How To Set Up Donations On Twitch (2021)

Here's how to set up donations on Twitch. This tutorial will cover two methods, the first using Twitch as a Twitch partner and the second using Streamlabs. First, let's take a look at
donations as a Twitch partner. To become a Twitch partner, you need to complete
achievements inside of Twitch. You can apply to become a
partner on the Twitch website. Once you're a partner, you can receive or give
donations two different ways. One method is through subscriptions. This allows you to donate to
a streamer on a monthly basis. If you're not interested
in recurring donations, Twitch Bits are another option. This is a form of Twitch currency that can be bought with real money. To donate with it, pull up Twitch chat and select the cheer command. If you're not a Twitch partner, you can use Streamlabs. Streamlabs is a free and easy way to manage your Twitch stream
externally from Twitch.

First, link your PayPal to Streamlabs, so you can accept donations. Let's set that up. Log in to your dashboard. On the bottom left, choose "Settings," then PayPal. This will open up a link to PayPal that allows you to log in
and link it to Streamlabs. Now that your PayPal account
is linked in Streamlabs, you need to make a donation
panel on your Twitch channel, which you will then link to. Log in to your account on On the top right, click on your user icon, then go down and click "Channel." This will bring you to your channel page. Next, click on "Chat." At the bottom, expand
your edit panels section. To add a panel, click on the plus icon. Then click "Add a Text or Image Panel." Click "Add Image." You can find free donation images online. We're gonna use this one. Inside the "Image Links To" box, you're going to add your
donations link from Streamlabs.

Create another tab or window and go to your Streamlabs dashboard. At the top, search "Donation Settings" and open that page. Here, you can find your donations link. Copy the link, then go back to your Twitch page and paste the link in
the "Image Links To" box. Click "Submit." Go back up and unexpand the panels. Now you have a donate link
on your Twitch channel, where viewers can pay you with PayPal..

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