How To Sell, Close and Make Money On Instagram (Without Making Any Posts)

– How to make money on Instagram
without making any posts. Now I know that this sounds
like pretty bold promise, but today we're gonna
be doing it together. And I'm gonna be showing
you a nine step process in terms of how become a
top affiliate monetizing and generating passive income on Instagram and infact in a much bigger
way but how you can get started doing this even if you got following even if you're totally new, even if you're an absolute beginner, nine steps, that's all it takes. And we gonna be doing it together. – Peng Joon – Peng Joon – Peng Joon is here.

(bright upbeat music) – I want you to set your expectations high because I will massively exceed them. So step number one out
of the nine step process is really going on Instagram and searching for an influence,
that is up and coming. And the way we're gonna do that is we're gonna hop over to
my Instagram right now and the way to search
for these influencers or thought leaders or
experts or authors is just by searching them by utilizing
the hashtags on Instagram. So for example, I can go
on Instagram right now and I can type in, for example of authors. Okay, so I can type in authors, so you can see like
this 1.2 million posts. And the way I wanna do
it is I wanna see people posting up posts of their books. That's number one, okay. Or I can type in for example,
authors of Instagram. Okay lets see what that gets us. Okay, 3.3 million posts. Okay, all I'm doing so
like the latest one, can I just take the latest
one right now at the top.

And I can see that it's from dilemmalord. And she says, "Hey look ma I made it." Okay, so this looks like it is her book. Okay, so all we're gonna do
is we're check out the profile and it's does say Emma Lord
author of "Tweet Cute". And I can see that she has a link. And this link takes me to a
very simple page for me to pre-order a book on Amazon
or Barnes and Nobles. Now, the first thing to
recognize is that this is literally how most authors sell books. Now, I have never met Emma, she's probably a really nice lady. But the problem is that,
that's how most authors try to monetize, which
is basically by selling on the website or through,
Amazon or Barnes and Nobles and the truth is, it's a
really hard route to monetize.

Now, in most cases, most
authors do not end up being the next "50 Shades of Gray"
or the next "Rich Dad Poor Dad" or the next "Harry Potter" right. And the reason for that is the tried… and through this app if you
sell a $20 book or $30 book, after the bookstores take the percentage, after everyone else pick
there cut the bookstores, the royalties, the shipping
the cost all of that, there's hardly any money left. However, I know that
there's huge money if people know how to build a sales process and know how to monetize
it through a sales process.

By the way, this is just an
author, this could be an expert, this could be an Instagram influencer. Okay, just need to look for… there's tons of these people on Instagram. Let me show you what you
do once you look for this influencer that's up and coming. Now up and coming means they
don't have like millions of followers, chances are
they've got millions of followers or like a few hundred thousand followers.

There's a very good chance
they know how to monetize. So you're looking for this
person that's up and coming. And once you do that and
identify this person, you move on to step number two. Step number two is you want to see if they're currently
generating leads or sales through a sales funnel. Now in most cases, like I mentioned, most authors, influencers, experts, they might have a website, they might have a very simple page. But it's very probable that they do not have a sales process. And what you're going to do here is, you're gonna add value to
these people by showing them how you can easily help them
either increase more sales, more lead gen, more visibility
through the sales process. And by the way, I know if
you've never done this job I wanna be showing you why it's super easy and how you can actually learn and do this in a really quick, short time, okay.

So you'll see they're
currently generating leads through a sales process or a sales funnel. So you can see here. I can see that right now she
has got a very simple page, but she doesn't really
have a sales process. So step number three is Jab, Jab, Jab. Okay, so if you heard of Gary Vee, Gary Vee always talks about
the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, right and the Jab, Jab, Jab,
means delivering great value, building relationship with
this person, not selling, or being sales-y just yet. And the question is how
can you actually Jab and deliver value to this person? What is this step all about, okay. Here's the script, what
you're going to do is you're going to send a message,
preferably a video message.

And it's basically just this super simple three step process. And this super simple procedure
process is number one, you got to start off with a compliment. Now, what is the compliment? So I can see here Emma Lord here is the author of "Tweet Cute." So will be compliment,
"Hey, Emma I can see that you just released book Tweet Cute, I'm super excited for you, I think it's an amazing beautiful design." Okay, so step one, is that it's gotta be a genuine compliment
something that you like about the person what this
person is currently doing.

And number two is quickly
go into the result. You can help them generate, which is "I love the book that
you just released Tweet Cute and one of the things that I do is, I help authors just like
you get more visibility by helping them monetize books
through a sales process." "And in fact," number three,
okay, "I just built you a sales process for your book
to help you get more leads, more sales so that you
can monetize this book that you just came up with,
would you like to see it?" All I'm doing now is I'm
giving them compliment.

I'm telling them the result
I help them generate, and that I've built them a sales process that helped them generate
more leads and sales. Now, right up to this point,
if you do this, right, I can guarantee you, you
will get a response rate of over 90% easily. So this is how you do it. That brings us into step number four, if they are interested, and they say "Yes, I would love to see
what you have done," Okay, what you're going to do
next is you're actually going to build them this sales funnel, Now, pause for a second, I
know what you're thinking. You're thinking oh Peng Joon,
what is the sales funnel it sounds really difficult,
sounds really technical, but I'm not a coder. I'm not a website builder. I'm not a programmer. Okay, guess what, technologies here, it's super easy build up these
different sales processes in a few clicks of a button, and I will be showing you
how to do it right now.

Now, the one that I use that has made me tens of millions of dollars
is called ClickFunnels. And I'll put the
description of this software in the link below, together
with a ton of goodies that you'll be able to
get just by utilizing getting this free trial. So yes, you'll be able to play
for a full free for 14 days, but I'm gonna show you
exactly how do you pitch this and what do you actually build for them and how I've actually done
the heavy lifting for you. That's right. So if you stay towards the end
and watch this entire thing, you'll see how, in fact
build all these different sales process for you.

Whether it's someone wants
to sell a physical product, digital product, books, if
this person is a consultant, there's a sales process for that, okay. So the sales process that you're
gonna pitch to this author, for example, is known as a
free plus shipping funnel. So for example, this is a
free plus shipping funnel that I have built in the past,
which is basically a book that teaches people how to
present on different platforms called platform closing. And basically what I do is I
give this book out for free and people just need to pay for shipping. And for every book that I
give out, I make about $50 for every free book that I give
away, now how do I do that? I do that because the
sales process to this. What is the sales process? The sales process is
super straightforward. It's basically free book. Give this free book away for free. Upsell number one, upsell
is like going to McDonald's where the person is trained to ask you, would you like to have fries with that, you'd like to supersize it? Okay, I've got two
upsells, upsell number one, upsell number two and then
the confirmation right? So its a sales process,
free book, upsell one, would you like fries with that? Upsell number two order confirmation.

And for every book that I give away, I make about $50 on average, and I've done this in many different free plus shipping funnels. For example, this free
plus shipping funnel for every book that I give
away, I make close to about $89 for every copy of that giveaway. Okay, now, I'm not gonna go
deep into what a sales funnel or sales process is because I've done that in my other videos.

If you want thorough in depth
training on sales funnels, watch my other video on sales funnels. I'll leave the link somewhere here. Make sure you bookmark it
don't watch it right now but watch it after this video. But one of the cool things
with ClickFunnels that I can do is this, I can actually go to my settings and in my settings, you will
see that there is this option on the top right hand side
here that says Share Funnel and by clicking on this, you will see that it actually pops up a link.

What if I can take this exactly
link and share it with you and in just one click,
that's right one click my entire funnel, all the
funnel steps with the upsell, with the graphics,
everything is pushed over into your account. How would you like to have my best funnel so that you can take this
funnel and make the edits so that it goes straight into
your ClickFunnels account. And what if I were to share not just my free plus shipping funnel
so that you can use this to approach authors or you can use it if there's somebody has a website, but it doesn't really know
how to generate leads yet, you can build a lead funnel for them. Or if it's somebody who is
selling a book or a course but isn't monetizing to for
example, a webinar funnel, you know what I'm gonna leave
in the description box below I'm gonna leave you some
of my best selling funnels that includes the lead funnel,
the free plus shipping funnel webinar funnel so you can
have it in your account so that once it's in your account, you can actually share with
this person, now guess what, when you share it with this
prospect if they sign up for it, if and by the way if they like it, if they like the software,
which is ClickFunnels every month, if they renew the package, you will get paid 40%
of the monthly recurring for as long as this person
continues being a member, Isn't it cool? All you need to do is sign
up as affiliate is free details are in the description box below.

But that is how you monetize. Okay, so guess what,
at this step right now coming back to this training,
if they are interested, you're gonna build this share funnel, you're just gonna change the
images if it's a lead funnel, build up this super simple sales process to help them generate more
leads where they can give away this free training, this free
template, this free blueprint and help them generate more leads. If they're an author, like
this example right now build a free plus shipping funnel doesn't need to be complex first. The whole purpose here
is to get them interested to show them you've done
some of the heavy lifting for them so that they click
on the share funnel link, and they see wow, this
is a pretty nice layout.

So once you do this for them through the share funnel feature. Again, it's not you're
not supposed to spend like hours on this maybe 30 minutes tops, maybe a little bit longer
if this is your first time doing it to get familiarized
with the system. But this is how you start
adding value to others. Now understand if you play the long game if you take into account
the fact that when they find value in this, when
they start getting leads, when they start getting sales, they're gonna be a customer
for life, which is by the way, why ClickFunnels is a
billion dollar company because people who start
using it start making money like myself, and people like me, I become a customer for life because they make me a ton of money.

Okay, so step number five is
if they sign up for an account, great the end, just stop right here. If they sign up in your
ClickFunnels dashboard in your field center,
you'll be able to see that you have an additional
affiliate, they've signed up. So over here, if they sign up great, it means that they like it. ClickFunnels will do your
job, and they will have the trainings kick in. And they will do all the
onboarding and trainings and they have all the videos there. So if they sign up great
the end, but if not, sometimes people might
need some sort of education in seeing why this thing
is of value to them, especially if they've
never done it before. So step number five, if
you have not signed up, then you need to move
on to step number six. Okay, so if they have not signed up, step number six is to
offer a free strategy call to either educate them, or
give them value and help them.

Okay, so this is where I will
message the same person again, and I'm gonna shot them a
super short video and says, "Hey, this Peng Joon here
and I understand that a free plus shipping
funnel can sometimes seem a little bit complex and by the way, I'll be happy to hop on a
quick strategy call with you, to show you how this sales
process that are built for you can actually help you get
more reach and more revenue." Right, so all I'm doing
is I'm sending this person this message again, following up, trying to give this person value. And then step number seven, depending on this person's
reply, if this person is happy to get them call, this
where I will show them. If I built them a lead funnel,
which is basically a funnel, to help them get more leads. Or if it's a free plus shipping
funnel or webinar funnel, or high ticket funnel,
whatever funnel it is, we wanna jump on this call and show them, how it will help them get
more leads, more sales, more visibility by having
this sales process.

Now this hand holding over
here makes a huge difference, because now people can
see that you're real and trust is at a whole
new level when a person can actually see you face to face. So you're gonna prepare these
posts, you're gonna analyze and walk them through
how this will actually give them value. Which that brings us to step
number eight on the call. You wanna make sure
it's not just chit chat. Yes, you wanna give them great value, but you wanna be able to close them. Now what is a great way to close. How'd you end this call? Okay, how do you have some
sort of call to action? Now I could go through all
of my different closes.

But one of my favorite close
is this simple statement, if all this did was okay, so
which is basically this okay, it will be coming from the angle of, so what's her name again Emma Lord. Right will be Emma. So let me ask you this question, if all this did was to help
you build a sales process for your books, so that you
would get a 10% increase in your book sales with
this investment be worth it? Or if all this did was to help
you build a sales process, so that it automates
the sale of your books so that you don't have
to do these book signings so that you don't have
to give 75% of your cut to the bookstores or to Amazon. Do you think this will help you save at least like $7 a month, or if all this did was help
you build a sales process so they can make $50 for
every book that you give away. Is this worth $97 to you, which by the way is the
investment of software, right.

It makes it a no brainer, okay. If you're helping somebody
built a lead funnel to help them generate more leads, it would be if all this did was to help you generate more
leads so that you never again have to cold call anyone
from this moment forward? Would that be worth $97 to you? So let them think about that, say, "Yeah, that would be a no brainer." Which brings us to step number nine. This is where you collect the money. Or if you don't, if it's not a good fit, don't push for the sale. Guess what, now you delivered
great value to this person, you now have established some sort of relationship with this person, you would be on the top
of this person's mind.

The next time they're thinking about building a sales process. If this person signed up, you could have some sort of
upsells, you could offer to run Facebook ads, but this
person, which also by the way, if you have not watched my
other videos on how to become a social media agency,
you can watch that video. Show them now to build the sales process how to get more sales. If you understand how to
run ads for them, Facebook, Instagram, right, you can
now have them on some sort of retainer, because now they need to learn how to drive traffic when
they have a sales process. The whole idea here is to
nurture this relationship. Because guess what, who do
you think it's easier sell to? Do you think it's easier to
sell to an existing customer, or to a new, 100% an
existing customer, right? So you want to nurture this relationship so that you can offer more
value to this existing client. And if you treat them well, they will become a client for life. So that's basically it. This is the nine step process. By the way, I hope that
this video does not become one of those many videos
that you watch on YouTube, where it's nice to watch and
you did absolutely nothing.

Let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is. And as always, make sure
you subscribe to the channel and make sure you smash the like button because it does help with the algorithm. But take action. Let me know what you've done. And I love to hear what
you have implemented. I'll see you in future videos..

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