How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners 2021! EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial – Part 2

the lqs is short for a listing quality score it's out of 10 and we find items with low quality scores as in this one up here has got an lqs score of 84. so this does it automatically capsule calculates all this automatically you can see the revenue of each product you can see where it is there you can see if it's an ad you can see it's it's bsr it's best seller ratings price uh is it in amazon with fba how many reviews it's got all straight away just by clicking one button so it's just you know like all tools they just don't there to save you time the listing quality score algorithm is based on you know this is not all the stuff that's in the algorithm but this is just some of the stuff that it takes into account the algorithm the main factors the title length the number of words in the amazon product title amazon unlike ebay ebay allows you 80 characters back in the old days it was 55 characters on ebay now it's it's been 84 seven or eight years now it's around that time and then with amazon they get 200 but 80 is that is the best so the lqs or ingrow looks at how many characters are in the title is it got more of an 80 or less than 80 and if it's got more or less then it's obviously it makes it as bad it doesn't have less than six images the image resolution you know 1001 pixels for those who know ebay well you know with ebay you can have a minimum 500 pixels but ebay recommends that you should have 1600 pixels amazon recommends that you should have a thousand one pixels the number of reviews like we spoke about the bsr the best seller rank the number of bullet points which have at least five bullet points on amazon and 20 20 bullet points on ebay the length of the different elements on the page how long it how long or how short are they customer questions does this item get a lot of questions um and how many fba sellers are on there many people have it in there in the amazon warehouse and of course is amazon selling the item because you don't want to go up against amazon so one out of 10 10 is the best optimized of course you would leave anything that's got a 10.

But anything under a 5 is is they're the ones that we look at look for items with a low lqs and because it doesn't take long just a matter of scrolling up and down doesn't is it got is it less than five yes or no and that's what when your va is working for you most things should always be a yes or no question now amazon prime members prefer to purchase from fba sellers so anyone who's an amazon prime member and if you don't know what amazon prime membership is it's probably just google but if you're an amazon prime member you get free delivery you get fast delivery you also get things like the the movie channel if you've got like an apple tv or whatever you got on there movies shows and you also get over 2 million songs you can listen to there's a whole lot of stuff reasons to become an amazon prime member and if you are an amazon prime member many amazon prime members when they're buying something they'll check the box saying that they only want to buy from amazon fba so that course gives you a big opportunity so amazon shows the fbi items higher in the search results than if you're not an amazon fba member people who came on if you've got some questions please just type them in account prompts i'll get through with a lot of people on tonight but i'll get through some of them um can you set product filters yes good question mate and i'm just about to get to that right now so if there's no other amazon fba sellers for a product yeah happy days is a good day to be you um because that's and there's a lot of stuff there's a lot of products out there that there is nothing on in amazon fba so there's a lot of opportunities now so of course to be an amazon fba seller you do need to send the items to an amazon warehouse now going back to egrow we talked about the lqs score which is what we spent a lot of time looking at but down you'll notice on the bottom left you'll see filters if you click on filters there you'll can see here here you can start filtering things at price your minimum your max you can also look at down the very bottom there fba or does amazon have it the minimum lqs score you want the ratings all that stuff you can filter so you just get to see exactly what you want to see and it's pretty simple like and as you guys know a lot of software these days it just gets ridiculously complicated and this has kept that more back to the bones which is what we really like we look like simple software where you don't have to try and you know read a massive manual trying to work it all out it's simple okay so you do your research you find one with a low lq low lqs score that's got less than five felt like this one it's got a low l this one has got an lqs score of three and this is the product and now the next thing is to find the product how do you find it and what we've been doing which we've done forever is we just use is is huge it's owned by a guy called jack ma who's uh he was the richest guy in the in china he's now he's now been pinged he's now the second richest guy called poor guys and he's only got 43 billion dollars where these new players he's 63 billion dollars in the net worth in china so but alibaba huge company but alibaba a lot of people think it's just for sourcing items from china it's not you can we put we import from china malaysia and vietnam and we find suppliers in those countries we can also find suppliers in any country like you know if you live in australia you can open an account in australia and you can ship back to china so whatever country and if you've got some products that the chinese like and that are made in your country you can ship back to them so don't just think alibaba is only in china because they are not and alibaba is just it's basically it's just a search engine like amazon's a search engine alibaba is a search engine as well to find wholesalers so in here i typed in electric milk frother and hit search and bingo i can see a gazillion milk frothers here and i can see the exact same one that's on amazon and notice on here it shows me here the price uh 3.57 to 4.35 piece um the minimum order which in this case is a hundred pieces it also shows you things like um how long the companies have been around for that is one of the topic it's been around for 10 years and that's one very very important thing that i want to know is how long have they been on the alibaba platform i don't care about the gold seller because you can buy that badge and any badges that you can purchase are useless but it shows there what country then in this case china their score all that stuff is awesome there chat now you can chat with them live and contact them by either by um email or whatever so it's all on there and that's alibaba and there's a lot of other ones out there there's ghg and china sources there's all sorts of ones and just choose one and just you use one only get to know it we have we've only ever used um alibaba for over 20 years and it's been great for us but um because it's the biggest over there as well if they're not on alibaba i'm scared like why are you not on alibaba they show you prizes and they show you my keys but i understand everything is negotiable and i know a lot of us and so including myself weren't brought up to negotiate but you know they're never going to ever show you their best prices travel the bat but as a rule of thumb if they're saying um 100 pieces minimum order and they're showing that price of say 3.57 to 4.35 we want to aim to get that 100 pieces for 3.57 or a lower maq so all this is very very negotiable everything in life is negotiable everything so don't ever take any face value now also a lot of people especially when they're new they want to get things inspected so if you're getting if you've outlawed a decent amount of money get it inspected there's alibaba has registered certified inspectors all over the countries all over china all over vietnam although malaysia and we use what we call the one in ten the one intended is they'll go out there and they'll inspect they'll randomly take what if you could say 100 products 100 pieces they'll randomly take 10 and if they find any products that faulty out of those 10 we will then ask them to inspect every single one of those items and we'll ask the supplier to foot the bill for it so the one in ten is just to inspect one in every ten it's not that expensive often it can over 100 pieces it should cost you less than a hundred dollars and you need an inspector who's close to the area so a lot of people say to me you know can you recommend an inspector and no because the place is huge so like like australia if you had one supplier and say say perth and you know who's in your is not saying you've got a electrical item so you use an electrical inspector in perth but then you've got another supplier in brisbane you're not going to fly that inspector up you're just going to get another one in brisbane it's the same with china if you've got someone in ningbao and then i'm in shanghai you'll just find someone who's local so you don't have one inspector you find an inspector who's local to each supplier okay so miq we've talked about the maq or the minimum order quantity another question that comes over how much cash is required realistically to make a thousand dollars profit per week okay so if you if you make an average profit margin after all costs okay you know all expenses amazon expenses importing expenses every single expense let's say you have a margin of 30 yes i know we're here we hear margins of you know sorts of ridiculous amounts but let's be realistic and just say 30 after all costs so you need to sell 3 000 per week and which is around 13k per month to make a thousand dollars profit per week now to do that you need to outlay twenty thousand to forty thousand in inventory why and that includes thirty percent deposits um the inventory that which which is in travel and the inventory in fba because you want you can't just import one lot and you know sell it if you want to keep a thousand dollars profit coming in you've got to always keep um for us we when we do our ordering we order 90 days worth of inventory miners whatever is left in our warehouse or if it's amazon fba what's left in the amazon fba warehouse so we always want to keep 90 days every month we reorder every month and we order 90 days worth based on its previous sales miners how much is left in the warehouse so plus you need cash for ppc advertising pay-per-click advertising now if you want if you don't want to outline that much money it's not the end of the world there's still other avenues you can do so if you don't don't have the cash flow or you're not willing to outline the cash flow funds to fund your own fba inventory then for now or you might want to do it later or whatever you can always consider using what we call virtual inventory or in the industry is drop shipping which i'm not going to go into tonight but if you want to know more about drop shipping again there's another link there if you want to know more about it with drop shipping use virtual inventory so you don't use your own so you don't have to spend any money buying inventory okay so let's move on to tips to ranking well on amazon just like ebay and websites optimization is the foremost process to rank your products it's the same whether it's amazon it's a website or whether it's ebay it's exactly the same thing optimization is what it's all about don't guess and you know as i've spoken many times before over 90 of sellers just use what we call best guess marketing strategies that is guess at all don't guess okay we use vas they're not allowed to guess everything has to be set criteria you don't have to guess you know today i've got the technology you don't have to be a pioneer anymore it's trying to figure stuff out you know it's just i was just talking to a guy the other day about this sentence being a pioneer is it's hard work you know trying to figure this stuff out all the time it's it's it's tough yeah so for those who don't know much about amazon amazon is all about the buy box the buy box is here it's at the top so basically if you're selling this camera whoever owns the buy box up here if this is basically the item that and the seller amazon is recommending if you in the if you've got the buy box you're going to get the majority of the sales then below here going down are all the other sellers so this is the seller that amazon has found through the most to be the best now and it works like the ebay best match so it looks at things like price where is the buyer located where is the sell located is it is a seller located because of course if the if the buyers in say sydney australia and the sellers in italy of course they're not going to appear near the top of the search results if there's an if there's another side in sydney of course they're going to appear much higher if everything else is equal so it's going to look at all those things to work out which what seller should put at the buy box and this is one of the reasons that we talk about private labeling because if you private label something you don't have to compete with any other sellers because it's your private label so but if you're not private labeling then the buy box is here that's why we don't want to go for something that has a lot of reviews um all right moving on so image optimization image optimization is it's extremely important no matter what platform you're selling on whether it's amazon whatever you want six images on amazon share the product being users if the item is an electrical item and it's got something like same lcd display for god's sake turn it on show the thing being used if you're doing amazon fba you can you can get the items sent one to you to yourself to be photographed and the rest can get an amazon fba have a picture of the product packaging so if it's in a box show a picture of the item in the box include include photos that show the size of the products for some items if the item can be emphasized that it's bigger by showing it next to something smaller do it show the product from multiple angles power it up as i mentioned and with the images at least the thousand one pixels always color photos amazon likes to see a white background so this is a question that comes up a lot because on an ebay you can a lot of people put a lot of graffiti on their pictures they'll put infographics etc you can't do that with amazon's pure white background you wanted to cover just like every other platform a minimum of 85 percent of the image area you don't want to you know like that then you've got a little picture in the middle you want to try to touch two of the sides you can use free software like and canva to edit the images again there's links here to a free video showing how to use canva and another one to how to use these are for free all right now that long url at the top is if you type that if you go to fiverr into that url um so you can see it that will take you to a whole load of product photo editors who can come up with a really brilliant amazon photo for you it won't cost you much money like five dollars or less okay the product title obviously very very important because the product title has to match what people type search for on amazon so if someone is searching for an electric milk frother example you need to have the right keywords and the variations of the keyword around so with your title you want to keep it again around 80 characters i know you get it to get over 200 but you want to keep around around 80.

You go too many confuses the search engine the search engine doesn't know what an earth you're selling we want to put in there things like the brand model number model name and a product type and color now to find keywords is a question that comes up a lot there's several ways of doing it you can use the amazon auto suggestion box and all that is is the amazon search box you type it in and automatically suggests as i'll show you or you can use a tool both would get you similar results so we use a tool called keyword tool dot io forward slash amazon but you can also um just use the auto suggestion so here on amazon i type in binocular and also below it'll show you the auto suggestion showing you all oops let's go back i'm showing you all the other keyword phrases for it and if you if you put in then products for adults it will show you more key for word phrases so you don't have to buy software you can do it a lot there and the other platforms have got it as well google's got it ebay's got it um all these auto suggestion tools they're already there and then of course they're free to use um keywords um keyword io does the same thing but it gives you a lot more and also gives you more data next is with amazon is so review driven um the item's got the most reviews goes generally up higher so it's always great to be working reviews and don't doing that kind of black hat stuff um because you'll get shut down by amazon it's got to be all legitimate that you know the last thing you want to do is get someone in bangladesh slapping up reviews for you it's you're going to get nailed amazon is very very smart they know what they're doing they'll find you and they'll show we've seen many many listings that have just lost instantly thousands of feedback overnight because amazon's figured out that they're all fake and don't get involved with it i didn't mention that so we use chemical feedback express there's also another popular one called ecom engine um there's probably a lot more about there as well but that's the ones feedback express is what we use when you're listing an item on amazon fill out all the relevant categories when listing any new items there's a whole all different categories just make sure every single that one of them is complete we see that a lot where people just don't fill the stuff out and then because of that the competitors go higher always try to do your best to avoid duplicate content don't copy and paste always improve what's there because if everyone's just copying and pasting the same thing it's it's not google hates it amazon hates it um don't do it just take what's there and improve there's always a way to improve it it might be written in bad english which a lot of stuff is not the best scholar i'm not consider using a program like grammarly or whatever to check your spelling all right summary of optimization you want a 80 character headline for your product five bullet points to describe the features of your product paragraph of sales copy to go in the description section six photos of the product on a pure white background the weight and the dimensions of the item keywords a skew code which you can make up it can be anything and a barcode now every item on on amazon has to have a barcode probably what they call a gs1 barcode you can get barcodes the cheaters by the moment is actually on ebay you can get a thousand um barcodes on there very cheaply for like 20 something cents a barcode but if it's if you're going to have your own product like you get a private label or whatever highly recommend just don't spend the money and buy yourself a gs1 barcode for that item you only got to buy the one barcode which is for that particular item and then you can sort hundreds or thousands of times with exactly the same barcode okay like i mentioned earlier it's john b if you want to have some inventory amazon warehouse i've got a whole video it shows you step by step walks you through it exactly how to um it's all free of course and send stuff to amazon so there's a few people asking about that one it's all about finding one product only learn the steps all right so as i said tonight it's all about one product and it's all literally um baby steps it's just taking one little tiny step at a time and for the perfectionists out there who take a long time and i can be very much guilty of this done is better than perfect you know don't try to always get everything perfect before you get started just version one is better than version nine if you see you get that version one knocked over you can improve it and get onto version two and that's what we did you know when we look at back at some of our area copy back in the early days it was just it was just rubbish and the photos were terrible and you know just get version one done and then you can launch into getting version two so thank you the slides will be available for 24 hours um tonight you can download them there's a link and you guys have been great you guys have a great night and i hope you got something out of the time have a great night talk to you soon cheers you

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