How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners! EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial

– (Laughing) The value
that you put in this video. I'm just gonna be honest with
you guys I've taken a $4,000 Amazon FBA course out my own
pocket I spent the money they didn't pay me or anything like that. I took that course but in this
I think it's been less than hour I feel like I've gotten
like as much value like. (upbeat song) ODI Productions. (upbeat song) (engine start) Hey what is up guys I am
back with Kevin David. You guys asked for him. We did a three part video
series on drop shipping before. Kevin's the guy to go for for E-commerce he is the one expert in this space on YouTube that I trust for a thing E-commerce. You guys know me as the affiliate
marketing guy but when it comes to anything about selling
products online, this is the guy to talk to so I got a lot
of questions a lot of comments mostly positive from our first series.

But a lot of people want to
learn about Amazon FBA which is a different beast then drop shipping. – Absolutely. – It's another form of E-commerce
right but it is completely different in terms of how much
it costs to get started in terms of the profit margin and just selling on Amazon versus selling on your own Shopify store. – Right. – So we brought Kevin David
back to explain everything in this Beginner's Guide for Amazon FBA. So first I'm gonna have
Kevin introduce himself and just tell a little bit
about his background with E-commerce and then we'll
jump into the tutorial.

– Sure, Yeah. So thanks for having me back on the last Thursday, it was incredible. Like I literally got so many
awesome students from your channel you have such an
amazing, passionate following of people that like really, do what's necessary to become successful. So we go For everyone who doesn't know
me, my name is Kevin David. I started working as an
accountant after college, I was working 80 hours a week, I hated it. I decided I had to do something. And so like, basically after
I got home after my, like two hour commute home, I would work
from like, 11 pm or so after I got back from the gym until
2 am trying to find ways to make money online so
that I could quit my job. And so I would work from like
11 to 2 am and then wake up at 6 am and drive for two more hours to get back to my commute. And that was very draining and I like I couldn't sustain that. And so I tried a lot of things. I did, I created a mobile app
you know, I've created blogs, travel all these different
things that kind of didn't have much success.

I tried affiliate marketing and failed so (laughing) you guys know that ODI definitely beat me there. But what I finally had
some success with first was Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA like literally out the gate, right when I first started
selling my first week ever selling on Amazon, I
was making $1,000 a day. And like that, all of my other stuff. Nothing even came close to that. So I was like okay this works
for me, I buy everything on Amazon I buy toothpaste on Amazon, I buy toilet paper on Amazon, right? I think a lot of people our
age do just because we're like lazy and everyone is. Is just so much easier getting
things delivered to your door then like having to like
going to a shopping you know actually go into a grocery store.

I'm too lazy for that, right? And so I knew that I
buy everything on Amazon so a lot of other people probably do too and so I went all in basically. – Yeah so Amazon FBA for
you guys who don't know Fulfillment by Amazon, basically
is like private labeling. Right? For the most part.
– Yeah, yeah. So basically Amazon FBA for
people who don't know right? What it means is fulfilled by Amazon. The beautiful thing about
Amazon FBA is Amazon does all of the hard work for you. I don't have to go to UPS and
ship out like a product that I sell on the internet, right? I don't have to do any of the work, I don't have to collect the payments, I don't have to make a website.

Amazon, Obviously already exists. So all I have to do is find a product, right? A product that's going to sell
well on Amazon and there's a lot of ways to be able
to figure that out with a ton of precision, right? Find a good product to sell on Amazon. Once I've found that then
literally all I have to do is create a listing create some
basic marketing campaigns on Amazon's marketing platform
and then that is it.

And the best part about Amazon,
is Amazon has millions of people is browsing the
web site every single day, – Yep.
– So I don't have to bring traffic
from external sources. Amazon already has the traffic. All I have to do is get my
product to rank on to page one for the search terms that I'm
trying to rank for and there's some very very strategic
ways that we figured out to do exactly that. – I love it, because Amazon… So you don't, you just
basically need to find this product right? But Amazon not only do
they have the traffic but they had the customers. – Absolutely. – And they had the customers
billing info and credit cards already in their system. – It's literally one click…
– Yeah. – for most people
– Exactly. – Yeah Like it's literally one click. The friction in the process is
almost zero, like the problem with Shopify is people come
to your site they don't necessarily trust you.

You don't have the brand
recognition, right? The shipping times are 12
to 20 days or even longer. – Yeah. – With Amazon, obviously,
as you and I both know, it's two days. Sometimes it's the same day
if you live in large cities. And so that's just like a much
easier frictionless process that makes the buying you know, the overall buying process extremely easy. And when the buying process is easy, people buy more things, right? And so like it all you have
to do is kind of get your products live and in most cases, Amazon literally handles
the rest and you just start magically getting sales, without having to drive traffic. Because one of the other parts
about Shopify that I don't like as much, is every
person who buys from you more or less you have
to pay for that person. You have to pay in the
form of Facebook ads. Yeah, you have to pay with ad spend. But with Amazon you get
organic sales, free sales. And so that's a very
difficult thing to replicate like otherwise on the internet
which is why Amazon FBA has had so much like attention and
success of my thousands and thousands of students you know, many of which now are making six and even seven plus figures.

– Mm hmm. Yeah, I would like to say that, you know, for all these people seeing success, a lot of it stems from the
business model and just kind of piggybacking off of Amazon. Because Amazon is such a beast,
in terms of like a company being one of the biggest
companies in the world. – Right. – The biggest E-commerce store online. – Yeah. – By far, not even close. – Yeah, It's literally shutting
down massive businesses. Like JC Penney, Sears, Toys
R Us like, these companies aren't going out of business by chance. – Yeah – Like Amazon is
destroying them, obviously.

And like, it's not like a thing about whether or not they hate them. They're just they created a better model. – Yes.
– Its the same thing, how would you like when was last time you took a taxi? – Yeah, like… – I haven't taken a taxi… Yeah, I haven't taken a taxi
and over a year or more. Because why would I do
something that's less efficient, it's it's harder for me to
do, it's more expensive. Taxis always want to, like try to rob you especially in other countries.
(laughs) And Uber is just so much easier.

It's all handled via your phone, they come right to you, right? It's just a better business model. And Amazon has a better
business model than the predecessors before it. And that's just you know when and I love what you
said because it's so true. A lot of success on the
internet is predicated right? It's because of the
business model you choose. – Yeah. – Right? And Amazon is such a beautiful
business model if you know how to choose the right product
and how to get your product in front of people's eyes, right? Get it to page one run marketing
successfully and you know those things aren't the easiest
things in the world but once you learn them it's just it's incredible what you can do with Amazon.

– Awesome i love it, I love all of it. Okay so we've just going we've
discussed what Amazon FBA is, but I want to jump into the actual steps. Let's say someone is watching
this video and they liked the idea of this.
– Yeah. – They like the idea of Amazon
FBA and they think it's the right business model for them. – Right. – So if they want to get
started, could you list out just some simple steps that they can do in order to get in the game? – Yeah, absolutely. And that's a great question. So let's actually go through
this like a little bit… will get really granular with
this and you know, some people like really granular some
people like high level.

So high level Amazon basically
is you find products from China or from cheaper markets, right? You you get them made,
you get them shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon fulfills them all for you. You get paid, right? That's the high level you buy
it for $1 from China, you sell it on Amazon for 20, Amazon
takes their fee, obviously, for fulfilling it, for handling
all of the hard work for you.

You get paid to the profit,
which is the difference between what you pay and what you
sell it on Amazon for. That's high level, right?
– Yeah. – So, um, granularly,
there's a few steps, right? And let's go through them one
by one so that we can get you so that you guys can all have
like a really clear idea of exactly how this works. Step one is product research, right? Product research is the most important step of the entire process, right? It's what I go into the most
depth when I teach on my YouTube when I teach my
private students, right? Because the thing is guys and
what I've learned over the past 16 months having thousands
and thousands of thousands of people join my Amazon
program, is if you pick the right product right? You can do pretty much everything
else wrong and still make a ton of money and I
actually mean that I've seen it happen a ton of times. But If you if you pick
the wrong product, right? Then you're going to have a harder time.

And obviously, you can still
be successful, but with the beautiful part about Amazon,
is if you pick the right product, it's very
difficult to not make money. And so how this works, guys
is there's software right? There software, and the
software I use is called Viral launch product discovery and viral launch market intelligence. It's a it's a web app, and
it's a Chrome extension, right? And what these apps do, what
these soft piece of software do is they allow you to identify kind of diamond in the rough right? Products that have a lot of sales but don't have many reviews, right? Products that don't have many sellers.

So what you do is you come in
and you identify those kind of disparities, those differences. You find that the sweet spots
where a lot of people are searching for a product, but
not many sellers are offering that product right? Or the sellers who are offering
it are offering low quality or there's there's room for
improvement by bundling products together or by doing any
different number of things to add quality. Because when you add
quality and you add value to people's lives, right? You make money.

That's all businesses is, is
adding value to other people in some in some way or medium. So that's how it works, right? You find products that are in
the sweet spot, they have a lot of monthly searches. They have a lot of people
looking for them, but they don't have good product offerings
currently being sold on Amazon. You create that, you know,
that higher quality, that more value that added value, and
then you reap the benefits.

It's simply it's literally that easy. – Okay, so first step, you
use a software Viral launch, to do your product research to look into basically Amazon system. How much of each product is selling, how much revenue they're making. You get to look at
dimensions of the product. How much it weighs, etc, etc. So basically, you're just trying
to find a gap in the market and then that's somewhere
where you can come in and basically fulfill that gap. – Exactly. And like most people
who teach Amazon right? Like a lot of people that have
taken my course have actually gone on to become like
teachers of Amazon obviously which is funny (laughing) but you know, people who teach it and gurus
and everybody who was around before me and now they
all kind of have like some criteria that they say, right? You want it to be small.

So because it's not going
to cost as much shipping. You want it to be non breakable, so it doesn't break during shipping. You want it to be not particularly
complex, or, you know, because people don't like complexity. A lot of times, your returns
will be higher if people can't figure out how to use the product. But, you know, the funny thing
is sometimes going against the grain makes you the most money, right? – Yeah. – Because everyone's saying,
do this, this and this. – Exactly. – And everyone's doing that. So if you kind of figure out ways… how I teach my students is, different than what most people teach. And so we've identified kind
of ways to go against the grain, so to speak, where you
can really find the true ways to make the most money with Amazon.

So don't always listen to
what everyone's saying. Sometimes you got to go
a little bit different. Use your creativity, use your
own experiences, and you can really find the truly
best offers out there. – I love it. All right, step two what next? – So step two guys, once
you found your product, you have to actually find
someone to make it, right? So where do you actually do that? The main way is called Alibaba. So Alibaba it for those of you
who don't know, is a massive, massive company in China, right? Founded by jack Ma, who's I
think the richest person in China, multi multi billionaire. What they do basically, what Alibaba is, is a directory of manufacturers, right? So like you if you wanna have a basketball made or Bluetooth
headphones or a tripod or glasses, or whatever
it is, it doesn't matter.

You literally go on
and you search for what you want to have made. Hundreds of manufacturers
are going to come up right? They make this stuff because
everything that you could possibly imagine is made in China. And so you know, there's criteria that you're looking for. You want to you want to
find manufacturers that have years of history that
have years of history. That have… – Years of history They have a badge, right? – Right, they have a badge. So it's called gold supplier. So gold supplies, you can actually buy that badge from Alibaba. So
– Oh, wow! (laughs) You know, and not a lot
of people talk about that. So I don't rely on the
gold supplier badge because you can buy it. And when you can buy something
– Yeah. Its not particularly
credible, in my opinion. So what I look for is
years of history, right? They actually have an online presence. Like they have a website,
they have a phone number, I call the phone number, make sure it's a real person answering it.

It's not like a scam
or anything like that. I like to look for
transaction history, right? So lots of transactions. Alibaba lists those transactions. I like to make sure that, you know, they have a lot of reviews. Generally you're vetting them as you would any other online business. You want to make sure
that they're legitimate, that it's a real real company,
real people work there, they have a real website. Just that they're kind of legitimate and then once you're
able to do that, right? What you want to do is I
like to reach out to the top three manufacturers,
based on those criteria, based on reviews, based on
longevity, based on you know, the factors that we just discussed.

And I want a quote for it. I wanna say," how much would you charge to make me 500 units of x"
– Okay. – Right of you know, essential oils or whatever it is, right? And so then what the reason
that I asked all three, is because you never just
want to ask one quote, right? Because then you don't
know if it's a good deal. So I asked three independent manufacturers, how much would
you charge me to make 500 essential oils or 5000. And the reason that I asked 500
to 5000 is sometimes they'll say, "for 5000 will give
it to you, for $1 apiece, for 500 will give it
to you for $5 a piece." – Okay. – And so then what I try to say is, okay, " well, I'll make the deal right
now, if you give me 500 for $1 each, right? So like you kind of used..
– Ahh. – The, the cheaper price
for the larger amounts, and then you apply it
to the smaller amounts. Because, you know, manufacturers
have what they call MOQ's, which is Minimum Order Quantities.

And we're not going to
get too in depth on that. Obviously, that's for another time. But how I teach it is you want
to order as little products as possible so that you're
going to stay in stock for three months, right? Which is generally the amount
of time the longest amount of time that it takes to restock. So you want to always you
want to have as few units as possible to never go out of stock.

That's kind of how it works for step two. – Wow.
– Yeah. So it's kind of a lot… – That's a great value. I think you gave us some
like ninja tips right there that really like are worth real money. – Yeah, no, definitely. And, you know, inventory forecasting and figuring out what that number is, is a little bit more involved. Obviously, you know, all of my
students, I teach exactly how to choose the perfect number
of products to order for you. But that's a little bit more
complicated than like this particular setting. But obviously, nothing is left to chance, my students step by step by step. So… – You give them templates too, right? – Yes.
– For contacting.

– Yes, so we give them a
manufacturer's template. And what that is, is it
basically gives you credibility because manufacturers
get hundreds or thousands of inquiries a day. – Yep.
– Right? So you want to make sure
that they're actually paying attention to you. – Yeah. – So you have to kind of
give yourself edify yourself, give yourself a little bit
of credibility, so that they treat you better, they
give you the the best, you know, the senior level sales staff,
who have the ability to give you the best prices and you have that kind of additional leverage. And if you just like come in
as like some random person, they're just not going
to treat you as well. They're not going to give
you the same level of care and so we give you a manufacturer's
template that guarantees that you get the cheapest price. – Wow, and that directly
correlates with your profit margin? – Absolutely, yeah. I mean a lot of people don't realize like what you should be buying a product for. Like if you bought if you're
selling a product on Amazon for $20, like one of our most
profitable products on Amazon, for example, we sell for
between 1495 and during Christmas time and this
sounds crazy, but during Christmas time, you can literally
sell stuff are basically whatever you want.

(laughs) Like so we've sold a
1495 product 11 months a year we sell for 1495. During Christmas, we
sell it for nearly 7999. (gasps) I'm not kidding we're selling
hundreds of at that price. – That's crazy. – Yeah but anyway so 1495
most of the year we buy that product are landed cost
is 96 cents per unit. – Wow. – Yeah, so we buy it and
that's including shipping, that's including cost of
goods sold all the like fees and the Chinese customs everything. 96 cents per unit, we sell it for 1499. – That's crazy. – Yeah.
– Wow. – And so that's kind of
like the the margin that that's going to give you like
a 50 to 60% profit margin per per unit sold. I generally teach my students
that you want to look for between 45 and 50% margins. – Okay. So those are great margin
especially compared to like drop shipping. I've heard for drop
shipping it can be like as low as like 10%. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Exactly, so that's step two right? So step three once you
get your stuff, right? Once you actually get it created,
you get freight forwarder which is very, very easy to do.

They handle all the shipping, getting it to an Amazon FBA warehouse. Step three, is actually creating your listing on Amazon, right? – Okay. – So all of us have used Amazon, all of us have bought stuff on Amazon. You see a product listing,
it's just a basic listing that shows what the product is, right? It has six images, you know,
it has the bullet points describing what it is,
it has the title, right? There's a little bit more kind
of complexity when it comes to backend keywords and kind
of making sure that your whole listing is optimized from
like an SEO perspective, Search Engine Optimization. Because Amazon at the end of the day is a product search engine. – Yeah.
– Right? And so you wanna make sure
that your product shows the highest in the results for
the keywords that you want to have your product shown for. That's how you get the cheap sales. That's how you get the organic sales. And so we use a website
called is by far the best when it comes to finding
profitable keywords to actually rank your products for, so that the most targeted eyes, the most people who
want to buy your product see your product, right? – Okay.

– We also use on keywords for PPC which is Amazon's marketing platform. We'll talk about that
in a second, so once you create your listing, you wanna
make sure it's optimized for the keywords that you want to rank for. – Okay. – And you want to make sure
that your pictures are on point. One of the biggest mistakes
that I see a lot of students and a lot of people making
when they start Amazon FBA is they try to like take
the pictures with like their iPhone in like their bath tab.

– Yeah (laughs) – Like think about it
from your own perspective. Everybody waste time on
the product description and all of that stuff, right? It is important mainly for the
computers in the robots that are ranking nobody's reading
the product description. Just be honest. So like what's important is your title is
is relatively important. But what's actually
important is your images, the price and reviews. – Yep. – That's it those three; images
price and reviews, right? And your price is very easy
to figure out what to do and we can talk about that in a second. Your images don't cheap
out on that you guys and we have we have the best
resources in the world for when it comes to product
photographers like inside of my private student group, but
you know there's a lot of different ways to do it for
cheaper but still in a nice way.

Like you can search for
product photographers on Fiver you can use you know
different services out there. And they're a little bit more
expensive without our discount but it's still you know
possible to do that. Just the moral of the story
guys is don't cheap out on the on the… – Okay. I got it – On the product photos, because
it's incredibly important.

– So that's listing optimization, right? You want to make sure
that your listings good, that's kind of step three. Step four is you want to
make sure that you're getting two things done, right? You need reviews. – Yeah. – So how do you get reviews nowadays. People ask me this
question probably 100 times a day like literally. Because Amazon is going kind of crazy – They are cracking down, right? – Yeah so it's like for
Amazon sellers in the end like our kind of world, it's
called the review Apocalypse, (laughs) which is ridiculous kind of. But it's true though. And like the crazy thing is
for certain categories like beauty and like a lot of the
kind of like toxic categories that have like really
shady stuff going on. With like review forums in like Bangladesh and stuff like that. They're literally you're
seeing products that at 15,000 reviews overnight to less than 100. – Oh, wow, – 15,000 reviews erased by Amazon, which is unbelievably catastrophic
to your profit margins. I can't even describe it. – Yeah. – Those people were probably upset. – Yeah. – So how do you do it now? Right? Because Amazon is cracking
down on any type of relationships, like if you
have friends or family, Amazon is 100% capable.

– They know. – Yeah, they're 100% capable
of tracking Facebook friends. So if I'm Facebook friends
with you and you review my product, it'll get shut down. And you know, it took us a lot
of pain and effort to realize and prove that Amazon's able to do that. And so now what do you do? Right? So there's two ways to do this. There's what's called full price launches, which we're going to
talk about in a second.

And this is all brand new
stuff like, seriously,. Like, brand new.
– Up to date. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – 2019 stuff. No one else is talking about this. And like you, I, you should go on YouTube and look. I promise and no one else
is talking about this. So full price launches, which
are going to talk about in a second is probably the
first or second best way to get reviews. The best way according to
Amazon, and I use this personally is called what is what's called the Amazon early reviewer program. So what this is, is you
basically pay $60 to Amazon. And Amazon incentivizes
random customers with like, one to three dollar gift cards to leave an honest review on your product. And you're only eligible if
your product has zero reviews. And Amazon will get you from
zero to five for 60 US dollars. And so that's the best way I
recommend everyone to do it. It's, Amazon says it's okay. And you know, Lord Bezos says it's okay. (laughs) Then I recommend it.

So I always do that,
but five reviews isn't enough necessarily, right? – Yeah. – And so what I've heard
hypothetically other people doing this is all hypothetical
obviously, because anything against Terms of Service I would never recommend. (laughs) So hypothetically, I've
heard about people, using, like co workers and
like friends at the gym and people that they don't have
any actual connection, with like, no Facebook,
friends, things like that.

And so I don't personally do
that, because I'm too scared of Lord Bezos, but let's talk about launches, right? Because launches are and reviews
kind of going hand in hand. You wanna have enough reviews
so that when you launch your product, people are
actually going to buy it. People make this mistake
all the time where what they do is they go and
they're super like gung ho and they're ready to launch
but they have zero reviews. And so it's like if you see
a product and it has zero reviews are you gonna buy it? – No.
– Because I'm not either. Like it has to have some,
it has to have three to five star reviews for me to even consider it. – Yeah. – And so don't start PVC until you have three to five reviews. Don't start your launch until you have three to five reviews, right? It took me 16 months to get
this into my students head because you know, it's just everyone gets excited and
they want to launch they wanna start making money, but you
gotta do it the right way.

And so launches right. So what launching means is getting your product
from an unknown product, a brand new product on to page one. So like, let's say that I'm selling… – Is it step five? – Yeah. So this is step four is reviews and launch. – Okay. – So it's kind of like step
you know step four part two. And so what this means with
launches is you want to take your product, from a product that no one's
heard about, that's not ranking in Amazon's algorithm at
all to being on page one. So let's let's say and the
example I always use for my students so if you guys are
watching you're gonna laugh but the example I always
give is a garlic press and I know that's random
but like garlic presses we're making people
$100,000 a month when they first released on Amazon. I'm not kidding and so garlic
let's say that you release a garlic press you want your
product to appear on page one when anyone anywhere in the
world in the USA or wherever you sell, right? Amazon's in a ton of different countries.

Anyone in the USA types garlic press you wanna appear first? – Yeah. – Because think about it like
this and I always use this example, if you find a product
that has good reviews for a reasonable price good pictures
on page one are you gonna scroll the page two on Amazon because because I'm not and no one does. You have to be on page one. – Okay. – You have to the difference
between being successful on Amazon and failing is being
on page one and understanding how to get there, right? So how you launch is how
it used to be, right? And this is brand new stuff
on ODI productions channel. Seriously, no one's talking
about this and I never say that unless it's true. How it used to be done
with giveaways, right? So if the people on page one
for garlic press were selling 10 units per day you'd give
away at 95% off 11 units per day for seven days and Amazon
would say, "oh this product selling better than 10 units
a day so they put you above.

That's how it used to work, right? Up until literally in
the last month or two. How it works now is Amazon doesn't give you ranking boost in the same way they used to
for discounted products. You can no longer giveaway
products in the same way that you did before to get to page one. And that the key to being
successful on Amazon is getting to page one. Just remember that. So how it works now is what's
called full price giveaway. Or rebate giveaways. Right? What this means is let's say that I look at garlic press there you know the people on
page one are selling 10 a day. I know I have to I have to
sell 11 a day but it has to be sold at full price so it's
very difficult to get 11 people a day for seven days to buy
the product at full price because the reason that
people even do that is because they're getting that huge discount.

So how do you do it now, right? Now there's services like
the service that I use is called Pageoneify. Pageoneify which is ridiculous
name kind of but it's pageone-if-y and one is spelled out o-n-e. How it works is they
handle all of that for you. They find people to actually
purchase your product at full price and you reimburse them via PayPal. So let's say that I realized
that I had to give away 77 units to get to page one
and what where I find 77 is for seven days actually
sell one more unit that what they're currently selling on
page one, eleven units a day time seven days seven, 77 units. So what I would do is I would
actually front Pageoneify or any of these services,
right Pageoneify, if I just the first person who are the first service that
actually really did this.

I would front them the cost
for all 77 of those full price units and then Amazon would pay me back. And I know this is like
complicated kind of, but how it works is let's say
you're selling a garlic press for $10, right? You have to give away 77 units you would pay Pageoneify 77
units time times $10, which is the full price or $770, right? Pageoneify would give away
for full price 77 units to all these people
out there in the world, they would buy them at full
price and then you get all of that money from those 77
full price sales from Amazon, right? Because Amazon pays you out
for those full price sales and so you get most of your money back. But it's basically a way
and I know that's kind of complicated but it's a way to more or less trick Amazon into
thinking that you get 77 real full my sales and that's the
only way now that actually works to rank your product to page one. So that is step four a
long winded step four.

And I'm trying to add a
lot of value to you guys. Like, I know I could give like,
just like Bs, kind of high level answers like," Oh,
you launch the product," but like, I want to give
you guys real value in this. So that's step for Part
one is getting reviews. Part two is getting your
product to page one. And then Step five is marketing, right? So I like to say that Amazon is five steps marketing on Amazon,
you do it in two ways. You do it with Facebook, Instagram, right? The traditional forms of marketing. I'd say that that's like
a small portion of it. The big part of marketing
on Amazon is using Amazon's platform itself. – Okay, – Which people call Amazon PPC, right? Or Pay Per Click. How you do this is you create PPC campaigns and
what you would do is you would type in all these words that
you think people are typing into Amazon and like,
let's say that I'm selling a garlic press right I would
make a PPC campaign for stainless steel garlic press,
for jumbo garlic press, for small garlic press,
for white garlic press, for metal garlic press
for like Garlic chopper, for garlic mincer words
that are similar, right? And then anytime somebody
types in one of those words, Amazon is going to
actually show my product as a sponsored ad, right? And people are going
to click on it and buy.

And it's as simple as that, right? PPC for a lot of people, is the
most complicated part of the entire process, which is why
in my program, and what I teach my students, the two
most in depth parts are product research and Amazon PPC. Because if you can master
PPC basically means that if anybody ever searches, anything's like, even close to your product,
your product shows. – Its gonna pop up? – It's going to pop up, right? And if it pops up, they
buy and if they buy, you get ancillary kind of
complimentary benefits.

Because if somebody types
in garlic minister buys your product that they see
an ad for Amazon says, "okay, that product must
be related or applicable or relevant for garlic, mincer, let's give that product organic
rank for the word of garlic mincer and then the next
time somebody types in garlic mincer, your product
might appear naturally for free and then you no longer have
to actually pay for that impression or that sale.

– Wow. I love I love that strategy,
because I actually do the same thing with affiliate marketing. – Yeah. Where it's like a two headed approach. It's like paid traffic, so
like that sponsored ad, right? That just boost you right
up to the first page and then also the organic
because once you start getting sales, organic ranking
slowly starts to creep up. And once your first page
organically and you're on top, on the PPC, you are just
dominating at that point, right? – Exactly.

– Okay. And we do that, we take the
exact same approach, right? We want to be everywhere anybody
ever thinks about a product similar to what we have? – Yeah. – We're in their eyes. And if you're if you're shown
to the most targeted eyes, you get the most sales if
you get the most sales, you stay on page one and the process continues
to snowball, right? Because once you're on page
one, you basically stick there you start to get more and more reviews. Your listening starts to
become more and more valuable, which is the beautiful thing
when you go to sell your Amazon business, right? One of our first Amazon
businesses we made has so many reviews and such a dominating
a such a dominating kind of environment for all of the
different areas of the business, the niches and product niches. So dominant because of the
reviews we've built over the best 16 months that the actual
business itself is more valuable.

So your listings literally build equity. And which is which is very hard to kind of duplicate on the internet, right? The longer that goes on that
your listing builds, reviews and sales history and things
like that, it becomes more and more and more valuable. So when you go to sell, right? So we're currently in the
process of selling one of my first businesses for 500 grand – Wow
– For Amazon. And so that's hopefully gonna
clear in the next like month or something like that. And the only reason that that's
happening is because of the amount of reviews and the amount
of sales history that we've had over the past 16 to 18 months. – Yeah, so it has this age
and you can't just like do that overnight? – Absolutely not. Especially these days.. – Especially these days Amazon
removes all your reviews. If you're faking them. – Uh huh.
– Yeah. – All right. Okay. I think we have one
more step or is that… – That's it. Actually yeah. – Oh, wow. Okay, wow. Man, this is insane.

– I know it's a lot (laughs) – The value that you put in this video, I'm just gonna be honest with you guys, I've taken a $4,000 Amazon FBA
Course out of my own pocket. I spent the money, they didn't
pay me or anything like that. I took that course, but in this,
I think it's been less than an hour, I feel like I've
gotten like as much value like no joke. Because you basically gave
me a crash course and you actually gave me tips that I
can like, take action upon. – Yeah, like, I mean it, you
have to have real actionable tips and the problem with some
of the $4,000 courses like the those the founders are so removed, like, they are a part of it
they are helping their students they don't have Amazon businesses anymore. They just they just spend
their time selling the course. Right. I still have multiple
seven figure Amazon businesses and thousands of students
that I interact with every single day.

So I know what's currently working, I know what's currently not working. I know the little tricks and
the hacks and the the mistakes to avoid and that's how I
tried to design my program and help my students and the
people that I teach on my YouTube so that people
can really take this stuff and immediately implement
it in their business. – Wow, that's amazing. All right, so do you have any
other resources for people, do you have a training that
you know you offer to people on if Wanna tell people who
are interested in learning? – Yeah yeah, absolutely. So we do have a completely free
training if you guys want to take a look I think ODI will
be nice enough to leave it in the description for you guys.
Okay. Where we can go much deeper
right because like this you can't go as deep as I'd
like to in a YouTube video it's just not a long enough like
process and so we have a longer training completely for free. If you guys want to learn more
about how you can really get started with your Amazon business today and we'll have that in the
description for you guys if you do want to learn more.

– Alright so if you guys
enjoy Kevin David's presence. If he gave you guys value
which I know he did, comment below, like
this video first of all, but comment below Amazon
FBA for beginners. If you want to see him come
back for some product research hacks that he can show you guys. – Yeah, product research guys
is the most important part of the whole thing and no one
goes deeper into like real implementable hacks and
strategies like nothing high level real stuff that you can
implement yourself today from an Amazon FBA product research perspective. So comment down below
Amazon FBA for beginners. If you guys want to check it out. And maybe ODI will be nice enough to have me on for another round. – Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate it as always. Thank you..

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