How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card (And Use Your Gift Card Balance To Buy Stuff)

Today I'm going to show you how to redeem 
an Amazon gift card on your account   and to use it to order things 
from Amazon. Let's unbox that.   Now, there are three types of amazon gift cards: 
the regular physical cards, print at home cards,   and e-gift cards. Physical gift cards and print 
at home gift cards are redeemed the same way,   you have to manually redeem them on your account, 
while e-gift cards are sent to your email or phone   and you redeem them simply by clicking the link 
in the email or text. So let me show you how to   redeem a physical gift card. Step one. If 
you didn't already know Amazon gift cards   look like plastic credit cards and you can buy 
them on Amazon and ship them to someone, or you   can buy them from various physical stores. So if 
you've got one of those store-bought cards that   looks like this, just remember to open this paper 
packaging to find the actual gift card inside.   Some people mistake this packaging for the card. 
Step two. The front of the card will usually show   the value of the card, but to redeem it 
what you're looking for is the claim code   on the back of the card.

So look for where it says 
something like "to redeem enter this claim code".   The code may be hidden by either a peel away or 
scratch off covering, so gently peel off or use   a coin to scratch off this covering to reveal the 
code. The claim code will be a 14 or 15 character   long combination of numbers and letters. Step 3. 
Now you'll need to go to the gift card balance   page on your Amazon account. I'll put a link that 
takes you to this page in the description below,   or watch until the end if you want me to show 
you how to get to go there yourself. Anyway,   before you get to this page you might be asked 
to sign in to your amazon account if you're not   signed in already.

Before you do that here are two 
important things to keep in mind. First, Amazon   gift cards are site specific. In other words an gift card only works on,   while an card only works on 
etc. So if you've got an card,   for example, then don't try to redeem it on It won't work. You can only redeem   it on So make sure you go to the right 
Amazon website and sign in there to redeem your   card.

The second thing to keep in mind is if you 
have more than one Amazon account make sure you   sign in to the right account and redeem your gift 
card on that account. For example, you might have   one account for your regular physical shopping and 
another account for your Kindle devices, ebooks,   movies and other digital orders. So if you intend 
to use the gift card to buy Kindle books then make   sure you sign into that account where your Kindle 
devices are registered and not the other one.   Remember, once you redeem a card onto the wrong 
account it can't be unredeemed.

Step four. When   you get to the gift card balance page click on 
"redeem a gift card" here or here. Now on the next   page simply enter your claim code in the space 
provided. You just need to type in the numbers   and letters, so leave out the dashes or spaces. 
When you're done click on "apply to your balance".   You should then get a confirmation message 
saying that the gift card amount has been   added to your gift card balance, and below that 
you'll see what your new gift card balance is.   You're now ready to go shopping. Now when it 
comes to using your gift card when placing an   order you actually don't have to do anything more. 
It's already added to your gift card balance.   So if you go through the checkout and 
get to the "select payment method page"   you might notice a section about gift cards. Don't 
worry about this, you don't have to add your gift   card again.

You only need to click on "enter a 
gift card" if you didn't already redeem your card   like i just showed you, and by the way, if you 
don't want to use your gift card balance for this   particular order then there'll be an option to 
unselect it as a payment method. Anyway, on this   page just select your credit card or debit card 
and proceed through the checkout until you get to   the last page where you review your order. You'll 
notice there's an option again to add a gift card   or voucher. Once again you can ignore this. If you 
look at the order summary on the right hand side   you should see your gift card balance 
automatically subtracted from the order total   to give you a reduced payment total. That is the 
amount that will be charged to your credit card.   In other words, if the order total is a hundred 
dollars and you have a thirty dollar gift card   balance then the payment total will be seventy 
dollars, which will be charged to your credit   card, or to give you another example, if the 
order total is twenty dollars and you have a   thirty dollar gift card balance then twenty 
dollars will come off your gift card balance   and the payment total will be zero.

In other 
words, your credit card won't be charged. Then   once you complete the order your new gift 
card balance will be ten dollars: that is,   thirty dollars minus twenty dollars. Just remember 
Amazon automatically takes the order amount from   your gift card balance first and then they take 
any remaining balance from your credit card.   Okay, so as promised let me show you how to 
get to the "your gift card balance" page. On   the Amazon website hover your mouse over "hello, 
accounts and lists" and then from the drop down   menu click on "account" or just click directly 
on "hello, accounts and lists". On the next page   simply click on "gift cards" and that takes you 
to the "gift card balance" page. If you have any   questions about redeeming your gift card or any 
problems doing that then leave a comment below so   we can try to help. And if you'd like to see more 
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