring you tips and 
tricks on how you can start accumulating watch   time hours and i'm going to teach you how to get 
more subscribers but the first step is to commit   to how many videos you're going to make per month 
once you master that whether that's one video per   week or two videos per month you'll want to start 
adding more videos to your schedule the more you   post the more watch hours the more subscribers 
that's the simple formula once you become part of   the youtube partner program youtube will place ads 
in front of your audience and share part of the ad   revenue with you the second way to make money with 
youtube is to join affiliate programs the easiest   one that you can apply to right now is amazon 
associates you can even do this before you become   part of the youtube partner program this is how it 
works once you apply to become an amazon associate   you can find your favorite amazon products related 
to your niche get unique links for these products   and place them in your description if your 
audience is interested in the product and they   buy it you'll get as much as 10 per sale that's 
monthly passive income there are lots of affiliate   programs so find the ones that resonate with your 
channel and your audience and the third way to   make money with youtube sponsorships your channel 
will start getting attention from major brands   once your channel starts growing brands will 
send you products you've seen many youtubers who   are promoting squarespace for example a brand 
will reach out to you and pay you to promote   their product once you get to this level just 
make sure that whatever it is you're promoting   resonates with you your channel and your 
audience remember i link everything that we   talked about in the description below keep 
coming back for the latest on how to grow   your channel and don't forget to subscribe 
stay creative and let's live an awesome life you

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