How To Setup And Use The Amazon Echo Dot And Most Alexa Devices

hi guys how are you guys this is steven from tech made tech steve hd comm easier in todays video i will do open the box and setup on amazon echo dot now what is the amazon echo dot well this little device is a small part of the entire lexus audio system commands except without the bigger speakers Audio Sit back and relax and let's get started [Music] Well that's what comes in the box Get the instruction book and also gives you a couple of audio samples commands Once you set it up you have your own power brick you plug into the wall you have your USB cable plug it in the power brick in echo unit and then we have an echo point here now this guy is here in two different colors this is the black one but there is also white too and on top of that you can see that there is volume up and down there is the command button and there is a mute button for your voice if you don't want it listen to you so Let's start you're going to plug this into the back of an echo unit like this and then plug it into the wall now there's a little hole in there for the headphone jack so if you don't have a bluetooth headset you can plug 3.5mm from both sides and the jack into your stereo or Speak and then on the video I'm going to show how to pair it with bluetooth So now we're going to talk about setting The way you can tell if it's not set up If you press the command button here See what happens Looks like an echo point is not registered You can find the setup instructions in the help section of your Alexa app to get one you want to go to the app store go here to search alexis then you have Alexis out click and this is what it looks like since i installed it i will go ahead and open it now we need to setup wifi in this unit is 2 parts setup i will show you the easy way to get it straight if I went to settings click on Wi-Fi then command button keep holding it and count to five one two three four five now you get this new in setup mode follow the instructions in your Alexa app now go in the app you see there is amazon there you press it connected to an echo dot Go ahead and complete the setup in the Alexa app.

Now we can go back to the app and install the Wi-Fi network to access it. Hit a little three dots there and then go down to the settings and then tap on the echo Wi-F connection point i Now after it is connected to the phone we can now choose the Wi-Fi network I will choose the 5 GHz and then press connect it will take a minute or two and what are you programming the data from the Wi-Fi network in your mini Xbox once it's over and you don't need your phone to connect the Wi-Fi again It will be stored in your setup your echo point is ready now you have this head up to Wi-Fi you can now start programming it you get the three buttons you press back on the setup and you can look right there it says echo points in that is all now this is where you Adding accounts to it now this pend org doesn't know there are Spotify weather updates or brand new things what you want to do is go into each of these boxes there's music and media so the music is set up if you swipe up for the main service I have Spotify so click on the account link that You'll be logged into it in Spotify and you can log into any of these boxes next at the bottom here is a brief summary so it's now set up for NPR today expect to look up the stock there and you can install all of these different types of companies get used to that here you have updates sports so you can go in here and add all your sports teams you have a traffic calendar your list there's a lot of detail that lexis gets into but I just want to give you the perfect model among some of the things you can do here on the side here they have something called a smart home and what are you going to do are you going to find on devices already built Lexus and smart homes and then you can apply the skills to you actually some of the skill sets the remote devices can actually do from from these different companies So let me show you how to connect to bluetooth so I have a bluetooth low device here you want to go to the three dots in corner hit settings pick your device this is echo bluetooth hit point then you want to go to the speaker and put it in bluetooth mode on this one you press and hold down the power button for about five seconds and it looks really scary why is it Rajan Cooper now you have it in pairing mode you want to move on and hit a new pair the device will search for a new device the bluetooth device is connected to the control is ok if you find it is connected sometimes you have to press a device though so it comes with a card Looks like a cheat sheet but if you actually give it a wrong name it will wake up but you won't hear So let me give you an example Alex What's the weather like today I just see him back off Alex What's in the news So I don't stop now Let's use the appropriate Alexa command What's the weather like today now in San Diego 60 degrees with choppy clouds Tonight's forecast has a few clouds in the sky low 50 degrees Alexa set an alarm Alarm for what time 5:05 a.m.

Second alarm is set to 505 a.m. Tomorrow Alexa What's the score for the last Dallas Cowboys game on Thursday The Cowboys beat the Vikings 17 to 15 will play on Sunday at 5:30 pm. In East Rutherford vs. Giants so you can see there is a lot of difference things you can do with your amazon you have a faucet and your lexus too but this little one looks really good and has a lot of good functionality after you figure it out I hope this video helps if you are looking to buy one you can go to amazon tech steve hd comm i'm also going to leave some links in the description below like all my videos before giving me a great subscribe to my channel and i 'll see you at my next safe [music] you.

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